Foods to eat during pregnancy – superfoods!

What to eat during Pregnancy Welcome back mummies to be! In continuation from my previous article, foods to avoid during pregnancy, we shall now move on to the brighter side – which is food that you should be eating more of during pregnancy a.k.a pregnancy superfood! This is especially important when selecting quality food if you are still suffering from morning sickness, gaining weight too fast or not gaining enough weight – make every calorie and nutrient intake count. If you are already eating well, then the list below can be extra...

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Foods to avoid during pregnancy

First of all, congratulations on being pregnant! For most of you who have just found out you are pregnant, especially newly mums-to-be, you must have a lot of questions including what food should I avoid? What food should I eat to enhance the growth and wellbeing of my baby? Furthermore, you may already have advice from friends and families on what you should and shouldn’t be eating. It is important to eat a healthy and well balanced meal even more so when you are pregnant. This is because your baby will start absorbing the nutrients,...

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Women’s Health Clinic Singapore

Dr Tan & Partners – Women’s Health Clinic Singapore Dr Tan and Partners is a GP clinic with a special focus on providing comprehensive and holistic care for Women’s Health Issues. We provide a private and comfortable setting for you to discuss your problem with our doctors. All our doctors are certified in Singapore and professionally trained to assist you in your medical needs. For lady patients who prefer female doctors, we have dedicated female Doctors to attend to you. We have 3 locations conveniently located at...

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Vaginal bleeding in early pregnancy

Dear ladies, being pregnant is a blessing and an exciting journey. In general most pregnancy will be an uneventful journey. However, up to 1 in 5 (20%) pregnant women experience some vaginal spotting or vaginal bleeding during the 1st trimester of pregnancy (also known as early pregnancy). 1st trimester vaginal bleeding is defined as per vaginal bleeding in the first 12 weeks of pregnancy. In early pregnancy, you may experience some perfectly harmless light vaginal bleeding when the developing embryo implants itself in the wall of your womb...

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Abnormal vaginal bleeding

Many women will have experience some form of vaginal bleeding other than during their normal monthly menstruation. The term commonly used for this is intermenstrual bleeding (in between ‘normal menstruation’). More often than not, this will cause a lot of anxiety and set off a whole list of possibilities and ‘what-ifs’?  It is sometimes difficult to differentiate between intermenstrual bleeding and irregular period. Vaginal bleeding may occur at any age but should be investigated if it occurs in pre-pubertal girls or postmenopausal...

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