Dr Tan & Partners @ Bencoolen

Dr Tan & Partners @ Bencoolen


We are 5mins away from Rochor MRT Station and Bencoolen MRT Station, and across Burlington Square.


Entrance is from outside the building, road level along Bencoolen Road. Next to the Chiropracter.

Video on how to find us here




180 Bencoolen Street #02-20

The Bencoolen

Singapore 189646


Opening Time: 
Monday: 8.00 am – 6.00 pm
Tuesday – Friday: 8.00am – 5.00 pm
Saturday & Sunday: Closed
Close on Public Holidays

Nearest MRT Station(s):
Raffles Place MRT Station (Exit E) &
Telok Ayer MRT Station (Exit B)

+65 6884-4119


Clinic Services:


  • Women’s Health
    • Pap Smear
    • Vaginal infection
    • Abnormal Discharge
    • Pain During Sex
    • Menstrual irregularities
    • Menopause


  • Pre-marital screening
    • Men’s Pre-marital screening
    • Women’s Pre-marital screening
    • Couple Pre-marital screening


  • Contraception
    • Long – Term Contraception
    • Emergency Contraception
    • IUD


  • Sexually Transmitted Disease
    • Comprehensive STD Screening
    • Individual STD Testing
    • STD Treatment



  • Minor surgical procedure



  • Men’s Health
    • Erectile Dysfunction
    • Premature Ejectulation
    • Male Hormone Deficiency
    • Prostate Issues


  • General consultations


  • Health Screening


  • Adult & child vaccinations (routine & ad-hoc)



  1. Hi Dr,

    I would like to come in and do a test for a possible Chlamydia infection. What are the prices for just individual testing for Chlamydia and are there any additional charges for medication?

    • Hi, our standalone chlamydia test is $100, with initial consult fee between $35-60. Treatment will have additional charges depending on appropriate antibiotic.

  2. Hi,

    I’m would like to do for a health test to make sure my weight gain is not due to a medical problem. Could you please advise me?

    • Julian Ng

      Hi, Kw

      Certainly you can consider having consultation with a doctor and possibly doing some relevant tests like fasting glucose, thyroid test , etc to see if there is a underlying medical condition causing your weight gain. Please consult a doctor if you are keen. If you prefer, you can visit us at: http://www.drtanandpartners.com/where-to-find-us/

  3. DearDr
    My last period i had dark blood discharge and i could feel like 3 pimples inside my virgina, and my period i notice less flow of blood too. Should i be concern and if i can treat it with over-counter antibiotics?

    • Dr Elaine Loh

      You should see a doctor to get an assessment done. Do not self medicate with over the counter antibiotics.
      You can find us here: Locations

  4. Hi,
    I’m a 19 y/o with irregular menses of an average of 8/9 menses a year. However, in the recent months, I had missed 3 period cycles consecutively. Is this something to be concerned about or is this normal?

    • Dr Elaine Loh

      Missing 3 cycles in a row may be a cause for concern. Please see a doctor and get a proper assessment done.

      You can visit us here : Locations

  5. Hi Doctor,

    I have been getting brown discharge during my mid cycle ( after ovulation). It has lasted for about 4 days before turning lighter and it seems transparency. The texture is stretchy. Any cause of alarm?

    • Dr Elaine Loh

      Abnormal vaginal discharge could be a sign of infection. I suggest you see a doctor to get a proper assessment done.

      Our locations

  6. Helllo doc.
    Last month i notice i have a discharge yellowish color.and i notice also something came out in the lips of my vagina…
    Im worried about what is it? I dont feel any pain during urinating or any abdominal pain..

    • Hi, there can be many potential causes of vaginal discharge but we would certainly need to rule out the most common cause which is infection. Please visit us for further evaluation and treatment.

  7. Hi, I’ve been having this problem. Sometimes I have itchiness at vagina area and I can’t have sex at all. Like something block there and can’t insert at all.
    It happens 3 years back already . I don’t know what’s wrong. Please advise.

  8. hi,

    i have been having irregular menses for quite sometime, and it got well for a year but recently the delay is back and its for 2 months.

  9. Dr Tan,
    I am unsure if i am suffering from corneal ulcer.How much would the consultation fee and the antibiotic eye drops be if i have the CHAS card?

    Thank you

    • Hi. Corneal Ulcer is a medical emergency. You really should go to A+E.

  10. Dear Dr Tan,

    I have this recurrent seminal vesiculitis for 9 years. But, I think it is more like prostatitis as described in your website. Are you able to help my condition? Can you advise me?

    Thanks, John Lok

    • Well let’s not jump to conclusions. I will be happy to see you and run the necessary tests to diagnose prostatitis. If you indeed do have prostatitis, I will also gladly advise you on treatment options.

  11. Hi,

    I was having a herpes breakout. Can I just go to your clinic to get a medicine? My first breakout was in 2014.


    • Medicine for Herpes in Singapore are by prescription only. So you will need to see our doctor first.

  12. Do you have treatment for delayed ejeculation?

  13. Hi,
    May i know how much the total cost of your copper iud insertion? Papsmear as well..i am planning to get iud i am alomost 8years using contraceptive pills.
    Looking forward for your reply.


  14. Hi doctor, I have minor surgery to remove uterine polyps last year. Right now, on some occasions, I have experience spotting in between cycle again. Is it possible for a recurring polyp episode again? What are ways to prevent recurrence? I read that mirena IUD may prevent such episode. Is it true? Your advice, please. Thank

    • drtan

      Polyps do not grow back so quickly. It could be because not all the polyps were removed. I assume your doctor has already excluded more sinister reasons like cervical or uterine cancer. Mirena IUD is good for Dysfunctional Uterine Bleeding.

  15. Dear doctor,

    I’m a 19 year old girl that is currently studying. I last had my menses around 11 of April 2016. Yesterday when i went to the toilet, i realise that my carefree pad was stained with brown blood and there was brown discharge.

    Today, when I was in school, i realise that my discharge was transparent with streaks of blood. When i used the toilet paper to wipe my vagina, i saw this transparent discharge that was quite heavy and there were streaks of blood.

    When i got home, i saw that my pad was again stained with lots of brown blood with a bit of red jelly discharge. When i used the tissue to wipe, i saw that there was this heavy jelly red & black discharge. There’s blood coming out and I’m unsure why is that so.

    I’ve checked google and most of the net say that this is normal due to ovulation.

    May I know if this is normal and if i need to proceed with a check up? Thank you

    • For once I agree with Google. From the timing and description of the symptoms, it does sound a lot like it is due to ovulation. The other possibility if a polyp. If you are sexually active it could also be due to an infection however I must say your symptoms are not typical of any STDs. I would say you really do not need to worry about it at this point, however if it keeps happening, you should see your doctor just to make sure there is nothing more sinister going on.

      • Hi doctor, i have the same exact problem as issue and it is still happening currently and previously i went to bencoolen clinic to check for the 3 most common bacteria but there was nothing present. Is there any chance for me to get Pelvic Inflammatory Disease? I am sexually active and i only have sex with one partner before and his only partner is me. We dont oftenly have sex but he does perform oral sex on me in the past few months and sometimes we help each other masturbate. Does the clinic at bencoolen help to do check up for PID and how much does it cost to treat it? I really am not sure what I can do next because i have no idea what is happening and the doctor does not know either. Can you help me with this please? Thank you so much.

        • The brown discharge usually happens 1 week after my menses end and it has been happening for 4 months already

        • Hi Mary,

          We can check for pelvic inflammatory disease by performing vaginal swabs, and an ultrasound scan of your female organs. The diagnosis of pelvic inflammatory disease also requires detailed medical history and physical examination.
          If you’re keen to proceed with investigations, please come by our women’s clinic at bencoolen street, I would be happy to assist with your checkup and treatment.

  16. Recently for the past few weeks, I have small little itchy red bumps over my arms, thighs and a few on my butt. Once i scratch it, it wont be itchy anymore. These bumps are usually isolated and once it recovers, new ones comes up. I have a history of eczema and asthma. Is this a side effect of eczema? Do i need to get tested?

  17. Bharathan

    I had protected sex in geylang 6 weeks back and now i am showing pimples on my face which is not itchy.i dint have any flu or sore throught but i had a bit unclear throught 2 days back which is now fine.i have small single rash in my leg.i just want to know am i affected with hiv?

    • You cannot know if you are infected by HIV or not from analyzing your symptoms. You should and must get a HIV test to know for sure. That said, I can comment that your symptoms do not sound typically like ARS. For more information on HIV ARS, click HERE.

      • Bharathan

        Thanks,I Got myself tested and the result is no reactive.should should proceed with further test?

  18. Hi,

    I have facial hyperhidrosis problem. Will i be able to seek medical advice from your Robertson Walk’s branch since it is the nearest to my office (and later opening hours)?

    Thanks in advance.

  19. I’ve been having recurrent yeast infections for the last 3 years. Over the counter oral medication and those prescribe by my Gynae works as well. However, problem is they only work for a month n right after menses, the infection WILL come back without fail. I’ve done Pap smear, swab and all shows Candida. I’ve visited at least 3 GP and an Gynae and they could not understand why it wouldn’t go away. This is incredibly frustrating and I’ve taken at least 20 oral tablets for past 3 years. Tried Chinese medication as well but nothing works. Can you advice?

    • Recurrent vaginal yeast infections are rather common. There can be many possible causes. Frequently it is something that is causing a derangement in your vaginal micro-environment. You have to see a good doctor who would walk through the possible causes with you and come up with a long term treatment plan.

  20. Hi, will you be open after this CNY (9-11 FEB)?
    I wish to have a TB and HIV test


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