Urethral Swab

Urethral Swab

Urethral Swab

A Urethral Swab is a procedure where a sample is taken from the Urethra (tube inside the penis) for testing.

Why is a Urethral Swab done?

A Urethral Swab is done to test for STDs that cause Urethritis. This includes testing for Gonorrhea, Chlamydia, NSU (Mycoplasma, Ureaplasma, Trichomonas).

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How is a Urethral Swab done?

A very thin cotton tip swab is inserted gently into the opening at the tip of the penis. It is then rotated gently and withdrawn.

The whole procedure only takes a few seconds.

In some Medical Centers, instead of a cotton tip, a plastic loop is used. This is usually inserted deeper and can cause more discomfort.

Is a Urethral Swab painful?

Most of my patient describe the urethral swab as ‘uncomfortable but not as bad as they thought’. However, some people might find it painful.

Rest assured that when conducting the swab, I will be as gentle as possible to minimize any pain or discomfort.

How long will it take for me to know the results of my Urethral Swab?

Different tests require different times to run. Generally you should have the results in about a week.

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  1. I have been seen a kind of pulse on my penis, I went to pharmacy and was given drug, after taking d drugs the pulse still coming, I went for test and nothing was found. Please wot will do?

    • Dr Elaine Loh

      It is impossible to answer your question. Please see a doctor to get a proper assessment.

  2. Hello Dr. I have been tested for std with a swab from the penis. Will that tell me if I have herpes or not? or will I need to get blood work drawn

    • That form of test will not be able to tell you about genital herpes, unless they did a specific HSV swab from an open ulcer/blister. You can do blood tests for HSV antibodies if you are concerned, or a direct HSV swab if you have symptoms.

  3. shakiera

    hi i am due to have a vaginal swab and im really worried does it hurt ?

    • Dr. Julian Ng


      The procedure under normal circumstances should not be painful unless there are open wounds or sores.

  4. I got the penis swab std test 4 days ago and since my penis has been a little itchy inside at the tip , is that normal for that after these test ? Because it didn’t happen before .

  5. Dear Dr Tan,

    I recently got tested for std because I was having some itchy feeling on my penis . Urine culture was done and urethral swab which all came back negative. Since I did the urethral swab (4 days ago) I have been having pains urinating, although I little bit better today but I have also been having a split Stream while urinating . What could be this cause of this? Do I need to worry or should I go back to see the doctor . Please advice

    • If you are concerned, please go back to see the doctor. Urethral swab can sometimes cause some discomfort but it is best to get assessed by the doctor again.

  6. I have been having trouble getting erections. So I vigorously masturbated about 3 days in a row just for confidence sake that my penis is ok. Today I felt a uncomfortable feeling at the tip of my penis and so I looked in my pee hole and if seemed quite red as though there is a cut on it. I have no discharge either. Could it be abrasion from rough and frequent masturbation or could it be UTI or an STD?

    • Well you can’t catch an STD from masturbation so we can easily rule that one out. It could be a UTI but you do not have pain passing urine or the need to go to the toilet very frequently. So it is probably an abrasion or too frequent forceful ejaculations. If the discomfort persists or gets worse, please see your doctor.

      • Hi doc

        Thanks for the reply. It’s a relief. I have only had protected vaginal and protected oral sex in the past 3 weeks. Also may I know if for a male, dura mine medication affects erection?

  7. Dear Dr. Tan,

    I currently have a urethral abrasion (inside urethra and also the side of my right meatus). Happened because of my stupidity wiping my urine till the internal side of meatus. Will this heal on its own considering the urine and nocturnal erection? please advise. I am deeply thankful for any feedback. I am std free.