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Condom Broke!

Help! The Condom Broke!

Practical Advice for both Men and Women in an Emergency

Condom breaks do not happen often. In fact, it most commonly only happens when couples do not follow the recommendations on proper condom use. At the end of this article is a list of steps you can take to minimize the risk of condom breakage. But what if the condom does break?

Do not panic

First of all do not panic. Take a deep breath and calm down. This way, you will be able to think the situation through and make sensible decisions.

Important tip for ladies: DO NOT douche immediately following a condom break. This can actually drive sperm and bacteria deeper into your vagina.

There are really just 3 things you need to think about:
1. Pregnancy
2. HIV
3. STDs


Presumably since you were using a condom in the first place, there was no intention for pregnancy. Women are at risk of pregnancy even if the condom breaks before ejaculation.

The simplest thing is to see a Doctor and get morning after pills. These are most effective if taken within 48 hours.

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If you can, have a calm discussion with your partner about his or her risk of HIV. This includes a history of intravenous drug use, multiple sexual partners, visits to prostitutes or men who have ever had sex with another man.

If your HIV risk is high please see us immediately for HIV PEP.

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Remember that a recent negative test for HIV does not guarantee that your partner does not have HIV as he or she might still be in the window period.

If the risk of HIV is not high, both of you should go for HIV testing at 1 month and again at 3 months after the event. Keep each other informed about your HIV test results if possible.

If the risk of HIV is high which means:
1. Your partner uses intravenous drugs
2. Your partner has multiple casual sexual partners
3. Your partner is a sex worker
4. Your partner visits sex workers
5. Your partner is a man who has had sex with another man
6. Your partner is known to have HIV

In the above situations, or if you are unable to determine the risk level, see your Doctor immediately for a discussion on HIV PEP. Women are at a higher risk than men to catch HIV especially if the condom broke after ejaculation.


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STDs are very contagious and the likelihood of either party catching an STD after the condom broke is high. Even if your partner tells you he or she is completely symptom free it does not mean you are not at risk of STDs. This is because men and women can both carry STDs and show no symptoms.

Both of you should see your Doctor and be screened for STDs. The following STDs should be tested for:
1. Syphilis
2. Hepatitis B
3. Gonorrhea
4. Chlamydia

Other STDs such as NSU, Hepatitis C, Herpes and HPV can also be screened for. Speak with your Doctor if you also need to test for these.

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Here are some Do’s and Don’ts to prevent Condom Breakage:

  • DO use water based lubricants such as KY jelly.
  • DO use proper sized condoms.
  • DO hold onto the condom when withdrawing.
  • DO store condoms in a cool dry place.
  • DO NOT reuse a condom.
  • DO NOT open the condom package with your teeth, keys or any sharp object.
  • DO NOT unroll the condom before putting it on.
  • DO NOT wear 2 condoms at once. Friction can cause breakage.
  • DO NOT use oil based lubricants such as Vaseline. This can weaken the latex.
  • DO NOT use expired condoms.

If you had a high risk exposure to HIV within the past 72 hours, you can take medicines to reduce your risk of actually contracting HIV. Find out more on HIV PEP Treatment.

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  1. I had sex with a prostitute in of unknown HIV status on 25th Dec. 2014 in South Africa when I was drunk and condom broke along the line and when I pulled out I noticed I have ejaculated inside her and am circumcised but I went to test for HIV on 29th Dec and my result was negative yet am very scared but I started taking PEP at 86 hours of exposure for 28 days and now waiting to be tested again after 3 months. What is my chances of being infected

    • Dr Justin Sim

      It is difficult to put an exact number on your risk but it will probably be in the range of 1 in 2500 if we assume the sex worker is positive. Either way you have taken PEP (although a little outside the recommended window period of 72 hours) but this will help reduce the risk. The best thing to do now would be to make sure you got tested after finishing PEP and then again at 3 months after PEP in order to tell whether HIV is there or not.

  2. I had sex with a prostitute of unknown HIV status on 25th Dec. 2014 when I was drunk and condom broke along the line and when I pulled out I noticed I have ejaculated inside her and am circumcised but I went to test for HIV on 29th Dec and my result was negative yet am very scared but I started taking PEP at 86 hours of exposure for 28 days and now waiting to be tested again after 3 months. What is my chances of being infected

  3. Hi Dr Tan,
    I had unprotected sex with a girl in Jakarta. She claimed to be a college student who had only 2 previous partners and to her credit does not look like a typical sex worker but that’s just what she says. I ejaculated inside her after less than 30sec as I just wanted to get it over with.. I can’t explain the emotions that was going through my mind in that short period of time. Probably like esctacy/horror/disgust in that order.

    I got some comfort in reading your replies that the chances of getting HIV is less than 1% but nonetheless can’t help worrying myself silly… and rightfully so for such a reckless act.

    I have booked an appointment at the DSC first thing after they reopen after CNY (about 18 days after exposure) and fully intend to go back for follow up test.

    My question: What is the accuracy of the rapid test at 18 days?

    • What does a typical sex worker look like? I’ve seen a lot of sex workers, honestly, I wouldn’t be able to tell that they were if I met them on the streets. The HIV rapid test at 18 days really isn’t worth much unless it is the 4th Gen test in which case I would ballpark it at about 90%. I’m sure the doctor at DSC will provide you with more details.

  4. Broken Condom

    Hi Dr. Tan, my little sister just told me she had sex while on her period and afterward, they realized the condom broke. It burned to pee, and when she wiped, she saw a piece of condom. She said her vagina “hurts so bad,” and she “can’t even pee without wanting to cry.” Again, this literally happened today. What if there’s still a piece inside her? For now, I told her to feel around her vagina in case she can feel it, take ibuprofen, but to see how she feels Monday and maybe set up an appointment. Please help. Thank you!

    • Your sister obviously has some kind of infection. Having a piece of condom inside the vagina usually does not cause any symptoms at all. It certainly does not cause the level of pain that your sister is complaining about. She had best see a doctor asap.

  5. Dr.
    I had sex a few days ago and i think i ejaculated into the condom, a after awhile it broke and she got off immediately, I am wondering what’s the risk because it’s too late to take any pills, and I’m worried sick and can’t get sleep over this

    • I am assuming you had insertive vaginal sex. That puts your risk at less than 1% assuming she was HIV +ve. Chill it man. Just go get tested. And btw, get tested for other STDs too. It is much more likely for you to catch Chlamydia or Herpes than HIV.

  6. Hello Doc

    Doc I received a unprotected oral sex from a prostitute and for 10 seconds i inserted my penis in her ass, not totally inside, thrusted her once not even deep, it was just i inserted and removed immediately. Am I at risk, please rate my chances as well on the scale of 10. Should i get tested as I am too scared.. Please please please advice doc..

    • Apparently doc i am still Virgin.. do you think a virgin can Carry HIV by any kind of sexual activity?

      • Hold on a minute. You are the same guy that posted this “Doc I received a unprotected oral sex from a prostitute and for 10 seconds i inserted my penis in her ass, not totally inside, thrusted her once not even deep, it was just i inserted and removed immediately. Am I at risk, please rate my chances as well on the scale of 10. Should i get tested as I am too scared.. Please please please advice doc.” So how can you possibly be still a “virgin”? Because you did not have vaginal sex? Sorry man, I personally do not think it works that way.

    • Yes you are at risk but the risk is low. Unprotected insertive anal sex does put you at risk of getting HIV. I would estimate the risk to be about 1% or less.

      • Thanks for your reply Doc.

        Would you recommend getting tested? Is 28 day 4th generation test would be enough or should I wait for whole 90 days?

  7. broken condom

    I had sex 2 days ago , with a protistute, i’m not aware of her health status but she seemed okay, however, the condon broke, for few minutes then I realized and washed my penis, I quicky went to the toilet, and urinate, and washed it with soap and water , what are the risks of transmitting, HIV , a percentage would make me breathe again.

    Thank you

    • Assuming she was HIV +ve about 1%. This is a very rough guess as many factors can influence this number.

  8. We were having sex and as he went in me we heard a pop so he took it out and we saw that the condom broke. So he was hardly in me when it did. After about 10 min we put a new one on and had sex again, pulled out and ejaculated. Because we had sex twice and because it broke does it mean there is a chance sperm came in my vagina even if it was pre-cum when it broke and could the sperm have gone in because we had sex again? Could it mean im pregant?

    • I should be having my period in a few days too

    • There is a higher chance of live sperm in the pre-ejaculate if he ejaculated recently. In other words, if your partner had an ejaculation quite soon before the incident where the condom broke in you, your risk of getting pregnant is high. If not, you are still at risk but not as high.

  9. WorriedGuy

    Dear Dr, around December 2nd I had sex with a 25 year old woman. She had a lot of bumps on her skin, and she also had black hair like things on her tongue as well as a white tongue I believe that was thrush. I have no clue but it appeared to be this. She gave me oral, and we had sex. After a few moments of thrusting, I felt something i can describe as a pop. I immediately withdrew, and continued to replace condoms every 2 or three minutes. all in all I think I used 15-20 condoms as I was already afraid that she probably had some disease. After we were done she said no she didn’t have anything, but she hesitated..and she seemed really withdrawn from teh situation. I washed my penis, and I refused to have unprotected sex with her as she said it was ok to do so many times. Fast forward 3 to 4 weeks later…I am feeling very tired and drained. I also had a lone bump show up near the base of my penis and it was filled with pus, I drained it and whatever. I am mostly concerned about my tiredness…can this be the fatigue associated with ARS…also I haven’t taken a good solid poop in a while…my feces have been really solid and heavy and they drop immediately to the bottom of the toilet. What are the chances that I may have contracted HIV from this woman….I think the likeliness of her having something is very high as she admits that she loves to have sex and she is 25. Also I went to the ER and had 3 medicines to treat chlamydia, syphilis, and gonnorhea, could those antibiotics have protected me from HIV? what are my risks and chances of contracting Dr. Are the odds in my favor? I am enrolled in college, and my course load is very difficult, but I cannot concentrate for the life of me and I just feel very tired, not to where it inhibits me but it’s definitely noticeable.

    • WorriedGuy

      Also Doc, I didn’t know if I contracted those three std’s, I simply didn’t want to take the chance that I did so i got treatment within 5 hours after having sex….please what are my odds that I may be plagued with HIV

    • WorriedGuy

      Thank you in advance Dr. I think I read everything you posted and I am really appreciative that you have a service like this out there. I don’t think I could have felt confident and safe asking my friends and family for advice. I know they would not feel the same about me and would probably abandon me.

    • For people who have been following this blog, they already know what I am going to say – Go get a HIV test. Asking me about your HIV risk is like showing me a lottery ticket you just bought and asking me what are the chances of you striking lottery. My answer – Go match the numbers on your ticket to the lottery draw results. It’s as simple as that. You can analyze your exposure and your symptoms all you want. It will still not answer that one fundamental question you have – Are you or are you not infected with HIV. So please go get a HIV test. Now that we got that out of the way, I will add that I think your risk of contracting HIV is very low. Let us just assume this lady is HIV +ve. The fact is you used a condom. Even if you did have unprotected sex with her AND she is HIV +ve the risk of contracting HIV is still only about 1%. But honestly, these are meaningless statements. End of the day, you still need to get a test.

  10. Hey i had sex with a person last night that herpes and the top of the condom broke what are the chances of me contracting the virus i never any of her fluids on me

    • The risk of contracting HSV is very high even if you used an intact condom.

  11. Hi, I had sex with a prostitute and then d condom broke then I withdrew immediately and ejaculated on the bed I am not sure if she had released her fluid but I urinated and washed my penis thereafter. What are the chances of me gettin HIV

    • Unfortunately you are at risk of HIV. Albeit the risk is still low.

  12. jessica lynn

    So me and my boyfriend had sex last night and somewhere along the way the condom broke. He says he isnt sure if he came or not however He said he had came about 2 hours before he saw me due to masturbation. So he says even if he did come it couldn’t have been much…right?) Anyways im not sure if i should be worried or not. The main problem is im 15 about to turn 16 and theres no way of me getting any type of emergency contraceptive and i obviously cannot tell my parents. What should i do?

    • I’m afraid even if he did ejaculate 2 hours before meeting you, he would still have enough sperm and semen to get you pregnant. Given your situation there really is nothing much you can do. I do not know what the laws are in your country but in Singapore, sex with a girl under the age of 16 is a crime. As a doctor my advice for you is obviously to tell your parents and see a doctor. I understand that will have consequences for you and your boyfriend. But other than that, the only other thing to do is to cross your fingers and hope you are not pregnant. That is obviously not the best solution. If you really are pregnant, your parents are definitely going to find out anyway. And the abortion surgery will be very traumatic for you physically, emotionally and mentally. You need to think very carefully about this. Is there an adult like your teacher or religious leader that you can confide in? If so perhaps you can ask them to help you open up to your parents.

  13. Tricia Lian

    Hi Dr,

    I am wondering if there is a possibility of me being pregnant. My menses was considered regular, +/- 3 days. I remember my menses came on 26 Sep and I expected it to come around the same period in Oct but it didn’t. It was delayed to 3 weeks later,14th Nov. I am not sure if it is normal menses or other type of bleeding that could happen during pregnancy. I tested using HPT twice before.It turned out negative.Therefore I waited for another month to 14th Dec to see if it comes.It only came on the 16th Dec. Even though I know it is highly unlikely that I am pregnant but I don’t rule out the possibility that I aren’t either.Back in Oct, I experienced an increase in my body temperature. I felt extremely tired and experienced a few bouts of headache. I was having a baby bump like tummy ever since and it seems to grow bigger especially at night. With the symptoms above,do you think there might be a chance that I could be pregnant? I had been to normal GP and the doctor seems to ignore the other symptoms I had and confidently put down the idea. I am thinking to go to a woman clinic instead to check and confirm. I am not trying for a baby but just want to confirm for a peace of mind.

    • You are already more than 2 months late and you have had 2x negative HPT. I think in all fairness that is enough to conclude that you are not pregnant. If you still need an absolute confirmation, you can come see us for a blood test and/or an ultrasound. The ultrasound service is only available at our Bencoolen clinic.

  14. Hi Dr Tan,

    My husband and I had protected sex on the 9th Dec but we were not sure if the condom tore halfway through. It was too late in the wee hours and we didn’t double check. I understand that morning after pill only works within the first 120 hours after intercourse and it has since passed the timing. We are not planning for a baby within the next 2 years and I’m wondering if morning after pill will still take effect for me if I’m worried for any chance of pregnancy? My period is due in 2 weeks time,

    Hoping to hear from you soon.

    Thanks in advance.

    • There are 2 types of morning after pills. One that works within 3 days and one that works within 5 days. You have passed both periods. Sometimes, the copper IUD is used for emergency contraception up to 7 days post intercourse. You can talk to your ObGyn about that.

  15. Hello! Dr Tan I had sex on 23/11/2014 but I was still on my period u but we used condom am scared I don’t knw if it can lead to pregnancy. Am so woRried I had to get PT strip to be sure yesterday but the strip gave me just one Red line and am still very woRried. Please help me out.

    • Having sex during your period is usually very safe in terms of pregnancy. This is because you cannot possibly be ovulating during your period. Furthermore, you used a condom. I really do not see any reason for you to be worried about pregnancy.

  16. I had sex with my girlfriend 28/11 night and shes start period date 23/11and last day 25/11. but we used condoms but the condom broke and I ejaculate my sperm. As i pulled out, i realized it broke. What should we do? How long do i wait to buy a pregnancy test? What should we do?

    • Based on the timing, it is highly unlikely she would have ovulated. That said, you really cannot be 100% sure about these things. The safest thing for you to do if you do not want the pregnancy, if for her to take the morning after pill.

  17. Me and my boyfriend had sex about a week ago, but the condom broke. We weren’t sure when it did break but he pulled out, and a lot of cum was on the bed. I am really scared, and my period is not for another 2 weeks. I don’t know what to do. Is there a high chance I could be pregnant? I haven’t really noticed anything that is a symptom. Please help me…

    • Your period is due in 2 weeks means you are at your most fertile. There is a significant chance you are pregnant. You may want to see your doctor for the morning after pill.

  18. Hello doctor,

    I was recently told I had chlamydia I got treated for it an has been 7 days. My partner is to be treaded on the 4th. My partner an I read on the Internet that it is ok to have sex after the 7 days? Twist is the condom broke an was wondering would I have it again?

    • Yes you could. The best thing to do is for both you and your partner to get tested for Chlamydia again 2 weeks after completion of your treatment.

      • Is it possible i could get pregant after my passed history having an abortion like three years ago and coming out positive for chlamydia and Whats theWebchance that if tested for chlamydia and had sex with a condom and the condom broke and instantly pulled out can i get chlamydia again after being treated with the two pills after 5th day ?
        & if so getting chlamydia for the second time affect later pregnancy if wanting to get pregnant ¿?

        • You question is very confusing. I really don’t get it. Can you re-phrase it please?

  19. I had sex with my boyfriend on 11/20 and we used a condom. When he felt like he was going to ejaculate, he pulled out and was “finishing off” and I noticed the condom was ripped. I do not know when it ripped but he did not ejaculate in me. I am due for my period on 11/29 and I got my last period on 10/30. This month I ovulated 11/9-11/14. What are my chances of becoming pregnant from pre-ejaculatory fluid while not ovulating? When should I take a pregnancy test to be sure?

    • Yes there is definitely a chance that you are pregnant. Today is day 4 which means you still can take the morning after pill if you want to.

  20. dr. .
    I had sex with my boyfriend and the condom broke. . .a piece was in me n we noticed only aftr a while. . .it ws only da 1st round n he did come. . .I found da comdom two days later with jelly like thing. . .I dnt knw if it ws sperms or just my discharge. what are my chances of pregnancy doctor

    • Of course there is a chance you can get pregnant. The fact is the condom broke and he ejaculated in your vagina.

  21. Hello dr’ i am indian boy my age 24 years old i had sex with a prostitute and she give me blowjob without condom after this i wear a condom and pull it in her vagena after 5 min she was on me and i change the position of then i see condon were borke but before ejculation then i immidetlly change the condom and start sex again . i was very tention that i am at risk of hiv

    • Yes you are at risk of HIV and other STDs. See your doctor.

      • Dr. She sad she was not infected by any hiv or std and first time my condom break

        • And this incident is before 7 month from today date . I don’t have any symtoms of any infection can i test in lab and what test i should do please tell me dr

  22. Hi Dr tan.

    Jst a quick question ; I made love to my lady and the condom broke but a min after I took my penis out and that’s when I realised it broke. I am circumcised and she told me she was hiv positive. This is the first time the condom ever broke and she’s the only one am sleeping with.
    Pls advice coz am freaking out. Am I infected already? What shud I do?

    • The risk of you getting HIV from her is about 1 in 1000. This is further reduced by 60% because you are circumcised. If she is on ARTs the risk is further reduced by about 90%. That said, you should speak to your doctor about PEP.

  23. Hi Dr. Tan, how are you? I was wondering the chances of my girlfriend getting pregnant if i was using a condom and had not ejaculated yet, but the condom broke and i pulled out immediately?


    • I am fine. Thank you for asking. Condom broke = no condom. No ejaculation does reduce the risk but there can be sperm in the pre-ejaculate especially if you just ejaculated not long ago. So I would say she is definitely at risk of getting pregnant but not a high risk. If you are not prepared for this pregnancy, the easier and safer thing to do is to get her to take a morning after pill.

  24. me and my Boyfriend had sex so the condom blust first time so he did not enjagulate me.so the second time the condom blust again so he enjagulated me. so i will be pregnant????

    • Given the fact that the condom broke twice I would say logically of course there is a chance you can get pregnant. If it has been less than 5 days since this happened you might want to see your doctor about the morning after pill.

  25. I had sex with my girlfriend and shes on her period. It was a mistake, but we used condoms but the condom broke and I pulled out before I came. As i pulled out, i realized it broke. What should we do? How long do i wait to buy a pregnancy test? What should we do, please respond ASAP.

    • See a doctor about the morning after pill.

    • dear…i dont think you are at risk of getting her pregnant cos she was on menses, that means its the end of a cycle…pregnancy can only occur during ovulation and even if it were the last days of her menses, there is still very low possibility of getting her pregnant…suppose your sperm survived for four days…inside her, ovulation still yet to begin or just begining being day 9 of her cycle…

      Dr Tan pls tell me if am wrong

      • You are right. This is so called the “safe period”. Of course, the human body is a very unpredictable thing and if for whatever reason she decides to ovulate earlier or the sperm can somehow survive longer, there is still a chance of pregnancy. This is why the “safe period” is the least reliable method of contraception. Click here for info on other contraception methods.

  26. My girlfriend were making love , & i ejaculated in her while she was on top what are the chances of her becoming pregnant?

    • I do not quite understand your question. Are you implying that the sexual position reduces her chance of getting pregnant? No it does not. She can get pregnant whatever the sexual position. And of course the risk is much higher when you ejaculate inside her.

  27. Dr Tan,

    How are you doing ? I don’t know if it ‘s good news for me , The girl that I had sex with has made a HIV Rapid test after 15 days , it ‘s negative ,,but now I have everyday stomach ache , and some muscle pain .. is that related to HIV ? Can some one catch HIV if a HIV girl made a fellatio for a man during 30 minutes ?

    Thanks a lot for your usual answer

  28. So I will have to wait until 3 months to test? what do you think if I test with a rapid Antibody test in 6 weeks ? they say most people get HIV positive during this period with Antibody test?

    Thanks for your prompt answer

  29. So I will have to wait until 3 months to test? what do you think if I test with a rapid test in 6 weeks ? they say most people get HIV positive during this period ?

    Thanks for your prompt answer

  30. Thanks a lot Dr. Tan for your prompt answer ..
    By the way I feel cold since 2 days and I got some muscle pain .. is that related to HIV infected ? in my country we have ELISA 3rd , 2nd Generation and Rapid test so I will take a test in one month? what is your advice ?


  31. Hello Dr Tan,
    Thanks a lot for your support by taking your precious time to answer to our questions.
    I had sex with a friend of mine 2 days ago, I ignore her HIV status. I am circumsized but the condom broke , I heard when the condom broke and I withdrew my penis immediately, I did not take more than 1 minute to get my penis outside.. I know that I am HIV negative when I asked her to go to a hospital for a test, she did not want and she told me she did the test recently she was negative. how high Is the risk of getting HIV from her?, When do I have to test to be sure that I don’t get HIV ? please advise..

  32. Hi Dr,
    I had sex with a circumsized guy but the condom broke and he had already come in me at the same time my period had just started he withdrew immediately,he then told me he had sex with another girl some weeks prior who was Hiv positive and apparently the condom had broken as well,how high Is the risk of me getting HIV?,please advise

    • Relatively high. Please see your doctor immediately about PEP.

      • A week ago I had sex with my HIV+ boyfriend. During the act, we heard the condom burst he pulled out immediately. There was no ejaculation plus he is on medz.I didn’t seek PEP because I went on it before this year. What is my risk?

        • The fact that he is on medication reduces the risk significantly. So I would say overall your risk is low.

  33. Hi Dr,

    thanks in advance, please reply;

    I had sex with a prostitute, condom broke while I was coming inside her [doggy style, vagina} the exposure time was NOT more than 7 seconds. I am circumsized, Am I at risk of STD/ HIV?
    this was first time occurrence. 5 days on NO symptoms.

    PLEASE reply. Thank you.

    • Dr Elaine Loh

      You will definitely need a full STD screen and HIV test in your situation. Exposure time is not relevant in assessing risk for STD so long as you had a risky sexual encounter. Of course being circumcised reduces your risk of STD/ HIV compared to uncircumcised males, but there is no way to be certain unless you do a STD screen.

      • I have done urine and blood test, waiting for results is that enough?

  34. Hi Dr..
    If you have sex with a lady who has HIV positive, without a condom & you released in her vigina..but she did not release her own sperms..what is you faith of not having HIV….?

  35. sourcefull

    i have lipomas… is it serious??

  36. Hello doc.had sex with a prostitute using a condom which she provided and inserted in me without leavin any space.I didn’t ejaculate, but days after felt goin pain and testicular pain.6 weeks after felt feverish, fatigue, weight loss and low apetite nausea and vomiting.went to a clinic and diagnosed of staph aureus in my urinary tract.don’t know if staph aureus is an std and what,s my risk of hiv

  37. Hello doctor tan, a have a concern so me and my fiancee have used the morning after pill twice this year already and we had intercourse tonight and found out the condom had broke , what options do wehave since we dont want to be pregnant yet

    • Not much man. Use the morning after pill again. Studies show morning after pill is safe for use up to 6 times a month! That said, sounds like you guys are better off on regular contraception. There are a lot of benefits for her like less painful periods, lower risk of ovarian and endometrial cancer etc. Find out more about contraception here.

  38. Abdul kalik

    I had sex with my wife I didn’t know she was on her first or second day of her period
    She didn’t even know
    But while having sex some how some skin broke on my penis and there was blood on my penis I noticed in the morning am I at risk of HIV or aids please answer the anxiety is un bearable thank you

    • Do you think your wife has HIV? If not why are you worried? You can only catch HIV from someone who has HIV.

  39. Dear doctor,

    i had sex with a sex worker, she provided the condom the condom however seem do be in a aluminium foil packaging. the sort used for chewing gum. we had sex and the condom didnt break. should i be worried ?

  40. Hi Dr,

    I was having sex with a sex worker 2days ago and the condom went inside her before i ejaculated. She stopped and took off the condom with her fingers and cleaned herself with water. She says she dont have any disease. So, do i need to take up any test ? Please help !!!!

    • Hi Sam,

      You should definitely get yourself tested for common STDs. Additionally you may want to consider PEP. See a doctor todiccus what you should do and when you should test for the various STDs.

  41. Person

    I had sex with my boyfriend for the second time around 8-9 in the morning and we were in the middle of it. We pulled out and noticed the condom broke but he didn’t ejaculate yet. Later on that day I took a shower and noticed a small piece of condom was still in me. I freaked out and the next morning almost 24 hours later give it take an hour I took the morning after pill. I believe next choice. It’s been 4 days and I’m still paranoid that I might be pregnant. I won’t get my period for abother 2 weeks. Do you think I’m pregnant? I’m so scared….

    • The morning after pill is 99% effective if taken within 72 hours. Worrying too much now might even cause your next period to be late which would invariably freak you out. On that note, the morning after pill itself can delay your next period. I don’t think you need to be too concerned. 99% is a good number.

  42. samuel

    I have sex with a call girl when I am in alcohol.. I noticed that I have not used condom during my sex.. I am in very depressed state for my wrong doing. This is my first sex.Please confirm the probability of getting std and HIV to me. Feeling ashamed on me..

    • Well my friend, you had unprotected sex with a commercial sex worker. You are obviously at risk of HIV and all STDs. Look out for symptoms and see us if they occur. If not, see us at 1 month post exposure for a HIV and STD screen. Click here for more info.

  43. stockwell

    Its bbeen since dec 2014 till now and just founnd out he has it today

  44. stockwell

    I had sex with a maale and he had hepatitis c and i had rough sex with 3 other guys after him but the guys that has it did not cum in me whats the chance. i havve it is it curable and hee got it from needles and hes npt curcumcised should i get cheched and let the girl no who is sleeping with now no he has it he said he had notbing and his mom told us he dpes but o was ob std shot to kill chlaymydia and. wprried bout the girl and my self

    • I have some problems understanding your post. From what I can gather you had sex with someone who is infected with Hep C. The risk of contracting Hep C via sexual route is actually extremely low. As good as negligible. What you should do now is to see your doctor and get tested for Hep C and all other STDs including HIV. This is just to be safe. If you are diagnosed with any infections, you should inform all your sexual partners.

  45. Hello Dr Tan,

    I have had two possible exposures,Incident took place in Indonesia

    A) This was on the 26th May 7:00 AM,I went into someone’s vagina whose HIV Status is unknown (She claims she is negative) for 5 secs after that pulled out and I wiped off using a tissue

    B) After wearing a condom she climbed on top of me,when I eventually ejaculated and pulled out condom got stuck in her vagina,My semen splashed out on the bed after i pulled out and when she eventually removed the condom I saw that little bit of my semen was inside the condom.

    I went to the AFA clinic on Tuesday 27th May tested negative,I want your opinion on PEP? Chances of my risk.


  46. i was wondering if you could help me with a problem,so i was having sex with my girlfriend, the condom broke, and after it broke i ejaculated outside of the vagina, should she still take the morning after pill?

    • Hi Alex,

      There’s still a slim chance that you may have leaked pre-cum containing sperm into your girlfriend. It might be better for her to take the morning after pill to reduce the chances of accidental pregnancy.

  47. Hello,
    My boyfriend and I had sex last night with a new brand of thin condoms, the first time they were great. Shortly after we had a round two and the condom broke and he came inside me. We have no idea when the condom broke or anything but we are wondering what my chances of getting pregnant are. The condom had spermicide in it and since it was the second come of the night we are hoping there was less sperm in it. My last period was 11 days ago.

    • Honestly, I think you should get the morning after pill. Since your period was 11 days ago, you are just about going to ovulate if not have ovulated already. Although it was the second ejaculate after a short time, there is still significant amount of sperm in it. And really all it takes is 1 sperm. Spermicides also do not work all the time. All in all, there is certainly a chance you can get pregnant and taking a morning after pill now is a whole lot easier than going for an abortion later on.

  48. Hi Dr Tan,

    Firstly thank you very much for helping all people here who often did let’s call it mistakes.
    This is truly kind.

    Here is my story, I am 28, I was on a business trip in Singapore. Last thursday night, I went to a normal club and drink really too much. Not facing any inhibitions I asked the taxi driver to bring to Orchard towers I had heard about. (It was my first time in a peep show in my life)

    I remember entering the thing then I have a big black out… But still enough memory to be sure I haven’t done anything inside. Then I went out: From there this is the story from the girl, as me I can’t remember it…

    The girl found me in the street, I said her apparently I would never pay someone for sex.
    She came to my hotel and did it for free, we had unprotected intercourse (vagina), (Something I already never do in europe, and that I would never do with a prostitute, but I was just not in a normal state)

    When I waked up sober, I really started to stress. FYI: She is 30, she said me she was from a good thailand family and had a husband but that he dumped her and that she had to do that now. I had my plane soon after to europe, I took the PEP after 40 hrs.

    – I don’t know if she has VIH (weirdly I have her now on Facebook but she hasn’t replied yet)
    (I know I should have asked directly)

    – I don’t know a lot about the details, as I can’t barely remember anything.
    But no anal, I am almost sure.

    – Hopefully I took the PEP.

    Here is my question, considering I am taking the PEP what are my chances to get the VIH ?

    • Thank you for a well thought out question. In a nutshell, your chance of getting HIV is very low. You basically have 3 distinct risks, or what I like to call, 3 rolls of the dice. So imagine you are at a casino and you are playing for your life. You have 3 rolls of the dice in your hand. 1st roll: Does she have HIV or not. Let’s put it at 4% chance of her getting HIV. Which is just about right for a Thai freelance prostitute in Singapore. If you win this roll, you walk away. If you lose this roll, you get a second chance. 2nd roll: Since she has HIV, did you or did you not catch it from her? You had unprotected insertive vaginal sex. So this roll is anywhere between 1% and 0.1% chance of getting infected. Again, if you win, you walk away. If you lose means you have been infected by her. Now you have a 3rd and final roll of the dice. 3rd roll: Will the PEP clear the HIV virus from your system? This roll has a 80% to 90% chance of success. i.e. 9 out of 10 times, the PEP works and you are free of HIV. If you win, you walk away. If you lose, you are infected with HIV. This, my friend, is my 3 rolls of the dice theory in the Casino of Life and the game of HIV. Please share it with as many people as you wish.


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