Penis Enlargement

Your penis size is more normal than you think.

Many websites and advertisements promote various methods including pills, gels, surgeries and injections to lengthen or broaden the penis. All these methods not only do not work but can potentially cause irreversible damage to your penis. Do not be taken in by these lies and scams.

Your penis is very likely more normal than you think. The average penis measures 7.5cm to 10cm when it is flaccid and 12.5cm to 17.5cm when it is fully erect. Only when the penis is shorter then 7.6cm when erect is it considered a problem. This problem is known as micropenis.

There is not one single medical society or organization in the world that approves any method for enlarging the penis. In fact, certain organizations like the American Society for Plastic Surgeons have issued policy statements specifically stating their position against any kind of cosmetic surgery to enlarge the penis.

Pills and lotions have never been proven to work. In fact, some of them might contain chemicals or hormones that can irreversibly damage your body.

The average penis measures 7.5cm to 10cm when it is flaccid and 12.5cm to 17.5cm when it is fully erect. Only when the penis is shorter then 7.6cm when erect is it considered a problem.

Vacuum pumps are used to treat erectile dysfunction. Because they cause the penis to engorge with blood, it might appear to make the penis larger. Unfortunately, excessive pumping can lead to permanent damage of the erectile tissue of the penis. This in turn leads to softer erections.

There have been many surgical methods described to enlarge the penis. None of these methods have been approved by any Medical Organization in the world. Many of them can lead to permanent damage of the penis.

Certain practitioners have tried to use injections to increase the girth of the penis. They inject various substances from Hyaluronic Acid fillers to fat taken from other parts of the body. Some practitioners even use fat from cadavers. These procedures all have potential serious side effect of permanently affecting the sensation of the penis. Furthermore, when these substances are absorbed, they are absorbed unevenly giving the penis a very unnatural lumpy appearance.

Penile Enlargement treatments are unapproved and can lead to Permanent Damage to your penis!

If you think you penis is too small there are things you can do.

First of all speak to our Doctors. We will be able to determine if your penis is truly pathologically small or is of normal length.

You might also want to speak to a counselor to address your worries. Sometime all you need is a little reassurance.

Speak with your partner. Your partner might not have the same concerns as you about your penis size.

Losing weight and exercising more will take away that overhanging belly fat and large thighs that can make your penis look smaller than it is. Being in better shape will also allow you to perform better during sex regardless of the size of your penis.

Trimming or removing your pubic hair will also make your penis look instantly larger.

If you feel your penis size is affecting your performance in bed, try getting treatment for Erectile Dysfunction and Premature Ejaculation.

Click here to learn more about Erectile Dysfunction
Click here to learn more about Premature Ejaculation


More likely than not, there is nothing wrong with the size of your penis.

Don’t be fooled by marketing of cures that might cause you more harm then good.

Need more advice?

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  1. San ji

    I added 4 bearings implants on the shaft of my penis.. Women love it even though mine is only 4 inch…

  2. Saman kumara

    Hi Dr: Do you have panis enlargement P.R.P treatment.let me know more details price ,how many times thanks

  3. Sir,

    I wanna consult about penis enlargement, but i need to consult first. What is the fee charges? thanks

    • Hi, our consult fee would start from S$60. We do not provide any penis enlargement services, but we can evaluate if you have micropenis or related conditions and perform the necessary investigations.

  4. Brondiv

    Hi Doctor
    Do you do penis enlargement treatment for 13 years old boy … ?

  5. ami sonte

    Myself 11.5cm any problems sir

    • Dear Ami

      Apologies, We are unable to make a diagnosis online .

      If you think you are experiencing problems with your performance and you are concerned about the size your penis, I advise that you do talk to your doctor about it.

  6. Hi Dr.
    My penis size at flacid is 3cm and when its erect its 9cm. do i suffer from micropenis? Any advice? Is surgery required?

  7. Hi doctor. I have a curve penis to the left. What can I do to straighten it? And where can I buy any product to straighten it and how much?

    • You can consider ESWT (Electro shockwave therapy) to improve the condition. Alternative would be surgery.
      You can visit our Novena branch to know more about ESWT for curved penis.
      Our Locations

  8. Hi doc, I think I have micropenis problems. I’m 25 this year but my penis size w/o erection is like baby size. After erection is like a length of iPhone 5s. This problem made me feel damn depressed. Is there any ways to help me? Do get back to me. Thanks!

  9. Jsohua

    Hai sir..I’m Joshua..I have some curved penis’s make me uneasy and uncomfortable when make love with my partner..can give me any’s try a lot products..also have some micropenis penis’s seem too small even erect..I really need some help’s shame..because before this its not curved like needed.

    • You may have Peyronie’s Diseases. Please see your doctor.

  10. Jsohua

    Hai sir..I’m Joshua..I have some curved penis’s make me uneasy and uncomfortable when make love with my partner..can give me any’s try a lot products..

  11. Douglas Yap

    Hi doctor,

    My penis was injected some liquid by an illegal malay masseur who said can enlarge my penis. It was about 7 years ago. I was so innocent that time. It was look thick when erected but lumpy look when soft. SO I went for circumcision to cut more of the extra skin. Now my penis has uneven thickness and looks ugly. Any procedures to cut those fat look skin so that it can be back to normal or at least not that ugly?


  12. Marcus

    Hi Dr Tan,

    My name is Marcus and I would like some advise and also if I am a ideal candidate for penile enlargement surgery.

    My flaccid size is can vary…when the weather is hot, the flaccid size is about 5 to 6cm. But when the weather is cooler, the flaccid size can be 5cm or less.

    My erect size is typically around 8 to 8.5cm at max. And also, it seems that my penis is not as thick as the average male.

    Do you have any advice for me? and am I a ideal candidate for penile enlargement surgery?

    Thank you

    • drtan

      Hi Marcus. From the article above, you can see that I actually do not condone or provide penile enlargement for aesthetic reasons. We do help patients with micro-penis due to hormonal or other medical problems. From your description of your size, it sounds rather normal to me. However, you should definitely see a doctor to get a proper assessment as to whether your penis is normal or not.

  13. Abdullah

    Sir,my panis small ready. I want to longer my panis. So now what to do .

  14. Hi Doctor
    Can I check if I am of zero sperm count in your clinic?
    And the fees involved?

    Thank you