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  1. worried

    hi i had protected sex with a CSW. as i pulled out after the deed was done, the condom rolled back as well, but still covered the penis head. am i at risk as my penis shaft was exposed as i pulled out? does this warrant PEP?

  2. Regarding my previous post, there was also some deep kissing (french kiss) and “nipple sucking” for 5 about five seconds. Am I at risk?

  3. Hi, doctor. Almost one month ago i kissed a girl i did not know. Also there was some “fingering” for 30 seconds. Was I exposed to HIV infection?

    • There is no risk of HIV from this exposure.

      • Thank you! There was also some “nipple sucking” for about 5 seconds, in which i put her nipple in my mouth. Is there any risk?

        • And also some deep kissing (french kiss). Was I exposed? Thank you!

  4. Pls can intake of garlic cause a false negative hiv result or delay window period?

    My fiancee tested positive to HIV, though we have not engage in sexual intercourse, but we do engage in deep kissing, fondling each other’s private part, and sucking of breast. I tested immediately he told me, and it came out negative,few days later, I started having generalized body itching, rashes follows with lost of appetite,reddish appearance on my chest that comes and go. I repeated after one month, and it was also negative and I took fresh garlic days before the second test. My questions:
    1) Can the garlic delay the window period?
    2) Is my test conclusive?.
    3) can there be symptoms of HIV when the result is Negative?
    4) Is my symptoms Hiv related?

    • Garlic will not delay the window period. If you performed a 4th generation combo test at 1 month, I would consider this as conclusive but please speak to your healthcare provider for further information.

  5. Hi Dr Tan,

    I have been visiting you before for the semen and urine culture test, all came back negative and you mentioned my case is non bacterial prostatitis. Previously i did check hiv test as well conducted by Dr Jonathan. But recent few weeks i feel sometimes there is some burning sensation on my penis and i have sexual intercouse with my wife during her pregnancy. From website i noticed there is possibly have yeast infection if sexual intercouse when wife pregnant. So is it possible this could be my case? Thanks.

    • It is best if you are having recurrent symptoms to return for a follow up consult and assessment. That being said, yeast infections are not sexually transmitted infections. Please come down to the clinic for a proper evaluation.

  6. Good Morning Dr. Tan,

    I know that being a doctor myself, I should not be so paranoid, but I had a question. (BTW I am a Doctor of Education).

    My question is about the Rapid HIV DUO test that tests for both antibodies and antigens. The doctor at the clinic said that it is considered 99% conclusive on the 26th day. It was exactly 26 days ago and I am going to get tested. My question however is that I have been on PEP (Truvada and Isenterss), which I have taken with 100% adherence everyday.

    Would these medications prevent the antigens from showing up in my blood if I get tested today? The clinic doctor said no, however, I have gotten different answers from different people.

    When I took this test at 12 days post low risk exposure, he stated that he was 85-90% confident that the negative result was accurate. He said that at 12 days, the viral load if present would not get lower than 30 copies/ML. I also took a HIV RNA Qualitative Test at 11 days post exposure at the behest of my doctor, it came back negative. I was told the same that it was 95-99% accurate despite PEP treatment as 11 days would not be enough time for the viral load to fall below 30 copies/ML if it were there.

    My question is do you agree with the findings or would you tell me your professional opinion? I just want to know because I never take one doctor’s word, I listen to information compiled from multiple doctors.


    I went for a massage after experiencing lower back pain. The “massage therapist” asked me to totally disrobe so he could work on my lower back thoroughly. When he lifted my leg, he said he was stretching me. However, once my legs were pinned over my head, he spit into my anus and stuck his finger into my anus and began massaging my prostate. I froze up scared. He sensed this and smiled but kept massaging.

  7. hi dr tan , after a few years of sexual exposures and compromised dental surgeries i tested for hiv,hcv,hbv and tb all negative in dec 2010 hiv elisa said .31 cut off 1 hcv elisa said .028 cut off .209 ,these were results from an average lab, i wasn’t sexually exposed after that but i had to go through dental surgeries , the sterilization was not so good in some of them , a few months later i tested negative on all from a routine lab but the hiv chemiflex said .6 border .8 cut off 1.2 , hcv chemiluminesense said .09 cut off 1 both in dec 2014 , hiv test was from a routine lab and the number worried me , i took the test again from the best lab of the country which came out nonreactive on eclia combo which said , .106 cut off 1 , on follow up a couple of months later the same lab gave me .210 on cut off 1 on hiv eclia combo , the hcv eclia said .043 cut off 1 , my hbsab came out reactive after vaccination on eclia with cut off 10 , it said >1000 m iu/ml , hbsag was negative , now tell me just within two months why did my hiv rate change from .106 to .210 on same test from same lab ? this is the best lab working on international standards , let alone the high numbers of crude quality labs , what are the causes of variation in results within normal range , i have sent notices to quality section of all labs for improvement , pathologist says it’s other viral proteins , lab staff said it’s a qualitativ number which gives probablility of presence of target ab/ag , they said only quantitative tests which give numbers with units are to taken in terms of load , help me out

    • What’s with all this paranoia? You tested multiple times negative for HIV. I don’t see why you can’t accept the fact that you are HIV negative.

  8. Hi Doc
    I need to chk wif rgds to my penis tip swollen. What could be the cause?

    • Sorry, this site is not for medical consultations. Please see your doctor.

  9. Hi Jit Lim,

    Glad you’re happy with the results. You should be able to get back to normal activity fairly quickly; in fact there’s no reason not to resume immediately. If you still have slight discomfort try waiting a day or so.

  10. Jit Lim

    Hi Dr Tan,

    I discovered a sudden mole on my private area about a month ago. Is it possible to remove it and at what cost?

    • Hi Jit,

      We’ll be glad to help remove your mole. Sudden onset is a bit puzzling though. It’s possible it may be a wart or some other lesion. Please do feel free to visit our clinic to arrange for a consult and removal . Electrocautery removal is priced at $80 per lesion. Feel free to contact us for further details.

      • Jit Lim

        May I check on the roster for the male doctors in the clinic(s) then?

        • drtan

          Dr Prem will be at Bencoolen Monday 9am to 9pm, Tuesday 9am to 9pm, Wednesday 9am to 4pm, Friday 1pm to 9pm and alternate weekends. I will be in Robertson Wednesday 5pm to 9pm, Thursday 8am to 12pm, Friday 5pm to 9pm and alternate weekends. This is subject to change so you might want to call before coming.

      • Jit Lim

        Many thanks for the great work done! It was not as scary as I had fought so after all. Forgot to ask you though…when is the earliest that I can resume sexual activity?

  11. Hi doc,

    I am a foreigner here for 3 years on an Employment Pass. I was told that if I end up suspecting an STD while here in Singapore, I should seek treatment in another country (Thailand) because there is a chance I will lose my work permit if I am sick. Is this a rumor or is it true? Are there any confidential medial services in Singapore or must one really fly up to Bangkok as a medical tourist?


    • This only applies to HIV. If a non-resident is diagnosed with HIV in Singapore, he/she will be asked to leave the country. This does NOT apply to the other STDs. As a result, there are mandated anonymous HIV testing centres such as our clinic in Singapore. We also do STD screening and this is kept strictly confidential. I have attended to many patients on Employment Pass working in Singapore diagnosed with STDs and none of them have ever had any problems with their Employment Pass.

  12. Hi Doctor,
    I bought 4pcs of EZ trust home HIV test kits. I tested after having protected sex with a sex worker 3 months, 6 months, 8 months and 9 months. All the result shown was negative. Please advice me that is it I can conclude for the result?

    thank you for your advice and help.

  13. Hello Dr.Tan,i am 33 old from W.AFRICA.I had unprotected oral and protected vaginal sex with a high risk prostitute girls.taken ELISA HIV 1 & 2 , AT 60 days after exposure.results negative.should i go for further tests or shall i rid off from hiv stress. plse guide me 2. should i take western blot test for recofirmation? 3. will p24 AG/AB combine tests at 60 days after exposure will give exact results? 4 . will oral sex without protection will have a chance of HIV infection? 5. will condoms never 100 % protect from HIV infection?plse guide me and help me to sleep..tnanks in advance..

    • An ELISA test at 60 days post exposure is not conclusive. You definitely need to retest. Some countries will accept a combo test as conclusive at 60 days post exposure however, this varies and you should check the recommendations of your local health authorities. I do not think oral sex puts you at any risk of HIV however there is still a small risk from protected sex. Western blot is to confirm a Positive ELISA test and not a negative ELISA test.

  14. catherine

    Hello doctor.on May,i had oral sex and he ejaculated in my mouth. I started to concern so the 51th day after the exposure i got tested and hiv1,2 p24 was negative.On early september my lymh on the right side of my neck was bigger and still it is!!!my doctor said that is caused on a flu and it might stay like that for a year. My lempho cells were a bit down on september too..i also have something in my mouth, down of my tongue area, a white small “tumor” with no pain. Anyway, i’ve found many symptoms and now there are 7 months passed. Some doctors told me not to be tested again and that i had a low risk exposure and that the test hiv-p24 is very accurate the 7th week.What’s your opinion doctor? Thank you very much.

  15. HI Doctor,

    The skin of my pubic hair area started itching around july last year, i stopped having sex with sex worker from there and had a Hiv and syphilis blood test, it was negative.In last week the itch at the skin of my pubic hair are did not go away, so i shave clean and check, and found the itching area to have small bump that looks like blisser, i took some photos which i hope i can share with you. Hope you can advise what is the next step i should do.Your advise is must appreciated.

    • There are many possible causes of pubic itch. We cannot diagnose you over the internet. Please see your doctor.

  16. Dear Dr,
    I am male 33, had bern suffering from sore foreskin for about 1 year its been off and on. Recently its getting more uncomfortable. The foreskin at the tip gets dry and saw occasionally.

    Seek your kind advice


    • See your doctor. This blog is not for medical consultations.

  17. Worriedsick

    Hi doc,

    Consulted you at your clinic for HIV rapid tests thrice in your clinic last year.

    Recently, on the 6th of July, my emotions got the better of me and I had protected sex with a masseur in Phuket, while on holiday. She maintained that she is free of HIV but I am still worried. Very worried

    We french kissed and next thing we know, we were having sex. I wore a condom. We did not have oral sex. I am worried because safe sex does not equate to zero risks.

    Anyway, throughout the entire intercourse, I touched her vagina a couple of times. I believed she touched hers too while directing me. After awhile, we stopped intercourse and I removed the condom. She tried to help me with her hands for a brief few minutes before I took over in the toilet to finish off.

    My concern with this escapade is that we French kissed while I had some cuts in my mouth as i am wearing braces. Also, our hands came into contact with her vagina during intercourse and those very hands were on my penis, without condoms while she and I tried to “unload” me.

    These two situations plus the fact that protected sex still carries a risk.. Is driving me nuts. I want to take the rapid test but it is only week 2 since exposure.

    Thanks for any advices doctor. I will definitely get myself tested in the second week of August.

  18. Dear Dr i have nagetive hiv test @ 6 months after my last expouser and next week I have medical test for the renewel of my job contarct and I m still worried to go for medical. Just need a surity that @6 months hiv duo test is conclusive

  19. Man30

    Hi there.

    1)Should i rely on my HIV result NEGATIVE [test name as it appeared on the doc is HIV combi (Eliza)]?
    2)Should i retake the same test or any new other HIV test?

    The facts:
    -Test made on 07/05/2012 (results was available after 24 hours).
    -I had protected sex (never broken condom) with about 12 prostitutes when i was in the army (before 6 to 7 years and more).
    -About 2 months before the HIV test i had an MRI test. Does it affected the results?
    -At the time of the HIV test i was little cold with a little cough/flu.Does it affected the results?

    I’m thanking you in advance


  20. Mattt Hammond

    Dear Doctor,
    I had an HIV test at a private lab in my area in January of this year. It was “negative”. I had a unprotected sex with someone I did not know well approximately 6-7 weeks prior to the test. The lab uses 1and 2 generation tests, but I am not sure which I had, and I do not understand the “generation” significance, but I assume it means a better test…anyhow, how accurate are my results? I do not think I have HIV/AIDS, but if the negative result was completely useless at that time (6-7 weeks post sex), I fear I may be in for a shock!
    I will repeat the test, but is my previous result a good indicator of what results I should expect?
    *I have had no other risks besides this for several years.

  21. Hi Doctor,

    I am having problem with my foreskin. When I erected the foreskin cannot be pulled back so the forehead always hide inside the foreskin. When I try to pull the foreskin back and it actaully hurts me a lot. Should I circumcise it? and where should I go? I have actually asked the panel doctor but he never gave me any advice. Please help me. Thank you very much.

    Best regards,

    • Hi Sean,

      Thank you for the post. Please see my reply on http://www.askdrtan.com/forum/question/182


      Dr Tan

      • Thanks Doctor,

        I have asked my company doctor and he had referred me to SGH (Clinic G), doctor advised me to go for circumcise.

        However, he will go for the most traditional way, but i heard there are new ways (put a ring-like stuff at the foreskin and then let the skin die by itself, or laser). He did not advise those ways and the charges also quite high (SGD 1K plus).

        Is there any recommendation for circumcision clinic and the way of circumcise?

        Thank you very much.

        • By the way doctor, I think I should go to look for ur consultation, but which clinic u in normally? There are 2 addresses.

  22. Hye,
    Do u ever heard about ez trust hiv test kit by cs innivation? I bought the kit online at hivtest.com.my and conduct the test by myself on 5th and 7th month post exposure with -ve result. Is the test kit reliable and conclusive? Cause i still got prolong mouth fungal prob,fatigue,rashes and since 2 weeks ago got pimple prob at my head area..kindly pls give me some advise..thank you in advance.

    • Hi shaq,

      Yes I have heard of the ez trust kit. I personally am not a big fan of home test kits. I still think you should see a doctor especially since you need to see one about your symptoms anyway.


      Dr Tan
      Help test out our new forum at http://www.askdrtan.com

      • actually i did eclia lab test by gribbles on 4th month post exposure with -ve result. that is why im buying home test kit that hopefully reliable. i’ll refer to a doctor here and hopefully its nothing to do with hiv. thanks again.

        • Hi shaq,

          Yes it’s best to see a doctor and not rely on home test kits. In other parts of this forum you can see other people getting into problems with home test kits.


          Dr Tan
          Check out our new forum at http://www.askdrtan.com

  23. Ben Lim

    Hi Dr Tan,

    I had an unprotected oral sex with a stranger that i met in a pub on 4th Mar, after having rashes around my pubic hair area on tuesday 12th Mar, i went to research on HIV and rashes is one of the symptom. I am worried now and do not know which test i should go, is a blood test with A HIV antibody test that tests for the HIV-1/2 IgM & IgG antibodies and
    a 3th generation HIV ELISA test is sufficient ? please clear my worries

    Ben Lim

    • Hi Ben Lim,

      Another problem with partial knowledge causing too many worries. Many web pages tell you rash is a symptom of HIV. Any of them tell you when the rashes appear? Or where on the body? Or how it looks like? Is it painful? Is it itchy? Does it involve the palms and soles? Does it spread? If it does how does it spread? etc etc etc. The word ‘rash’ can mean anything from one red dot on your fingertip to massive painful blisters covering the whole body. Saying HIV causes a rash is easily the least helpful thing anyone can say. Another thing: a 3rd Gen ELISA test IS a test for IgM and IgG HIV antibodies. Look dude, it is way obvious to me that you are reading too much nonsence of the internet. You are so confused with all the information you are getting. You have got to focus. Read this carefully: 1. Your risk of HIV is extremely low. 2. Your rash is NOT due to HIV. It is due to something else. Fungus, scabies, lice etc etc I do not know. 3. You should go for a HIV antibody test 1 month and again at 3 months post exposure. If you are that worried and have money to burn, go for a HIV RNA PCR test at 12 days post exposure.


      Dr Tan
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  24. sebastian

    hi doctor, im 27 years old and have erection problems for the past few months.. i am doing cardio exercise daily..My question is by doing cardio exercise daily, can get the erection back on track?

    • Hi sebastian,

      It really depends on what is causing your erectile dysfunction. That said, regular excercise can only have beneficial effects on erectile function. Keep up the excercise.


      Dr Tan

  25. Patrick Tan

    Hi Dr. Tan,

    Thanks for reading this msg and replying it in advance.
    My question is very simple: I do not have any health problems (I just did full body test during new year holiday)but I do want to keep a bottle of viagra in my home for back-up use (sometimes for fun). Since it’s prescribed drug I’m wondering whether the doctors can help me to get it.

    warm regards
    Patrick Tan

    • Hi Patrick Tan,

      Viagra is a prescription only medicine in Singapore. Come and see us anytime during our opening hours and we can prescribe you the medicine after a formal medical consultation.


      Dr Tan

      • Patrick Tan

        Dr. Tan,

        Very much appreciated for your reply. Just wondering how much does it cost for a formal medical consultation in your clinic?

        Warm regards,
        Patrick Tan

        • Hi Patrick Tan,

          Our consultation rate is $35. For subsequent visits, if you are just repeating the same medicine you do not need to pay the consult fees again.


          Dr Tan

  26. Hello Doctor,

    I am going to be a bit blunt into the description of my problem. So sorry in advance.

    In the end of October, I had an “intercourse” with a professional.
    Worst mistake ever lah.

    It wasn’t a full intercourse. I had a condo but the problem is that the condo was too short at the basis so a bit of skin exposed but the top was covered.

    I just had a fellatio. There is a possibility that her mouth entered in contact with the skin at the basis of the penis.

    Are there any risks? Does HIV can get transmitted after intercouse. Not washed properly you put on you clothes and then clothes the virus does skin-clothes-top of the penis?

    Those are silly doubts that are still in the corner of my mind.

    Thanks doctor,


    • Hi Louis,

      Blunt is good. You had protected oral and vaginal sex with a sex worker. If there a risk of HIV? Yes there is. Is the risk high? No its not. The fact remains you still need to get a HIV test to determine once and for all whether or not you have HIV.


      Dr Tan

  27. Thanks a lot dr for your response but I m still scared and want to go for another test. As u said hep C can delay the production of antibodies so I want to know if I m positive for Hep C then my DUO test at 4,9,11.3 weeks is not conclusive.after my last possible expouser my SGPT was 61 and after one week its go down 42 but my doctor not suggest me hep C test. Even I m positive for hep C it will not effect the P24 antigen? Do I need a hiv test again or my hiv test is conclusive. My wife is coming back from her mothers home after 3 months and I want to make sure myself that I m free from this deadly virus. Plz doctor help me and did u ever seen or hear that a 11.3 week test become positive later. I hope u will say NO its never happen.

    • Hi DP,

      I have never seen a HIV test negative at 11 weeks turn positive at 12 weeks.


      Dr Tan

  28. Dear doctor!thanks for ur wonderful support for the general public and I m sure u will get the reward from GOD
    I have few question and quick answer will be highly appreciated.
    1)Is any kind of antibiotics can effect my HIV test
    2)If a person have all symptoms related to hiv and after few weeks all syptoms gone away(with or without medication) that means he have produced suuficent amount of antibodies. is that true?
    3)If I person get other std(HSV or CMV) with HIV so that other STD can delay the production of hiv antibodies or p24 antigen
    4)How reliable 4th gen DUO test @ 4 , 9 and 11.3 weeks. Is it definative conclusive?
    5)I’m positive for HSV 1&2 but no symptoms,which traetment I can have to avoid the out breaks? My dr told me if no symptoms then no treatment. Plz advise

    • Hi DP,

      1. No. 2. If the symptoms were indeed due to HIV then yes it is true. 3. Only Hep C has been shown to delay antibody production. 4. Yes. 5. This is a very complex question to answer. There are ad hoc and suppressive treatments for HSV. There are many factors that determine which treatment is most appropriate. Your doctor has obviously chosen the ad hoc treatment for you i.e. treat only when there are symptoms. You should listen to his advice.


      Dr Tan

  29. i just wanna check for ureaplasma NSU swab, how much would it be?

    • Hi iphone4,

      I am unable to check right now as I am overseas on reservist. Please call the clinic at 62387810 and my staff will be happy to help you with the info.


      Dr Tan

  30. Worried and confused

    Hello doctor.
    About 8-9 weeks ago I had an encounter with a woman that involved unprotected oral sex and a brief time (about 60 seconds) of unprotected vaginal sex. I was able to get to a doctor about a week and a half after this happened. I went to one doctor and told him to test me for everything. He wouldn’t give antibiotics without the results, then I went to another doctor and he did a urine test that just detects an infection. That test was positive and he gave me an injection of rociphine and doxycicline 100mg twice a day for 7 days. My symptoms went away at that point. Symptoms were: dull acheing around my bladder, testicals, and discomfort,( not pain) while urinating. Never had discharge. A week or two after the doxy the dull testical and bladder ache would come and go. Then about two weeks ago I took levaquin 500mg once a day for seven days and all symptoms once again went away. Now that it’s been about a week the bladder and testical aching is starting to come and go. I just took another urine test just to detect infection and it is negative. Do you know what could still be causing this feeling to come and go? Could it be scar tissue, what could survive all those antibiotics, not cause a detectable infection and cause me to have these feelings to come and go? Also there hasn’t been any blood in my urine or semen. And when i called the first doctor about my results he said it was all negative And haven’t had a fever. Please give me some insight.

    • Hi Worried and confused,

      Your problems cannot be solved via this forum. There are many possible differential diagnoses to your symptoms. You obviously need to revisit your doctor and let him know your symptoms. He is the best judge on what medical management you need.


      Dr Tan

      • Worried and confused

        Ok. I’ll go to a doctor when I get home but am currently on a ship. I saw the ships doctor and his opinion was that I’ve taken enough anti biotics to rid myself of a bacterial infection and he did the urine test for infection that was negative. From researching stds online I can’t find one that really matches my symptoms that the antibiotics wouldn’t have cured. Does it sound like an STD to you or maybe something different? Does it sound like something that could be passed on? Thanks.

        • Hi Worried and confused,

          There is really no way to conclusively tell unless you get some tests done. Unfortunately doctors cannot advise you based on what it ‘sounds like’.


          Dr Tan

  31. please help ---scared .....

    hi tan,

    one quick question if we take RNA PCR test ur clinic what is the cost ?

    and what is the procdure

    • Hi please help-scared…..,

      It costs $600. Just walk in and register and tell the nurses you want to see the doctor.


      Dr Tan

  32. hi Dr tan, its me derrick here, just came back from overseas attachment that is why i am giving a late reply.. My question is Doppler ultrasound very effective in detecting blocked arteries? Because i am thinking of requesting for an ultrasound…

    • Hi Derrick,

      Why would you think you have blocked arteries? Doppler is very good. Angiogram is Gold Standard.


      Dr Tan

      • dr tan the reason being is that i assume that i am having ed due to blocked arteries. i have no diabetes and high blood pressure.. but my cholesterol is 308mg..due to this high cholesterol, i think plaque is causing build up in my arteries causing insufficient blood flow?

        • Hi Derrick,

          ED is invariably caused by blocked arteries. However, the penile arteries are too small to be amenable to ultrasound investigation. Anyway, doing such an investigation will not change the medical management. You will still need to control your cholesterol and probably need to end up taking PDE5Is.


          Dr Tan


          • Hi Derrick,

            What’s with the Caps Lock? Exercise is supposed to be good for ED. You really need to see a doctor. There is no way I can tell you what your issue is via this forum. This is really not a substitute for a formal medical consult.


            Dr Tan

        • hi Dr tan how much does Doppler ultrasound cost?

          • Hi Derrick,

            It depends on what you want to ultrasound and which hospital you go to. Why don’t you call up the hospitals to check?


            Dr Tan

  33. Hi Dr Tan, first of all, A Happy & Prosperous Dragon Year 2012 to you.
    Thank you, for taking time to read this, much appreciate it.

    I had unprotected sex with a female recently. (HIV status unknown)
    1st exposure = 01 Jan 2012
    2nd exposure = 8 jan 2012

    I started getting these rashes and pimples (not itchy, visible on close inspection) on my arms and body. That’s when I started to panic. I feared that these might be HIV rash symptoms. However, I did not experience any fever, sore throat or fatigue, or muscle ache.

    I did a P24 combo test on Sun 22 Jan 2012 (Approx 2 wks post last exposure)
    Result = Negative.

    If the rashes really were HIV rashes, would the combo test pick it up?
    What’s the accuracy of the test result at this stage?

    I plan to get tested again at 4 wks post last exposure just to be sure and move on.

    Best Regards

    • Hi Joseph,

      Happy New Year to you too. You rashes appeared too early to be due to HIV. A combo test at 2 weeks is not conclusive. You should retest at 4 weeks post exposure with another combo test. Meanwhile you should see a doctor about your rashes.


      Dr Tan

  34. Hello doctor,

    i had taken alcohol 24 hours before HIV1 RNA PCR test. will it affect the test result?

    Afret 1 year 6 months of my post exposure.

    i did HIV1 RNA real time PCR test.

    Result – Below the detection limit.

    Linear range of Detection: 50 – 1000000 copies/mL.

    and also

    Hiv 1 & 2 Elisa test non reactive.

    my test results are conclusive?

  35. hi doctor i am 24 years old and having ed problems due to heavy smoking..with regards to this, where shall i see the doctor?

    • Hi Derrick,

      You should start by seeing your GP. He will direct you accordingly. You can also come to see me at my clinic at Robertson Walk anytime during our opening hours.


      Dr Tan

      • Hi doctor tan ! regarding my ed problems, i went to do do my own blood tests at my clinic. I got normal blood pressure , normal glucose levels. But however i got very high cholesterol. Total cholesterol: 309
        HDL : 56, LDL : 227.Could this be the underlying cause for my ed problem?

        • Hi Derrick,

          You should follow up with the doctor who did these tests for you and direct your questions to him.


          Dr Tan

  36. Hello Doctor. Thank you for any help and advice you may offer, in advance.
    In October, my long term partner and I briefly split up. On November 5th, he had a “one night stand” with a woman of unknown HIV status. This amounted to 2 acts of unprotected vaginal sex.
    Shortly after (November 16, 11 days later), he and I reconcilled, and I performed unprotected oral sex on him 4 times, and we had unprotected vaginal sex once.
    On December 14, I had my annual ob/gyn appointment, and my doctor tested me for diseases, however, I did NOT request an HIV test, as I was ill informed about technology, and thought a result could only be obtained at 3 months past exposure.
    I was informed on Monday of this week that I tested “reactive” for syphilis.
    Everything I read online in regards to syphilis shows a clear link to a coinfection of HIV.
    My question: On Tuesday, I had my boyfriend take a HOME ACCESS HIV-1 test, which utilizes the 1st generation ELIZA testing method. This test was done at EXACTLY 6 weeks post (his) exposure. This is a FDA approved home kit, but the directions indicate that is is only “accurate” at/after 3 months. I have read in various places that 1st gen. ELIZA tests have a 90% accurate result at 45 days. His current result is negative. At what percentage would you place the accuracy at this point?
    In addition to this, he is a regular blood donor, and his last donation was made on Friday, Dec. 16. As of yet, no contact has been made from the blood bank to my boyfriend. I understand that their testing methods are very quick, and accurate, and that some elements of blood must be used within 5 days. I am unsure if they would withold positive results until after Christmas (suicide risk). Do you know those protocals?
    Lastly, can the presence of Syphilis complicate an HIV test? Can it tamper with the production of antibodies, or can it delay accurate results?
    I am sorry this is so long, but I would most enjoy some information prior to the holiday weekend. Thank You.

    • Hi Kandi,

      Let’s look at some facts: 1. You caught Syphilis from your boyfriend. This can be easily cured. I’m sure your doctor is on it. 2. You boyfriend tested negative at 6 weeks post exposure with a 1st Gen ELISA. This is easily more than 90% accurate. I am not aware of any studies that show that a Syphilis coinfection will affect the HIV window period. I am also not aware of any blood bank protocols that withhold information because of increased suicide risks during the holidays. I am quietly confident that you do not have HIV. I also answered your question with regards to Syphilis and HIV coninfecton shortening the window period. Please let me know if you can read it. My computer seems to be rather wonky on Christmas Day. I really think you will be OK. Merry Christmas.


      Dr Tab

      • Thank you, Doctor. I did read it. I greatly appreciate all of your advice. Many thanks, and best wishes for a wonderful New Year!

        • Hi Kandi,

          You are welcome. Here’s wishing you a healthy and prosperous year of the Dragon i.e. 2012


          Dr Tan