Weight Management

It does not matter how much weight you lose in a month if you just put it all back on the next. Weight loss is perhaps one of the most challenging aspects of improving the health of patients but our Clinic is prepared to walk the distance with our patients.

Our weight management program combines sensible and practical diet and exercise tips with prescription medications to help patients achieve their target weight loss. Select patients may also benefit from body sculpturing using ultrasound or radiofrequency machines on stubborn areas of fat or sagging skin.

We believe patients do not require extreme diets, twice a day intensive gym programs or extensive periods of starvation in order to achieve healthy weights. We have at our disposal different prescription medications so our doctors can tailor a specific treatment plan for each individual patient.

These include: –

Fat Blockers

“Fat blockers” (eg. Xenical ), which reduces the amount of fat we absorb from our food. Safe and effective, fat blockers seldom result in any significant health effects although minor discomforts like abdominal bloatedness, flatulence or oily stools are common.

Short Term Appetite Suppressants

Short term Appetite suppressants (eg. Duromine and Panbesy ) exert a powerful effect on our “hunger centre” in the brain to stop over-eating. These medications are among the most popular and effective for weight loss. However, patients may have to put up with side effects like heart palpitations, insomnia and irritability. Such medications are not recommended for long term use. Our doctors will discuss the risks and benefits to you during your consultation with us.

Longer Term Appetite Suppressants

Longer term Appetite suppressants (eg. Reductil, Ectiva ) help improve satiety and reduce the urge to over-eat at meals. Because of a safer side effect profile and better tolerability, these appetite suppressants may be used for a longer period of time, especially in patients who are not suitable for the previous classes of medications, or are seeking to maintain their weight after losing it. Saxenda

Sugar Blockers

“Sugar blockers” (eg. Acarbose ) may help reduce your overall calorie intake as well the spike in blood sugar which occurs after a meal. They work by preventing complex sugars from being digested to simple sugars, which is required for absorption. Because of this, less sugar overall is taken into the body during a meal. Similar to fat blockers, this sometimes results in side effects such as abdominal bloatedness and flatulence.