Throat Gonorrhea

Throat Gonorrhea is more common than previously thought.

It can be spread via deep kissing and oral sex.

Although it can cause severe throat pain, it is frequently asymptomatic.

Diagnosis is made with a throat swab.

What is Throat Gonorrhea?

Throat Gonorrhea (aka Gonorrhea of the Throat, The Clap) is an infection of the throat by the bacteria Neisseria Gonorrhea.

How do I know I have it?

90% of the time, Throat Gonorrhea has no symptoms.

10% of the time, it causes a sore throat, fever and swollen neck glands. This usually happens 2 to 10 days after exposure.

How can I catch it?

Throat Gonorrhea is caught when you have unprotected oral sex with a partner who is infected with gonorrhea.

It is much easier to catch Throat Gonorrhea via receptive penile oral sex (i.e. having your partner’s penis in your mouth) than through receptive vaginal oral sex (i.e. licking or sucking your partner’s vagina).

Symptoms of other STDs you can get from Oral Sex

If I have Throat Gonorrhea can I pass it to my partner?

Yes. If you have Throat Gonorrhea, you can pass it to your partner by having unprotected oral sex.

If your partner develops symptoms of Gonorrhea (pain passing urine, discharge) after having oral sex with you, you should have yourself checked for Throat Gonorrhea.

How do I check for Throat Gonorrhea?

See your doctor. He will take a swab from your throat and send it to the lab for a special culture. Please let your doctor know you are worried about Throat Gonorrhea. It requires a special swab. The normal swab for Strep Throat will not detect Throat Gonorrhea.

How is Throat Gonorrhea Treated?

The commonest treatment for Throat Gonorrhea is an injection of an anti-biotic called Ceftriaxone. If you are unable to take this injection you will be given pills instead. You might need to visit the doctor again to make sure the Throat Gonorrhea is fully cured.

How can I protect myself from Throat Gonorrhea?

Always use a condom when having oral sex.

Are there other STDs associated with Throat Gonorrhea?

Yes. If you have Throat Gonorrhea you likely will have Gonorrhea in other areas such as the Urethra (urine tube) or Anus. You should ask your doctor to check for these too.

Throat Gonorrhea is also associated with other STDs such as HIV, Syphilis and Hepatitis B.

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  1. Hi Doctor:

    A friend of mine had sex with a condom. Afterwards, she took of the condom and performed oral sex on me. (I’m a man). Then we kissed. Am I at a high risk for an oral STD? My thoat has been sore for 2 weeks. I was perscribe Amx 875mg for 10 days and it help alittle. I also have a nasal drip, ear pressure and a headache on one side of my head which feels like a sinus headache. My nose has been somewhat stuff too. Also have have next pain. Is this consistent with an STD or an sinus infection?

    • I don’t get it. She performed oral sex on you then kissed you. And you think she transferred Gonorrhea from your penis to your throat? The only way to be sure if you have Gonorrhea or not is to get a throat swab.

      • Well Dr., my question is would I be at risk for any STD “orally” from her after having sex with her (protected) and afterwards, she performing oral sex on me then kissing me? I have no STD nor am I positive for any virus during this encounter. However, after this encounter, I have been having a sore thoat for 2 weeks, next pain, a nasal drip, ear pressure and a headache on one side of my head which feels like a sinus headache. My curiousity makes me think that remnants from her virginal fliud could have been transferred to me after she performed oral sex on me; then kissed me should she have something. Not sure if I would be at risk for Clamid, Gonn, Herps, of the thoat.

  2. I sucked someone’s penis without a condom on the friday and it’s now two days after i have a sore throat should i be worried about Throat Gonorrhea?

  3. maxvell

    Hi Dr,

    I performed oral sex on a man a year and a half ago. I thought nothing of the throat infection that I noticed a few months later.

    Since then, I had tried peniccilin twice, and co amoxiclav and nothing has worked. I will be trying a throat swab for chlamydia / gonorrhea next week.

    My question is, can either of these cause a painful neck or back? My upper and lower back is in pain, and my neck is very painful – it has been gradually getting worse for a few months.

    Also, how likely is oral gonorrhea to go away on it’s own? Surely a throat / tonsil infection for 1 and a half years should have gone away?

    Thanks a lot for any answers.

    • Painful neck – yes. Painful back – not that I know of. I am not aware of any documented cases of oral gonorrhoea going away on its own. Non-STD tonsil infections can be very persistent/recurrent and hence the need for tonsillectomies.

  4. hi dr.tan i have red dots with mild pain on back my throat(posterior pharyngeal wall)for past two months.neck glands are not it possible this symptoms is pharyngeal gonorrhea.

    • Unlikely. The symptoms of pharyngeal gonorrhoea are usually much more severe. Also it is unlikely for gonorrhoea symptoms to persist for 2 months.

  5. Dr. Tan,

    I realize you are very busy, but I am in a dire situation and I need advice that my doctors have yet to be able to answer. I’ve heard and read that you are the most knowledgeable on these topics so here is my situation:

    I am a male who 6 months ago had oral sex both receptive and giving with two other high risk (they were gay and it was anonymous) males. Around that time I had 2 instance of heterosexual intercourse with 2 females. I was in a horrible place in my life. I however found the woman of my dreams and asked her to marry me recently. We don’t participate in sexual acts as we are waiting until marriage. I obviously don’t not want to give anything I possibly might have to her, can you help me out?

    I was tested at 4 months by quest diagnostics and everything came back negative including herpes both 1 and 2. This was an 8 panel blood and urine test.

    However I have experienced some yeast skin problems such as tinea veriscolor. I also have discomfort in testicular (vas deferens) region. The doctor told me this is probably a vericocele and to not be alarmed. No burning urination or discharge.

    I have also had sinus drainage issues and constant clearing of throat (no sore throat).

    I think I might have an oral std that would not show up on a urine test. Who gives throat swabs? Are they accurate? Can I still be treated with antibiotics successfully after 6 months of carrying gonorreah, chlamydia, or syphillis? Could an std cause me some sort of PID symptoms even though I am male?

    • I really cannot reconcile your story with your ‘dire situation’. In what way is your situation dire? You had a complete negative STD screen at 4 months post exposure. You have tinea and varicocole both of which are completely unrelated to STDs. Why are you tormenting yourself? You really gotta chill and stop beating yourself up about what you did. It’s over, let it go. As for your questions: Sure I can do throat swabs for Chlamdydia and Gonorrhea. Yes they are very accurate (PCR tests). Yes you still can be treated successfully. Males cannot get PID.

  6. Jake White

    Dr Tan,

    I realize you are very busy, but I am in a dire situation and I need advice that my doctors have yet to be able to answer. I’ve heard and read that you are the most knowledgeable on these topics so here is my situation:

    I am a male who 6 months ago had oral sex both receptive and giving with two other high risk (they were gay and it was anonymous) males. Around that time I had 2 instance of heterosexual intercourse with 2 females. I was in a horrible place in my life. I however found the woman of my dreams and asked her to marry me recently. We don’t participate in sexual acts as we are waiting until marriage. I obviously don’t not want to give anything I possibly might have to her, can you help me out?

    I was tested at 4 months by quest diagnostics and everything came back negative including herpes both 1 and 2. This was an 8 panel blood and urine test.

    However I have experienced some yeast skin problems such as tinea veriscolor. I also have discomfort in testicular (vas deferens) region. The doctor told me this is probably a vericocele and to not be alarmed. No burning urination or discharge.

    I have also had sinus drainage issues and constant clearing of throat (no sore throat).

    I think I might have an oral std that would not show up on a urine test. Who gives throat swabs? Are they accurate? Can I still be treated with antibiotics successfully after 6 months of carrying gonorreah, chlamydia, or syphillis? Could an std cause me some sort of PID symptoms even though I am male?

  7. Ccharlie

    Hi. I have been tested with gonorhea and im under treatment. I took a vaccine shot and pills. My gonorhea should be gone in few days now. My question is: is it possible that i give myself gonorhea back? I rubbed my penis while masturbating and licked my fingers afterward. Can i catch nmy gonorhea again? I have been tested with gonorhea anal and oral.

    Thank you

    • Not possible. The treatment will cure gonorrhoea no matter where it is in your body.

  8. hello dr.tan.i have throat pain on back my throat( posterior pharyngeal wall).i was taken 2g ceftriaxone sodium injection plus 2g azithromicin.but it not it gonorrhea?.if it is gonorrhea why it not cured.or it may be other disease?

    • If what you really have is Gonorrhea, the medications you have taken would most likely cure it. It is possible but very rare to find strains of Gonorrhea resistant to Ceftriaxone. The best way to find out if this is Gonorrhea or not is to take a throat swab. If it is, the lab can do a anti-biotic sensitivity test and find out if it is resistant to any anti-biotics.

  9. anonymous

    Im a female and yesterday i gave oral sex to my boyfriend and today I saw on top of my mouth yellow stuff also my throat. No he did not cum in my mouth. But what does this mean. Should I be worried ?

    • Gonorrhea symptoms take at least 2 days to develop. So you can be sure your symptoms are not due to throat gonorrhoea.

  10. I recently had sex and a couple days later had itching and burning around my mouth. I went to the dr. and she told me I had gonorrhea. We used a condom but it came off in me for about one minute. I think we realized right away it came off. I did perform oral sex on him. Is it possible that I got gonorrhea from when the condom came off for that short time or is it possible to have oral sex and the gonorrhea show up in my urine? Also, I’m really concerned about HSV2 and HIV. I’ve had a lot of pain in y pelvic area and I thought for sure that I had HSV2. My blood test showed 0.42 and they said I should be retested in 3-6 months. I’ve been taking a bunch of anti-viral supplements in hopes of boosting my immune system and hopefully warding off any viruses. I’m not sure if the burning pain I feel is from the HSV2 or the cyst on my ovaries or my paranoia… What exactly does that 0.42 mean…was I exposed and HSV2 is possible infecting my body?

    • I forgot to mention time frames….i had sex Friday night/Saturday in the early am. Started to get the buring/itchiing Sunday night….went to go get test Tuesday afternoon.

      • It is possible to get gonorrhoea even if you used a condom and it did not come off. The machines used to test HSV 2 often mistake other Herpes antibodies for HSV 2 antibodies. This is called anti-body cross sensitivity. An arbitrary number is set where if the amount of anti-bodies cross this, we assume there is a higher chance that the person is truly HSV 2 positive. Anyway, it is much too soon to do a test for HSV 2. Ignore this result. If you develop painful blisters or ulcers on the skin, go see your doctor for a swab test. This is way better than a blood test in terms of specificity.

  11. 6 weeks ago i had unprotectd sex with a guy. Also oral. A vew days later a got a throat infection. i didn’t think any of it then, because i have had many since childhood. The guy had a really bad breath. He used my toothbrush. Since that time a have the same bad breath that i cannot get rid of. My gums also got infected. I never had that before. Could this also be a sign of throat gonnorea? Monday i’m going to be checked. i also got symtoms like painfull urination and itching since a week and a half. so i already know the outcome. and praying that’s just it. I was just wondering about the extremely bad breath being a sign.

    • drtan

      Yes it does sound like Gonorrhea. Infected gums will cause bad breath also. Don’t worry, a nice strong course of antibiotics will sort you out.

  12. Jackie

    I was treated for gonorrhea of the throat through an injection and antibiotics. I started feeling tons better but never stopped coughing. Throught the ordeal I never had a fever. Now it’s been about about two weeks and the cough has worsened, my throat is sore, my ears hurt again, and I have a fever. Is there a possibility I have it permanently now?

    • drtan

      After treating Gonorrhea it is always prudent to test for it again to make sure it is gone. Your symptoms actually sound like there is another cause and not Gonorrhea. You should see an ENT specialist.

  13. I did blow job on a friday night,I wroke up wit a sore throat I went to a phramacy to buy drugs(a day dose) after taking d drugs I was ok but d sore throat started again on friday night. Could it b dat I have bateria from d blow job or I was not given d complete dose of drugs.

    • Even if you did catch an infection from the encounter the symptoms would not appear the next day.

  14. Hi Dr Tan, I have a few questions please!

    1.Will a urine test pick up any form of gonorrhea – i.e. throat or genital – or do you need to take swabs from each area to check? (And will the same treatment cure all forms?)

    2.Is it unusual for men to have no symptoms – even for a couple of years?

    3. Is it feasible that you could sleep with someone who has gonorrhea (without using protection) a couple of times but not catch the infection, then start using protection but a couple of years later (without that person having been treated) stop using protection and then get infected? (For the past 2 years my tests have been clear and then this year I got a positive result; so either my partner was infected before we met but didn’t know, or has got it from someone else since we met.)

    4. What is the likelihood of a “false negative” test result – i.e. can I rely on my last 2 negative results?

    Thank you!

    • 1. You have to test each area independently. Treatment will cure all infected areas. 2. 10% of infected persons will not show symptoms. 3. Yes but unlikely as Gonorrhea is rather contagious. 4. PCR tests have low false negative rates. Cultures have slightly higher false negative rates. Please post follow up questions on

  15. Chow Lai Ming

    Dear Doctor,
    I had gonnorhea a long time ago until it resulted to “Ulceration” on the tip of the head. A few months ago, I self-medicated with injecting 1g ceftriaxone IM, and taking 4 azithromycin twice a day for 2 days.It completely cured my symptom. Thereafter a couple of month,, I had sex and unluckily I felt I got a bonus again. The ulceration continued again. So after a few weeks, I went to a Doc and was tested. He prescribed ciprobay and doxycycline 2x/day for 7days.
    And on the 5th day, we had unprotected sex. Afterward, my girlfriend is now feeling painful urination and the ulceration on my penis isn’t subsiding as well. And my jock itch starting to itch again…
    I’m planning to take a 500mg IM of ceftriaxone and 4 azithromycin tablets again. Would it still be effective to girlfriend who appeared to have contracted gonorrhea and jock itch? Doctors in Indonesia are unreliable. As an overseas Chinese, I am placing my life in your hands
    Thank you, hope you can help me….

    • drtan

      Placing your life in my hands? Dude, talk about laying on the pressure. I am not surprised that the Cipro is not working. Honestly, Gonorrhea has been resistant to Cipro for ages. The only reliable cure these days is IM Ceftriaxone AND Zithro OR Doxycycline. Before we even get into that, I am assuming that you have Gonorrhea. The best thing to do is to get tested and know for sure. But assuming you and your GF both have gonorrhoea then taking the Ceftriaxone and Zithro is the right thing to do. However, this might make the jock itch worse. To treat the jock itch, you will need to use anti-fungal medication. You can get an OTC anti-fungal cream like Lamisil and if that does not work you will need to take an anti-fungal pill like Itraconazole. Please post any follow up questions on

  16. Serena

    I fooled around with a guy and had oral sex 4 days ago (Saturday). Two days ago (Monday) I began getting that sore throat feeling, yesterday my throat was very sore, I was very fatigued, and I had a headache. This morning I woke up and my throat has not gotten any better but worse. Do you think it’s too early for symptoms of gonnorhea to appear this quickly? Or could it be something like strep throat?

    • drtan

      2 days a bit soon for Gonorrhea symptoms to develop but it is possible. I have seen it in my patients. Whether it is gonorrhoea or strep can only be determine with a throat swab. Please post any follow up questions on

      • Serena

        My throat is not alway sore but it is closed up a bit still, I’ve been having a lot of mucus buildup in my throat and sinuses, are these more symptoms? It’s been almost two and a half weeks.

  17. What if some guy gets his own semen in his mouth and has a sore throat immediately after and lasts for a couple weeks but hasn’t gone away and has never had sexual contact with anyone

  18. I was having intercourse with sex workers for about ten years now and I haven’t had any problems until the other night when I used saliva for lube. I have done before but this time was different as soon as I did I got a burning sensation around the foreskin. But 2 days later when I received an erection again I noticed the burning sensation again along with it was dryed skin on the foreskin, to the touch it feels like an open wound. I have no idea what this is can you help please….

    Jack Chung

    • drtan

      Does not sound like either gonorrhoea or chlamydia. Sounds like you may have abraded the foreskin. Apply an antiseptic cream and rest it for a few days. If the symptoms still persist then you really should see a doctor. Please post any follow up questions on

  19. Hi
    I finally got my test results for my Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, and Syphillis back. For my gonorrhea and syphillis, the tests are in the negative. However, my chlamydia test stated to be “out of range.” What does that mean? Doc, do you have any idea what “out of range” meant, please post! I am very worried!!!!

    Ken Chung

  20. I should mention that I was having some problems with excess phlegm in my throat for days before the oral sex. I dont know if that will make a difference. The act happened in the middle of Thursday night, so technically very early Friday morning, and I first noticed a scratchy throat on Saturday. Today was when my lymphnodes started to swell and I noticed the white spots.

    • drtan

      Hard to tell the 2 apart as symptoms can be very similar. The only way to know for sure is to get a throat swab. Please post any follow up questions on

  21. I performed unprotected oral sex 3 days ago, and have since developed a sore, swollen throat with white spots on my tonsils. I did not, for lack of a better term, “finish” the oral sex. It only happened for maybe a minute since it was my first time and I got uncomfortable. Is it throat gonorrhea? or more likely just strep throat? I have no other symptoms besides those mentioned above and have never been sexually active before.

    • I should also mention that I was having some problems with excess phlegm in my throat for days before the oral sex. I dont know if that will make a difference. The act happened in the middle of Thursday night, so technically very early Friday morning, and I first noticed a scratchy throat on Saturday. Today was when my lymphnodes started to swell and I noticed the white spots.

  22. hey okay so i went to my doctor and he gave me penecilin for my tonsils, they look just like tonsils, ripped and stuff with no white on them but then i got told that a partner that had his penis in my mouth said i gave them gonorrhea but im not sure how this is possible, they could have been with someone else and since then i have done the same with different guys and am ashamed to say if i have it, what are the chances i do have it? oh and it was 3 months ago i did the act with the one saying stuff…

    • drtan

      The only way to know if you have throat gonorrhea or not is to get a throat swab and send it for tests. Please post any follow up questions on

  23. Hello,

    I started getting little bumps on my penis, I got it checked, and the dermatologist said it is Contagiosum Molluscum. I got them removed a week ago, I was wondering, after what time I will be able to have unprotected sex with my partner, how is definitely clean and what are the chances that she can get it from me!

    Thank you very much and would appreciate you help.

    • drtan

      All the lesions have to be completely removed and not recurr before you are considered to be not contagious. You need to go back to see your dermatologist for an all clear. Please post any follow up questions on

  24. Bella

    Hi Doctor, So this past Friday I preformed oral sex for the first time ever. However we were running late so he did not ejaculate sperm in my mouth and the whole process only lasted maybe like 4 minuets. On Monday I did not feel well and by Tuesday I had a fever of 102 and today, Wednesday, I went to the doctors and she tested me for strep but I do not have it. So my throat is sore and I have a fever and swollen things in the back of my throat (I forget what they are called) is there a chance I could have throat gonorrhea? I know he has been with many women in the past too. Should I try to go back to the doctors for a test? Thank you.

    • drtan

      Yes there are several points in your history that suggests throat gonorrhea. The timing, the symptoms and the fact that you tested negative for Strep are all sinister clues. I think it is very prudent for you to see your doctor for a test for throat gonorrhea. Please post any follow up questions on

  25. sir.i had unprotectd oral sex twise wit my girlfrnd nd i hv throat sore.ay serious problem.pls do rply me.

    • This forum is not for medical consultations. Please see your doctor. Please post any follow up questions on

      • Thank you for guidance on these sensitive issues. I have given my boyfriend a few BJ’s in the past month and on 3 occasions, the next morning I have red spots on the roof of my mouth, way in the back and white pussy spots on the side. This recent time, I also have a bruise on my upper palat as he was thrusting too hard this time. There have been other BJ’s but he didn’t ejaculate. He is 70, so it is all pre-cum fluid and not full ejaculate. I have the exact symptoms of strep, but the strep test and herpes swab were neg on the first time. We will use condoms (I hope!) from now on, but what on earth is this?

        • The red spots are probably petechiae. This is spot bleeding under the mucosa that is caused by the penis hitting against the roof of the mouth. ‘White pus spots’ sound more like an infection. However it sounds to me like it does not bother you and fades spontaneously. If that is the case then it is probably not a infection. The best thing to do is to swab the white stuff and send it for tests. Could be fungus. Please post any follow up questions on

  26. Ettienne Fox

    I went down on my boyfriend a few days ago and now believe I may be displaying the symptoms of throat gonorrhea,namely a sore throat that has lasted since the day after I performed oral on him and more recently white spots on one side . I believe I read that gonorrhea of the throat does not go away on its own. If the sore throat and white spots go away could that mean that I did not have the disease and it was something else? Or is it just possible for the symptoms to disappear and not the infection? I would also like to know if it is possible that my symptoms could have just resulted from irritation due to him being too rough or going too deep. Thank you for any information you can provide.

    • Symptoms of Gonorrhea take about 3 days to develop so highly unlikely what you have is due to throat Gonorrhea. Either way, having a sore throat and white spots on your tonsils mandates a visit to your doctor. Even if it is not Gonorrhea it could be some other infection that requires treatment. Please post any follow up questions on

  27. After having an injection for ghonnorea in the throat, 4 days later I ate some of my own semen
    Am I at risk to reinfect myself?

  28. Hi,

    Hi, I had a sexual encounter with a new partner and he was very forceful and pushed himself into my throat harder than anyone ever has before and I felt him hit something or push something in order to open up the back of my throat. I have ‘deepthroated’ before and gotten a bit of a sore throat from it, but it always goes away and I figure it was just my throat overworked. This time it was much greater, the force and the feeling felt. The next day I had a huge pain in the back of my throat and swallowing was very hard. It got a bit better day by day but then started to get a bit sharper. I mean that it got better but then plateaued in terms of size and discomfort until it started to feel denser, like a golf ball in my throat.
    I have read about contracting std’s in your throat but I am not sure. I am not sure if the person just damaged my throat and perhaps it is healing. Or maybe he damaged my throat and in healing it got infected with something, or it could have gotten infected with an std. In anycase I am a McGill student and in the middle of finals, a trip to the doctor could take upwards of an hour and that is time I don’t have in one day. I also have my thesis due as well mind you. So, because I dont have time to see a doctor I checked to see how effective ampicillin was on strep throat, gonorrhea or chlamydia. There were mixed reviews but they said if it was a mild case it would be effective. I have been on it for a day and a half a feel a slight improvement. Given my situation do you suggest I continue using them as it could just be a wound that needs to heal? Or it could also be a wound that is infected with bacteria that is not of std origin. In this case ampicillin may be useful, and if it was infected with bacteria of std origin the ampicillin would maybe work as well. I wish I had time to see a doctor about this but I am so worried about getting into med school that I can’t afford to waver from my schedule from here until end of finals. I’m sure you remember how it was getting your thesis it and wrapping everything up. I’m also writing my Mcat a week after I defend my thesis then applying, I’ll see a doctor in that week between my thesis defence and my mcat exam, but until then do you suggest I continue what I am doing then evaluate based on results come a few days and if I think it is or is not working reassess a new plan of action (which probably means seeing a doctor)

    Also, in the event that the antibiotics appear to work (ie: no more sore throat), do you think I should still see a doctor immediately because it could come back or not have gone away completely in the first place. Or do you think with a full 10 treatment of ampicillin it is likely to have been cured and seeing a doctor could wait until after the mcat?

    • You prioritize your work over your own health? You will make a great doctor some day. OK. Analysis time. Fact 1: You developed symptoms the very next day. We know that infections take at least 3 days to develop symptoms. Fact 2: The most worrying thing would be physical trauma to the throat. Tears and lacerations in themselves can be huge problems and if they get secondarily infected as you have mentioned, it compounds the problem a hundred fold. But if this was the scenario, we would expect your symptoms to worsen day by day. Fact 3: Ampicillin might be OK against Strep assuming that it is not antibiotic resistant but is complete shit against Gonorrhea and Chlamydia. So the fact that you feel better with it means it probably is not an STD. Which also means you should complete the course. Fact 4: Please don’t see this guy again. He sounds like a maniac. Fact 5: All the best for you MCATs. As I said, you’ll make a greet doctor some day. Please post any follow up questions on

  29. Hello Dr. Tran,

    I have read all of the comments and replies, but I still have a question. What would gonorrhea of the throat look like? Would there be pus? Would it be white, yellow or grey?

    Three days ago I preformed oral on my partner. The next morning I woke up with a sore throat which continued all that day- it felt like something was “stuck” in or around my tonsil. This morning I awoke with ear pain, painful swallowing and general discomfort in my neck and throat and now my shoulders.

    I went to the walk-in clinic and they did a strep test which came back negative. They said my throat wasn’t really red or inflamed, but the pus on my tonsils is a greyish color. I am going tomorrow to get a culture done, but I would really like to know something sooner.

    Thank you.

    • Usually there will be yellows pus on the tonsils. Also it usually takes 3 days for the symptoms to appear. Please post any follow up questions on

  30. Hello, I performed oral on a girl about two to three days later I had a really sore throat. This has been a couple weeks now since it all started. My throat isn’t as sore anymore but I have a pretty bad cough and my chest seems very congested…very similar to a regular cold. Does throat gonorrhea (or even throat chlamydia) cause the cough and the congestion in the chest or is this just a really bad cold? It seems like a bad cold but I only worry because of the oral sex. I looked down in my throat and I can see some redness on the sides, all the way down but nothing too scary looking.

    Thank you for your time!

  31. Hi, I have been found with gonorrhea a week ago and my partner and I got treatment from our doctor. When we got tested none of us crossed our minds to ask the doctor to be tested for throats gonorrhea as well. We did some unprotected oral sex as well and specially around that period of time. My question is: if we are having that type of gonorrhea too would it go away with the treatment we already took? And if we do have that, we would know…right? or should we just go back to the doctor?

  32. sillyboy01

    Hello Dr Tan.

    2 days ago I received unprotected and gave oral sex (cunnilingus) with a sex worker, over a period of about 20-30 mins. We also had protected intercourse. I was assured by the bordello that the girls were regularly tested and there was nothing to worry about. This is the first time I have ever been with a sex worker by the way. Very silly of me I know.

    Today I woke up with a terrible sore throat that feels like it is on fire, even drinking cold water hurts. I haven’t been sleeping much at all for like 5 days so by now I’m feeling pretty run down.

    I’m guessing I could possibly have throat gonorrhea.

    The thing is, I’m currently on holiday in Germany! I have 9 days until I return home. So my question is this; Would it be dangerous to wait the 9 days until I get home and can see my doctor right away or should I seek a doctor here in Germany? I would much prefer to wait to be honest, as I don’t speak any german and I’m not sure if this would be covered by my travel insurance.

    would really appreciate your advice on this, I’m pretty worried. I have been using a lot of public transport as well so maybe I picked something up there and it’s just a coincidence.

    • Yes I agree that it is possible you have throat gonorrhea. Although given your history this could be any other form of throat infection. If it were truly throat gonorrhea, waiting 9 days is not an issue. It could however be a bigger issue if it was some other bacteria like strep throat. This could lead to a retro-pharyngeal abscess. As with all things in medicine, generally the sooner you get it attended to, the better. Please post any follow up questions on

  33. can you receive throat gonorrhea if you drunk off someone’s else’s drink and a week later they are telling me she had gonorrhea.

  34. Tiffany

    I gave oral sex to a guy, he came in My Mouth, I have been hooking up with. We also had sex and I had a test and it came back negative for everything.
    But, the next day I woke up (5 hours after) I had a VERY bad sore throat. I’ve had this before with another guy and it went away after a few days. Its now been 1 week and my throat is still sore.
    Could I have an infection or is it just a cold?
    For the test, can I go to my local family planning clinic?

    • Gonorrhea symptoms take 3 days to develop. Due to the timing, it cannot be gonorrhea that is causing your symptoms.

  35. am a male, i had 1st time sex with a girl, on feb 25, both oral and sex without condom. after that i masterbated alone regularly with oil, march 14, wen i tried to masterbate using my usual oil, my penis shaft burned found that it was bit reddish, went to doctor he gave oientment and Hifenac / cifran ct tablet.
    its my 3rd day red rash seems gone but my penis skin is bit shrinking and still the shafy skin looks bit shrinking , where as if it gets big, it looks normal,
    should i go for std test ?

    • I really do not understand your post. Your symptoms do not sound like they are due to an STD however this does not mean you do not have an STD. You need to ask your doctor if you need tests or not. This forum is not for medical consultations. Please post any follow up questions on

  36. My pee is foggy does tht mean I have it?? My throats sore but I havnt had sex in almost 10 months do I have it

    • Foggy pee indicates a possible infection in the urinary tract but it may not necessarily be due to gonorrhoea. There are many other bacteria that can cause a urinary tract infection. Please post any follow up questions on

  37. John yue

    Hi, Doc,

    Recently, I suspected to have contracted mutliple STDs from sex workers. I didn’t know what to do, I was worried that my family might know. However, finally, I approached “a backstreet clinic” in Bangkok. The Dr took blood sample and swabbed my dick and mouth. Two weeks later, they gave me the following result:-

    (a) Urethral GC Culture: No Gonorreha
    (b) Gum Swab: No Gonorreha and CT
    (c) Gum HBV (core): Negative
    Gum HBV (Surface): Increase 100
    Guum HBV (Suface antigen)
    Gum Hepeatitis C: Negative
    (d) HIV: Negative

    But I still don’t trust them. Did they miss out on something else because I feel general unwell? Should I have more test done at your clinic?

    • If you do not trust them then the logical thing to do is to see a doctor that you trust. Please post any follow up questions on

      • John yue

        However, did it cover all the possibilities for a normal STD check? Did the clinic miss out on other STDs?

        • John yue


          I have waited for several weeks for a reply. Your comments , please.

          • John Yue

            Please answer my question?

          • John Yue


            You have been avoid answering my questions. are
            Can you please confirm the scope covered
            all aspect of check? A simple yes or no
            answer will alliegate my anxiety.

          • I cannot understand your sense of self-entitlement and your accusation of me avoiding your questions. Let me remind you that this is a free service and you are not entitled to anything. Since these questions of yours are so important and so urgent, I suggest you see a doctor and pay for a consultation instead of assuming that I owe it to you to answer your question. If you are a patient of ours and had your tests done at our clinic then come down to the clinic and I will review your results with you for no charge.

  38. Hi Dr. Tan,

    i gave unprotected oral sex on a new sexual partner. I woke the next morning with a sore throat that hurt when i swallowed lasted about a week then got better, I had been out drinking that night so assumed it was probably dehydration, but now wondering if I should get a test??

    Would a sore throat from an STD appear the morning after??? Do I need to go get tested seeing as my throat is now better.

    • Impossible for symptoms to appear the next day. Takes at least 3 days for Gonorrhea symptoms to develop. Please post any follow up questions on

  39. Curious

    Hello. Ok so 2 days ago I gave my boyfriend a blow job for the first time ever. He did not “cum” We are both virgins too. Anyways a day after my throat was sore, then today (2days after) I feel like I have bumps on the back of my tounge on the left side. They aren’t really painful just annoying. My throat is still a tiny bit sore. I’m 16 so I haven’t told my parents and I won’t. However I’m worried. I have looked on many websites and some say it is normal some say its something terrible. Please help!!

    • Does not sound like throat gonorrhoea symptoms to me.

  40. I gave oral to a guy a little over a week ago. When he was about to ejaculate he did it on my face and a little of his sperm got in my nose. A few minutes later I felt a warm sensation where the sperm got in my nose and if felt like that warmness started going down my nostril and finally reached my throat. The next day I had a sore throat that was a little red.(I thought it could have been from deep throating) Two days later I got a runny nose, mucus in my throat and started coughing and sneezing. My sore throat left after a week but my other cold like symptoms remained. It felt like I had a cold but after reading info about STDs and oral gonorrhea I’ve become paranoid. After taking vitamin C tablets my “cold” started to clear.
    Is this just a cold or could I have an STD? I asked my partner and he said he was clean. Should I be worried?

  41. Jeremy Wilson

    I recently had oral sex with my girlfriend, she is a virgin and i now have tonsillitis but a couple of days before she had a sore throat, should. I am a virgin also and it’s our first time doing anything sexual, should i be worried?

    • Not for throat gonorrhea. Just go get your tonsillitis treated.

      • Hello,

        I went down on a girl and two days later my throat was hurting, pretty bad. Very similar to strep throat. Overall I felt a little sick (this is during winter times) and I could also feel my chest sort of sore…again, similar to a regular cold but, to be safe, I took 2grams of azithromycin, pill form. I took this because I read that the 2gr would be enough for gonorrhea…The soreness in my throat is still kind of there but it hasn’t even been a week. I was just wondering, if it was gonorrhea, would the 2gr kill it and how long would it take for the soreness to go away? If it wasn’t then I’m sure it’s just a regular cold and it’ll pass.


        • It is very dangerous to self treat. Please see your doctor and find out exactly what is causing your sore throat. It may not be gonorrhoea. 2g of Azithromycin is not a recommended treatment for Gonorrhea. Please post any follow up questions on

          • Dr Tan,

            Thank you for your comment. I guess I did it out of desperation and because I read all those things online that the 2g would work. I will try and go see a doctor next week…it’s just so embarrassing. The incident happened late Saturday night, more like 2am Sunday morning and I noticed the soreness Tuesday around evening hours. I read one of your comments that it takes at least three days for symptoms to show…Do you think I’m around that magic mark or would mine be too early. I did spend the whole week drinking and going out in a t-shirt during cold temperatures so I was thinking maybe I just caught a cold. Do you also think that I would get some pain during urination even if I only contracted it orally? I am not having any issues down there…

            Thanks again for your time.

  42. Dear Dr. Tan

    I had a french kiss with someone recently (about two weeks ago and then about a week ago again) and developed a sore throat.

    Do you think it is possible to get throat gonorrhea just through kissing?

    And what are some other STD’s that causes sore throat that I should get tested for? Can it be chlamydia or HPV?

    Also, do i have to get a throat swab? Would a vaginal swab not detect oral infections?

    Thank you so much for your help!!

    • It is possible to get Throat Gonorrhea, Throat Chlamydia, Herpes and Throat HPV through kissing. HPV and Herpes do not cause sore throats. Vaginal swabs do not detect throat infections.

  43. one month ago I gave a guy a bj and a couple of days later I had white sores on the back of my throat and a sore throat. I thought it was odd and it hurt so bad I was in bed for three days and then it went away. so I gave him another bj a day n a half ago and now I have the same thing again!! white sores and extreme pain 🙁 I have Oral Gonorrhea don’t I? why did it go away after three days? Did he give it to me again? or did I have it this whole time? can I do anything to get rid of it without going to the doctors? I don’t have a job or insurance. Thanks for your help

    • Could be. Or it could be some other bacteria causing the symptoms. Ideally you should see a doctor and get a throat swab.

  44. Hi,
    I performed oral sex for the first time two days ago. The person i gave it to has never had sex, or oral sex before. My throat just feels congested. He did NOT come in my mouth or near it at all, and I don’t think i had any open cuts prior to this. Is it gonorrhea or could it just be irritated or maybe I’m just under the weather? Thank you please answer!

    • If your partner has never had sex before then it is hihgly unlikely that he has gonorrhea which means it is also highly unlikely that you have gonorrhea.

  45. Hi Dr. Tan,
    At the weekend I was in a night club and French-kissed this guy. The day after I had just a normal hangover but the day after that I have swollen glands, find it harder to swallow, and have a bit of a temperature. My pulse is 91 and my O2 sats are 98. I have been around people that are ill with the common cold and sore throats. I went to the doctor and she asked me a number of questions and told me I have yellow secretion at the back of my throat and said to me it was tonsillitis. I usually get tonsillitis a lot but this time it isn’t as harsh as it usually is and I don’t feel majorly ill. My friend joked and said to me I could have got throat gonorrhoea off the guy that night. Do you think she could be right? Many thanks.

    • Also my ears are itchy and producing more wax/discharge than usual.

    • It is certainly possible if the guy had throat gonorrhea. Your symptoms also match that of throat gonorrhea. However, your symptoms came on a little too quickly for a gonorrhea infection. I think you should not worry too much at this point in time. Stick with your doctor’s treatment plan and you really should get better. If you do not get better or get worse, then get a throat swab.

  46. Hi doc just today I had a session with a freelance prostitute. Didn’t have sex but had protected blowjob. However:
    1) Had light French kissing with her
    2) She licked my scrotum but not alot
    3) When I was about to ejaculate I removed the condom and she sucked and prolly used her tongue to just lick my penis head (didn’t go any lower than the penis head) till I ejaculated in her mouth.

    Now based on all these, what do you think my risk is of catching an STD? And what could I possibly catch?

    Thanks so much:)

    • Gonorrhea, Chlamydia, NSU, Syphilis, Herpes, HPV.

      • What do you think are my chances of catching those doc? Do you think I should worry so much about it as exposure to these risks I would say was pretty short.

  47. Hey, I recently put my friends penis into my mouth and just sucked it for 5 seconds. And I don’t know if something else is the cause but a few hours later I don’t really have a sore throat but I feel like I do. What is this? Can it be a disease? Sign of a disease? And wanted to add to this I am only 18.And I wanted to know if I use a condom next time what are the chances of me getting any diseases, he will not ejaculate into my mouth, just wants it to be sucked.

    • The fact that your symptoms came on only a few hours later indicates that it cannot be due to an STD. Most STD symptoms take 3 days if not longer to develop.

  48. Treating uncomplicated Chlamydial

    Doxycycline 100mg orally twice a day for 7 days or a single oral dose of azithromycin 1,000mg; or alternative

    ceftriaxone (1g)injection into a muscle as a single dose

    Treatment of uncomplicated Gonorrhea

    A single dose of ceftriaxone 125mg given by injection into a muscle, or a single dose of oral cefixime 400 mg.

    Each of these treatment regimens should be accompanied by a treatment regimen for chlamydia (those treatments are discussed above) if chlamydial infection is not ruled out.

    After completion of course, please go online and purchase a Home Test Kit just in case.

    • Thank you for sharing. However, I must add that I do not completely agree with these treatment regimes.

    • I understand that you intentions are good. However, posting things like that could lead to excessive and unnecessary use of anti-biotics. Or wrong treatment drugs, duration of treatment or treatment dosage. This will contribute to the already very huge problem of antibiotic resistant gonorrhea. Already there are strains of gonorrhea that are resistant to multiple antibiotics. Again I understand that your intentions are good and you want people to have easy access to what is apparently easy treatment. However, in the big scheme of things, this could end up doing more harm than good. Again I thank you for your inputs and I hope you respect the point I am making here.

  49. Hi Dr.Tan,
    I have had oral sex with a girl (licking) but now I have
    throat bad breath it comes from nasal sinus mucus(it looks like around vagina sweat smell,and I can’t treat this problem.
    Please advice me what drug to use.
    Many thanks.

    • This forum is not for medical consultations. Please see your doctor.

  50. Hi dr tan I was recently sexually active with a male and also had oral sex. The next day it burned to urinate and itches and I had a bump or two spaced out from each other. I think my bartholin cyst is swollen as well. I went to urgent care and she said my urine looked okay but she also did a vaginal swab which I’m
    Currently waiting for results. She said she thinks I have bacterial vaginosis and I never had that but I decided to take this medicine. 3 days later I can barely swallow throat hurts when I try. It hasn’t gotten better at all. Should I go to someone else or just endure the pain and wait or the swab results,?? Thank you

    • It sounds like the ED focused their diagnosis and treatment on your vagina but did nothing for your throat. Please see a doctor about your throat. Do not assume it is an STD. Could be something else like Strep Throat.