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Video of Positive Oraquick Advance HIV 1/2 Test

This is a video of the Oraquick Advance HIV 1/2 Test showing a positive result.

Many people come to my clinic for the OraQuick Advance saliva HIV test.

Fortunately most people test Negative for HIV.

This also means few people know what a positive test looks like.

I always say ‘1 line negative, 2 lines positive.’

In this video, you can see how a ‘Live‘ positive test looks like.

Watch as the pink reagent creeps slowly up the strip.

Within a few minutes, one red bar appears. Within another few minutes, another red bar appears.

This is a test Positive for HIV.

To view the video, click on the link below:

At the end of 20 minutes, the test looked like this:

If your test looks like this, please see Our Doctors as soon as you can.

Remember, this is a screening test and can have false negative results.

You need another test to confirm if you are really infected with HIV or not.


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  1. Hi doc.im worried about my self b4 I had gf we sex with out condom..she is domestic helper in sg..maybe months later I went to clinic because I fell burn in uranation and blood..the doctor test my urine.but b4 the result come he give me amoxiclav and I feel ok now..im worried I am affected with hiv pls reply

  2. Hi Dr Tan,i went for Ora quik test tis year Feb and was tested negative.but my mind atill says i am positive.what should i do?to go for another test?
    Thank you

  3. I have take 4 oraquick home tests after 6 months all negative.

    My question Dr. Tan is if you use the Multispot test for positives confirmation? In the USA they don’t use the western blot any longer. How fast can you get a positive result with the multispot? I heard 21 days to 28 days, is this correct? Thanks.

    • drtan

      The current US CDC recommendation is to screen first using a 4th Generation HIV test and IF it is positive, to confirm it with a different antibody test. If the 2 tests are discrepant, to conduct a RNA PCR test.

  4. What is the chances of someone getting std from protected sex ( with condom ) . What is the price for consultation and oraquick test in your clinic ?

  5. Accuracy of oraquick

    Dear doctor Tan.
    I am male 34years old from Sumatra. Want to ask about oraquick. in my country, OraQuick is not recommended as a means to test for HIV. consequently I have to message the device through illegal agents via the internet. one of the USA and 2 from EUROPE. which is one of the USA complete with box but that of EUROPE just pack liquid bottle and sticks only. (Wrapper still intact). but I am beginning to doubt because in the user guide mentions that the tool must be stored at a temperature of 2 s / d 80 F. I do not know whether the delivery process, the tool has been exposed to heat / cold. The tools I use 3 months after the last risk. I did test 3 times and the results are “only appears in the C line”. My question: if the temperature affect the test results, whether the cause false negative or false positive? how temperature affects the results of the test? . Please answer, i am so worry. Thanks very much

    • No matter what you do, the fact remains that the OraQuick home test is never 100% accurate. It is obviously very good that your tests are negative but you should confirm this with a doctor. OraQuck should be stored between 2 to 30 degrees celcius.

      • Donny Roy

        Dr Tan. THANK on your quick response. I just worry about the past behavior. during the year 2012 I have had sex at high risk. I forget how many times and how exactly. I did such sex: sex friction on the lips of the vagina without penetration into the vagina (penis in contact with the fluid on the lips of the vagina), sex with masturbating woman with fingers and wet kisses. it only happened in 2012. but I experienced pain which is very similar to the symptoms of HIV (In May 2014). I was treated in hospital and complete blood checked. physician diagnosis only thypod fever. I did not tell the doctor about risky behaviors. so I bought oraquick from the internet. although three times the result was negative, but my anxiety is getting higher because now I have symptoms of chronic urticaria. highly dependent on allergy medication. Dr. Tan!! of the story, if you see me already infected with HIV? this time I’m saving to be able to check in your clinic later. because in my country have an HIV test process is very scary because it is done in a special room that everyone can know. I hope we can meet Dr. Tan.

        • Why don’t you stop freaking out and look objectively at the facts. You are worried you have HIV. You have tested with the OraQuick which is honestly very accurate. But you are still worried. So the logical thing for you to do is to go see a doctor and get an accurate HIV test.

          • Donny Roy

            Tanks again Dr. Tan. I’m just worried because the symptoms are similar to HIV in my body. and too many false negative issues generated by OraQuick through the news on the internet. and also long debate of the counselor in my country and disagreement OraQuick rapid. I’ll try to calm and trust at 3 times my negative OraQuick test. not easy to run a test hiv here. if anyone saw us go into the clinic HIV counselor, then we must be prepared to accept a bad stigma. even insurance companies also will oversee every claim our treatment.GOD BLESS U Sir

  6. Hi, based on oraquick website; they say no water or food for atleast 30 minutes before the test. I had one sip of water 20-25 minutes before the test. Will that affect the results? Thank You.

  7. Hi Doctor Tan,

    I visited a sex worker and allowed her to blow me without a condom? How high is the risk of contracting STDs and HIV?

    I am thinking of getting tested comprehensively for HIV and STDs/ Is this advisable and what is the estimated cost if i test for everything at your clinic?

    thanks for your time.

    • No risk of HIV but certainly risk for the other STDs. I cannot dispense medical advice over the internet. STD screening with HIV costs $440. Please post any follow up questions on http://www.askdrtan.com


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