Missed Periods – A sign of fertility as well as infertility

For many women of childbearing age, pregnancy is first suspected when their menstrual cycle goes haywire.

Missing your monthly period by a few days is not a significant concern. We are talking about missed periods by the weeks or months.

When this strikes you, the first question to ask yourself is “how old am I?”

The underlying reasons of a missed period vary by the age.

If you have just stepped into puberty, your periods may not have a fixed schedule as your body takes time to adjust itself to its new condition, usually taking 6 months to a year to do so. Unless you have had sex the month before, this should be normal. See a doctor should it take more than a year to adjust or if your last period was more than 6 months ago.

Speaking about missed periods in a woman in her late 40’s, menopause comes first on the list. Missed periods is not a menopause unless your last period was 12 months ago. Like the irregularity you have faced in your early years of puberty, your body has the same reason when it comes to menopause; that is, trying to adjust the body to stop menstruating.

Delayed periods are normal at the start and at the end of your fertile life

Missed periods occurring at other than the above mentioned ages (i.e. somewhere between 18 and 45 years old) can be worrisome. Whether it’s normal or not is a big question. If you are breastfeeding, pregnant or are on contraceptive pills, then yes, it’s normal.

Delayed menstruation can also be caused by reasons as simple as stress, overweight, underweight or anorexia, all of which may sometimes be overlooked. Excessive exercise, such as those done by athletes, may also delay menses.


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If you think none of the above applies to you, then let us move on to more serious, but not uncommon problems which may call for a doctor’s attention. The most common problem women face is cysts growing in their ovaries, medically termed ‘polycystic ovarian syndrome’ or abbreviated as PCOS. Cysts are small fluid-filled sacs that develop in a woman’s ovaries. The word ‘poly’ refers to more than one cyst in growing in the ovary. Nevertheless, the presence of even one cyst may disturb your menstruation, let alone if it is multiple. Cyst tends to get bigger when the ovary fails to ovulate and release the egg into the Fallopian tube.  This is caused by, and in turn may lead to hormonal imbalances.

Delayed menstruation can also be caused by reasons as simple as stress, overweight, underweight or anorexia, all of which may sometimes be overlooked.

If you have had any abortions, cleaning of your womb (D&C) after a miscarriage, hysteroscopy or any other instrumental procedures done on your cervix or womb, adhesions are more likely suspected. Adhesions are fibrous bands forming between tissues and organs due to scarring. These block the flow of blood during menses and may trick you into thinking that you have missed a cycle. This, as well as PCOS, may cause infertility. If you are trying to conceive, it is wise to consider these possibilities.

Other less common causes of missed menstruation are diabetes, thyroid hormones imbalance, intestinal problems, tuberculosis and liver diseases. Don’t forget that side effects of various medications or drug abuse can also be a cause.

So, should you see a doctor right away? Don’t rush, don’t stress yourself up. Relax. Take a deep breath. Try to think of the possibilities of being pregnant. You might want to get yourself a urine pregnancy test to make sure pregnancy is not the cause of your missed periods.

If you’re overweight/underweight, reducing your weight/gaining weight helps restore normal cycles and fertility. Check your body mass index to be sure. Still not helping? Still not sure what is the cause of your missed periods? Looks like it’s time for you to see a doctor for further tests.

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  1. Tilly

    Hello, I’m confused! I’m 47 with regualr periods until this one. I’m now 12days late, ive had occasional brownish spotting that didn’t require any sanitary protection. At the weekend I took a pregnancy test (not a very sensitive one), which was negative and today I accidently used an ovulation predictor test strip instead of a pregnancy test…the ovulation strip was a definite positive. I’ve read that this could indicate pregnacy as well as ovulation but without a period how could I be ovulationg? Many thanks

    • Hi Tilly,
      An ovulation test doesn’t test for pregnancy, just for ovulation. If you start to have irregular mensus at this age, it could be because you are entering the perimenopausal period.
      You can opt to wait and to observe your period cycles for now, or you may come into clinic for a hormone blood test, to check your menopausal state.

  2. I’m 20, I had my last period last april 24 and my expected period wae last May 29 for I am folliwing an app regarding my period and up until now I still didnt had my period. I have tried some pregnancy test twice and the result is negative. In addition, do I have a possibility of being fertile during this time that I’ve been having a late period?

    • drtan

      You are about 1 week late for your period so pregnancy tests may not be 100% accurate. That said, there are also a lot of other possible causes of a delayed period. You should see a doctor to get diagnosed. You are welcome to visit our Women’s Health Center @ Bencoolen. Click HERE for location info.

  3. Hi, I’m 23 years old and March 12 – 15 was the date of my last period. This is a total of 76 days. I am a lesbian and haven’t had any sex with guys – although I’m still sexually active with my partner. Healthwise – I am a healthy weight and haven’t noticed much changes in my body.

    Should I be concerned? How long should I wait before i visit the doctor to have my body checked? Would a normal GP suffice or should I visit a gyne? What kind of tests would they run? Thanks!

    • drtan

      There are many possible causes of a delayed period. Presumably the commonest cause (pregnancy) does not apply to you. Also, you have not lost drastic weight which is the next common cause. You should see your GP to find out what the cause is. I cannot tell you what tests he/she will run. That will depend on your doctor’s assessment after seeing you. You are welcome to visit our women’s health clinic at Bencoolen. Dr Rachel has great experience in women’s health and also has a special interest in lesbian (and transgender) health issues.

  4. gift Alozie

    my last period was on 8th of march though my period is irregular at times in April I spotted for like 3weeks I did home test twice is negative I went for scan 25th april nothing was found though am not spotting now but I hv all the pregnancy symptoms pls what is my faith I need ur advice

    • drtan

      8th March to 25th April is about 7 weeks? By then the Ultrasound Scan would definitely have picked up a pregnancy.

  5. i went to ob gyae overseas and was diagnosed with fibroids. im scheduled to have it removed in june however the medicine given to me for heavy bleeding (tranexamc acid) has finished. now im having heavy menstrual bleeding. do you carry this medicine in your clinic?

    • drtan

      Please visit any one of our clinics. Even if we do not carry the medicine we can always write you a prescription to purchase it from a pharmacy.

  6. gina ann Dutton

    I’m 47 years of age obese in weight I’m on 41 day of still no period for 5 days been having (brown discharge) tannish when I wipe myself my first day of my last period was 5/3/16 so I’m 10 days late could i be pregnant many thanks gina

    • The most common cause of missed periods is pregnancy. If you are planning for pregnancy I certainly hope you are. However, I must say that fertility at the age of 47 years old is rather challenging. I strongly suggest you see your ObGyn as soon as possible. If you are pregnant, at least you get on management early to avoid complications. If you are not, you get to find out what exactly is causing your missed periods.

  7. Im 26 and really worried cause im more than 1 month delayed since my last menstruation. And had been into sexual activity but my partner used protection. is there any posibility that i am pregnant. Since that i missed my period and i have irregular menstrual cycle and its been so long that i encountered missed period even i have irregular cycle.And i noticed these past 2 days i have spotting and i gained weight.
    Please suggest me what should i do.

    • Condoms are only 97% to 99% effective when it comes to preventing pregnancy. So even though you used protection, you still could be pregnant. To be sure, you can do a home pregnancy test. Although these tests may not be accurate until you are 2 weeks late. Of course, you have a history of irregular periods so this could be just one of your irregular cycles. Also, there are many other medical and psychological causes of missed periods like stress, anemia, hormone changes etc. You should see your doctor to find out what the exact cause is.

  8. Hello Doc
    Today is the 51st day since my last period. I will be turning 19 in 2 months. I am a pure virgin.
    My mom passed away like 10 months ago, but I had been getting it regularly until this cycle.
    I was also at a relative’s place for 2 months till yesterday where I used to do cycling up and down the sloping roads. I also did a lot of yoga.
    I wouldn’t say I am obese, but I have been chubby all my life. I am also a vegetarian. In all other aspects, I am quite fit and healthy.
    Please assure me. I am worried.
    Thank you

  9. Elizabeth

    I’m 19, my last real period was January 20. Today is March 29. On March 25 I had some brown(dried blood?) discharge and so thought it was my period but it just went away after a couple days. I have not been sexually active for months; so I know I’m not pregnant and my cycles are usually around 32-39 days. The longest cycle before this was 56 days. I am not overly concerned but I was just wondering if it’s possible that my endometrium just shed without any cervical dilation.
    Should I be concerned?

    • There are many reasons for a missed period especially at 19 when your hormonal cycles may not be completely matured and stable yet. You have ruled out pregnancy which is the most common cause. Otherwise, it is probably something hormonally related. You are also right to have pointed out that you could have actually had a period but because the lining was so thin (again due to horomonal imbalances) that all you see is some brown discharge. Most of these problems sort themselves out as long as you keep yourself healthy (being underweight is a common problem in young women). Of course, if it persists, you should see a doctor.

  10. Hi doc, i am now 8days delayed. I had sex last november then i got also my period back then. I also got my period last dec and january. I expect to have my period last feb 11 but now theres none. I took 3 pt and all negative. Am i be pregnant? Or im just stressed? I took anti biotic beacuse i have swollen lymph nodes in my right neck for 10days am and pm last january, it could be the reason why my period was late? Thanks please help

    • There are many causes for a missed period. At 8 days late. most pregnancy tests will already be accurate. Although in some cases, it takes up to 2 weeks for home pregnancy test kits to be 100% accurate. The recent infection you had could also very well be the cause of your delayed period. Either way, you should be seeing your doctor to find out the exact cause for your symptoms.

  11. Hi doctor.I am having pcos one year back and again um having DAT problem.(we are trying for a baby).BT this time I am having other difficulties like headache,nausea,dizziness,lower back pain and weakness.could you tel me why um having these symptom.

    • I’m sorry this website is not for medical consultations. Please see your doctor about your symptoms.

  12. Natasha Loh

    Hi there DRs, my boyfriend and i were fooling around the other day, but we didn’t have sex. While the vagina area was exposed, there was no ejaculation into the vagina and a few rubs against it (this is the concerned bit since he didn’t wear a condom). The ejaculation was well away from everything. Is there a chance i may still be pregnant? My period is due the end of the week or latest mid-next week. Ive also done a pregnancy test (home kit) and its negative. But i’m stressed out that my period might be delayed due to the stress and my readings are wrong.

    My questions are:
    – is there a way to have my period earlier by medication (assuming im not pregnant)
    – and if so, how much is it to do so?
    – lastly, what else should i do?

    Thank you and hope to hear from you soon.

    • Since you did not have sex and there was not semen on the vagina or labia, there chance of you getting pregnant is really remote. Home pregnancy test kits at this point in time are not accurate at all. Why would you want to take pills to bring forward your period? You are right that stress can delay your period. You should just relax and wait for your period to come. To avoid such incidences in the future, you may want to consider being on some form of contraception.

  13. Hi,i m 40yrs old. my menses had been prolonged and it is still on going since 23/Oct. The flow was heavy on 3rd and 4th day then now it is like spotting type. Usually my menses will last for 4-5 days but for this month, I am still having the spotting for about 2 weeks. What shall i do?

  14. Rosemaria

    Hi, im 33 years old and i have been trying to get pregnant for the past 5 months.

    lately, i have had delay in my periods consecutively in the past 2 cycle- sept and oct respectively; during my last cycle, i also did not experience any discharge indicating if i was ovulating but i tried to stay sexally active all through my fertile period and anticipated ovulation day.

    unfortumnately, my period started this morning and i am not pregnant. i need your advice on what to do or be concened with.

    i am not stressed and i try to eat healthy; i also take a daily supplement of folic acid(5mg) and B complex (5mg) and i also notice that my abdominal region is bloated, i think its fat and i have delayed excercising to avoid any strain or anything that would prevent me from getting pregnant.

    please i await yur proffessional council on this issues.

    Thank you for your time.



    • At your age, we will advise seeking professional help with your fertility if you are unsuccessful after 6 months of active trying. See a fertility doctor and get some tests done. At least it gives you peace of mind that nothing else is wrong. If there is something wrong, you would rather know early and get it fixed. For more info on fertility testing, click here.

  15. I 18 year for my period coming for 16 September.because 1 month nat coming to period.what problem.please help me.

  16. Hi. I will be going to an exchange work program in a village soon. The trip will be the time that i will have my menses.As you can see its a village i might see some difficulty about it. So i wish to delay my menses to about 1week. Can that be possible? My menses is usually the last week of the month and is always regular. Does doctors in singapore provide Norenthisterone? Kindly answer. Thanks.

  17. Hi doctor,

    I am 34 and am trying for 3rd child. My last menses was on 13th jul for 7 days.
    Inwas due on 14th august but it didnt came up to now. Im 2 weeks late. Took 6 hot and all are negative. Went to the polyclinic and doc ther did another test, turns out neg also.
    Ive been feeling tired lately n sleepy. I have cramps sometimes at my abdomen. My left side feels pain also. The poly doc presse my left side abdomen and she said its soft no need to worry.
    I dont feel dizzy, no sore breasts. Should i do a blood test? Is this symptoms of thyroid? Or cycst?

    I am very stressed about this.

    I have made an appt with KK hospital next week but cant wait to know whats happening now.


    • Hi, pls reply

    • Dr Justin Sim

      Your tests indicate you are not pregnant. If the clinic doctor has already examined you then you should be okay. Your symptoms are not typical for thyroid or cysts but you will only know by doing tests which the gynae in kk can do for you. I can’t tell you what is going on because I do not have enough information.

  18. help pls

  19. am 27 yrs old pls I need help Dr I have a menstra problem for 3yrs now my period HV not being coming out well like d way it use to wen I was younger sometime d menses we come an go DAT same day an d menses is dark in colour instid of d normal red people say am having infection an my falopantube HV being blocked an HV treated infection severely but yet no improvement but HV don some abortion in d past could it be as a result of d past abortions or as a result of infection?pls I need ur advice Dr wat should I do?

  20. Hi, I’m 21 years old and I’ve been experiencing late periods since I first got them when at the age of 11. My periods usually come once every few months, but are otherwise regular in terms of flow/time of the day it comes/number of days it lasts etc. Growing up I wasn’t too worried about it as my mom told me she used to experience the same thing when she was younger. As I got older, I discovered it was most likely because of stress as I observed that my period stops coming during the school semester and only comes a week or two after my exams are over or after the semester ends, when I would be free of stress. However, currently I am extremely worried as my last period was November last year. I am not pregnant as I am still a virgin, I haven’t sought out a doctor as I’m pretty sure it is because of stress (I am in my third year of university, I have been experiencing relationship problems that have led to emotional stress, and getting easily worked up over little things is part of my personality). I thought of just waiting for a stress-free time for my period to come like I usually do, but it has been ten months and I am having trouble not stressing despite trying many different relaxation techniques. Is it possible that there’s a bigger problem behind my late periods? What can a doctor do to help?

    • It is possible that you may have an underlying medical condition that affect your period. I suggest you consult a doctor to get a proper assessment. You are welcomed to visit any of our clinics.

  21. my menstruation smells like chlorine. is it some kind of infection??

    • Dr Justin Sim

      Very unusual for it to smell like chlorine! Better get this checked out as it may represent an infection.

  22. i had miscarriage two month ago.went dc clear up the next month I saw my period wish is june,all through July till now I have nut see my period.i do have sign of cramp

  23. I am 3 days delayed my mentration last month is june 30 it end i think july5 . we have intercourse wit my bflast july 18 . it is possible that im pregnant? Anwer please . i am 28 to 30 cycle . but last may 12 to 16 i have blood and my menstratin came late when month of june come.

    • Dr Justin Sim

      If you had sex around that time (July 18) and your cycles are normally quite regular then you may be hitting around ovulation time, which is when you are most fertile. If your period is late, I recommend doing a urine pregnancy test now and maybe repeating one at 1 week late. If either are positive then go to your doctor for a blood test to confirm.

  24. My period takes 28 days intervals but sometimes I see it before 28 days what could be the problem

  25. Hello Drs. I’m not sexually active but I did shower twice with my boyfriend. My period is late for about 3 days and I noticed there was little blood spots for the past few days. Tried 3 pregnancy kit and they show negative. Please advise.

  26. We had protected sex. But until now I still dont have. My last period was on May 31
    And I ‘am very much sure that the condom has no leak or breakage. Should I get nervous?

    • You may want to get yourself checked for pregnancy if your period is delayed. You can either get a home pregnancy kit or consult a doctor. Condom is not 100% safe as we all know.

  27. I am 2 weeks late. And negative home kit result. Could i still be pregnant?

    • Yes you could still be pregnant. I would suggest you repeat a pregnancy test few days later, or see a doctor for an assessment.

  28. Hi Dr. I refer to my message on 15 June. I am 50 years old. My IUD is due for a change in September this year. Can I continue to get it replace till I have gone through menopause because I didn’t want to take a chance for unwanted pregnancy? Please advice. Thank you.

    • I don’t see why you shouldn’t get it replaced. You may proceed if you wish to, but make sure you consult your doctor before that.

  29. Hi, im 18 going on to 19 yo and im worried, my period is late and im not even sure if its going to come, i am not pregnant 100% cause im still a virgin. Whst could this suggest? But i recently have been crying sometimes due to skin issues, could there be a relation between skin issues and menstruation? I am stressrf sometimes due to the skin issue but not all the time.

    • Do i need to get checked? How much charges to get checked? I am going to wait till end of this month to see if it comes, but what if it doesnt?

    • Well, menstruation can be related to certain skin issues such as acne breakouts. Stress can cause menstruation to be irregular. If you are worried, you should consult a doctor.

  30. Hi Dr. I am 50 this year. I had an ectopic surgery at 28. I conceived my 3rd child two months after the surgery. Have been using IUD since then. My period has been regular at interval of 28 days. However Nov 2014 till May 2015, the interval was 19 days. But I have missed my period for 19 days by today. I did a home pregnancy test today. The result is negative. I am still using my Iud. It is due for change Sept 2015. In Mar 2015, I did myPapsmear. It was a class 2 because there was presence of candidas yeasts. Please advice. Is there a cause for concern for my delayed period? Or I am just going through my perimenopause? Is the delayed period related to the yeasts infection?

    • Peri-Menopause sounds like th most likely diagnosis. Any kind of stress to the body, including yeast infections, can also cause the period to be delayed. From the description of your symptoms, I really do not see what else can be causing your delayed period.

      • Hi Dr Tan. Thank you so much for your reply. My IUD is due for a change in September this year. Can I continue to get it replace till I have gone through menopause? Please advice. Thank you

  31. Diviya

    Hi I want to ask that I had sex with my partner and I took contraceptive pills on the 28 May and my period supposed to come on the end of May but it didn’t come im keep feeling pain at my stomach and I already do two urine pregancy test but it shows negative and I’m taking medicine now to make the period come but already three days still my period haven come already 12 days due

    • I would suggest you consult a doctor to get a proper assessment. Stop taking any medicine for now, and see a doctor.

  32. Hi, i’m 20 yrs old this year. My last period was on march 2015. My periods have not been coming for two months now. But during this two months of period not coming i do experience cramp like how i usually gt when my period is about to come. And i always feel that my period is coming out but when i go to the toilet to check, there is no blood cming out. Why is this so?

    • Hi Aly, are you sexually active? If you are, there is a chance you could be pregnant. So would advice that you get a home pregnancy test done first. If you are not sexually active or the pregnancy test is negative, then it could be due to other reasons like hormone imbalance, PCOS, stress or other medical conditions. It will be best to see a doctor or feel free to visit us for further advice.

  33. Joanne

    Hi Dr,

    My period is late 7 days, am I expecting?

    • drtan

      Pregnancy is the most common cause of a delayed period so yes, it could very well be that you are expecting. Go get a urine pregnancy test.

  34. Biola

    Good day doc,I went for an ultrasound last month and it indicated I was not pregnant and infectionss were noticed and HVS was adviced.I have been on drugs treating the HVS stilling using the drugs my period missed and HPT was conducted but it was negative and have not be feeling too well.should I stop the drugs or do another HPT?Can the drugs cause the delay? Urgent answer is nEeded please

    • drtan

      Of course not! You want to stop the medicines that are treating your infection?! Do you realize how crazy that is? You are obviously very eager to get pregnant. But do you realize that if what you have is a PID, stopping the treatment can make you infertile? The best and only thing you should do right now is to go back to the doctor treating you and ask him/her for advice on what you need to do.

  35. Nirmala

    Hello Doctor,

    I AM 30 years old, mother of a 7 year old boy. First delivery was notmal after the delivery was used Coppert for 6.5 years. And got removed in December 2014 in order to get pregnant. After the removal I got my first period normally on Jan12. Then next month my period was 2 weeks late and came on Feb 27. Usually my periods are regular and had 30 days cycle. Then that period was prolonged and dod nt stop till 20 days. So I consulted Dr and she gave me Duphaston10 mgc for 21 days to regulate my period. I took that course and the last dose was on 7 April. After stopping that I have nt get my period yet. Home Pregnancy result shows negative. What cuold be the reason?Pleasr help.

    • Duphaston could be the reason. I assume your doctor has ruled out all other possible causes of your delayed period and figured it was just due to have the Copper IUD for a long time. So she gave you Duphaston to bring on the period. That may have back fired a bit cos now your period is delayed likely due to the Duphaston. You are probably also stressed because you want to get pregnant. You should realize although theoretically possible, practically speaking you need a while to get your fertility back after being on the copper IUD for 6.5 years.

  36. DR. I have 83 days missed period and 7 years before i got once abortion and 2 years before again i take abortion pills now no any intercorse but i missed menses from 3 months . whats the problem give me a solution

    • Dr Justin Sim

      If pregnancy is not the cause then there are many things that could be causing your missed periods. It would be too difficult to diagnose you here, you should seek help from your own doctor and they can help.

  37. ezeri glory

    please DR, am lady of 25yrs, my menses have being irregular, but now for the past 5month it as being absolutely absent, and am not pregenant, did HVS test which have treated all infections. please what drugs can i use to regulate my menses and bring it back..

    • Before you can talk about what drugs you should be using, you should be finding out what exactly is causing your irregular periods. It could be hormonal or it could be due to a more serious underlying disease. Please see your doctor to get this sorted out first.

  38. Muslimah

    Hi dr. Tan, im 25 and hv pcos,me and my hubby r trying 4 a baby. My Doc has given me duphastin from 17 day of my cycle.letrizole from 2 to 7th day of my cycle twice a day and im also taking metformine 500 mg twice a day and folic acid, zinc sulfet monoxyde once everyday,this time im already 7 day late for my next period after taking all these medicines, its nt coming
    am i pregnant?

    • Muslimah

      Plz any Doctor there plz help me with ur opinion

    • Dr Justin Sim

      It is difficult to say if you are pregnant or not because your are currently taking duphaston. This medicine helps make the uterus lining more favourable for implantation of the embryo but will also stop your period form coming whether you are pregnant or not. The only way to tell is to do pregnancy tests about 1 week after your period was due. If positive then go and confirm it with your doctor. If negative then you will need to come off the duphaston to allow your cycle to start again – best see your doctor about this anyway to be sure.

  39. Hi dr tan,I have been having a regular cycle,never missed any month.I got married in Dec and since then alot has changed about my menstrual flow.i do menstruate regularly but it doesn’t flow well anymore,mostly it comes out when I pee,last month I was diagnosed with high prolactin level,am on parlodel now and I used an opk which came positive on the 13th day of my cycle ,I HD intercourse with my hubby but no missed period.Am so confused.

    • That is complicated. You had best see a doctor.

  40. Samantha Ervin

    Hi Doctor,
    So I am really concerned. I was on the Depo shot about ten months ago and it shut me off right away to where I was not getting my period or anything. I did three shots and then went off of it as while I was on it I went from 180lbs-210lbs. I am only 21 years old, In total now I have not had my period in over a year, my sex drive is down, and I still suffer from moderate- sever acne. When I tried looking up symptoms of infertility, due to my worry of a lack of period, all these symptoms showed up. Is this true? Do all these symptoms really point to infertility? I made an appointment for the doctor and am terrified out of my mind!!! It is not that my significant other and I are trying to have a baby at the moment, just I am worried at the time when we are both ready to I will have to tell him I can’t. Am I over thinking things??

    • Dr Elaine Loh

      Most women on Depo would develop amenorrhea ( no menses) and it may take a while for the menses to return. Delay in the return of fertility after stopping Depo is usually about 9 months. So do not worry it is not a permanent effect. Your doctor may help you induce your menses. but more importantly your doctor should find out if you may actually have a problem with ovulation or just the delayed effects of the Depo.

  41. Hello Dr my period went from 35 to 65days now I was diagnosed with pcos 5 years ago have being on metformin for 3 years now still can’t get pregnant this is my second husband now with fibroid is there any hope of me getting pregnant my weight is 116kg

    • Your PCOS is certainly reducing your fertility. The fact that you are overweight is just adding to the problem. Whether or not the fibroid will affect fertility depends on it’s position. I am sure your doctor shared this with you: the best thing you can do now to increase your chance of fertility is to lose weight.

  42. Hi Dr.

    I am 33 days late. I have 33 day cycle menstruation.so Ive skipped my menstruation 1 time. Supposely im due today but yet to come.i took about my 5 hpt throughout the 1 month and all showed negative. Just did the last hpt yesterday. Im married and trying for baby. Should i consult doctor to check whats wrong?

    • Hi, you have missed your menses for 33 days with negative HPTs? Are your periods usually regular? Have you been on any hormonal pills? As you are also trying for a baby, time may be of the essence for you, I would advice that you see a doctor or feel free to visit us for further check up and evaluation.

  43. Took hpt on the 16th day and 18th day of the last sexual contact and results were negative. Is it accurate?

    • No. You should take the HPT 2 weeks after your period is supposed to come but has not yet come. So basically when you are 2 weeks late.

  44. Hi Dr Tan! I had my period second week of February. Had unprotected sexual intercourse using withdrawal last February 19-21. I got negative on my pregnancy tests one and two weeks after the deed. Can pregnancy be ruled out? Im waiting for my period this week tho.

    • Unfortunately it cannot. The pregnancy tests you have done were done too early. The best thing to do is to wait for you period. If you period is late for 2 weeks, get the home pregnancy test done.

      • I took hpt March 9 ang was negative. Its 16 days after the deed.

  45. dr.tan i m 26 years un married women and i do masturabate 5 times in a weak…
    My periods is alwnays regular
    but last time it comes on 3rd of january and then on 26 january i m on date with my partner my next cycle date was 31 january but i missed my periods and now my another periods date is also skiped…..
    my periods always regular and period flow is normal i have a cycle of 28 days lenth was 3 days…..
    I take two tym pregancy strip test that was negitive i dun want to be a pregnant without marriage cox its illegal in my country to get pregnant without marrigae i m very tence plz help me doctor tan…what do u think i m pregnant or not?

    • You have missed 2 periods and you have had 2 negative pregnancy tests. Can I assume you did the 2 tests rather recently? If that is the case, they should be accurate and you are not pregnant. If you did the tests too early (i.e. within 2 weeks of missing your first period) the tests may not be 100% accurate and you need to do it again.

      • now my last period date was 3rd january and sex date was 26 if i do it tomorrow then is it give me a correct result or not?

      • in case if i m not pregnant then what happens can i use primoult-n tablets …cox pcos is very common todays and many doctors can not find a best treatment for this… tell me ultrasound report is accurate on this time or not…you knw my situation..

  46. The lady with age 34 have missed her menstrual period and almost a month has passed after its last occurrence. She should not be pregnant as a calender method of contraception was in use. So what might be the problem?

    • Well she could still be pregnant. We know for a fact that there is no one 100% fool proof method of contraception. There are of course many other causes of a missed period including hormonal problems all the way to acute or chronic medical diseases. The probabilities are too many. The best thing to do is to see a doctor to get diagnosed.

  47. I am 31, my menses are usually skipped days. For this month (Dec), it delayed for a week and came on the 25th, usually i had it on the 15th or 19th. i had spotting on the 5th of Dec 2014, i had a sharp pain at the lower bottom of my abdoman for few minutes then it stops.

    Dose that mean am infertile, as we are trying to get pregnant and spotting sometime belived to be sign of ovulation.

    Is there any explaination to such conditions

    • There are many possible explanations for irregular periods. I do not think you should skip so easily to the conclusion that you are infertile. You should see your doctor to find out what is causing the irregular periods. If it is affecting your fertility, you can do something about it.

  48. Fatima sumreen

    Hi, i m 34 years old this time i was 18 days late 3 days before (20 oct) i started spotting dark brown color then other day it was bit heavy but on 18th day (22 oct) it was quit painful n bleeding was started n one around 3 inch meaty clot came out but this time bleeding is less than i ever had hardly one n half pad. Its 25 oct now n i m feeling pain in lower back. Unfortunately i didnt do any preg test now its quite confusing weather i was preg or its just a late period. Is it possible if i do preg test now to see what it was?? Plz suggest me what should i do

    • Yes you should. Pregnancy is the commonest cause of a delayed period. If the pregnancy test is negative, you should definitely see your doctor to find out what is causing your irregular bleeding.

  49. im 45 years of age, i am now 6 days late, i have been off the pill now for a month and in that time been very active in the bedroom with my partner, we are trying for a baby, i am now feeling weird my stomach feels like my period was going to start but then it change to a weird feeling i cant describe and have never felt before, i have taken a pregnancy test and it was negative but that was 3 days ago and i will be taking another soon, i just want to seek advice on whether or not this could mean im pregnant.

    • I certainly hope that you are. There is nothing much we can conclude from your symptoms.

  50. Iam a 24 year old virgin and its been a month i started working out last month i had my period on the 8th of sept n this month still no sign of it iam worried. Can workout make u miss your period or what should i do to start them…Plz help

    • Strenuous exercise is a very common reason women miss their periods. Most of the time the period will return to normal unless you continue the intense exercise or lose too much weight. Of course, there are many other possible medical illnesses that can delay the period. The best thing to do is to see your doctor to get a proper diagnosis.