Vaginal discharge

What is vaginal discharge?

All women have vaginal discharge to some extent and it is absolutely normal.

The vaginal walls, uterine and cervix contain glands that produce a small amount of fluid that helps to keep the vagina clean. Normal vaginal discharge is typically clear or milky white in colour and does not have an unpleasant odour.

The amount and type of vaginal discharge varies between women such that no two people will have the same experience.

A change in vaginal discharge, either from abnormal colour, consistency, or smell  with or  without other symptoms such as irritation, pain during urination or itch could be a sign of an  infection.

A small amount of vaginal discharge is a reflection of the body’s normal cleansing process.  You will usually start noticing vaginal discharge when you reach adolescence/puberty.

What is normal vaginal discharge?

Normal vaginal discharge is usually clear or milky white in colour and odourless. The amount and consistency of normal vaginal discharge can vary individually and also depending on where you are in your menstrual cycle.



Usually during Day 14-16 (mid cycle) of your menstrual cycle, you may notice profuse, egg white consistency discharge which is associated with ovulation. More often, this can be accompanied with a slight tinged of blood (mid cycle bleeding). The good news is that this is a sign of fertility and would increase your chances of pregnancy if you have sex during this period.

What is abnormal vaginal discharge?

Abnormal vaginal discharge is when there is a change in your ‘normal’ vaginal discharge, ranging from a change in colour, consistency or smell.

This would usually signal the presence of an infection which could include:

Candida (Yeast/vaginal thrush)

Bacterial vaginosis




Remember, infections like trichomoniasis, Chlamydia and gonorrhoea are considered sexually transmitted infections, while infections such as candidiasis and bacterial vaginosis are not considered sexually transmitted.

If you have noticed a change in your vaginal discharge or worried that it isn’t normal, see your doctor for further advice. If needed, swab tests can be performed to confirm the presence of any infection. Last but certainly not least, the majority of these infections are easily treatable.

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  1. Hello Doctor, my discharge seems to resemble like cottage cheese but it doesn’t itch but it smells sort of like iron. I actually tried to check my vagina and I could see a lot of white discharge inside the vaginal canal. How much would it cost for checkup and medication?

    • Dr Justin Sim

      This may be a yeast infection. A standard checkup costs $60 and medication will vary depending on the actual cause. Remember that some tests may also be needed.

  2. Zoey Updegraff

    I’ve been having vaginal discharge more than usual, it’s milky white. I’ve been getting dizzy lately, cramps but not as bad as period cramps, i’ve been gaining a bit of weight and i had sex without protection. My breasts are getting bigger and my nipples surrounding has been getting a bit darker. Do you think this is a sign of pregnancy? I haven’t took a test yet, but i would like to know if its a possibility.

  3. Zoey Calvin

    I’ve been having vaginal discharge more than usual, it’s milky white. I’ve been getting dizzy lately, cramps but not as bad as period cramps, i’ve been gaining a bit of weight and i had sex without protection. My breasts are getting bigger and my nipples surrounding has been getting a bit darker. Do you think this is a sign of pregnancy? I haven’t took a test yet, but i would like to know if its a possibility.

  4. Hi I’m 14 Years Old And I Have This Brown Discharge That Sometimes Comes Out With Blood And I Don’t Know What It Could Be Can You Help Me? Thanks

  5. Hi,

    I have been having continuous episodes of itching with some increased normal discharge. I have tried treatment for thrush but continue to itch, could you tell me what this may be please?

    • Dr Elaine Loh

      Though vaginal candidiasis is one of the commonest cause for vaginal itch and discharge, there are many other causes like trichomonas, BV or even STD infections that can cause these symptoms. Best way to ascertain is to get a proper examination and vaginal swab done. You are welcome to visit our clinics.

  6. Hi doctor,

    I visited your clinic at Robertson Walk and seek for Dr. Sim’s advice yesterday.

    Before that, I was facing itchiness at my private part with some discharge like cottage cheese. I feel better after took 2 times of medicine (anti fungal and anti histamine) until now, but I just realized that I have some brownish discharge. As per Dr. Sim, I will have some discharge after having the medicine to clear the fungal. I would like to know is it normal if the discharge is in brownies color?

    Thank you.

    • Dr Justin Sim

      Brownish discharge may indicate that a small bit of blood may be the cause. Usually taking antifungals and antihistamines should not cause this. I would monitor it for 1 or 2 more days and if the discharge continues or worsens then come in and see us again and we can reassess your situation.

      • Thanks Dr Sim for your prompt advice.

        I will seek for doctor’s advice if the discharge continues. May I know the consultation hours of Dr Sim Li Kun for this coming Saturday and Sunday as I prefer female doctor.

        Thank you.

        • Hi, I will be working this Saturday between 9am-2pm at the Robertson walk clinic.

          • Xin Yi

            Hi Dr Sim,

            Can I ask if you do treatment for fishy smell discharge? If so, can you tell me the charges and your availability? Do I have to make an appointment or can do a walk in consultation? Thank you.

  7. Shameeka Thompson

    I had a discharge with blood in it it was thick and creamy

  8. Victoria

    Hi, I have observed brown discharge around 3 days after my period ended. This discharge has lasted for 6 days so far. Is it normal?

    • Sometimes, brown discharge can happen right before or after period. If you are concerned, you should consult a doctor to get yourself checked.

  9. Stressed out


    Of late from past 10 days I ve been having brown vaginal discharge sometime with spot instead of periods. Please let me know what should I do. I am stressed out a lot lately.

    • You should consult a doctor. Brown vaginal discharge may be a sign of infection. See a doctor and get it assessed.
      You are welcomed to visit us at any of our clinics.

  10. sharon

    I would like to ask this….Doc, My boyfriend has been sex partners for 6 years now and has been active monogamously ( withdrawal)…It was 2 mons before our wedding while I was very busy preparing for everything, we decided not to withdraw the semen during sex…. I experience unpleasant smell in my secretions…I was assuming it may be due to itch, I am always on a regular menstrual cycle..but I notice even if we don’t have sex s smell lingers..and it makes me worry if i have cancer..lately, we notice there is mixture of blood in my secretions.. I love sex with my partner, and I hate it when we have to stop only one round due to this unpleasant smell..I also notice even if I’m not having sex…these days why vaginal secretions stinks..I hate it..y?

    • sharon

      I have been using feminine wash and takes vitamins..sometimes my epanties smell sweet or sugar..dn sometimes I secrete odorly smell

      • I would think sweet or sugary smell is a good thing. However, foul smelling vaginal discharge is not normal. You should consult a doctor to get yourself assessed.

    • Foul smelling vaginal discharge could indicate that you are having an infection. Please consult a doctor to get yourself assessed. You may need further testing done.
      You are welcomed to visit us at any of our clinics.

  11. Unknown

    I have white bit that are also clear in my period blood and a little burning when I pea on the outside of my vagina also when I pea I was supposed to start my period in three days but I spotted pink for like five minutes yesterday and woke up with my period today is all this normal?

    • Unknown

      And there is no bad smell.

    • drtan

      I honestly do not understand your question. Can you re-phrase it please?

      • Unknown

        I started having white discharge yesterday and then I start to have a little pink blood come out later last night then this morning I woke up bleeding but in the blood there is little white /clearish chunks in it and I been having bad cramps on my left side of my lower stomach it also burns on the outside of my vagina when I pea but it isn’t on the inside and it doesn’t smell what could this possibly be?

  12. Troubled

    Hi doctor

    I’m on contraceptive pill for a few years. Recently I have v bad itchiness on the vagina. I do have it in and off but it usually went away within a day or two but now it still itches and a it swollen since Friday. I start having some thick yellowish greenish discharge too.. am I having the sign of a STD? How much will it cost to determine the actual infection I’m having? Will gynae be able to test for me also?

  13. My discharge comes out normal (whitish-transparent, of regular consistency and odour less) but at the end of the day it dries as a pale-yellow crust. When I masterbate, it dries on my fingers as pale-yellow and crusty as well sometimes. It doesn’t smell fishy or pungent, but there is a bit of a smell. Is this normal?? Thank u for answering

    • Dr Justin Sim

      Discharge isn’t something that you should normally have. It may not necessarily be due to an STD but if you are sexually active then it might ebe a good idea to screen just to be safe.

      • Isn’t vaginal discharge an everyday occurence?? I don’t usually see stains on my underwear except during the mid-cycle period, during which I see pale-yellow crust/stains when the discharge has dried. Just wondering, what does normal vaginal discharge look like when dried on underwear or any other surface? The extent of my sexual encounters only include giving twice and receiving once unprotected oral sex to two different guys, and having one of their penis pushed against my vagina until it bled (was a virgin then). These happened a few years ago and I have not done anything sexual since except for masterbation just a few times. Am I considered sexually active? From this, and the discharge I have described, what STDs/HIV was I at risk of? I would like to go for tests, but the costs are a problem and was thinking I should test only for those I was of high or non-negligible risk of. Thank you for answering doctors I am really worried sick about this 🙁

        • Dr Justin Sim

          My apologies, I realised in my haste I replied based male penile discharge. i did not initially see this posted in the vaginal discharge column. So let’s start again. Vaginal discharge for women is very normal. Discharge can vary in colour and appearance at different times in your cycle and is different for every woman. Dried stains can be clear, white or even yellow in colour. Once you have had sex you can be considered sexually active but obviously if you are not engaging in sex that often then your chances of getting STDs is much lower. Two key points here are that up to 80% of women do not have any symptoms with regards to STDs so screening is often used to be sure. The second point is that pain or itching down below is often a sign of infection. In essence there is a spectrum for normal discharge and this varies between women. My advice to you is to get screening done if you want peace of mind. If the tests are all clear then we can be certain that the discharge you get is normal for you.

  14. dear dr tan,

    i am 31 years old and have not had sex yet. my periods are always on time, but everyday for the last 10 years or as far back as i can remember there has always been a brown dry stain on my panty in the vaginal area. along wiht this stain i have noticed discharge which varies in color n consitency during different stages of my cycle. my neice who is also 12 years old has similar dry brown stains in her underwer. was wondering if this is normal or something to be worried about. it looks like a pair of dirty socks but in the crotch area of the underwear. please reply asap.

    • It is common to have brown spotting just before or right after your menses. If you are worried, you should consult a doctor.

  15. Jenna

    Im 15,i masturbute.i have been masturbuting continuosly for few days.but i never had still virgin.i do having a transparent discharge mostly everyday without any smell.i felt it was normal.but past 3 days i see a thick white liquid,i coudnt be clear if it is a liquid because it looked like thread hanging in my vangina.,a thick thread in breath wise.It didnt smell.I can feel it coming out of my vagina.i guess the liquid was wet,because i felt it in my pants,but not sure still.i didnt examine it properly.i noticed it the second time in this yeast infection? but i couldnt relate my self with the causes of yeast infection which i saw in the net,like pregnancy,diabetes,etc etc.

    • drtan

      Whenever we hear “thick white discharge” the first thing we think of is a yeast infection. The medical textbook description for that kind of discharge is “cottage cheese”. It is usually accompanied by itch but not always. There are many causes of a vaginal yeast infection. Aside from the ones you listed also – taking antibiotics, douching, the soaps you use, the clothes you wear, the foods you eat etc. In other words, yeast infections can occur without any known cause. You can try an OTC antifungal cream to see if it helps. For more info on vaginal yeast infections click HERE.

  16. I am asking in place of my sister. She has been sexually active since end march till now, unprotected and usually on fri-sun. I was told that her mens came on 11th and lasted till 15th apr. The last time she had an intercourse was on 19th or 20th apr. immediately the next day, she had pink discharge. then for the next 4-5(till tdy)days she had clear discharge with blood gets more heavy and more watery as day passes. she’s pretty sure its not an infection as she only has one partner and her partner has 2 including her. Nothing went wrong for the guy though. She hasnt had any discomfort while urinating, no itch, no swell or whatsoever. Is this normal for her? i am advicing her to go to the doctors but she refuses. shes 20.

    • From your description of her symptoms, it sounds to me like she suffered an abrasion or tear in the vagina/cervix and the body is fixing itself. If this is the case, her symptoms should go away in a few days. That aside, I have to comment on your statement that she is convinced she has no infection because her partner only had 1 other partner before. I agree that because of this it is UNLIKELY that she has an infection but we cannot be absolutely sure unless we test. That said, to repeat my first point, her symptoms do not sound like they are due to an infection.

  17. christina

    Im 41 years old with a history of uterine fibroids. The last few days I have been bleeding. It is bright red and like a light period, yet I am mid cycle. This has never happened to me before. I have been taking birth control pills for over a year with no problems until now. I currently have period cramps and when I wipe after using the toilet the blood is contained in a thin jelly-like discharge. There is no odor. What could this be?

    • It could be a lot of things from your fibroids to cancer. You should see your ObGyn to find the root cause of the bleeding.

  18. Hai. Earlier when i was in the toilet passing number 2. And i notice a cloudy non-sticky fluid hanging from my vagina. It’s thick, not wet, around 6 inch long and it has already cut into two but not breakable when i observe it. What is this

  19. Hi, I’m so I’ve been getting some discharge lately. Kinda liquidy and it has a slight smell. Usually after my period I always get this bump on my bagina. Kinda looks like a wart..and it bleeds sometimes and iit has a little bit of pus. Is it cancerous

    • Btw I’m 13

    • The lump you describe does not sound like wart at all. It sounds like an infected gland. Most of the time, it is harmless and will go away by itself or with a bit of antiseptic cream. However, in rare cases it can become a painful big boil which will need to be lanced by your doctor. The discharge you are describing also does not sound sinister. It may be just some overgrowth of bacteria in the vagina. Make sure you use feminine friendly soaps to wash your private areas and do not wash internally. Also, take more healthy bacteria in your diet like those found in plain yoghurt. This will help balance out the micro-environment of the vagina.

  20. Elaine

    Hi.. Currently im having itchiness at my private part at the lips n surround the vaginal part. This starts to happen since the day i wore a brand kotex pad last year. But now it became worst as it always feel itchy in the day n night. I also do have odour discharge. Cn i know is it an infection?

    • Dr Justin Sim

      It does sound like an infection from what you describe but it would be impossible to say which infection it is without testing. I would recommend getting some swab tests done which will identify the cause and then you can be treated accordingly.

  21. Since I was 14 I’ve been having foul smelling whitish green clumpy discharge but I am not sexually active and I’m actually still a virgin till this day, I am 19 now I’ve been taking monistat 7 and it would clear up but come back 2 months later what could this be?

    • Dr Elaine Loh

      Your symptoms are most likely caused by fungal or bacterial infection such as BV, which can happen on its own, without any sexual exposure. I suggest you see a doctor for a proper examination. Recurrent fungal infection can be easily managed with suppressive treatment.

  22. Wondering

    I was diagnosed with PCOS at an early age and have always had very irregular cycles, which makes keeping up with what would be normal discharge a bit of a task. In the 6 months I have not had a cycle I have had heavy milky white smooth discharge that is the same texture and consistency as what I would experience right before a cycle, just more of it, without accompanying itch or offending odor, how worried should I be about this?

    • Honestly this sounds very much like normal discharge to me. The color, texture, smell (or lack of) and lack of accompanying symptoms are all very salient points to bring up which helps us decide that this is likely a normal discharge.

  23. I have a yellowish to yellowgreen discharge and it is smelly . I think 2 months already. I also see my panties with ants sometimes. Do i have a diabetes because i really love eating sweets or do i have std or infections? It is sometimes itchy but s because of the liners i use. Btw im 16 .

    • At 16 you can have Type 1 Diabetes. Other signs to look out for are ants around your toilet, losing weight rapidly, feeling thirsty all the time and passing urine a lot. If you have any of these symptoms you should see your doctor immediately. Yellow-Green discharge is very sinister. It could very well be due to an infection. If you are sexually active, you must rule out STDs. If left untreated they can have severe long term consequences like infertility. My opinion – please see your doctor asap to get the discharge diagnosed and treated.

  24. During intercourse the other day it was painful afterwards I started to feel alil itch in the vaginal opening then clear oderless dishcharge. What could this be?

    • Sounds like abrasions/tears of the vagina. The itch happens during healing and so does the discharge.

      • Is this a sign of being infected with herpes on first contact

        • Yes it is possible to be a very early sign of herpes. In which case the itch will quickly progress to painful blisters and ulcers.

  25. I was recently got off the pill because I think im getting a yeast infection. 2days after getting off the pill I bleed as i expected. Then i have this brownish thick discharge with mild odor but this time without itching. What probably the cause of this? Is it a normal changes since i stop taking a birth control pills? Or is it an infection?

    • Hi Nina, usually you shouldn’t get any brownish thick discharge after stopping the birth control pills. If it persist, it could be an infection and you should see a doctor to get this treated.

  26. Hi, I have been having a lot of discharge it’s color is cloudy yellow and sometimes almost greenish. The consistency is liquidy. I never had sex before. What could this be?

    • Since you are not sexually active it is unlikely to be an STD. Which leaves Candida and BV. Both are easy to treat and diagnose. Please see your doctor.

  27. I’ve been having this vagina itch for the past 3x days. And i swear it really annoying. But apart from the itch, i don’t have any other signs like pain when passing urine or swollen labia etc. Basically its just itch. How can i get this treated?

  28. Hi doctor
    My previous period was on 12th dec and that period was a little longer than usual. I had sex between 25 dec to 2 jan. I’ve been having very light spotting since four days ago and it’s been getting heavier since. They seem to be really small blood clots and it looked like dirty blood. I’ve been flying around to different climates all this time and I’m not sure if it’s a factor. My partner had a fever before we met and he had slight pain while peeing, and his doctor mentioned that he might have had a mild infection. Is there a chance that I’m pregnant or is it an infection. It’s really worrying because it’s a week before my period and I see traces of blood. Do let me know, thanks so much!

    • Unfortunately both are possible: infection and pregnancy. The fact that you partner had pain passing urine is very sinister. You really should get checked for an infection regardless of whether you are pregnant or not.

  29. Smokepixiesticks

    Hello doctor, my Period is suppose to come the 13 of January and supposably im SUPOOSE to ovulate during this week of January 5 through January 9. Last week I had a brown/.clear discharge. This week I wiped and it was light brown. It wasn’t much it was only one time that I wiped. Is this normal? How do I know I’m ovulating?

    • Why do you put your ovulation dates only 4 to 8 days before your expected period? It is usually 2 weeks or more. There are many ways to know if you ovulated or not eg body temperature, cervical mucus etc. However, the most objective way is to use an ovulatory predictor which you can buy from any pharmacy. Just pee on a stick and wait for the smiley face.

  30. Hi i would like to ask about my discharge. For this past two months, my discharge has been quite thick than the normal discharge. The colour is white with no smell or itch. Should i be worried or is it normal?

    • Whenever there is a change in the color, smell or consistency of the discharge, we first suspect infection. We then suspect cancer or pre-cancer (the suspicion depends on the age and other risk factors). Or it could be perfectly normal changes of the body. Don’t take the chance, see your doctor.

  31. Hi, I’m 19 years old, and I have a strange odor downstairs. There’s a thick white discharge accompanied by a fishy smell whenever me and my boyfriend have sex. It has never happened with any of my other sexual partners, and the only time I didn’t have the smell and discharge was while I was on scripts for a UTI..

  32. I didn’t have vaginal intercourse but we had oral and I also gave him a hdjob and he finished on mt chest..I know this is a little graphic but I feel safe to say it here. When we were participating in these acts I felt some spit on my inner thigh very close to my vagina.He had ejaculated and I am worried the two mixed and maybe made it’s way inside my vaginal opening.I did have a thin layer of cotton underwear on at the tine.This happened 2 days into my fertile days and I believe I just ovulated.The strange thing is that although I had some stretchy clear cm like always, it was also mixed with a yellowish tint and a spot of what looks like, dark blood.I never spot in between periods and I am sooooo scared I could be pregnant! My last period ended on 11/22… my ovulation tracker says the 29th would have been my 2nd fertile day(That’s when it happened, Nov. 29) leading up to my ovulation which just occured 12/3 – 12/4…What do you think? Is it an early sign of pregnancy? I have been feeling really tired but kinda always feel tired.I am a little gassy but that’s pretty normal due to what I eat and have been feeling a little nauseous. But I have been under stress.Which is normal too.My period is due in 12 days (12/17) My breasts are a little tingly but sometimes I get that when I ovulate.Not sure what to do at this point.Kind of scared.

    • From your description of events, I really think the chance of you being pregnant is really really remote. I think you need not over-read your symptoms and just relax.

  33. What does yellowish/brown discharge with clear stretchy cervix mucus mean?I think I just ovulated yesterday or today.Last day of period was 11/22.Today 12/4, I had dark blood spot along with regular egg white stretchy discharge and a little bit of yellow color in the discharge.Had sexual activity on the second fertile day 11/29.(No penile vaginal sex,just oral and mutual masturbation with ejaculation on my chest.) Felt maybe a little bit of saliva and sperm might have gotten on my inner thigh but I had thin cotton underwear on.Does this weird ovulation discharge mean I’m pregnant?I have not been intimate since 11/29 and my period is not due for another 12-13 days (12/17).I never spot in between periods and I am scared.

  34. hi,got my period oct20-22 and had sex on oct26. by nov 6 i have notice white thick discharge. but on nov 7 & 8 i noticed i have a light brown discharge but my expected period will be on nov this normal? am i pregnant?.thank you.

    • The fact is you had sex during a time that you could have ovulated so yes you could be pregnant. The white discharge could be a sign of hormonal changes due to pregnancy and the light brown discharge could be an implantation bleed. Click here for symptoms of pregnancy.

  35. Hi doc, I’m 21 years old, I been having vagina itch and red/pink outside of vagina. Can I know how to cure this problem?

    • It really depends on what is causing the itching. The treatment will be very different if it was an infection or if it was an allergy. You can try some feminine friendly cleansers and moisturizers to see if helps. If not you can try an OTC anti-fungal cream. If all of these still do not solve your problem you should really see a Doctor. If you wish to see us use the contact form on the right of this page to set up an appointment.

  36. Kim L. Mayfield

    Okay. Well My Pussy Itching And It Got A Lil Bad Smell And I Wordoning What’s Going On Plz Help Me

  37. I am 24 years old, since last 2 months I am suffering from pain, itching and a regular discharge (red color) and bit of bleeding, please suggest..

    • Hi Sonal, it is very difficult to try and diagnose your symptoms over the internet. I would advice you to see a doctor or visit our clinics so we can have a proper evaluation of your symptoms.

  38. Joy Ah

    Tks I’m a person which worry about health etc.
    Regarding for the breast exam I can just ask the doctor to check for me?
    How much does it cost?


  39. Joy Ah

    hi, thanks can i also know how much does all this exam cost? also at my this age do i have to go for those exam like breast exam?

  40. Joy Ah

    hi, i’m 24 yrs old. I had white discharge since pri school until now. have a smell after a long day. i don’t feel itchy at all. but sometime the discharge will be thick. what exam will you do if i visit you?

    • Hi, the kind of tests and examination depends if you have had sexual intercourse before. This is because if you have had sex, we could perform some vaginal swabs and internal examination. If you are still a virgin, then we would not be able to perform the earlier mentioned examinations but feel free to come down to our clinics and we could discuss this further including various treatment options.


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