STD Symptoms in Men

VDThis is a huge topic as there are many STDs out there each with its own set of symptoms.

Also, we must keep in mind that now everyone who is infected with an STD will develop symptoms.

With these 2 caveats in mind, I will try my best to give you an overview of the various STD symptoms.

Note that this article refers to the man as the insertive partner. So it discusses what a man can catch from inserting his penis into the mouth, vagina and/or the anus of his partner.

Click here for STD symptoms in receptive Oral Sex – i.e. using his/her mouth on the partner’s genitals or anus

Click here for STD symptoms in receptive Anal Sex – i.e. allowing his/her partner to insert his penis into the anus

You can basically classify the possible symptoms into 3 groups:

1. Urinary Symptoms – Pain passing urine, Discharge etc

2. Skin Symptoms – Growths, Ulcers etc

3. General Symptoms – Fever, Swollen Lymph nodes etc

1. Urinary Symptoms

These are by far the commonest STD symptoms you will see because the STDs that cause them are the commonest STDs there are.

Symptoms include:

Pain or discomfort when passing urine. This is usually felt in the urine tube within the penis (urethra) or at the tip of the penis. Some people describe it as ‘burning’ some describe it as an ítch’. Gonorrhea usually causes more pain. Chlamydia less pain or hardly any pain at all, just a weird sensation. Trichomonas causes more itching.

Discharge from the penis. Yellow, white or clear liquid coming out from the tip of the penis.  Gonorrhea usually causes more yellow and high volume discharge. In fact enough to make a whole mess of your clothes. Most of my patients with Gonorrhea have to put a tissue around the tip of the penis to collect the discharge. Chlamydia and NSU causes a discharge of much less volume and also less yellow.

Pain or discomfort in the testis. This is a symptoms quite classical of Chlamydia. The discomfort can range from being very mild to quite severe. There might even be some swelling of the scrotum but this is rare.

Who are the culprits?

Chlamydia – the commonest STD in the world


– Ureaplasma Urealyticum

– Mycoplasma Hominis

– Other NSU bacteria

– Trichomonas

When do they appear?

Classically we are taught 3 to 30 days.

In fact, Gonorrhea usually presents the earliest. As early as 2 days from exposure. 90% of people will get symptoms by 1 week.

Chlamydia usually takes a bit longer. Most patients will show symptoms only at about 2 weeks post exposure. Bear in mind that 80% of people infected with Chlamydia will not show any symptoms at all.

2. Skin Symptoms

This is also extremely common.

Symptoms include:

– Ulcers. Do not mistake ulcers for lumps or pimples on the skin. Ulcers are actual breaks or craters on the skin. They are always wet looking. If the ulcers are painful, small (3mm to 5mm), multiple (3 to 5 at least) and are surrounded by red skin, it is likely to be Herpes. If there is only 1 ulcer, it is painless and rather big (8mm or bigger) it is likely to be Syphilis. If it is 1 ulcer, big and very painful with very swollen and painful lymph nodes along your groin crease, it is likely to be a Chancroid (Haemophilus Ducreyi).

– Growths. What we are talking about here are lumps and bumps on the skin. If the lump is skin colored and looks like a cauliflower, it is likely a wart caused by HPV. If the lumps look like little pearls stuck onto the skin, it is likely to be Molluscum Contagiosum Virus.

– Blisters. Blisters are small fluid filled sacs on the skin. They look like little bubbles on the skin. These are almost always caused by Herpes.

– Itch. This is typical of lice and scabies. The itch is usually very bad and persistent. It can be a lot worse at night. Under good lighting, the lice can actually be seen on the skin. It usually hides in dark hair bearing areas like underneath the scrotum.

Who are the culprits?



Molluscum Contagiosum Virus (MCV)

Human Papilloma Virus (HPV)

– Scabies and Lice

When do they appear?

Syphilis 9 to 90 days. Herpes as early as 1 week or as late as months later. The same applies for HPV and MCV. They can appear within a couple of weeks of infection or can take months or even years before they appear.

Symptoms for Scabies and Lice usually occur very soon after infection.

3. General Symptoms

These are the most confusing. They are called ‘General Symptoms’ because the same symptoms are caused by many different diseases most of which have nothing to do with STDs at all.

Symptoms include:

– Fever. Basically anything and everything causes fever. From your common cold to HIV. So if you do develop a fever after a sexual exposure, see your doctor but there is no reason to panic.

– Rash. Again a terribly non-specific symptom. Could be caused by an allergy or HIV or Syphilis. The HIV rash looks like measles and usually appears 3 weeks from exposure. The Syphilis rash looks like red spots with flaky skin around them. Classically they appear on the palms and soles which is rare for other rashes. They can appear anytime from 2 to 6 months after infection.

– Swollen Lymph Nodes. The lymph nodes are part of the body’s natural defenses. When one part of the body is infected, the lymph nodes surrounding it will swell and sometimes become painful. This is the way the body fights the infection. Swollen lymph nodes occur all the time. Even the common cold can cause lymph nodes to swell. If the lymph nodes along the groin crease (inguinal lymph nodes) are swollen, this can suggest infections like Herpes, Gonorrhea, Chlamydia, Chancroid. If other lymph nodes like on the neck or under the armpits are swollen, this is too general to know if they are caused by STDs or not.

– Loss of appetite, feeling weak, loss of interest in smoking. I put these symptoms here because they can be caused by Hepatitis. But I’m sure you can appreciate that almost any illness, even anxiety, can cause these symptoms.

Who are the culprits?





When do they appear?

Usually about 2 to 3 weeks after infection. But they can appear as late as 6 weeks from infection.

What do you do now?

Not everyone who is infected with an STD will develop symptoms. Of course if you do have any of the above symptoms, please see us as soon as you can.

If you do not have any of the symptoms, get a full STD screening at 1 month  post exposure to be 100% sure you are clear of everything.

If you have any questions, visit our free online forum on sexual health, HIV and STDs.

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  1. Hi Dr Tan,
    I have blisters on my penis about 10yrs back but subsequent tests for hsv2 are negative. What is the cause?

  2. I had protected insertive anal sex plus getting oral sex with some fingering. 3 weeks later I developed low grade fever (except one day it was 38c at night taken underarm), no other symptom. It lasted for 2 weeks. I went to see the doctor and blood test showed lynfocitosis.
    Any chance I could have been infected with HIV and the symptoms were ARS related?
    Thanks. Jorge

  3. I do combo ab\ag hiv test in sweden after 3 weeks from unprotect sex and result com nagetive its good hope that i nagetive hiv ..thank you pls help thanks

    • Yes it is very indicative. You need not worry too much. However, I am sure your doctor advised you to go back for a retest which you should.

      • Thank yo so much doctor and you right doctor he told me to retest and i do just 1 weel ago and he told me if he not call me that mean evrything ok ..what you think doctor the result will be the seem i mean still nagetive thank you so much agian

        • Please doctor if you can answer to me i am really worry thank you

          • Looks like you are fine. Do not worry too much.

          • Thank you doctor very much and now its 19 days pass from when i do the test and no one call me i thank God and thank you i think evrything ok … i want to ask you doctor what time the test result need to show up thank you … i wich all people becarful about this virus pls all be carful i wich all the best and Good life and happy ….. love u alll

  4. I do combo ab\ag hiv test in sweden after 3 weeks from unprotect sex and result com nagetive its good hope that i nagetive hiv ..thank you

  5. Hi there,
    I visited a prostitute about a month ago. Firstly, She did a blow job on me with condom. Then she changed a new condom before proceeding to virginal sex. However when I pull out, I realised that my penis is only 60 percent covered by the condom. Am I still at risk of any disease? Im having minor flu, cough, ulcers from time to time. And some rashes surfacing at my thigh area recently. Am I being paranoid?

    • I think you have the often believed misconception that condoms are 100% protective. They are not. Even if you used a condom properly and it did not slip, you are still at risk of HIV and STDs. Albeit the risk is much lower. Your symptoms on the surface do not sound suspicious. However, you should still see a doctor and get formal medical advice on the need for testing and screening.

      • Ohmyboy

        Thankfully the rash at my thigh subsided. However, I recently found some red bumps at the back of my tongue, white ulcers-like at the side and under my tongue.In addition, my throat looks yellowish white instead of the normal pink. They are all painless. Is it linked to possibilities of any stds?
        Lastly,if I were to see a doctor and result is negative, does it mean that I’m clear of stds?
        Thanks for replying me doctor.
        Greatly appreciated.

  6. hi doctor, i french kissed a girl last week and i am felt something wrong since. my body was tingling everywhere and after a few days i started to itch. The tingling sensation is on and off which appeared on my penis too. I was having lower back , left abdominal pain and sore throat as well but the symptoms subsided.. but today i felt that my urine was really hot and my penis is experiencing pain am i at risk for anything?

    • You cannot get STDs from french kissing. I do not know why you are having these symptoms. If you are concerned, see a doctor.

  7. Wilson

    Dear Doctor,

    I’ve diagnosis with HPV2 Genital Herpes. It has been with me for more than 3 years but the outbreak within a year was more than 10 times. It usually will happen whenever I have work stress. I want to know whether should I get “Suppressive Therapy” treatment for recurrent Genital Herpes?

    Background of my initial treatment: I just went to a nearby family clinic to seek for doctor help. The Doctor given me something like Anti-viral tablets and creams during my initial infection outbreak. After 3 months treatment, the doctor told me to take care my own body health and stop relying on medication. So until now I don’t really have a complete treatment and my recurring outbreak are more than 10 times a years.

    Please advice what should I do now doctor? Should I get Suppressive Therapy treatment? I do not wish to infect my partner but I really do not wish to use Condoms.

    2nd questions is, whether my partner (Female) can still get HPV vaccine as her aged in 2016 is 38.

    • Hi Wilson,

      These are medical questions that really should be answered by your doctor. We cannot give medical advice here.

      1. Should you be on suppressive therapy for HSV
      In my opinion your definitely should. Having 10 attacks a year must be terrible. You basically are spending most of your time either in or recovering from a herpes attack. How can anyone live like that? Being on suppressive therapy will almost guarantee you remain free of symptoms. Remember that this is not medical advice and you should still discuss with your doctor if suppressive therapy is right for you. You are of course welcome to visit any one of our clinics. Click HERE for location info.

      2. Can a person get a HPV vaccine at 38 years old?
      In Singapore, the HPV vaccine is recommended for boys and girls from ages 9 to 26. This does NOT mean a person older than 26 cannot get the vaccine. This also does NOT mean a person older than 26 does not benefit from the vaccine. Whether or not your partner should get the HPV vaccine should be decided with her doctor by discussing the pros and cons of vaccination.

  8. Hello Dr. i started seeing some little dischagres from my penins and it’s slightly painful when I urinate or when during sex I ejaculate.although I may have had unprotected sex. With someone. What should I be worried about?

    • Your symptoms certainly sound like you may have an STD. You should see a doctor as soon as you can for testing and treatment. You are welcome to visit any one of our clinics. For contact information, click HERE.

  9. Hi Dr , my penis has been leaking some discharge even when its not erected.I don’t have any symptoms as referred above. What do I do?

  10. Hi Dr.

    I gave unprotected oral sex to a guy recently, and realised I had a small bite cut on my inner lip after. The person did not ejaculate in my mouth.

    Its been 10days since, and i’m having some mild diarrhoea, plus some slight pain on my shoulder. While i understand typical symptoms are fever, sore throat and rash (which I had not have so far). But just like to understand the likelihood of diarrhoea being a sign of HIV infection too. or if diarrhoea be contributed by anxiety?

    need your kind help on this (am really freaking out now!). Many thanks!

    • The risk of getting HIV from receptive oral sex is extremely low. Some experts do not even think it is possible. You can click HERE for more information about that. It is also not useful at all to analyze your symptoms to determine your HIV risk. There are so many possible causes of diarrhea. Click HERE for more detailed info on HIV symptoms.

  11. hi Dr please help me my husbands HIV positive but I am not. we’ve been having protected sex for years but he sometimes like to play with his penis around my Virginia and the juices the came out of his penis causes me boils anywhere in my skin where it touches me and even himself it cause him small blisters after a few day after using a comdom.i know his faithful to me because for years we’ve been going for STD treatment nothing has helped. Dr can you help tell me what causes this.

  12. hi I recently had sex unprotected oral and protected Intercourse with my chat friend, later after the sex I observed some red spots on her body, when I asked her about the spots she say it’s due to heat weather she got illergy.
    so do the red spots are the part of STD?
    and only 3 days before we had sex when is the right time to get tested and what kind of test I need to do?

    thanks kumar

    • We obviously cannot diagnose your friend based on your description. There are STDs that can cause a rash like HIV, Syphilis, Herpes etc. Whether or not she has these we do not know. Also when you need to test and what tests you need is medical advice that you should get from your doctor. So please see your doctor.

  13. Hi Dr, recently I had protected oral sex from a stranger (instead of a condom she use a plastic wrap to cover my penis) The subsequent days I’ve been having a weird sensation in my left testical. I do not have any pain when urinating nor any white/yellow pus coming out from the tip of my penis. I’m afraid that I may have contracted chlamydia 🙁

  14. condom broke csw 3,4,8,9 weeks rapid antibody blood test then at 12 weeks and 94 days rapid 4th generation duo. Since my last duo test I’ve had swollen lymph nodes by my groin and feels like im losing weight. I’m starting to freak out again do this mean that I’m one of those rare case that have to wait 6 months to get a positive result. I also found out I had chlamydia from this woman 8 week post exposure so I’m wondering did I catch hiv to i been to my doctor he thinks it syphilis that make me even more scared because I had a full std screening at 3 weeks post exposure so why wouldn’t it show then. I don’t have any immune deficiency nor cancer what’s goin on doc.

  15. I was given azithromycin for chlamydia. I feel that my eyes are tired, sometimes itchy and red. Not sure if there are white pus. Is the azithromycin enough or do i need eye drops?

  16. Hi doctor, I had insertive fellatio a few weeks ago from a casual stranger (no other encounters). I’ve experienced various symptoms (nausea, chronic diarrhea, LOA, rash (hair follicles on the chest become prominent tiny red spots), a lot of sweating on and off, extreme lethargy, headache…). One symptom I am more concerned about is unexplained short term memory loss. For example, I would forget what I said a minute ago, and this happens quite often.

    I want to find out if I should be concerned about viral encephalitis. How common is it, and what symptoms I should look out for before seeing a doctor about it.

    • You would most probably have high fever if you have encephalitis or meningitis. It is not common. If you are concerned, I think you should go see a doctor now.

      • Thank you Dr Sii. Are the symptoms for herpes simplex encephalitis the same too? I didn’t experience a high fever, but I had on and off chronic headaches (a few weeks) and also sudden unexplained short term memory loss. I also noticed I had a few blister-like papules around my mouth area, but a doctor visually examined me and said it’s unlikely to be herpes.

  17. Cassius

    Hi ive had no symptoms until about 8 weeks after having unprotected sex with an escorte which has hiv( one week after i tercourse she posted an ad saying she had hiv) of course with my luck my impulses got the better of me one week early. I think lymph nodes on right side of neck swollen, tired and a lil loss of appetite and lack of libido(4 days). I have stopped smoking cigs and weed for almost as long as well. Very anxious person hard to think of anything else. Have full sti tests next thursday! When i smoke a cig though i am almost instantly out of breath. Had some rough nights of stressing out after reading that ad. There was also blood on her part.. I noticed after. I know i made all the wrong decisions but what do u think my odds are? I work landscaping physical work.. Not out of breath when working. Can heavy stress be the cquse some of those symptoms? Can a lymph node that felt tender one day disapear the next and a different one feel tender?

    • Risk of contracting HIV from a HIV positive person, by unprotected insertive vaginal intercourse is 0.04% (based on CDC statistics). The only way to find out is to get tested. At this point, it is impossible to comment on whether your symptoms are related to HIV or not.

  18. Andreas

    Hi doctor I had unprotected sex on the 20 April 2015 and now I have swollen lymph nodes near my groin area and one at my underarm. What should I do….I am very worried now

    • Dr Justin Sim

      Swollen lymph nodes could be due to anything, even mild infection. If you did have unprotected sex in April then you should get tested for HIV and other STDs to make sure you are clear.

  19. Hi doc,

    Recently i had an unprotected oral( giving n receiving) sex with a chat friend.later that i realise that hiv can b transmitted through oral. I did a 4gen check on the 21 days after exposure and it was hiv negative.
    1) is this conclusive or ahould i go for retest
    2) i also realised that i have a bit of pain at my left side of my penis at 2 weeks plus.but no sores, rashes or bumps can be seen. And the pain will come and go.not pain at all when urinating. Could this b std infection?

    Thank you

  20. Hi doc,

    Recently i had an unprotected oral receiveing n giving with a chat girl friend. Came to know that oral can transmit hiv, at 21 days i did a 4gen test and it was negative.
    1) is this conclusive.should i go for another retest?
    2) felt a bit discomfort , bit pain on left side of my penis l but it come and go but it is not painful when urine after the 2 weeks plus exposure. And also no rashes or bump on my penis. Could this be std?

    Thank you

    • HIV transmission via unprotected sex is low.
      1) HIV combo test is conclusive after 28 days. At 21 days, it may not be 100%. You should get yourself tested again after 28 days.
      2) Yes. You did put yourself at risk of other STDs. Therefore, I would suggest you get yourself screened for STDs.
      You are welcomed to visit any of our clinics for a consultation and STD screening.

      • Thanks doc,

        What type of std screening you suggest in relation to oral sex( receive n giving)

        • You need to ask your doctor regarding this. We cannot give medical advice over the internet unfortunately.

          • Hi dr,

            Thank u for your advice.
            Im thinking of getting “urethris test” at ur clinic.will this b conclusive for receiving oral and giving? Or should i go for more test.thank you.

          • It may not be sufficient. You are welcomed to visit us at our clinics for a consultation and we can recommend the appropriate testing for you.

  21. Curious

    I’ve read some internet source saying that Ureaplasma urealyticum is a normal bacteria that people have in their genital tracts & in US, they don’t treat it as STD. Is it serious if untreated and can the bacteria going away by itself?

    • Dr Justin Sim

      You are correct in that Ureaplasma can be considered normal for some people. If symptoms are minimal or absent we may not need to treat as it can usually go away on its own. However, if you are experiencing symptoms with no other causative bacteria found then we would advise treating to be sure.

  22. Sorry doc, if u have the time.

    I’m 18 years old, had a couple of unprotected flings with women I met on the first day itself. Few months ago, I came home and I clearly saw multiple tiny red dots on my penis head, I’m uncircumcised, my foreskin was swollen it was controllably itchy, it disappeared the next day or two. Months later till today I whenever I wake up I head to the bathroom I squeeze a tiny amount of white discharge. At rare times usually after a rough night of drinking it’s yellow and certain times I don’t have a discharge. I’ve come to a conclusion to accept the fact there is something wrong with me, I just need to see a doctor soon but I would like to know if u could somewhat tell what is wrong with me?

    • Sounds like you have an infection as you are having discharge from your penis. I would advice that you see a doctor or feel free to visit us to get tested and treated for your symptoms.

  23. Dear Dr. I saw a swollen lymph node in my groin area with severe Muscle and Joint pain two mounths after exposure to HIV. I went for a finger prick Rapid HIV Test 3 months after exposure….bt d result came out Negativ. What cud probably be the cause of dis Severe Muscle and joint pain…which has continued till now?

    • Dr Justin Sim

      Very difficult to say over the internet. If this issue is still bothering you then I would recommend a trip to the doctor.

  24. Hi Dr,

    Ok. I’m sorry and this is a weird question. I have small tear at my penis frenulum. I hope I’m using the correct term.

    Is there anyway you provide some treatment to it to heal it? Or is it some sort of STD I should worried about. I felt a little pain once a while, not always and also when I rolled down my penis foreskin. Just a little.

    • Dr Justin Sim

      Tears are usually due to trauma rather than STDs. It will heal but may take some time. Any further trauma through sex or masturbation may extend the healing time.

      • Hello,

        Sorry to comment on the conversation but I had the same about 10 years ago. It freaked me out and Dr Tan (as always 🙂 is right….it took quite a while to heal. For me it was almost one month if I remember. No sex and no masturbation in that time period though 🙁



        • Hey Harry, thanks a lot for your comment. At least, it made me less worried now but anyhow I’m going to have a full comprehensive STDs test at the mark of 3 months after my exposure. Hope all will be fine.

          Ok, no masturbation for 3 months then. 🙁

  25. Confused

    Hi Dr,

    I’m a little bit lost here. Does all the STDs tested at 1 month post exposure will be accurate? Or do I need to re-test again at 3 months and 6 months again?

    • Dr Justin Sim

      Not all may show up at 1 month. Some do take up to 3 months to manifest – so it is best to get tested then to be sure.

      • Confused

        Ok dr. So do you mean 3 months will be more than enough time to get tested for all the STDs?

  26. Dear Sir,
    (Hiv 1&2 Abs+p.24 Ag) this test I did already. is this is a combo test. i did this three times and (HIV- Enhanced Chemiluminenscence Detection- ECIQ) two times with in 1 year margin. now i have some eye concentration problem started and swollen lymb nodes. Also i read that in some person hiv virus cannot be detectable in blood for more than years.
    Pls Help sir and iam worried because of this i cant even do anything. Pl help me Sir 1. Is this a case of Sero-negative HIV. 2.If iam in sero-negative HIV which test i have to do for the conclusion or the test which i did already is covering the sero- negative hiv 3. Is the test which i did is a combo test.
    Awaiting for your valuable rply sir.

  27. Dear Dr. Tan

    Please help me doctor Tan. i had sex with a virgin girl. When i insert my penis it hurt so bad in my meatus. The pain lasted for 2 days. After 2 weeks, i have sex with a girl which i meet in the internet. She told me i am his third men to have sex. After 2 or 3 days, there’s tiny discharge visible in my underwear. I went to see a doctor but she did’nt make a std test. She just prescribe me 1 time dose azithromycin and doxycline. After the meds, the pain during urination still there and its very painful. I went back to see another doctor. He treated me 5 days azithromycin and 2 weeks doxy 2 x a day. But now still painful during urination. What seems to be a problems? Please help me doctor Tan. Fyi, slightly visible lymph nodes under the arm but not painful to touch. Thank you and more power to you

    • Obviously whatever you have is not treated by azithromycin or doxycycline. It could be gonorrhea, herpes or other infections. It also may not be an infection but trauma of the urethra. You need to see a doctor who will prescribe the adequate tests and get to a proper diagnosis.

  28. Hi, recently I feel itchy whole body. After 2 to 3 week I feel itchy on my private part, then I found pimples on my private part. Is the symptoms of STD

  29. Hi,my name is deji. I have been feeling funny after having sex with a girl, though I have been infected from her before, bt I used a condom with her this time arround.though I allowed her to play arround my pennis&I put my pennis at the tip of her anus bt I didn’t penetrate, bt I after we had sex in which I used condom, the next day iwas feeling extremely weak&tired. I dont if its a sign that have contracted an infection.

    • You are worried because you feel weak and tired the day after sex? Dude, seriously man. I have no response to that.


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