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  1. Hi… These few days, i feel itchy on my vagina and sometimes things came out like white slam.. Ive tried to wash with feminine wash but it didnt help. Any things i can do?

  2. Devanjana

    I had my periods on 23-Nov-2015, period was less than normal but it lasted for 5 days as usual. My cycle is 30 to 35 days. But this time I observed Light brown discharge after two days of my periods, then it stopped. But today 9-dec-2015 since morning i again spotted some blood and am experiencing this for the first time…. I haven’t visited any doctor yet. Is there something to worry? I would like to have your advice please….. Thankyou….

  3. Hello,
    I have period once every two weeks for the past 2 months already.
    Also, since young, I have fainting attacks.
    With these frequent menstrual, I am feeling more fainty/dizzy. Is this frequent menstrual something I should be worried about?

  4. my boyfriend and I been having sex for about a month now and the day I was about to go to my periods we did have sexual intercourse that’s when I realised that am on my period as I saw a red discharge before the actual red normal blood. the following day his penis was itching as in inside the tube of a penis. could I have infected him with that the last time we had sex when I was about to be on my periods and if so what can I do. it’s not only the itching but even the discharge coming from his penis

    • Sounds like your boyfriend has an infection as he is having itching and discharge from his penis. He should see a doctor soon or feel free to visit us at our clinics as he would need to get tested and treated for this.

  5. Hi I am unsure if I have a vaginal infection such as vaginitis or trichomoniasis or if I have an STD. I would like to know how much is testing and consultation?

  6. Hi Dr.Tan,

    I have seen you once at Robertson for gential herpes. Can I visit your Novena branch to get the antiviral medicine (without consultation)? Would like to have some spares in case of recurrence. Thks.

    • Dr Justin Sim

      If you do not need to see Dr Tan I would recommend getting the medication from the Robertson branch as we have your details available, making the purchase much easier. If the Novena clinic is more convenient for you or you do wish to see Dr Tan then you can make an appointment to see him once more. After you have been registered and seen in Novena you should be able to purchase the medication over the counter from then on. We just need a record in the clinic that you have been seen, which is for patient safety. Unfortunately (or fortunately) our patient details are not shared between clinics – this helps maintain confidentiality.

  7. Hello, I’m 18 and I am deciding to get on the pill. Is it costly and what is the procedure?

    • Dr Elaine Loh

      You are most welcome to see one of us for a consultation to assess your suitability to take OCP and some advice upon starting the pill. If you prefer a female doctor you can call the clinic ahead to check the schedule.

  8. Hi,
    I just want to hve papsmear…how much will it cost? Im a forigner frm phil. Do you accept to hv me pap?
    Thnk you

  9. Hi dr,

    I have Been bleeding after clitorial stimulation. The bleeding only lasts 1 to 2 days and sometimes with dark clots then I get brownish discharges after. Should I be worried?

    I guess I have pcos as well since my periods are highly irregular and months passes between each cycle. Now I have completely lost track of my cycles as sometimes I bleed even without any sexual activity in small amounts ranging from 1 week to 4 weeks at times.

    Please kindly advise.

    • Dr Elaine Loh

      Bleeding after only clitoral stimulation sounds more likely due to local causes like abrasion or trauma. Bleeding after sex however, can sometimes be due to more serious conditions, hence importance of pap smear.
      PCOS does cause irregular menses but this can be managed with COCP. However, you should visit a doctor for more advice on this condition and future complications.

  10. Hi Doc!

    Im going for a honeymoon soon and apparently my period cycle changed frm usually coming at the end of month (around 27 or 28 of the month) to around 22 or 23 of the month.

    Is there a way to delay or temporary stop my menses?

    Hope to hear from you.

    • Dr Justin Sim

      Yes there is a way to delay your period involving progesterone tablets that you take 3 times a day. But usually you will need this to start 3 days before your period is due so it’s best to make an appointment early so that you can start the medication on time.

  11. helpless

    Hi Doctor,

    I had went to see doctor before for a itch that kept coming back on and off. It only occurs on the top of my clitoris (am not sure if thats what you call it, basically at the top where the folds meet). And when it itch badly, it feel like there is a bump there like those you get from mosquitoe bite. The doctor previously said its infection and gave me a pill to insert. But the problem never go away and it been couple years. few months back the area beside my thigh start to itch badly too. Then it went away. It came back yesterday and i apply the powder on my private parts that is suppose to stop itch. This morning i didnt notice anything. But just before lunch i went to pee and i saw this big green lump of custard looking stuff on my undies! Its really big and scary. I never had it before. It seems thick pungent like. Not sure if there is what they say as fishy smell. i only had sex few times every couple months interval. And planning to get married and have kids in another 2 year or so. I am very worried and to check it out and cure it once and for all. but am worried if i can afford it. Can you advise how much roughly am i looking at? Thank you

  12. helpess and worried

    I keeo having a itch at the top where the folds meet. when it itch badly, it feel like there is a bump like a mosquitoe bute. just before lunch i went to pee and saw this big green lump of custard looking stuff on my undies! Its really big and scary. I never had it before. It seems thick pungent like. Not sure if is fishy smell. i only have sex few times every couple months interval. am very worried and want to check and cure it once and for all. but am worried if i can afford it. Can you advise how much roughly am i looking at? Thank you

  13. Ever since I started having sex I have had a constant discharge. Everyday I will have discharge, usually it is just clear with no Oder, but I’ve noticed that after unprotected sex I will have a thicker discharge and my vagina will itch like a I have a yeast infection. Also when he ejaculates inside me with no condom it almost feels like it burns.

    • Dr Justin Sim

      Some discharge can be normal but without being able to examine you it is difficult to say what may be causing it. Certainly one of the most common issues is a yeast infection, particularly if you are getting itching and burning. The best way to be sure is to get tested and depending on results, treated.


    • Are you asking about foods to eat during pregnancy? You can read the article HERE. I’m sure you can find Halal sources of the listed foods in Singapore.

  15. Hi doctors.. Im a foreigner from indonesia,medan wanted to know where can i go for my gallstones checkup/removal.. Like which hospital and doctors..?? N i would like to know the pricing for foreigner too.. Thanks..

    • You are welcome to visit us at any of our clinics. We can then refer you to the appropriate specialist.

  16. I would like to do mammogram, may I know which clinic should I go? I prefer the female doctor. Thanks

    • You are welcome to visit us at any of our clinics. We can then refer you to the appropriate radiology. We have 2 lady doctors. You can call up beforehand to check their schedule.

  17. Hidoc,i went last aug.to see the doc cos im spotting in 2 months after that they do papsmeartest the result is imflammation en class2 the doc. Gave ammoxicillin..after few months is coming back again the spotting then i went again to the doc.then he test again the result is no bacteria growth but now its coming back again ..im so worried ..

    • You had a class 2 smear last year probably caused by a GBS infection and given amox. Now your spotting has started again. Sounds to me like you really need another PAP smear. In fact, preferably you should get a HPV test and ultrasound of your pelvis to rule out any other causes of bleeding.

  18. Hi Dr,

    I experience bleeding during sex everytime me and my partner have sex for the past 2 months, but no pain at all. I’ve gotten Unitary tract infection about 3 months ago. We only started having sex only when I recovered. What could be the problem?

    • Bleeding after sex is a very sinister symptom. You must get it checked out by your doctor. Causes can range from very dangerous diseases like cancer of the cervix or cancer of the womb. Of course, more likely the cause is something benign like an infection or cervical polyp. Either way, it is very important for you to see your doctor and find out what is going on.

  19. Hi DR. Tan!

    I had unprotected sex for 3 times with my bf, on the fourth time, I had bleeding during sex, I thought it’s because I just ended my menstruation. After 2 weeks, we had sex again and had bleeding during sex.

    Prior to that, I had brown discharge for 2 weeks and delayed menses for month before the 4th time

    Need your comment on this.thanks doc.

    • There are many causes of bleeding after sex. Some are sinister – cervical cancer, uterine cancer. Some are less sinister – hormonal issues. Some are completely benign – tears and abrasions. You need to see your doctor to find out exactly what is causing your bleeding.

  20. Hi dr, may I know where I can purchase the supplement –

    Brand : Doctors Best
    Supplement : Serrapeptase (Best High Potency Serrapeptase 120000SPUs, 90 Veggie Caps)

    Apparently it’s not sold in all the GNCs here. Thank u!

  21. Hi Dr

    i would like to do cancer test for my body , but i not sure how to say to Dr and what and how many kindsof test should i do please help me with suggesting , what Dr should i see whatkind of test and where

    Best Regards

    • Cancer screening is complex. You should speak to your doctor about it. Generally speaking, the options are:

      1. Cervical cancer – PAP Smear, HPV testing
      2. Breast cancer – Mammogram, Breast Ultrasound, MRI
      3. Colon cancer – Stool for occult blood, Colonoscope
      4. Prostate cancer – DRE, PSA
      5. Skin cancer – physical skin screen

      Screening for other types of cancer has not been recommended but some doctors still do it. They are:

      1. Lung cancer – Chest x-ray, CT scan
      2. Nose cancer – naso-endoscope
      3. Uterine/Ovarian cancer – Pelvic Ultrasound
      4. Pancreatic cancer – Abdominal ultrasound

      Click here for more info on cancer screening.

  22. I hve hd heavy menses for 2 mths. It wil stop for 2-3 days and start again. There is no pain but I experience heavy blood clot. Cn you advice dr

    • You need to see a doctor asap. The most common cause of heavy menses is fibroids. However, what is even more important now is to stop the bleeding before you become anemic or even go into heart failure.

      • Thank you for your advice doctor. Yes I will Dr Elaine today.

  23. Hi i want to start using birth control pills coz my partner and i are sexually active. But ive got questions.
    1. If im on birth control pills then we have sex but my partner does withrawal will i get pregnant?
    2. If im oon birth control then we have sex but my partner ejaculates inside me will i get pregnant?

    • 1. No. 2. No. When used properly, birth control pills are 99% effective at preventing pregnancy. Even if you have unprotected sex. Even if your partner ejaculates inside you. But there is always a 1% chance that birth control pills can fail and you still get pregnant.

  24. Charlotte

    Hi Doc,
    My last period was on 22 Nov and ended on 30 Nov.
    On 23 Dec I have a period/spotting which lasted less than a day. Not sure if it’s period, but it’s more than normal spotting.
    I’m sexually active with my partner but we always use condom. The last time we had sex was on 20 Dec. before that is 6,7 and 13.
    I haven’t had my period until now. My last 2 cycle was around 29 days.
    I tried and tested with home pregnancy kit last Thursday 8 Jan and last Sunday 11 Jan.
    Both sessions results are negative. The first test I used 2 different pregnancy kits and both results are negative.
    I’m not sure what is wrong?

    • Certainly sounds like some kind of hormonal aberration. These things are usually benign and correct themselves over time.

  25. hi doctor.. i’ve gotten an injection shot on my butt in end november because i was having stomach flu and fever.. till now, the lump from the injection shot has not gone away but it is not painful.. how can i make it go away??

    • This is an induration caused by an inflammatory reaction to the injection. It will take a really really long time to go away. You can try massaging it or some doctors will inject steroids into it. I suggest you just leave it alone. It is harmless anyway.

  26. hi doctor i hope you can help me, i am having this problem on my vagina there are pimples growing i dont know what caused this , before i thought its nothing coz it just go away but not its multiplying .. its not painful but its disgusting to have it there . hope you can give me a bit clarification about it . thank you

    • By using the word “pimple” you are basically suggesting that it is some kind of hair gland infection or folliculitis. Without seeing it, it would be very wrong for me to make that presumptive diagnosis. So before calling it a “pimple” I think you should see a doctor to find out exactly what it is first. I am very careful about this because I have had patients tell me that have a “pimple” and it turns out to be not a pimple at all but warts or ulcers.

      • Hi doc.
        I had an un.protected sex last dec.28 and after a week my vagina iS itchy Inside and there is like a pimple..what kind of sickness is this?

  27. Hi doctor, my period just came on the 14 Dec and ended on the 21st. I then had protected sex on the 24th, but three days later I noticed a brown spotting, which is usually normal for me, but this time it lasted quite a few days and now the spotting has red streaks in its discharge. Is it something to be worried about? I have recently started ore intensive workouts from my usual regime and have taken fat burner pills as well.

    • The only thing I would be worried about is cervical problems. So as long as you have had your regular PAP smears and all were normal, you should not be worried.

  28. Hi, I had my period on 13 Dec and my last day of period was 19 Dec. After 2nd week of my period, I experienced spotting, it happened for 2 days, and Vaginal Itching. I had it washed and cleaned with feminine wash, and I change my undergarment regularly but the itch still happens. May know what causes the itchiness ? And why spotting happened even after my period?

    • Mid-cycle spotting could be due to ovulation. The most common cause of itch is a fungal infection. We are however only speculating. You should see your doctor to find out the actual cause.

  29. Hi Doc,

    I’m travelling overseas on the 30 Jan to 08 Feb next year in 2015.

    I’m currently having my period (today’s the first day) – 23 Nov 2014.

    What choices do I have in order to delay/bring forward my period for next month so that
    it will not happen during my travel period. In addition, how does those pills work?

    Do advise. Thanks!

    • Delaying the period is much more predictable than bringing it forward. The most commonly used pill is called Nor-Ethisterone. You basically take it for as long as you do not want your period to come and stop when you do. The period will usually come about 2 to 3 days after stopping the pill.

  30. Hi Doctor,

    I hear that Homeopathy in Singapore is not regulated and anybody can practice Homeopathy. Is this true ?

    You mention that you are certified, can I know is it a private certification or Government certification ?

    I have heard from friends to try Homeopathy for Psoriasis that I am suffering from, but I am very concerned about the safety of Homeopaths.


    • I’m sorry I do not recall mentioning anywhere that I am certified in Homeopathy. Can you point out to me where you read this?

  31. i am having heavy pain in my waist.nowbits very difficult to bent.can’t understand what to do,or seek which doc?

    • The right thing to do is to always see your GP first. He will recommend you to a specialist if appropriate. If the symptoms are severe, go to the Emergency department. If you are an expat and need more info, please read this link.

  32. I had a syphillis rpr test 3 months post exposure and 6 months post exposure. Both negative. I have constant muscle aches and nerve pain. Should I be concerned with syphillis? Do I need to be retested?

    • As far as I am concerned the RPR at 3 months and 6 months is conclusive. However, most guidelines now recommend screening with both a non-treponemal test (RPR/VDRL) AND a treponemal test.

  33. Hi, my daughter is 6 yrs old and have skin problem like eczema since born. She has recurrent of varginal infection and always crave for sugary products. In school, she was complaint by teachers that she lack of concentration and very bad memory. Does she sound like having candida overgrown symptoms? Any helps for her?

    • You really need to bring her to see a pediatrician. 6 year old girls should not be having recurrent vaginal infections. Her behavioural problems could be due to ADHD or other development issues. I hate to bring this up but a young girl with vaginal infections and behavioural problems could also indicate abuse.

  34. Hi doctor, my sister has missed her period for 4 months. She has changed her diets during this period which result in 10 kg of weight loss. I understand weight loss can cause period delay. Any advise how to stimulate her period to come? Is dostinex safe to be consumed? Thank you.

    • Yes sudden weight loss is a very common cause of missed periods. First you must make sure that her weight loss is purely due to her change in diet and not any other medical issues like thyroid diseases. There are several hormonal meds used to bring on the period like Nor-E and even the usual OCPs. Go see you doctor before taking any medicines.

  35. Dear Doctor,

    My partner have been taking Acnotin 10mg one pill per day for 2 months. Now she was confirmed 6 weeks pregnant. Meaning she was on the pills before and during the 6 weeks pregnancy. She stopped taking Acnotin immediately after confirming she’s pregnant. What are the chances of having birth defects or miscarriage due to Acnotin? I tried to search for Acnotin pregnancy case study to know the percentage of birth defects but no much info about it. Appreciate your help and advices.

    • Isotretinoin has a high risk of causing miscarriage, birth defects, premature labour or sudden death after birth. Birth defects can happen in more than 35% of patients who are pregnant and taking Isotretinoin. Please bring this matter up to your partner’s Obstetrician.



    • You could be. Breast feeding does provide some form of contraception but it is definitely not foolproof.

  37. Magdalene

    Hello doctor, I’m 16 this year and I’ve always had irregular periods since they started when I was 11. It was only until last year that I went to the gynae and got my period regulated using Provera pills. I’ve realised that since regulating my periods, they have been painful, heavy and burdensome. Apart from school I also travel a lot and see myself doing so in the future, hence my periods are a big burden to my daily activities. I’m interested to know if there’s any way that I am able to lighten or permanently stop my periods, preferably stop, and what is the age limit in Singapore to do so. Fertility being affected is currently not of concern to me as I do not plan on having any children, but I have read up on some methods to stop periods and not all seem to inhibit fertility. Thanks 🙂

    • Dr Elaine Loh

      There are several types of contraception which can help lighten and eventually stop periods in some women such as contraceptive pills, Depo injection or intrauterine device (IUD).For ladies who have not had any children before, I do not recommend IUD as the risk of slippage is high and usually more difficult to insert.
      You may consider Depo injection, however there also side effects to it. You can come in and speak to one of us for a more thorough discussion.


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