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Results for STD tests will usually take between 3 – 5 working days. All STD/STI tests done are strictly private and confidential. We will not disclose your identity or reveal your results to anyone. 

STD screening

We use current Certified lab tests that are validated and in line with International Standards for accuracy and sensitivity.


Requires Blood and Urine sample

Syphilis, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, Herpes 1, Herpes 2, Gonorrhea, Chlamydia, NSU, Ureaplasma, Mycoplasma, Trichomonas, Yeast, Urine Culture


Requires Blood and Vaginal Swabs

Syphilis, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, Herpes 1, Herpes 2, Gonorrhea, Chlamydia, NSU, Ureaplasma, Mycoplasma, Trichomonas, Yeast, Streptococcus, Gardnerella, Candida, Direct Microscopy, HVS Culture

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  1. Hi dr,

    I went for the std urine test at 12 days exposure & 4th gen test at 28 days. Both produced negative results. However, I’ve been feeling nauseous ever since I had the exposure. It’s been more than a month now. Should I go for another round of urine test or it may be due to other illness?

    • We are unable to assess any symptoms over the internet. Please see a doctor for a proper evaluation.

  2. Terence

    I shaved one day before I had protected sex with an unknown lady and no oral sex. 3 days after the encounter, I noticed a bump at the base of the penis. I checked that area Everyday to Ensure everything was okay. The bump subsided about 2 days later. Day 21, I noticed that the same spot raised up again. This time round, with pus! The next morning, I realised that the pus was no longer that and it might have burst. I saw a blister…. I used a touch light and took a closer look, and I noticed that inside the blister, there seem to be a tiny strand of hair. It scrabbed and recovered in the next couple of days. I will still come for a check up but I want to know if this sounds like herpes or ingrown hair problem? Now it’s coming to the 7th week, may I know if the herpes test will be conclusive? How Long does it take to get an answer after the test?

    • While I cannot really comment definitively on your lesion, it sounds more like folliculitis. Herpes serology blood tests can take up to 3 months to show positive results post-exposure. If you have concerns, please see a doctor.

  3. Terence

    I shaved one day before I had protected sex with an unknown lady. 3 days after the encounter, I noticed a bump at the base of the penis. I checked that area Everyday to Ensure everything was okay. The bump subsided about 2 days later. I continue shaving. Day 21, I noticed that the same spot raised up again. This time round, with pus.The next morning, I realised that the pus was no longer that and it might have burst. I saw a blister…. I used a touch light and took a closer look, and I noticed that inside the blister, there seem to be a tiny strand of hair. It scrabbed and recovered in the next couple of days. Is this ingrown hair or herpes? I know that there’s no way of diagnosing it. But I would like to know the possibility. I will still come for a check up.

  4. Hi Dr,

    I had unprotected oral sex (receiver) a week ago. I had burning rashes on my face for 2 nights (only night time). It is gone now. However, i still have mild rashes occasionally. Should i get myself tested? If so, how long do i need to wait? Please advise. Thanks.

    • It is too early for symptoms to develop, and these are not symptoms of ARS. If you wish to have a conclusive result, you will need to check 28 days after exposure.

  5. Hi Dr Jonathan.
    I already went to your Robertson walk clinic on last week Sunday 14th May 2017. I take HIV combo test on 32days. The result is non reactive. The result is conclusive or what?. Need to take Any other Test?. It means I don’t have HIV right?. Please advise me. Thanks

  6. Hi doctor. I had an unprotected oral & protected vaginal sex 11 days ago. 2 days after that I had irritation on the tip of my shaft. There is no pain or blood during urination. However, occassionally I felt like a sharp pain at the tip, like a needle that’s gonna pass through but stuck somewhere in the middle. Just occassionally up till now. & I observe that I kept having frequent urination these days. Is this a symptom of std or anything? I’m planning to get myself std screening at 2 weeks post exposure. but if the pain persists do i still have to wait for 2 weeks before getting checked? Thanks in advance!

    • Hi, these can be symptoms of STD such as chlamydia, gonorrhea, etc. I would suggest coming in to our Robertson Walk or Somerset clinics for a consult and urine STD evaluation.

      • How long will the result of the urine std evaluation take? & do I need to wait for 2 weeks post exposure before coming for a visit?

        • Hi, the consult and testing would probably take less than 20 minutes. Results will be back in 3-5 working days and the clinic doctor will contact you. You do not necessarily need to wait 2 weeks post-exposure for urinary testing, especially if you have symptoms currently.

    • I had unprotected sex 3 weeks ago and i’m experiencing swollen meatus(reddish at the tip) . may i know what’s the problem ?

      • Unfortunately we cannot make a medical diagnosis over the internet. Please come down to our clinics for a consult and evaluation – we would be happy to provide advice and treatment as necessary.

  7. Hi i have 1 small bump under my vagina lip (slightly about the size of clit and does not have pus inside), which doesn’t hurt nor itch nor does it irritate me (even when i touch or squeeze it), I don’t know how long has it been there cause it doesn’t bother me at all. Do you have any chance know what it is? I don’t really have an active sex life, even if i do, its with my boyfriend. Is it something urgent that i need do remove or do smth to it?

  8. Hi Doctor

    I was did oral sex 1days ago. After 2/3 days later I feel pain when urinating and discharge white. Now don’t have pain only discharge while but no nad smell or any smell..
    it is Gonorreha?
    Need to test?
    If need test it is confidential?

    • Hi,
      It sounds likely that you have contracted an STD. It would be best for you to attend our Robertson Walk clinic for investigation and appropriate treatment. All of your medical information is kept confidential.

  9. Hi Dr, I recently had unprotected oral sex and protected vaginal sex with a CSW. What are the risks of STD/HIV here? Also, how conclusive would a comprehensive STD screen and 4th gen HIV test be if done 24-26 days after exposure?

    • Hi, your risk for HIV transmission are low. For HIV testing, our rapid combo test will be conclusive at 28 days. For comprehensive testing of other STDs, I would advise to wait at least 6 weeks if you have no symptoms.

  10. i am currently working overseas, previously i had visited the clinic back when i was on home leave in jan. Visited the clinic because i had protected sex and some sores were found on my penile shaft and pubic area. Did all the required STD and HIV testing, all results came back negative. The Doctor prescribe me treatment for Herpes, while waiting for the result (Result came back negative as well). I did not complete the antibiotics that was prescribe to me as i went back to my overseas posting and forgotten to bring the med with me. Now the sores is back, it will itch and i will scratch. The sores has no pus filled fluid.

    Please advise if i should do a herpes test again or it is something else.

    • I am sorry. We cannot give medical advice over the internet. Recurrent blisters is a symptom of Herpes. Please see a doctor for more advice.

      • Hey Doc, just to ask. When someone received oral sex (unprotected), will someone get STD on the anus? Cause from what i know, STD can be transmitted through anal, oral, and vaginal. But if someone received oral sex, will the anal be affected?

  11. i have had some itching and soreness around the vestibule for awhile now, it appears to be at its worst a few weeks before my period. it disappears during my period, and comes back again. i suspect it was triggered by laundry detergent – i’ve since handwashed my underwear with mild soap, but it’s still here.

    on some days, i also have a thick, pale green, pasty discharge that adheres to the vaginal walls but will come off if i try to get it out. the discharge does not have a smell.

    i was tested negative for trich, bv, candida, chlamydia, and gonorrhea.
    what seems to be the problem?

  12. Hi, I’d like to know if I’m having STD/AIDS/HIV. As google is making me worry. I’ve protected sex, but unprotected oral sex (blow job) on 29/11 evening. On the 30/11, morning, the bottom of my tongue at the back have slight pain whenever I try to swallow my saliva, but feel okay after the second time I swallow, it’s a tingling type of pain to the extend I don’t even know if I’m having sore throats or pain under my tongue but I know it’s pain under my tongue after several checking. Evening, I’ve slight fever and went up to 38.5 degree at night. Tongue no longer feel painful but my throats hurts a little whenever I swallow my saliva. Now I’m typing this message at 3.49am, 01/12. Am I infected? Or I’m just sick. As I called HPB yesterday and they say I’m sick, but I’m still worried and I need more assurance.

    • I do not know. Nobody knows unless you get tested. I can only say that your symptoms are not suspicious of HIV or STDs. However, that does NOT mean that you are not infected. The fact is that you had an exposure. Using a condom reduced your risk of infection but does not reduce it to zero. What you need to do is to see a doctor and get diagnosed/screened.

  13. Sorry it’s ANTI HAV Total

  14. Good day Drs,
    My Anti HAV test came back as reactive.
    I do not believe I have had HAV before. I also have NOT taken any vaccine.
    Is there any test done in Singapore where I can determine if it’s a recent acute infection.
    I believe the test comes reactive if I had a vaccine or a past infection.
    Is there a test I can do… PLEASE PLeasE Advice
    thanking you Kindly

  15. dr,

    i have rashes all over my body most likely in my arm,leegs,tummy,back and buttocks…flat reddish bumps but its goes off and on…everyday are like that i’ve been to 5 doctor already they just give me anti histamine and cortisone…i been undergo.blood test for hiv also its negative…am worried coz i’ve have sex a week before the rashes come out…what do i need to do? do i need to do std test?

    • We cannot diagnose you over the internet. You need to see a doctor and get some proper advice.

  16. Dear Doctors,

    I have done a comprehensive STD test and my Igg for herpes 2 is 1.12. (equivocal results is 0.9-1.10), does this mean i am positive? I have never have any outbreak and never have sex for the past 2 years, do i need to do a re-test at your clinic?

    Thank you

    • 2 possibilities:
      1) Early infection
      2) False result
      In your case, if you have never had sex in the last 2 years, it is unlikely to be no 1).
      I suggest you repeat the test in 2 months.

  17. Hello doctor,
    I just realised recently when i masturbate,the tip of my penis foreskin will turn dry white flaky and tight.It gets painful when i pull the foreskin down because of it dryness.Once i use water on it,it will fade away and be better.Could it be genital herpes or any sort of sti/std?Normally it will not be there but only when it’s expose and i’m masturbating then the dry white flaky will appear.

  18. Hi i have xanthelasma on both my upper eyelid. Pls advice what service you provides for removal?? Cost and consultation.. thanks.

  19. Hello Doctor,
    Since last 2 days i have seen small bumps on my glans penis and some on shaft and tyson glands, is it cause of heat or folluclation or is it a case of genital warts

    • I am sorry, we cannot make a diagnosis online. You are welcome to visit any one of our clinics for medical advice. Click HERE for location into.

  20. Hi DR,
    I have bad itching on my Vulva, and a yellowish discharge that look like cheese but no smell and a slight burning sensation when urinating

  21. Henry.v

    Hi Doctor,

    Currently I testis (right side) was feel very uncomfortable, and sometime seem to be stimulate, however, they not pain at all. Just feel that very unconfort.

    This had been happen 1 week ago, I had refer some Doctor, they just told me is inflammation nerves problem , just give me some pain killer and antibiotic. But seen not much recover , when consume medicine than ok, if not will returned back .

    I was so worries about that, may I know what is caused affected this problem.

    Thank you

  22. Daniel

    Hi Doc,

    I have a very itchy groin for about 6 months now, the groin area looks scaly, flaky and discolored. Wht STD test I should take?

    Thank you.

  23. Hi,

    I had genital warts.Can I know how to cure it? How much for total cost?can give me a roughly figure.
    And if I want to do HPV Vaccination ,can I?

  24. Hi Doctor,

    I went to Japan recently and went to the soapland there which involves the lady using lotion to body slide against my body, both naked. After that, she performed a blow job and followed by sex, both action with condom. Do I have high risk in any std? If I should get tested, how long should I wait after the exposure before I take the test? Which test would you recommend? Thank you.

    • drtan

      Yes you are absolutely at risk of STDs. Whether the risk is high or low is purely academic. You either have been infected or not. Generally you want to wait for 1 month after the exposure and do a comprehensive test. However, you should come to discuss this with us first. We cannot provide medical advice over the internet. Click HERE for location info.

  25. Hi Doctor,

    Can you perform antibiotic resistance test for Ureaplasma / Mycoplasma? I guess this requires a culture or a test kit.


    • drtan

      Yes we can. This requires a culture.

      • Yes, it would be my girlfriend, so a cervical swab would be possible. Can you roughly estimate the costs? It is not possible to get antibiotic resistance testing from where I am right now and we tried several antibiotics already. Thanks!

      • And sorry to add with another question. Do you use a normal lab culture or a commercial testing kit such as the Mycoplasma IST 2 kit from Bio Merieux. Thanks!

  26. Hi Doctor,

    Will STD (not HIV) result be reported to MOH/MOM which result in terminating employment pass? Thanks

    • drtan

      As doctors, our responsibility is to conduct the tests as requested by MOM and report to them the results. Whether or not this results in termination of the employment pass is not something we can comment on. The STD tests that MOM usually request for is Syphilis.

  27. Hasni

    Hi Dr,

    I had both protected receptive and insertive fellatio from a lady of unknown hiv/std status. I changed the condom for the 2 processes. What are the chances of contracting hiv/std?

  28. Thank you very much for your prompt respond.
    May I ask you after how long high risk HPVs may cause cancers in women and men? Can they cause cancers after 6 years, for example?

    Thanks a lot

  29. Hello Dr.
    I had sex with a sex worker 3 months ago. I received 2 sec unprotected fellatio, 2 second protected fellatio, then, I had protected anal sex with her (I think no contact of the area around my pines with her genital area or maybe a very fast contact of less than 1 sec). I have not had any sympotoms. I gave a test for HIV 1&2, HBV, HCV, Syphilis, Chlamydia, Herpes 1&2 after 3 months of the exposure. All were negative, fortunately. Can you please tell me
    1) Do I need to give a test for gonorrhea ?
    2) What other tests should I give?
    3) Do I need to give a test for HPV (not available in this country though)?
    4) Can skin rashes on the abdomen and thighs, near to the pines, be a symptom of a STD?
    Thank you very much

    • 1) I suggest you go for a gonorrhoea test as well.
      2) No
      3) I do not think it is necessary unless you are worried.
      4) Possible. However, your tests were negative.

  30. Hi Doctor, I had cunnilingus with a sex worker. Recently, I started to have cough and throat irritation. May I know if this is a symptom of oral Gonorrhea. I have no ulcers by the way.

    Thank you

    • The symptoms of throat gonorrhea may not be so obvious. The most common sign is a sore throat but sometimes, patients may just have an irritated throat. Most times, patients will see their GPs and get treatment for a regular sore throat but the symptoms do not go away. This usually makes us suspect that a patient could have throat gonorrhea or chlamydia (with a positive exposure history) and this diagnosis can be confirmed with a throat swab.

  31. Hi doctor,

    I’ve been having this itch below the testicle area and it has been going on for months. What’s the STD highly associated with this symptom?

  32. Hi doctor. I recently had an unprotected oral sex by a female masseuse.

    I have the intention to take the “comprehensive male package”, but how long should i wait before i could go for the tests even without symptoms showing, in order for the be accurate?

  33. Hi dr. Tan,

    Im in desperate need of help, im currently working in Africa and i dont have access to 4th gen tests,about 2 months ago i put myself at risk and i managed to get tested already with 3rd gen alere determine hiv1/hiv2 at 4/6 weeks blood no chaser negative and 8 weeks with serum negative, but i do feel there is something wrong i´ve been feeling some discomfort in my groin, armpits, jaw under my ear and some soreness on my chest and legs, my tongue looks weird and feels funny, on the 1st weeks after exposure i had s burning sensation on my genitals, and pee a lot.

    Am i at risk here??
    A week after the exposure i confronted the women i got involved with and she said she was clean, we took the first test together and was negative, it was alere determine hiv1/hi2, is it possible that shes on meds and the test wont show if she is positive?

    Please help i have small kids and i cant stop thinking abouth the mess i got myself into. 🙁

    • You said you “put myself at risk” then you ask me “am I at risk here”. I am confused. You already said you are at risk.

      At this stage, I do not think it is of any use for you to analyze your risk. That does not change anything. What is more important is that you had an Alere Ab test done at 6 weeks post exposure. Although I cannot say this is 100% conclusive, I can say that it is very indicative. Statistically speaking, it is extremely unlikely for this test to be wrong. So I really do not think you need to worry so much. I definitely think you should be looking for some other cause of your symptoms. I am certain it is not due to a HIV infection.

      • Thanks for the reply Dr.

        Sorry for stumbling on my own words it’s just I can’t even think straight anymore, just one more question do my symptoms sound like any other std ?? What do you think i should get tested for?? Sorry but doctors here really suck … if you accept I can even pay for an appointment … worst part is I won’t be going home for the next 3 months.

        Thank you for your patience.

        • I can say that your symptoms do not sound typical of any STDs. I say this with 2 caveats: 1. I have not seen you so am really not in a position to comment on symptoms. 2. This platform is not meant to dispense medical advice.

  34. golfoscar

    Hello Doctor,

    About 2 days ago, I had protected penetrative sex and unprotected oral sex. I have not seen any symptoms or irregularities. However I am feeling slightly tired/ under the weather. Is there any risk of contracting HIV through unprotected oral sex? Are there any other STDs with Flu like symptoms or am I just stressing my self out and manifesting this tiredness?

    To be safe how many days should I wait before talking a comprehensive STD test?


    • There is no risk of contracting HIV from unprotected oral sex but there is a very small risk of contracting HIV from protected penetrative sex. Many STDs do not produce any symptoms at all. Wait 1 month before doing any screening unless you have symptoms.

  35. Hi doctors, is the std screening test anonymous?

    • Only HIV test (at Robertson branch) is anonymous. The rest of the STD tests are not anonymous, but we ensure that they are discreet and confidential.

  36. Good day doctors, i stumbled upon this website of yours & saw the charges for the various tests provided, then i did a cross reference with the dsc clinic charges & found that their prices was way lower… Can anyone enlighten on why is thr such a huge price difference between the 2 clinics? Is it due to the quality or accuracy of the tests done? I would rly wish to know which clinic offers a more reliable & safer testing. Thks

    • It’s due to the very simple fact that DSC, as a government clinic, receives government subsidies.

      • So in terms of testing accuracy and reliability both clinics are the same right? But hw about confidentiality matters? Will a govt clinic have a higher chance of disclosing my status if I happen to test positive for any of the std’s

  37. Hi doctors,

    9 days ago i had protected vaginal sex with a csw but non protected oral sex & recently like 1/2 days ago i noticed that there are red dots/spots forming under my foreskin when i retract it back. At first it was only one spot but now it has grew to 2. May i know what could this be & is it a symptom of an std? Because other than these dots appearing, i seem to have no other present visible symptoms.

    Thank you doctors.

  38. Hi recently i had this yellowish green discharge. With no pain or anything. Please advice on which checkup should i go for? Tyty.

  39. Hi Dr,

    I would like to understand, if i come in for chlamydia or gonorrhoea tests and i am positive, will the MOH be informed or my spouse be informed?

    I had an encounter recently and i am worried about it

  40. Kelvin Tan

    Hi Doctor,

    I am thinking of taking up a comprehensive std test due to exposure to unprotected oral sex.
    My last exposure was 25days ago.
    Will results be comprehensive based on 25days?

    • Since you already waited 25 days why don’t you just wait another 3 days and make it 28 days. Although I really do not think there is a huge difference in accuracy between 25 and 28 days however, the official recommendation is 28 so to avoid any confusion or uncertainty, best to stick to that.

  41. I am a foreign talent.
    I wish to take a male comprehensive STD test.
    My worry is if the result of my tests are positive will I get deported? What does the IDA or MOH say about this?

    Or are the results strictly between your clinic and the patient?

    I am HIV negative duo test 28 days.

    hope you can advise

  42. Was thinking of taking a standard STD screening. How many weeks after exposure would you recommend me to come down and have the screening? What’s the costs too? Is the HIV screening in the standard package anonymous?


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