The UN has reached its goal to treat 15 million people living with HIV.

The UN has reached its goal to treat 15 million people living with HIV. According to an article written by BBC news, the UN has achieved its target of treating 15 million people living with HIV as of March 2015 – 9 months before the planned schedule end. This landmark target has been reached thanks to global efforts to get anti-retroviral drugs to those who need it most including those living in the poorest parts of sub-Saharan Africa. The UN first started their plan in 2000, where fewer than 700,000 people living with HIV were receiving...

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Updates on HIV testing Window Period

27th June 2013 was National HIV Testing Day in the US. There were a lot of activities to promote HIV testing. What I found interesting and also should be of interest to many readers of this blog is the HIV Testing Factsheet published by the CDC. HIV Signs and Symptoms The HIV Window Period and Test Accuracy HIV PEP Post Exposure Prophylaxis Please allow me to highlight some points in this factsheet: 1. The factsheet says that antibodies to HIV typically develop between 2 to 8 weeks after exposure to the virus. This we already know but I am...

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How effective are Condoms, Diaphragms and Circumcision in preventing HIV transmission?

Condoms  87% effective in preventing HIV. Scientific studies have shown that proper use of the condom can provide anything from 60% to 95% reduction in risk of HIV transmission. The most often quoted study involved more than 3000 HIV 1 sero-discordant couples. Self reported use of the condom reduced the risk of HIV transmission by 78% per sex act. The US CDC’s condom report published in the year 2000 estimated that consistent condom use reduced the risk of HIV transmission by 85%.  Diaphragms and Female Condoms  No evidence that either...

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