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Denim with Heart – Levi Strauss & Co.

I love Levi jeans. They make me look slim. And if you know my height, weight and BMI, you will appreciate that this is one amazing feat of denim engineering.

I was surfing around their website one day and came across an article about HIV/AIDS Education at Levi Strauss & Co. Further linked to their Employee HIV AIDS Program.  In it, they said that they will cover ‘Expenses for HIV testing and HIV/AIDS health-related services.’

‘This can’t be right.’, I immediately thought to myself. ‘It probably means everywhere except Singapore.’ As far as I knew, there were no companies or insurance programs in Singapore that would pay for any expenses related to HIV infection unless it was an occupational infection.

Seeing no harm in asking, I emailed them honestly not expecting a response. So I was very presently surprised when a few days later, I received a most lovely reply from Ms.  Joanne Lim-Pousard the  senior manager of the Employee HIV/AIDS Program at LS&Co.

What was even more surprising is that she told me even in Singapore, Levi will reimburse HIV-related costs AND their dependants!

Well done Levi Strauss. I hope more companies will follow your lead and more people will wear your jeans.

Learn more about HIV coverage for Levi Strauss employees in Singapore.

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