Rectal Gonorrhea

The Human Rectum

The Human Rectum

Rectal Gonorrhea (aka Anal Gonorrhea, The Clap) is an infection of the Rectum by the bacteria Neisseria Gonorrhea.

It can also infected the anus and this is called Proctitis.

How do I know I have it?

Rectal Gonorrhea can cause itching of the anus, blood or mucus when you pass motion, soreness of the anus or a constant feeling like you need to pass motion.

Sometimes, Rectal Gonorrhea causes no symptoms at all.

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How can I catch it?

Rectal Gonorrhea is caught when you have unprotected anal sex with a partner who is infected with Gonorrhea.

If I have Rectal Gonorrhea can I pass it to my partner?

Yes. If you have Rectal Gonorrhea, you can pass it to your partner by having unprotected anal sex.

If your partner develops symptoms of Gonorrhea (pain passing urine, discharge) after having anal sex with you, you should have yourself checked for Rectal Gonorrhea.

How do I check for Rectal Gonorrhea?

Com see us. We will take a swab from your anus and send it to the lab for a special culture. Please let your doctor know you are worried about Rectal or Anal Gonorrhea. It requires a special swab.

Please know that the symptoms of Rectal Gonorrhea can be very similar to other diseases such as Ulcerative Colitis or Crohn’s Disease. Please ask Our Doctors for more advice.

How is Rectal Gonorrhea Treated?

The commonest treatment for Rectal Gonorrhea is an injection of an anti-biotic called Ceftriaxone. If you are unable to take this injection you will be given pills instead. You might need to visit the doctor again to make sure the Rectal Gonorrhea is fully cured.

How can I protect myself from Rectal Gonorrhea?

Always use a condom when having anal sex. Although this reduces the risk of Rectal Gonorrhea, it is not 100% protective.

Are there other STDs associated with Rectal Gonorrhea?

Yes. If you have Rectal Gonorrhea you likely will have Gonorrhea in other areas such as the Urethra (urine tube) or Throat. You should ask your doctor to check for these too.

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Rectal Gonorrhea is associated with HPV (Human Papilloma Virus) infection of the anus and the peri-anal region (area around the anus). This may cause you to develop warts. Certain strains of HPV can also lead to anal cancer. Please seek Our Doctor’s advice on testing for anal HPV and cancer.

Rectal Gonorrhea is also associated with other STDs such as HIV, Syphilis and Hepatitis B.

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Need more advice?

Come down to Our Clinics for a discussion with Our Doctors, or call our clinics for more information:



  1. Dr Tan,

    I am a 30 year old virgin who is very naive sexually. I never had sex but have had attempted handjobs only with 2 girls. I saw a dominatrix (sex worker) and she wanted to try to make me ejaculate by stimulating my g spot. She used a glove and some lubricant – I didnt see she get the lubricant though (hopefully she didnt use her saliva/spit). Anywayz, she stuck her hand up my anus using a latex glove for 30 seconds or so until I felt pain and told her to stop. I didnt feel pain afterwards but 4 hours later I passed a stool which was hard and it caused pain but no bleeding. I put some colloidal silver on a cotton and inserted it up to my anus. When I took it out, I saw a bit of blood (very very light red). This stopped 3 days later. This area was near the middle of anus. I generally dont suffer constipation but at the time I was constipated. 8 days after this episode, I felt my anus was itching and sitting down made it worse. I scratched it a bit every now and then. 2 days later, I saw a GP who said the skin was dry and cracked. However I feel like there was a tear but the tear is near the top fold of my bottom. It is a constant but dull pain there. Do you think this could be STD related?

    • Sounds a lot more like just an anal fissure. Make sure your stool is soft. Use ointments or suppositories if your GP deems them appropriate. The fact is sex toys or fingers or anything inserted into the anus can potentially transmit STDs like Gonorrhea and Chlamydia. So although your symptoms do not sound typical of either of these, you might want to consider getting tested to be 100% sure. You are welcome to visit us anytime. Click here for location info.

  2. Hi,

    I tested positive for gonorrhea 7 days ago (by a urine test) and was given the shot to get cured. Within a couple days the discharge from my urethra stopped. However, at that same time I began feeling pain, itching, and discomfort in my anus. I began seeing a yellow discharge and it has not gone away since then. My urethra is completely cleared, but at 7 days since the treatment, my anus still has some discharge and discomfort. I have not been penetrated by anyone. I am wondering how the disease spread to the anus and if there is a different medication I would need in order to cure it, or if the medication that cured the urethra gonorrhea would work. Why is it taking longer than 7 days?


    • First of all, you are assuming that the anal discharge you have is due to gonorrhea. Maybe it is not. That said, we also know that rectal gonorrhea is much more difficult to treat than urethral gonorrhea with a higher rate of anti-biotic resistance and treatment failure. What I would do is swab the anus to get a diagnosis and if it is gonorrhea get an anti-biotic sensitivity report. Then we know what and how to treat.

  3. dear doctor

    iam sexualy active and i have anal sex with some persons

    i am facing problem now last one weak i have pain in my anus and white pus like discharge in my stool so i went to doctor he checked me and and tested in urine and blood also all normal and he give medicine as tavanic antibiotic and also he said it was anal fistula problem

    but now my pain stopped but still iam have pus type discharge in my stool and i feel some abnormal in my body frequent urination like fell again i went to doctor he checked my urine and result say bacteria (few) all other ok

    plz help me to solve the problem i am fear may i have gonorrhea in my anal if it how can it speared to my urinary tract is ther is possible get soon in there

    • drtan

      Your symptoms do sound suspicious of anal gonorrhoea. You might want to speak to your doctor about getting a rectal swab for gonorrhoea.

      • thanks for the reply

        i have taking tavanic levofloxacin-500mg 5 days antibiotic by my doctor precipitation now i feel normal no pain in my anal and no white dischrge in my stool
        but i am not tested for gonorrhea my doctor said this was a fistula indication but me got panic.

        ok if i got rectal gonorrhea this antibiotic enough to cure that gonorrhea i want to know plz help me.

        or i will take cefixime

        • drtan

          The rate of antibiotic resistance to Gonorrhea is very high. In fact in a CDC report, said that there is no longer any oral antibiotic that is 100% effective against gonorrhoea. The best things to do is a culture and sensitivity test to find out for one if it is a gonorrhoea infection or not and secondly if it is to see which antibiotics will work.

          • thanks for the reply but i have no symptoms what i have before and now how can i take culture for test
            i take antibiotic levofloxacin
            5 day after taking this symptoms gone now no white discharge in my anal
            if it remains in my body how long it will take to show again the symptoms plz let me know

  4. Done suppossed to be Dont (typo error)

  5. I done have experience from anal sex. Im always Top. Can std be transfered by kissing? Or oral sex?

    • All the activities you have described can potentially transmit STDs.

  6. Hi doc, I had symptoms for gonorrhea before like burning sensation And discharge and it was cured by antibiotics. After two weeks. I have itchy anus but I Dont have a rectal discharge and anal bleeding. is it possible that I have Rectal Gonorrhea?

    • If you have had receptive anal sex then you are at risk of rectal gonorrhoea. There are many possible causes of rectal itching. You should see your doctor to get it diagnosed.

  7. Hello doctor! Im homosexual, I had my anus rimmed. About two weeks ago I started with anal itch when defecating, the itch is controlled now. but I see like white mucus trips in my feces. No discharge. Could it be from gonorrhea?

  8. Dr,

    The other day I had unprotected anal sex as the receiving partner. About a day afterwards, I noticed my anus felt chaffed, almost chapped. Since then, I have had a lot of pain in the anal region, both during and between bowel movements. I haven’t had any bleeding, and I’ve had almost no discharge, and no other real symptoms. Should I go get a swap done or am I just experiencing leftover pain from my sexual encounter? It’s been 8 days since then, so I’m worried something else is going on.

    • Sounds more like you have an anal fissure. You should still see a doctor to get treated. This is because anal fissures can get chronic and you might even end up requiring surgery to fix it later on.

  9. Dr if I have had anal with my gf and we were both tested and we are clean is there any possible way of contacting any diseases from having her get feces pm my penis I also had a smalls scrap on the head please help

    • The fact that both of you have been tested and cleared of STDs means that you are not at risk of any STDs. The anal canal, as you might guess, is not the cleanest of places. There are a lot of different bacteria there. However, most of them are commensals and do not cause a problem. However, given the opportunity, they can cause infections.

  10. Doc, if someone had sex in my anus, I am a male also, would my penis be infected? can I pass it along from my penis if anus is infected?I have burning when I urinate but no discharge in the anus, also I don’t give I receive…

    • No. STD transfer is local. So if you only had receptive anal sex, there cannot be any infection in your penis.

  11. I had protected sex last week. It was the first time after amost a year without sex. We had protected sex and I am the bottom. After the anal sex, there was an instance that his penis touched my anus after he removed the condom. After 2 days, there was a tolerable pain around my anus with itching. The redness and pain went away but the itching persist. Whenever I feel my anus, it is wet but not very much. I can feel also a burning feeling. The itching makes me very uncomfortable especially in the morning when wake up. Could it be anal gonnorhea? There is no difficulty of urinating nor urge of bowelling.

    • Yes, sounds very suspicious for rectal gonorrhea.

      • Dra. Tan. Thanks for your advise. I underwent STD test to check what is causing the itchiness and wetness in my anus. They collected blood sample and did throat, urethral and anal swab. The results came in after 5 days and the result negative for chlamydia, gonnorrhea and LGV (a good news). However, I still have itchiness and yellowish discharge from my anus. What could be causing this? Could it be anal fissure?

  12. I think I have rectal gonorrhea. What is the best antibiotic to treat it? Can I buy it online?

  13. I have what feels like ulcers on my anal wall. I have felt a bump and it sort of stings when I touch it, and definetly stings when I am passing stool. I have been with one person unprotected anal. It has been bothering me for at least 5 months now. I have been tested 3 months after and there were nothing on blood and urine tests. Could this be rectal gonnorhea or any other STD’s?

    • Maybe. Could also be anal fissures. You need to see a doctor to get a proper diagnosis.

  14. Hi Dr

    Can gonorrhea be transmitted from throat to anus (via analingus)?


  15. Hello doctor

    I have a question. For a week or so I’ve had some minor itching in the rectal area which appears periodically during the day. Sometimes it’s more intense, but generally nothing that I can’t handle. I also see mucus on the toilet paper but it’s never too much. No blood, no pain, no rush to the toilet. I had anal sex once during the last month and it was 100% protected. Could this be gonorrhea? It’s not intense as I said, but I can feel that something is there and I’m worried. If it it’s not an STD, what else could it be?

    • Symptoms do not sounds typically like Gonorrhea but unless you get a swab test, you can never be sure. There are many things that can cause itch in the rectal area: worms, fissures, haemorrhoids, streptococcus, fungus etc

  16. i have never had anal sex. i’ve only had one partner and she is my girl friend, yet i’ve been have symptoms like this. I’ve been having diarrhea, trouble passing, the feeling of having to pass. My lymph nodes on the right side of my groin are swollen. Is it possible that i have rectal gonorrhea

    • It certainly sounds like you have an infection in the ano-rectal region. However, since you have not had anal sex, I do not see how you could have contracted rectal Gonorrhea. Your symptoms are probably non-STD related. Please see your doctor for a check up and more advice.

  17. Nikpapa

    hey doc,

    i have a question, i had anal sex with a guy who’s was tested in may and was clean, we used a condom, but he entered me without one once to “open” me up, literally for 3 seconds. and we didn’t even have sex with the condom cause he had a big penis. we used alot of lube but after that and for about a week my anus is itching, sometimes i poop a little blood, their is a kind of mucus around my stool, and on the toilet paper their is mucus, is their anyway i might have anal gonorrhea? also, if i have unprotected vaginal sex with a woman and i do have RECTAL gonorrhea can she contract it? i have no pain in my penis, either when urinating or in general. any help will be appreciated. thank you

    • Yes there is a chance you may have rectal gonorrhoea. However, your symptoms sound more to me like a minor anal fissures. You cannot pass rectal gonorrhoea via penile vaginal sex.

  18. prince

    dr. Please i had this anal swart ever since i have not done the anal sex and now it keeps on growing and growing. Please what might be the cause of that and how can i treat it.

    • drtan

      Treating warts is rather straightforward. See your doctor. He will advise you on the various methods available. It is obviously caused by a HPV infection. You might want to consider getting the HPV vaccine.

  19. Dr Tan

    It has been over two years since my only same sex encounter. He penetrated me without protection with his tongue and with protection with his penis. I have recently started passing blood (2years later) and am still afraid it could be an std. What std can be passed from mouth to anus?

    • drtan

      Gonorrhea. HPV. Syphilis. Herpes. More likely your symptoms have absolutely nothing to do with your sexual encounter. The most common cause of blood in the stools is piles.

  20. Hi. My partner had cheated on me 4 months ago and and caught what we thought to be Chlamydia. We both self treated with amoxicillin for seven days that we had on hand and his symptoms (I had none) went away. About two weeks ago he started having the same symptoms again. I then went to be tested and it can back as rectal gonorrhea. Is it possible that the amoxicillin taken months ago partially cleared the bacteria allowing it to come back months later due to not being treated properly?

    • Yes. Amoxicillin does not cure Chlamydia or Gonorrhea. I think it is prudent for both you and your partner to see a doctor for treatment of the Gonorrhea.

  21. tharthar

    hi dr,
    i m anal receptive man.
    i have chlamydia infection last 8 months ago.
    so i took cefixime 400mg plus azithromycin 1g
    once daily into 3 days.
    and i think i m cured.
    and i had sex again.
    last 2 months i noticed that feeling of LIF discomfort , fatigue
    and mucous in the stool. i took metro 400 mg 3 times a day for
    14 days. and i stricted the diet by eating rice ,banana, apple and
    toasted bread and chicken.
    during metro, stools are normal.
    but today is after 2 days of metro and at the morning , mucous stool
    presented again. i have no diarrhoea ever.
    but undigested particles in the stool present.
    i think it is diverticlitis ?
    but it is not matched any diagnosis.
    what should i do?

  22. mart cruz

    hello doctor…i had sex and iam the anal receptive partner and after 2 day i got anal abscess which i treated with antibiotics. after a month i had sex again and my partner fuck me then after 2 days he complained to me that he got gonorrhea…pls help me i already treat it with anti biotics would i need another ceftriaxone injection iam worried that that my anal gonorrhea is not fully cured.tnx

    • If you have symptoms, get treated again. Or get an anal swab for Gonorrhea culture. Bear in mind that anal swabs are not 100% sensitive. Please post follow up questions on

  23. Can you give your partner gonorrhea if they perform oral sex anally?

  24. Hi Doctor,
    I had anal sex about 4 days ago. My partner wore a condom. however, now I have symptoms which include sometimes a clear liquid water like discharge and sometimes a white mucous like discharge from my anus when I go to the toilet. I am concerned this may be gonorrhea or some other sexually transmitted disease. I presume the infection was transmitted (from my partner’s penis to my anus) by my partner’s fingers prior to sex. I am traveling overseas and will return home in about 10 days? is there a risk for me if I wait 10 days until I return home before seeking treatment. I don’t want to seek treatment in the country I am visiting if I can avoid that.

    Thank you for your help.

  25. Hi doc. I am male 24, straight(not involved in any such gay practices or gay sex). But from last 4 months I constantly having the feeling of motion in my anus. I feel such a feeling from the time I wake up till the time I sleep. Is this also the symptom of rectum gonnohrea???

    • drtan

      What causes us to feel like we need to pass motion is distension of the anal canal. Most of the time it is due to actual stool. However, other masses like piles can also distend the anal canal. Of course cancer can also cause the same thing. So I do not think you need to be concerned about Gonorrhea but you should see your doctor and find out what is causing your symptoms. Please post any follow up questions on

  26. I passed for ghonneria and i took the pills for treatment and 2 days later i wiped my penis clean as i was done and it slipped my mind and i wiped my bum is there a possibility that i may have caught rectal ghonnerea ?

  27. I am 20 years old, and am a homosexual. I had unprotected anal sex with my partner about 3 weeks ago, and was the receiver. He got tested and showed positive for gonorrhea, however at my clinic, they didn’t do a swab and did the urine test, and I showed negative for chlamydia and gonorrhea, I am wondering if rectal gonorrhea would show up on a urine test?

  28. ulcerative patient

    i am 30 y m having ulcerative colitis since 2010 march now on infliximab and salazopyrine but not full remission and i have also like comedon on back , face and fissured tongue and like geographical tongue all this symptoms exacerebation with attack of UC my questions is i have no sexual history outside family could be this STD wts the cause and how to diagnose already some std investigation done like hiv, tpha, vdlr,chlamydia ab all negative

    • If you have not done anything to put yourself at risk of STDs then why are you worried about STDs? That aside, I must add that the Chlamydia Ab test is a useless test. I cannot understand why you are worried about STDs since you have not been exposed but if you really are that worried, then go get a complete set of proper tests done to put your mind at ease.

  29. Blue blood

    I had sex with someone who may have gonorrhea or similarv18 mths ago, I am only now showing symptoms is this possible?

  30. Hi Doc…

    1 week ago, a looking a hooker, she was infection of Gonorrhea. How can i know she was gonorrhea? coz after i had sex and BJ, i got burning sensation on my penis then i take a medication zinacef 500mg / oral, 3 time a days. the burning sensation was cure.
    question… now my butt is itchy, is it rectal gonorrhea? coz a hookers had lick my butt also?

    • 10% of people who contract Syphilis show no symptoms so there is no way for you to tell if she has gonorrhea or not unless she goes for a test. If you had rectal gonorrhea the tablets would have cured it also. Please ask any follow up questions on

  31. My butt doesn’t itch it’s just everytime or sometimes I poop I would get a slimy discharge I’m very scarred 🙁 to the point I wanna cry , I’m a panic person I just want to no what’s going on I am bi sexual … I’m am also a virgin

    • Wayne burns

      I had my treatment for anal gonnareah yesterday how long can I wait to have any sexual contact

  32. Green discharge from anus if varies colors sometimes orangy or I don’t get it it comes and goes what is the I have had oral sex could that be the cause of an anal discharge I’ve never had anal sex

    • Also no pain when I poop just sometimes a discharge the cOlors or either greenish or orangyish or I just don’t have no discharge / muscus everything else is fine no itching no burning no hurting just the discharge

      • If you have never had anal sex then this cannot be an STD. Please see a doctor to find out what is causing your symptoms. Please post any follow up questions on

  33. DR.

    i am a bi.. and had a sex with my boyfriend about 3 times. the 2nd time. he penetrate me. he came inside of me.. 2 times… well.. its been 1 and a half weeks.. every time i poop his semen came out.. but only few of them.. i poop about 3 times a day but few bowel and few semen.. my but hole feel not good… i feel little painful every time i clamp my buttock … does it mean.. i may have that disease… were both clean…

    i am a virgin.. that time and that’s the 1st time he penetrate me… he don’t penetrate me at the 1st time.. but the 3rd time.. he penetrate me. without condom. but he came outside

    • There can be many reasons for your pain. The most common of which is an anal fissure. However, rectal gonorrhea is also a possiblity. Best to see your doctor and get examined. Please post any follow up questions on

  34. Hi.
    I was recently diagnosed with rectal gonorrhea and had the injection and antibiotics. A week later I am still experiencing itching and a little blood. What are the chances the antibiotics failed and I’m still infected? My partner and I are abstaining from sex per our GP’s orders but obviously we want to start again soon. I know the only sure way is to get retested but I just want to know the probability of the antibiotics not doing their job.

    • Antibiotic resistance is a huge problem in Gonorrhea treatment. Your gonorrhea test should have included a test for antibiotic sensitivity. That should give you an idea of the efficacy of the antibiotic given to you. But you are right, there is always a chance that the antibiotics did not work. Please post any follow up questions on

  35. Doctor,

    I am homosexual man. I have been showing signs of rectal gonorrhea lately with anal discharge and constant trips to the restroom. But I haven’t had receptive anal sex since early July. Shouldn’t I have already been showing symptoms already? Also I recently had penetrative anal sex with someone,should they get checked? or there shouldn’t have been any infection?

    • The only way to determine if you really have rectal gonorrhea or not is to get tested. There could be other causes to your symptoms. Yes you are right to say that Gonorrhea symptoms usually come on quite soon after infection. Usually within 2 weeks definitely within 1 month. Please ask any follow up questions on

  36. Will Suprax 400mg cure rectal gonorrhea?

    • Depends on the antibiotic sensitivity of the Gonorrhea that has infected you

  37. Jagger

    Please reply me doc thanks,

  38. Jagger

    I dont know if i have rectum gonorrhea, but the common thing happen to me is sometimes i have anal discharge and it has unpleasant smell, it is same color with my stool, this is what exactly happpen to me, sometimes when im done taking bath after a couple of minutes there something comming out in my anus, i know it because i felt it wet, then i wipe it out by tissue paper, then at night it happens again. Dr. Is the rectal and penis gonorrhea has same color or is it different from each other? What medicine should i take and how long do i have to take.? Please reply to me asap thanks..

  39. Hi Dr,
    Please help me.. i had a regular partner who told that has got throat gonorrhea, he had no symptom at all we had sex over a month ago. what are the possibilities of me having gonorrhea , i have no symptoms other than itching over my rectum sometime, i also met somebody else. Do you think i may have given it to the new partner

  40. How can you get gonorrhoea in your rectum if you are not the receptive partner?

    • drtan

      You can’t. There has to be a way for gonorrhea to be transmitted to the rectum for infection to occur. Be it via the penis, finger or sex toys.

      Dr Tan

      • dr i had sex with this girl, she was on top of me and when she reached her climax i could feel her juices going between my legs and around my anus, shortly after that i started with problems in my anus, itching, a little discharge and my lower stomach hurt, i went to get checked for gonorrhea and clamydia (urine test); it came up negative but stull getting the symptons. should i get tested by a swap in my anus, the doctor said it was unlikely and wouldnt do it. what do you recomend? thank you

  41. Pls am a bisexual a had anal sex with a guy and contacted gonorrhea which i treated, later we broke up n i went 4 another guy who rather penetrated me and in abt two weeks time he is complaining of gonorrea, i want to knw whether i may be the cause coz the first guy i penetrated him


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