Measuring your Body Composition

A person’s body weight is made up of different components (Muscles, bone, fats, tissues).It all adds up to form an individual’s body composition. Two people who have the same body weight and height may look completely different from one another because of their differing body composition. The weighing scale can only tell you how heavy you are but it does not give you a breakdown of your body fat percentage and lean muscle mass. According to the National Institute of Health, the healthy range for body fat should be between 8-17% for male and 10-21% for female. Any figure that is above the range stated is considered excess body fat.

There are many ways which you can measure your body fat percentage. One of the most common method is to use a skinfold caliper. The caliper used is precisely calibrated to ensure accuracy of the measurements.

Different measurement readings are taken from specific points on the body. All measurements are taken on the right side of the body. The results are used to compute the individual’s body fat percentage taking into consideration both the age and gender.

The tester will pinch the skin at the specific site and gently pull it away from the underlying muscle so that only the skin and fat tissue are being held. The skinfold caliper is then used to record the measurements at four different sites, mainly the biceps, triceps, under the shoulder blade and above the hip. Three measurements will be taken from each site and the average figure will be used.

How Accurate are Skinfold Measurements?
When performed by a skilled and experienced tester, accuracy for body fat percentage can be as high as 95%. It is important that you get your measurements taken in a clinic where you have people who are properly trained to perform the task.

Why is it important to keep your body fat percentage low?
The most prominent health benefit derived from a low body fat percentage
is probably the reduced risk of heart problems that may arise due to clogged
arteries. Statistics clearly reveal that most of the people suffering from heart
problems have a higher percentage of body fat. Adopting an active lifestyle through exercising and a balanced diet is the key to bringing down your body fat safely and effectively.

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Body Composititon Analysis

Darren Foo
Fitness & Lifestyle Consultant


  1. lee campbell

    I am interested in getting my bodyfat tested, but have a question about the testing, whats whats actually done in the assessment … and if i was wanting to monitor it through the clinic how easy that would be… i wondered if my resting metabolic rate is tested also??

    Thanks and regards

    • Apologies. We do not offer these services. You can try contacting Singapore Sports Clinic.