STD General Info

As long as you are having sex, you are at risk of STDs.

Unless of course you are in a mutually monogamous relationship. Condoms offer some protection but only abstinence is 100% safe.

Here is a list of some of the common STDs and their symptoms. Please remember that STDs do not produce symptoms all the time. In other words you might have and STD even if you feel 100% completely well. The only way to know for sure is to see a medical professional well trained in STDs and so a STD screening.

Signs, causes, treatments of Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs)

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Types of STDs
STD Syndromes
STD Screening
STD Screening for MSM (Men who have Sex with Men)
STD Questionaire

Types of STDs

1. *Genital warts/Human papilloma virus (HPV)
2. *Gonorrhoea
3. *Chlamydia/Lymphogranuloma venereum
4. Mycoplasma genitaliae
5. Ureaplasma urealyticum
6. Trichomonas vaginalis
7. Bacterial vaginosis/Gardnerella
8. *Hepatitis A/B/C
9. *Syphillis
10. Candidia
11. *Herpes simplex type I/II
12. Molluscum contagiosm
13. Crab lice
14. Scabies
15. Chancroid
16. Granuloma inguinale
17. Tinea cruris
18. Gardnerella vaginalis

STD Syndromes

1. Penile discharges
2. Vaginal discharges
3. Pain during urination
4. Lymph nodes
5. Misc. Lumps and bumps
6. Pain when having sex/Vaginitis
7. Itch in the genital area
8. Genital sores (painful/painless)

This is the commonest STD in Singapore. Unfortunately, 40% to 60% of people do not show any symptoms. Even when symptoms do appear, they are often mild and disappear quickly.

The common symptoms are pain passing urine, discharge from the penis or vagina.

The symptoms can occur as early as 2 days after exposure but in some people it might take months to show symptoms. In 10% of people there are no symptoms at all.

The common symptoms are pain passing urine and a discharge from the penis or vagina.

It very commonly causes no symptoms at all.

The common symptoms are mild discomfort passing urine or a mild discharge.

It very commonly causes no symptoms at all.

The common symptoms usually occur about 3 to 4 weeks after exposure. They are fever, sore throat, rash and swollen lymph nodes.

Click here for more Detailed Information on HIV Symptoms.

It can infect a person for years without showing any symptoms. Sometimes the symptoms are so mild they go unnoticed. For people who do get symptoms, the first time is the worst.

The common symptoms are painful blisters that burst to form painful ulcers. This is usually preceded by a flu-like illness, itching, tingling and pain in the genital area. The first episode is usually very painful and can last up to 3 weeks without treatment.

Hepatitis AB and C
Some people never develop any symptoms. Or the symptoms are so mild that they go unnoticed.

The common symptoms are nausea, loss of appetite, fever, itching, yellowing of the skin or eyes. Smokers sometimes lose their urge to smoke.

Its symptoms can be so mild that they go unnoticed.

The first sign occurs between 9 to 90 days after exposure. It is a painless ulcer where the Syphilis entered the body. It can be on the penis, vagina, rectum, tongue or lips. The ulcer disappears without any treatment which gives patients a false sense of security.

Years later it will surface again as a rash all over the body and fever. If at the time it is still not treated it will affect the brain and major blood vessels of the body causing severe illnesses.

Click here for How and When to test for Syphilis

Molluscum Contagiosum
It commonly appears as discrete pearly round lesions on the skin. They are completely painless but might be itchy.

It commonly appears as skin colored cauliflower like lumps on the skin.

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Scabies and Lice

It commonly causes a lot of itching especially at night. Under good lighting and magnification you can actually catch the Scabies which look like translucent tiny insects.

Note: Please remember that you can catch an STD and show no symptoms. If you feel you are at risk, go for STD screening.

STD Screening

Many STDs can infect you and yet show no symptoms. Or they may stay in your body for months to years before they show any symptoms. You cannot determine that your partner has no STDs just because he or she also has no symptoms. If you have been infected with an STD and show no symptoms you can still pass it on to your partner. Condoms reduce the risk of catching STDs but it is not 100% safe.

As long as you are having sex and you are not in a mutually monogamous relationship, there is a chance you have an STD.

It is advisable to go for a thorough STD screening regularly. STDs that are diagnosed early can be easily cured. Also, you reduce the risk of passing it on to your partner.

If not picked up and treated, STDs can lead to permanent damage of your genital organs and affect your fertility. Some STDs like Syphilis, HIV and Hepatitis can damage other organs in your body leading to major illnesses and even death.

STD testing can be very complicated as there are many tests available for different STDs. Some tests are also time sensitive. Please make sure that you consult Our Doctors who have adequate knowledge and experience in testing for STDs.

We use Current Certified lab tests that are validated and in line with International Standards for accuracy and sensitivity.

Click here for details on STD Screening for Women

Your STD screen should include tests for the following:

The most accurate test for this STD is a PCR test on your urine or urethral/vaginal swab. Blood tests are cheap but completely inaccurate.

The most accurate test is a PCR test on your urine or urethral/vaginal swab. If you engage in oral sex you might also need a swab of your throat to test for this STD. If you engage in anal sex you might also need a swab of your rectum to test for Gonorrhea.

NSU (Non-Specific Urethritis)
This consists of tests for Ureaplasma, Mycoplasma and Trichomonas. These tests can be conducted on your urine or a urethral/vaginal swab.

HIV tests are very time specific. There are different tests available including HIV RNA PCR, P24 Antigen/Antibody test, HIV Rapid Antibody tests, ELISA Antibody test. Let Our Doctor know when your exposure was and he will advice you accordingly.

Click here for HIV Testing FAQ

There are 2 tests for this STD. They are called VDRL (Venereal Disease Research Lab) and TPHA (Treponema Pallidum Haemagglutination). It is advisable that you have both tests done.

Hepatitis A, B and C
Hepatitis A, B and C are detected through blood tests. You do not need to test for these if you have been vaccinated and previous blood tests have confirmed that you have the antibodies.

Herpes 1 and 2
They can be detected through blood tests.

Certain strains of this STD can be detected through a Cervical Swab for women.

Certain strains can be detected through an anal swab for people who engage in anal sex.

Most other strains of HPV cannot be tested for. Your Doctor will examine your genital area thoroughly for warts. The presence of warts indicate an infection with this STD.

Molluscum Contagiosum
Your Doctor will examine your genital area thoroughly for pearly round umbilicated lesions that are an indication of an infection.

Scabies and Lice
Your Doctor will examine your genital area thoroughly for knits and crabs.

Note: Please remember when you collect your urine for STD tests you need to collect the first catch of urine. This is different from regular urine tests when you need to collect the mid-stream. Check with your Doctor if you are unsure.

STD Screening for MSM (Men who have Sex with Men)

MSM stands for Men who have Sex with Men. There are many other terms used to describe MSM such as Gay Men and Homosexual Men. These are unhelpful labels which might not apply to you. If you are a man and ever have had sex with another man then there are specific STD concerns that apply to you.
The fact is MSM are at a higher risk for HIV and other STDs such as Syphilis, Gonorrhea, Herpes and Warts. There could be several reasons for this. First, the anal canal is not designed for sex. There is a greater chance of tearing and bleeding of the anal canal during sex. This increases the chance of catching HIV and other STDs. Secondly, because many safe sex campaigns are targeted at MSM, this can lead to ‘safe sex burnout’. This results in MSM not taking the usual precautions and protection during sex.

STD and HIV screening in MSM must be conducted in a rational, scientific and non-judgemental fashion. Also, it takes unique experience, skill, techniques and testing procedures to properly screen for STD and HIV in MSM. Our Doctors are specially trained to provide all these services to you in an absolutely discrete setting.

STD and HIV screening is recommended to be conducted at least once a year for MSM. In fact, for MSM of higher risk, screening every 3 to 6 months is recommended. Aside from the regular HIV and STD screening, MSM must take extra careful note of the following:

HIV Screening for MSM

Statistically MSM are at a significantly higher risk of HIV. HIV testing is recommended every 3 to 6 months. The Doctor will recommend different HIV tests depending on the time of exposure.

HIV PEP (Post Exposure Prophylaxis) is a course of medicines that if taken within 72 hours of exposure to HIV has up to a 90% chance of preventing HIV infection. If you have had unprotected anal sex and think you are at risk of HIV, speak to our doctors immediately about HIV PEP.

HIV PREP (Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis) is a course of medicines taken before exposure to HIV that has up to a 90% chance of preventing HIV infection. If you think you might be in a situation that you might be exposed to HIV, speak to your Doctor about HIV PREP. These situations are usually events or parties that involve the use of recreational substances.

It is a serious disease that can lead to blood vessel and brain damage. The initial symptom is a painless ulcer that can be in the anus and therefore not easily seen. Early detection can lead to a complete and early cure.

Aside from screening from the penis, MSM who have receptive oral or anal sex should also test for this STD from the Throat an Anus/Rectum.

Click here for more info on Throat Gonorrhea
Click here for more info on Rectal Gonorrhea

It is the most common STD in Singapore. Aside from screening from the Penis, MSM who have anal sex should also test for this STD from the Anus/Rectum.

It is a common STD and an essential part of STD screening.

Hepatitis A, B and C
The prevalence of Hepatitis A, B and C among MSM is high. Vaccination is a very cost effective way to prevent such infections. If you already have been vaccinated, speak to your Doctor about doing a serologic test to ensure the antibodies are enough.

Peri-Anal Warts
They are very common in MSM who have receptive anal sex. It is caused by the HPV virus. There is no blood or urine test for this. Doctor will have a check on your peri-anal area carefully for the presence of warts.

HPV and Anal Cancer
Certain strains of HPV will not cause warts but might increase the risk of Anal Cancer. This is more so in MSM who also suffer from HIV. Speak to your Doctor about doing an anal swab fro cancer causing HPV and anal cancer.

Singapore might be a conservative society and the 377A penal code might still be in force. But please do not let this worry you. Our Doctors are well trained, respectful and discrete. We are here to help you. Please feel free to discuss any of your problems with us.

STD Questionaire

The questions are used to determine your at-risk status for sexually transmitted diseases (STDs),
including HIV:

  • I have had “sex” without using a condom. YES/NO
  • I have had “oral sex” without using a barrier. YES/NO
  • I have had sexual contact with someone who has had sex with another person other than myself. YES/NO
  • I am in a relationship and neither my partner or myself had been tested for STD. YES/NO
    If you have answered “YES” to any of the questions, you may be at risk for STDs.
Click here to see the full range of our HIV/STD Services

Need more advice?

Come down to Our Clinics for a discussion with Our Doctors, or call our clinics for more information:



  1. Johnathan

    Hi doctor, may I know how much is the test for gonorrhea? And how much is the treatment for gonorrhoea?

  2. Stefanie

    Hello, I have been in an exclusive relationship for one year, after becoming pregnant, I was positive for Ureaplasma then after 4 months I tested positive for Mycoplasma but it was negative before, my gyno insisted i had a talk with my partner about his faithfulness, he promises that he never cheated on me and I believe him however, because I was newly tested positive, does this ensure me that he was unfaithful? or is there any other possible way that I could have contracted this std?

    • Ureaplasma and Mycoplasma are both sexually transmitted infections. BUT they have also been found to occur out-of-the-blue in mutually monogamous couples. In other words, you can get this infection even if your partner has been faithful.

  3. Hi there i have recently had vaginal swabs and bloods taken for sti’s. As i had unprotected vaginal sex 2 weeks ago with a Tunisian man. When i was asked if i do anal sex by lady at clinic i said no.But i just thought after i have done unprotected anal with one guy who also done unprotected vaginal sex with but it was about 7 years ago.Should i have tests for anal stis as well? Or as had vaginal and anal with same guy is just vaginal tests enough?

    Kind Regards Unsure85

    • If you were my patient, I would definitely advise you to have anal swab test as well. This is because infections in the anus will not be detected by vaginal swabs. There is certainly a chance that you got an infection in your anus and not your vagina.

  4. Hi Doc,

    I had Chlamydia before which was treated, i did test again and it was showing 1.6, my doc told me its showing coz of previous history, if i dnt have it now, it will still shw lil bit high due to previous infection, is tht true?

    • I have said this many times before and I will say it again: Chlamydia blood test are ABSOLUTELY USELESS. Both for diagnosis and for follow up test of cure. It is a complete waste of time and money. I will not comment on it. Please ask the doctor who did it for you.

  5. santosh

    Hi doctor..

    Good morrning …..

    I have protected sex with a sex worker on 9th of this month and noticed my condom has broken during the course.. I had lower abdominal pain after one week of exposure and it cured automatically on the next day… I have done some tests after 15 days of exposure and are as follows

    HSV 1 IGG, SERUM- 0.01
    HSV 1 IGM, SERUM- 0.31
    HSV 2 IGG, SERUM- 0.07
    HSV 2 IGM, SERUM- 0.10

    Doctor.. With reference to above results were all the above test are conclusive….. Kindly let me know if any tests are preferred….. I am very much depressed and lost 4 KGS of weight because of depression. I had low fever symptoms with mild joint pains….

    Doctor please help me in this regard..

    • None of these tests are conclusive at 15 days post exposure. Come and see us for PROPER advice on when to test for what.

  6. samuel

    Hi doctor,

    Two weeks back I have drunken heavily for the first time and had a sex with call girl.. During the course I noticed that I have not used condom….. The contact time is less than 20 secs… What is the probability of getting std to me… I am very much disappointed about the wrong doing by me…

    • The duration of the contact really does not matter. The fact is you had unprotected intercourse. That puts you at risk of STDs and HIV. Look out for symptoms and see us if they occur. If not, see us at 1 month post exposure for a HIV and STD screen. Click here for more info.

      • samuel

        Thank u doctor for your reply…
        And what is the probability of HIV from infected women to men with unprotected sex for the first time

  7. some pain while urinating and got a hole at my penis .
    what disease is that?

    • Pain during urination usually indicates an infection. It could either be an STD or UTI. Sometimes, it could be due to non-infectious causes like urinary stones.

  8. Anxiously awaiting

    Hi Doc, I have received a unprotected bj from a massage lady on 30 May and on 4 may i noticed a water filled pimple on my penis, and consulted a doctor, he says is too soon for STD test and ask me to return 10 days later, and prescribed me with antibiotic and a jab. The pimple reduced in size and disappeared after the course of antibiotic.

    Returned on 14 may for the blood test for HIV, Syphilis TP Ab, HSV Type 1 & 2 IgG Ab, negative/; non-reactive for all, and Urinalysis came out fine too, but did did test for other STDs as he says that I did not have symptoms for the other STDs.

    Returned on 2 July for my follow up test for HIV Syphilis TP Ab, HSV Type 1 & 2 IgG Ab also negative.

    I have abstained from sexual acts since my last exposure.

    But I occasionally felt throbbing sensation at my penis region, and I found Fordyce spots on my lips.

    1) are my tests for the STDs cleared? other than HIV
    2) what tests should i undertake before 3mth mark?

    • 1. I don’t know. You seem to have got your dates mixed up. 2. Ask your doctor.

  9. Ishmel T

    hi dr. I have a cluster of bumps on the foreskin of my penis and i haven’t had sex in weeks and on day they just popped up and im kind of worried can you help?

    • Hi, it’s difficult to tell what the bumps are without looking at them. It could be herpes? I would advice that you see a doctor for further evaluation of the bumps.

      • Ishmel T

        thanks doc, but i only had sex with one partner and she’s clean but it did not pop up until i masturbated do you think that has anything to do with it?


    I HAVE TREATED A GONORREA AISO MY WIFE, and she still expreacing the pain under her private part, so I don’t know what to do am stressful please help me

    • Hi Stephan,

      Your wife’s pain may be due to infection, either from incomplete treatment of gonorrhea or an accompanying infection such as chlamydia that was untreated. The pain may be due to other reasons such as vaginal tears or abrasions. I’d advise you to see you doctor and retest for both of you to make sure you have cleared your gonorrhea ( and any other organisms). Also let you doctor know the current problem and they’d be able to advise what you should do.

  11. Hey doctor, I have already tested for HIV and the result is negative. I’m just worried if I have std. Therefor I need to get it test. Is herpes able to be cured?? I am NSf. In my ord ffi will they check for std?? Just want to clear my mind.

    • Herpes cannot be cured. I know that they check for HIV during the ORD FFI. I honestly do not know what other STD tests are done.

  12. John Doe

    I had been experiencing a sore throat, white tongue, and had ulcers in the back of my throat. I went to the doctor and was tested using a swab. Test results came back as negative for strep however she said the STD test came back positive because I had a mycoplasma. I looked online and mycoplasma genitalia is considered and STD while mycoplasma pneumonia is not. I am confused as to which one I have because it was a throat culture but it showed up on the STD test results. So i have three questions:

    1. If I tested positive for mycoplasma through a throat culture, is it an STD?
    2. I have been with my girlfriend for over a year and have never cheated. Does testing positive for mycoplasma mean she gave it to me?
    3. My girlfriend and I have unprotected sex and have performed oral sex on one another. Can mycoplasma genitalia be transmitted from the genitals to the mouth?


    • 1. Could be. As you correctly pointed out Mycoplasma Genitalia and Hominis are STD while Pneumoniae is not. So Ask your doctor exactly which type you have. 2. Assuming it is an STD Mycoplasma then this is most likely the case. The other possibility is you could have caught this a long time ago and had no symptoms. And the current symptoms you have are a red herring. 3. Yes it can.

  13. Confused girl

    Hi Dr,
    I had a one night stand 2 weeks ago without protection. And last night I had sex with my bf without protection. This morning I had back aches, fever and mild nausea.
    Are these signs of STD?

  14. Confused girl

    Hi I had a one night stand with a guy 2 weeks ago where i lost my virginity. We failed to use protection as we were drunk. Yesterday, I had sex with my boyfriend and now my back is aching, my vagina is kinda sore and I have a fever. Are these symptoms of STDs?

    • drtan

      They could be. Soreness in the vagina, backache and fever could be early PID caused by Chlamydia or other STD organisms. But we should not jump to conclusions. Best to see your doctor to get a check up.

  15. Stupid guy

    Hi dr,

    I would like to have a full comprehensive screening for any possible std that i may have. Is such thing possible? If so, Can i have your advice on what service should i seek/request for when going to your clinic?


  16. WorriedAbtChlamydia

    thanks doc!! 🙂

  17. WorriedAbtChlamydia

    Hi Doc, You are doing a great job… My concern is related to Conjunctivitis caused by Chlamydia/gonorrhea… And my question is: Is the treatment for Chlamydia and Chlamydial conjunctivitis same (is it the same antibiotic?)? I had protected sex with a sex worker about 40 days ago… three weeks after the encounter I experienced mild testicular discomfort for 2 days and it again recurred after another week… since it’s so mild, I didn’t feel the urge to go for a screening (and it was protected sex)… but recently I have developed Conjunctivitis in both of my eyes.. my eyelashes are stuck when I wake up in the morning, swollen eyelids.. etc etc… I have read somewhere that Chlamydia/Gonorrhea might spread to eye if left untreated… My GP has given some eye drops for normal Conjunctivitis…out of worry I have been to a clinic which conducts STD screening .. the doc out there dosn’t seem to be convince about my conjunctivitis having a connetion with any STD… My test results will take a weeks time to arrive… I don’t wanna become blind… So I would like to know if my Chlamydia/Gonorrhea test turns out to be positive and I am treated for that, will that resolve my eye infection as well (if it was caused by the STD)..

    • drtan

      The antibiotic treatment given for Chlamydia or Gonorrhea will clear the infection from the eye also.

      • WorriedAbtChlamydia

        Thanks a lot for the reply Doctor!!… I have another query… I have been found positive with Chlamydia infection in the PCR test… I have read in many places that the treatment is either single dose of azithromycin 1g OR doxycycline 100mg 2 times a day for 7 days… however, I have been given both the antibiotics… the doses are: Azithromycin 1 g on 1st day… 500mg next day and also the doxycycline course starting the at the same time for 7 days… do you think it is wrong?? Or it is just to make sure that the infection is cured even when one of the antibiotics fail??

        • drtan

          There is no real right or wrong. I personally have seen treatment failure when using just Zithromax so following up with Doxy is not overdoing it. At the end of the day, the only way to know if you have been cured or not is to get a retest aka Test of Cure.

          • WorriedAbtChlamydia

            Thanks a lot for the inputs doc… after how many days do you recommend a test of cure?

          • drtan

            2 weeks after completion of antibiotics.

  18. hi dr, i had a relation with a girl that i know about 2 weeks ago. she went for a check up at her doctor’s place a week before and was waiting for a result. Yesterday she told me that everything was fine except that she had a positive for Chlamydia Trachomatis.. and since few days i have a discomfort while urinating so i am quite sure its the symptoms. So how much would the checkup and the treatment cost roughly? thank you

    • Do i need a test? Can i just get the medication?

  19. Overthink

    I had oral sex and I am scared I have syphilis but I did not have any symptoms of it and I did not have any ulcers and white discharge on my penis, I only had oral sex and I am gay. I also do not have any rash on my hands and feet but I have ezcema. Please help!

  20. Hi Dr. Tan,

    I had a 5 min unprotected oral sex 3 months ago in which i ejaculated. After that, I ejaculated again by self-masturbation. 2-3 days later, the left side of my penis started to be painful around the veins area.
    The pain subside but then once I masturbated, the pain returned. It might be due to vein irritation. I havent engaged in any sexual activities since.
    However, after almost 3 months, I notice some transparent sticky fluid discharged from my penis quite easily. I have also notice a very mild pressure pain when I press the tip of my penis.
    Based on your professional knowledge, do you think it is STD? If so, can I know about the tests that will be conducted for my case and the cost of visit + no of days for the results?. Would the test detects UTI? I am planning a trip next week. Hope to hear from you. Thank you so much for your help.

    • Thanks a million..appreciate your prompt reply..

  21. Hi Drtan, last august i started having frequent urination problems which was like 6 times in an hr and it got so bad i went to an A&E and was refered to a urologist,he did a urine culture and ultrasound and gave me antibiotics for 3 weeks and the results was negative but till now i still have discomfort and a weird feeling after ejectculation. the feeling of having something stuck in my bladder and there are white spots on the inner foreskin of my penis and this uncomfortable feeling only happens after ejectculation and last for a few days before going away. what do you suggest i do or get checked for? as its been 8 months. thanks

    • sorry drtan i forgot to mention that i have herpes. but have not engage in unprotected sex in all these months. only unprotected oral.

    • STDs do not usually cause frequent urination. That is usually caused by a UTI or non-infectious causes like bladder stones or over-active bladder etc. You say the Urologist did a urine culture but did he specifically test you for STDs? If not, you might want to come and get tested just to get it out of the way.

      • they didn’t test me for stds as i have told them i have herpes. they only did a culture and ultrasound for me. but its been 8 mths and still i am having this problem and it occurs only after i have an ejectculation. then after a few days it back to normal. thing is recently there are alot of visible red veins on the inner foreskin of my penis and white spots so im quite worried. could it be prostate problems?

        • I cannot diagnose you over the internet. Please come to see any of the doctors at our clinic and we will try to sort things out for you.

  22. Hi Dr Tan, I have found a few painless blisters appearing on my penis and suspect that i may have gotten herpes. There is no other discharge or any symptoms besides the tiny blister. I would like to know how much does it cost to get it tested and the consultation fees at your clinic.

    With regards,
    Darryn Tan

  23. javier

    hi doctor, i had unproctected bj from a sex worker i think 2 months back. sex was with condom. 2 days back i found red blister alike thingy appear on my penis. it doesnt feel pain or dicomfort. i feel perfectly fine. no weight loss or anything. any chance i may contract std?

    • Yes that could be herpes. Better see a doctor.

  24. Aaron foceti

    I had discharge and freaked out. I went to the doctors got tested for chlamydia and gonorrhea but it was negative. They gave my a shot in the but of rocephin and 7 days of doxy. My discharge stopped but my urethra now burns like crazy. The girl I’m seeing got tested and tested positive for gardnella vaginalis. Could that stuff cause me urethritis and slight testicle pain? Cause I’ve read pretty much everywhere that it does not effect men.

    • It does not affect men. There must be some other cause of your symptoms. Please follow up with your doctor.

  25. rachel

    now that i have had herpes and ghe dr did mention that i may get it again, is it ok for me to have unprotected sex with my partner who has herpes as well? 1. is it possible for me to develop the herpes blisters again so soon if i have unprotected sex? 2. how come i had herpes(pimples and blisters) but my partner didnt when actually he is the one who transmitted it to me??

    • 1. How often you have Herpes outbreaks have nothing to do with whether or not you have unprotected sex. It has to do with the health of your immune system and the virility of the virus. 2. Most people who are infected with Herpes carry the virus without showing symptoms. Unfortunately, they still can pass it on.

  26. rachel

    my partner had sex with another woman and the condom broke and he did not inform me and had intercourse with me. after about a week, he had penile discharge and i had pain during urination and severe pain at my vagina. we went to a clinic and had blood test done and it showed as chlamydia positive and herpes simplex type 1 which the doctor its not harmgul as it transmits during kissing. after 3 months, we had unprocted sex again and this time after a few days i noticed a whitish thing at my vagina and it was painful, i didnt know what was that. after 3 days, i develeped pimples like on my vagina labis majora which was very pain. went back to the clinic and the doctor said its herpes and nothing can cure it. i am in very much pain, i cant even pee and no water can touch my private part. i cant even wash it.. pls help me or suggest what can i do to overcalm this? and will my disease show through any blood test?

    • Hi Rachel, sounds like you have got herpes. You should see a doctor to have it looked at and treated to reduce the pain and intensity of the flare up. There are oral meds and creams to help you with this. If you still have blisters/pimples present, could do a swab to confirm the diagnosis of herpes.

  27. I had unprotected oral sex from a foreign female sexual worker. What std risks am I exposed to?

    If I want a peace of mind, when and what should I test for? And how mich?

  28. I had few times of unprotected sex with a girl that I knew not too long ago and after that I found that there are bump at my penis! Is that some symptom of STD or some other diseases?

  29. Hi Dr Tan

    3 days ago I performed oral sex on a girl during a one night stand. Now I have ulcers on my gums and tonsillitis. Is it possible that I can be caused by STD or HIV? And can I get accurate results if i get tested now since symptoms have already appeared?


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