Vaginal Infection

Although they may have different symptoms, a diagnosis can be tricky even for an experienced doctor. Part of the problem is that you could have more than one at the same time. Let us check out the Symptoms, Causes and Treatment of Vaginal infection.   What are the symptoms of a vaginal infection? Vaginal infections can manifest in many varied ways. The commonest symptoms that women present with include: 1) Abnormal vaginal discharge 2) Vaginal itching  &  anal itching 3) Pain/Discomfort of the vaginal & anal skin 4) Pain on...

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Abnormal vaginal bleeding

Many women will have experience some form of vaginal bleeding other than during their normal monthly menstruation. The term commonly used for this is intermenstrual bleeding (in between ‘normal menstruation’). More often than not, this will cause a lot of anxiety and set off a whole list of possibilities and ‘what-ifs’?  It is sometimes difficult to differentiate between intermenstrual bleeding and irregular period. Vaginal bleeding may occur at any age but should be investigated if it occurs in pre-pubertal girls or postmenopausal...

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