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  1. Hilda

    Dear Doctors,

    I started my first set of Yazmin pills on the morning of day 1 of my period. It has been 3 days. My period has become very light in flow; almost like stopping.

    Is this normal ?

    • Yes, this sounds pretty normal. However, if you are still concerned, please speak to the doctor who prescribed you the pills as they would have a better idea of your condition.

  2. Hi Dr,

    Do I run the risk of getting TSS if I used the same panty liner for about 38-40 hours and in between I also had sex (showered after sex)?

  3. Hello,

    Meet one guy and we know each other since 2 months from work and we were in Business Trip for one week with a team , He told me that he had some crushing on me anyway we did not had sex but he licked my clitoris and then i gave him handjob and thats it no Intercourse at all ,

    After that night with more than a month i developed flu without fever at all but it has been like 2 months with low case of flu i am afraid its related to HIV Infection specially i had some rashes and red skin Allergy around my neck ,

    But he went for a lab and got Combo Ag Abs test after 152 days from his last expousre and result is Non REACTIVE in his test i have seen it ,

    Do you think it was risky ?
    Do you think i should move on with him and consider his test as Conclusive?


    • Dr. Julian Ng


      Based on your scenario, the risk of HIV transmission is virtually negligible. As for his HIV test results, if the test was done 152 days after his last exposure then it is conclusive.

  4. Hi there. I’ve been experiencing random itches down there for the past 2-3 days. No swelling or redness down there. No unusual vaginal discharge either. No stinging pain while peeing too. But when I had sex, there was a stinging pain like it was tighter and drier(never happened before), and peeing after sex was stinging as well. But after awhile, it was okay again.

    Should I be worried of any infection etc? The symptoms I am experiencing are inconsistent with what I have read from the internet. Oh, and I read that cycling long hours could affect the vagina area. I went cycling for long hours just last weekend and actually started experiencing discomfort after that day.


    • Dr. Julian Ng


      Please visit a doctor for further evaluation as it is not possible to say what it could be just based on your description.

  5. concerned

    Hi Doctors

    I had protected sex about a week ago however before he finished he took off the condom because he wanted to ejaculate on my breasts, however in an attempt to do this some semen fell onto my labia/ vaginal area- a tissue was used to clean this off. However I am concerned that there could be a risk of pregnancy due to this encounter.
    I am not on any contraceptives.

    Please advise.

    Thank you

    • Sounds fairly low risk. If you are concerned then you may do a pregnancy test if you miss your next period.

  6. Hi, I am a 17 y/o and my periods were pretty regular around 5th or 6th each month in 2017. In Jan 2018, I had my period on the 6th but then again on the 21st. The next month, my period came on the 12th. It is now 21st March and my periodhas yet to come. Since first week of March my nipples were very sore for seven days but now only my breasts are tender not my nipples. They feel fuller as well. I took a clearblue digital pregnancy test on the 19th March but it said not pregnant. My nipples are never sore before my period only my breasts. Could I still be pregnant? Should I take a test again? Or go in for a blood test to test for hcg?

    • Dr Elaine Loh

      Based on your description, you do have some symptoms of pregnancy. However, they could also be pre-menstrual symptoms. If you suspect pregnancy, please repeat a urine pregnancy test 1-2 weeks later, or see a doctor to get an assessment and a blood test.

  7. Good evening,

    I just had my first intercourse and I was bleeding quite a huge amount (one huge puddle) during sex and it started to stop after sex. Is this normal?

    • Dr Elaine Loh

      Bleeding during or after first intercourse is quite common. However, if you are concerned, please see a doctor for a consultation and assessment.

  8. Hi, i’m 33 this year and have been having regular period since I started (can’t rem at what age), and never missed any month. Also my cycle would definitely not be more than 28days and it’s been 35days this month and my menses is not here yet. I’m not sexually active so for sure i’m not pregnant. I feels very bloated and lower abdominal is like ballooned up! How many days more should I wait to see if my period will come or if I should consult a doctor already? If not, what are the usual test and an estimation to the cost?

    • Dr Elaine Loh

      I think you should see a doctor if you are concerned, especially if you are having unusual symptoms that you have never had before.
      You can find us here : Locations

  9. Hi, I suspect that I might have PCOS and would like to do a test. How much in total would a visit and the test cost?

    • Hi, our consult fees will start from S$45 and tests ordered will depend on what is appropriate following our assessment. Blood tests may cost approximately S$180 and pelvic ultrasound from S$205. These would be a rough guide – it will really depend on what is deemed clinically appropriate or necessary from our consult. Please do visit us for further evaluation.

  10. Hi Doctor,
    My wife is about 26 weeks pregnant. For past few weeks, she has been experiencing some on and off pain near the right top part of the “expanded” tummy. During the last checkup, our doctor advised that there is no cause of worry. Is there any one time checks at your clinic that can be done to determine the cause of the pain as wife is a bit worried? If there is such checkup, can I know what is the cost and how to go about the arrangement?

    Thanks a lot.

    • Dr Elaine Loh

      Hi Ben, unfortunately We do not perform US scans for pregnant women. I honestly think you should bring your wife just for another check with her gynae, even though you just had one recently, esp if this is a new symptom. better to be safe.

  11. Hello Dr, am having pains below my navel…av been to the clinic and I was told it’s stomach ulcer, when I urinate I see a thick,long yellowish discharge with a streak of blood in it.please what could be the problem.
    I can still feel the pain even when I place my hands on my tummy

  12. If I want to test for my period,could you please tell me how much it will cost?

    • It depends on the history and our evaluation. Blood tests may range from $60-300 and and ultrasound pelvis will be around $200.

  13. Hi Doctors.

    I would like to check how much is the thyroid test cost ? Because, my period has been irregular for a year and so. I have taken pap smear and ultrasound of my pelvis all reports are OK. Is it possible is my thyroid is the main of cause of it ? It will be good if you can reply my comments .

    Thank you! 🙂

  14. Hi
    I’m at 20weeks of pregnancy and my baby is growing well so far.
    On 5th August, I might ate inadequately cooked sliced beef.It was only the size of a doller coin and half of it was cooked.
    I worry very much about Listeriosis and toxoplasmasis.
    Can I take test of them?
    How much is the cost?
    When is the timimg to take?

    Thank you.

  15. Elizabeth

    Hi was wondering if I was to go for a virginity test at a hospital and I’m above the age of 16 , do I have the right to request that my doctor keep this information confidential which means not informing my parents without my permission?

    • Dr Elaine Loh

      You may need to ask your doctor this question.
      In Singapore, patients of 16 years old and above would be able to make medical decisions with regards to sexual health assessment and treatment as long as they are deemed mentally competent to make such decisions.

  16. Peishan

    Hi doctor, I seem to have recurrent thick clumpy discharge with fishy smell. I have taken antibiotics and used pessary pills on a few occasions but the problems keep coming back shortly after. What seems to be the issue? I was previously diagnosed with bacteria vaginosis. I am worried as this issue seems to be there for 2 to 3 years. What else can I do?

  17. Hi doctor, I have been married for few years and I can’t have sex. my husband complain that when we are having intercourse, he feel something is blocking the way, hence he couldn’t penetrate . Not sure if I am having I vaginismus. I went to kkh hospital and doctor advise me to use finger to insert. I have tried but it’s very pain and uncomfortable. May I know how much is the cost for vaginismus treatment ? Do I need to do a minor operation to break the hymen so he can penetrate it ? Or should I get dilator kit ? Thanks and hope to hear from you soon.

  18. Priscilla

    Dear Doctor,

    My GP has prescribed me Norethisterone after I have asked him if there is any way to delay my period while I am a vacation.

    I also asked him if there is any side effect after doing some online research myself. To my surprise, he said there isnt any side effect.

    However, when I went home to do further reading, I realised that I can possibly suffer from nausea and vomiting, and I read that weight gain is a common thing. Is this true?

    If so, I might not wish to consume those pills as I do not enjoy the feeling of having bloating and weight gain..

    Thanks Doctor.

    • Hi Priscilla. Just like any other medicine, Norethisterone also comes with potential side effect such as nausea and vomiting. However, not everyone suffers from side effects from medication. You may want to check with your GP again.

  19. Dear Dr Ng,

    How much is the pap smear cost?

    Thank you. 🙂

    • Teemarh

      Hello olease i would like to ask if there’s any painkillers for disvirgining..its my first time,thank you!

      • drtan

        I understand you are a little anxious on your first time having sex. Ideally have a good conversation with your partner before hand. Tell your partner to go slow and use lubricants if you need to.

        The discomfort will be a lot less when you are relaxed and sexually aroused.

        If the pain if overwhelming such that you cannot even have penetrative sex, you may be suffering form vaginismus and should see a doctor.

  20. Dear Doc,

    My marriage is on the rock and only today, after 6 yrs, my spouse has decided to open up to inform me of his dissatisfaction during our intercourse. According to him, he is unable to feel my G-spot and thus, he was dissapointed.
    He was sure to felt it before i gave birth to our 1st child.

    On 2010, i tried a normal vaginal delivery until 9cm of cervical dilation and was pushed for emergency caesarian instead.

    Can this be one of the cause of loss of “tightness” in me that is leading to dissatisfaction for my spouse?

    Is there any medical alternatives to improve my intercourse?

    I am keen for gynaecological consultation and may i know how much are your charges?

    I am trying to save our marriage and therefore is seeking for medical advise.

    Thank you.

  21. hi there.
    chanced upon this website and deciding to purchase some birth control pills. may i know how much does it cost altogether incl. consultation fee? thank you

  22. Hi, I have been itching in my vagina area for to a few days and realized that there is a lump on my left labia minora. It is 2-3 times more swollen than the right. It is itchy, uncomfortable and is dark coloured now (blood clot?) although a small part is pinkish lighter. There’s no discharge before but I’m having my period now, so I can’t see a doctor yet if I want to. Please advise, is it likely something cancerous or just a pimple? Thanks in advance doc.

    • Hi Jl,

      This does sound like an infection, but a physical examination is necessary to confirm it.
      I suggest you see a doctor to get a proper assessment and treatment.

  23. Hi.. this 3mths my menses is very irregular. I never had my menses late for more than 3days. But recently iver this 3mths, my menses been late for more than 1week. When it comes, it will not last more than 5days. May I know what is the cause of this? I am only 28 this year. May I also know how much does it cost to see doctor on this?

  24. Im hiv positiv on med im 36 nd im not goin to period for three yrs now nd i need a child i dont knw wht wrong with me can u help me pls

    • Hi. Many women living with HIV have had successful pregnancies and given birth to healthy babies. You should be no different. You should see a ObGyn and find out if there is any other factor that is preventing you from getting pregnant.

  25. am having skin rashes what std having this sign?thnx

    • There are many possible causes of skin rashes. We cannot diagnose you over the internet. Please see a doctor.

  26. Hi, I just got married not too long ago and my husband and I have been trying to have sex for a few times but he is unable to penetrate me. We were both virgins before marriage so we’re new at this. What could be the problem? How do I check this out and how much would that cost? Thanks.

    • I’m afraid there is too little information here for us to determine what the problem is. For example, is it because he cannot get or sustain an erection? Is it because either you and he feels pain? You may want to speak to a counselor or sex educator before you talk to a doctor. This may not be a medical issue.

      • I use to have HSV2, which maybe recurrance, and I’m very worry if it will be affect in the future for pregnancy as if it will be pass or affect the babies. If there’s any treatments for HSV?as well I like to do gynecology checkup. my leucorrhea had appear pink sometimes maybe after my period.

        • HSV 2 will not infect your baby in the womb. However, if you are having an active outbreak and have blisters and ulcers on your vagina or inner thigh during delivery, your baby may be infected. This may lead to a serious infection of the baby’s face. You should tell your ObGyn of your HSV history.

  27. Hello Docs

    I am interested to get gardasil. But, i am not sure if i am suitable .What kind of test i can go and check if i am suitable for vaccination ?

    Thanks! 🙂

  28. Hi Doctor,

    Last week i have a unprotected intercourse with my partner and eventually he ejaculated in, next day my vagina start to itched and have mild burning sensation or even swollen. May i know what happen to me? i felt very irritated.

  29. I realised lately after having sex. I will bleed for days,definitely not period. It’s not too heavy but red blood. Sometime it’s very dark brown. It will go on will about one week. May I ask what’s the possibility of the cause of it?

    • The possible sinister causes are cervical cancer and womb cancer. The other possible benign causes are infection or cervical polyp. You really should see your ObGyn to figure this out. You are welcome to visit any one of our clinics.

  30. Hello,
    I have vaginal discharge, it is white in colour n looks like cottage cheese. But it’s not itchy.. however my partners is itchy at the genetial area after having sex. The discharge is odourless. I got it checked a few months ago but the medicines didn’t reduce the discharge.i s it a infection Or just a side effect of anti-depressants I am on.

    • There are many possible causes of vaginal discharge. Typically, “cottage cheese” discharge is caused by a yeast infection. You should see a doctor to determine what is exactly causing your discharge.

  31. Worried

    I discovered a hard lump in my armpit. It doesn’t go away for a month. I’m worried. Should I see a doctor?

    • Yes you absolutely should. It could be anything from a sebaceous gland to a lymph node. You are welcome to visit any of our clinics. Click HERE for location into.

  32. Hi….I am a virgin and after the last menstruation I observe sticky brown liquid veginal discharge and it has been continuing for a few days . I m warried.What is the problem

  33. Hi….I am a virgin and after the last menstruation I observe sticky brown liquid veginal discharge. I m warried.What is the problem

  34. Ashleyc

    Dear Docs,

    I had sexual encounters previously.But,i don’t dare to do pap smear test because of the pain and the result. 🙁 If, I decide to have the vaccine and have health lifestyle instead. Does it helps to prevent cervical cancer as well?

    And also, does PAP smear hurts? 🙁

    • There is no need to be scared of the results or pain. If you are sexually active, you are at risk of HPV and therefore cervical cancer. Early detection and treatment will benefit you. Also, it should not be painful (it is like inserting a penis into your vagina, with a lot of lubricant).
      No, healthy lifestyle and diet will not change your risk of HPV infection.

  35. Ashley

    Dear Doc.

    I had three protected sexual encounters and haven did pap smear test before. Because, I am scared of the results and also the pain. 🙁 Just want to check that does our daily healthy diet will help us to reduce/ prevent the risk of getting HPV?


    • There is no need to be scared of the results or pain. If you are sexually active, you are at risk of HPV and therefore cervical cancer. Early detection and treatment will benefit you. Also, it should not be painful (it is like inserting a penis into your vagina, with a lot of lubricant).
      No, diet will not change your risk of HPV infection.

  36. Dolly Yap

    Hi Doctor, I’m 22 years old this year and I’m not taking any contraceptive. I started having my menstruation when I’m 10 years old. Since then, I have irregular menstruation, and the bleeding will normal last about 7 days. My mum brought me to see a GP when I’m 20 for my irregular menstruation. The doctor explained that I’m still going through puberty, and my menstruation would settle down once I hit 21. From late last year, my condition gets worsen. On top of my irregular menstruation, I have very light bleeding which would normally last for 2 days. I’ve consulted a gynae and did an ultrasound. He explained to me that my walls are slightly thick which caused very little bleeding. And the irregular menstruation is due to my body rhythm. He gave me 5 days course of norethisterone and 2 cycles of progyluton to clear the “dirt” on my walls. After completing the course of medication, I still did not see any improvement. Should I seek second opinion or should I just keep monitoring for a few more cycle?

  37. Hi doctor ,
    My vagina have been itchy for months , and sometimes a very thick white discharge ,
    My skin is so red and dry , sometimea i cant help it but to scratch , sometimes i get sleepless night due to the itchyness.. What should i do , and how to get the itchyness off… Its so painful that i feel like crying..

  38. Hi,

    I am having vaginal itching since Monday. Today after showering when I looked inside my vagina, it had white stuffs. When I tried to remove it, it wouldnt budge. The area is itchy, tight, uncomfortable and it feels abit swollen too. Please guide me.

  39. Help me

    Hi, my vagina cheeks have been having ulcer kind abrasion. And there were small to large size of a 5 cent coin. Is there any problem with me? I have been having this for 1 week and it’s not getting any better. Do i had sex before with my ex boyfriend and was worried if it’s some kind of sex dieases.
    Please advise. Thank you!

    • It could be Herpes or less likely Syphilis. If the sores are painful it is most likely Herpes. Please see a doctor as soon as you can. If you wish to see us, you can get our location info by CLICKING HERE.

  40. Samantha

    hi. there was a period of time I shaved Everyday for two weeks straight(Not sure if it’s because of this) but then the vulvar region started itching really bad and the itch spread to the perineum as well. it’s been about 5 months and the itch is still there, sometimes worse sometimes not bad. it is very painful sometimes after scratching which happens unknowingly or in my sleep and sometimes causes discomfort to walk due to friction. the skin is very red and dry. my vagina is now constantly wet that it soaks up my panty liners. there is no smell tho, discharge is sometimes white or whitish yellow. however, I got my discharge tested and it came back normal. was also tested for yeast infection, vaginitis, trichomoniasis, gonorrhoea and chlamydia but all came back negative. i don’t know, could this be a skin condition instead? could a skin condition affect the moistness and discharge? what do I do, thank you doctor

    • Samantha

      also after sex the vulvar aches, due to the skin stretching I think.

  41. Hello
    My vagina has been itching for almost a week now. I reached down and could feel that the inside of my vagina is swollen. Is this something serious?

  42. Hi. I’m 20 this year. I actually notice my vagina smells fishy like 3years ago. It is on and off. So i never really go to see any doctor. I’m quite sexually active (most of the times we dont use condom and i dont eat any pills at all). I had changed quite a number of sex partners before (include&exclude ex-boyfriends) until recently the smell got stronger, and it became a problem for me and my boyfriend when we’re having sexual intercourse. He doesnt want to go down on me because the smell is too strong. So i got worried, and he asked me to see a doctor and let them check if i had any vaginal infection. I did went to polyclinic afterwards. The doctor insert something in my vagina, and uses cotton bud to “absorb” the vagina juice. And after the lab does the report, it shown that there isnt any pus cells, yeast cells nor trichomonas. (Which means i am vaginal infection-less right?) then she gave me two different types of antibiotics. I have not started taking the antibiotics as today i just went to check with the doctor. Am i really infection-less? What should i be taking note of?

    • Thank you for a very well crafted question. I noted that the polyclinic doctor only tested for pus cells, yeast and trichomonas. I would therefore assume that they did not test for many other possible infections like Gardnerella, Ureaplasma, Mycoplasma, GBS, Chlamydia, Gonorrhea etc etc. Also, there is no PAP smear or HPV test. So with these results, I would be very hard pressed to say that you are infection-less.

  43. Hi I have dark brown discharge for 3 months.. It only happen before menses come. Initially I thought stress that cause my cycle haywire and has brown discharge instead.. But when menses come, it is bright red and heavy flow.. What could have happen?

  44. hihi
    My mense has been here for almost 1.5mths. I googled around and knew that I was suffering from Menorrhagia.

    I used to have mild bled but this time round, it seems unstoppable. Any recommendation and which clinic should i go to? Please advise. Million thanks!


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