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SD Bioline HIV COmbo Test

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              • Accurate – Conclusive at 28 days post exposure

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If you had a high risk exposure to HIV within the past 72 hours, you can take medicines to reduce your risk of actually contracting HIV. Find out more on HIV PEP Treatment.

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We are using the SD BioLine HIV Ag/Ab Combo rapid test.

Multicentre clinical trials have shown 100% sensitivity and more than 99% specificity.

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This kit has been registered with Singapore’s Health Science Authority (HSA).

Public Enquiry – Singapore Medical Device Register (SMDR)_SDHIV Ag_AbCombo

Results take 20 minutes.

It only requires a finger-prick.

Cost $150 (Excludes consult and GST)

Just walk in to our clinic anytime during our opening hours. You do not require an appointment.

At the counter tell our staff you would like a Rapid Combo test.

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You will be given a number and asked to wait to see the doctor.

The doctor will conduct the test for you and let you know the results at about 20 minutes (more or less depending on the situation).

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Click on the picture for the latest information on the HIV testing Window Period








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  1. Hi doctor, 6 weeks ago I had a protected exposure however I was only very sure it didn’t break as I didn’t do for any “leakage” test. This is the 6th week and I’ve been having weird rashes on my arms and had a severe headaches on different days. I had a rapid 3rd generation finger prick test at the 6th week of the exposure. How reliable is this test at 6th week(6 weeks 2 days to be exact? And whether I should retest again? If yes, when? Sorry. And thank you so much for your time.

  2. Hi, I made out with a girl whose status is not known and she fingered me both vaginally and anally resulting in cuts and a lot of bleeding. We’re not sure if she had any active cuts on her hands or if she had any of her vaginal fluids on her hand. We were also kissing roughly and thus are not sure if she had any bleeding in her mouth and also roughly biting and licking each other’s boobs. I did not finger her or anything and as far as we both remember she still had her jeans on throughout the whole encounter. Can you help me understand what are my risks if she did indeed have vaginal fluids or cuts on her hand when she was fingering me and I was bleeding? Thank you.

  3. Good day,

    I had sex with a woman I met online. I do not know her HIV status.

    We did torrid kissing, mutual masturbation, fellatio – she gave me oral sex, but not me giving her, and protected vaginal sex – condom all the way.

    What would be my HIV risk?

    Scared tight and out of my wits.

    • Very low risk if the condom is used properly.

      • Good day Dr.,

        The condom was used properly – it was snug and the entire head of my penis was covered. I ejaculated inside her and the condom caught all the semen.

        Would you recommend an HIV test, given this?

        Thank you.

  4. Hello ,

    Only one test been done after a blowjob and ejaculation outside her mouth and she is not CSW ,

    Case was on October 30 2016 and my test ON 12 APRIL 2017 HIV AG/ABS COMBO TEST AND RESULT WAS NON-REACTIVE .

    I have self-immunological illnes already in my bones , but i am not on any treatment , just pain killer , do you think my test is conclusive and there is no delay of the abs cause of that illness

  5. I had unprotected sex two weeks ago I had the oral sex and unprotected anal sex on on September 2nd and 3rd ,Tuesday the 12th I was tested positive for gonorrhea ,in my anal swab but not in my throat swab! If I got the gonorrhea from this guy would I have in my throats swab also?

  6. Hi Doctor,
    I may had a low risk exposure about 5 weeks ago. HIV test wasn’t advised but I took it anyway. It was “Alere HIV antigen/antibody rapid test” and got result in 20 minutes. Test was done on 30th day after possible exposure and it was negative. Is it conclusive and can I move on with life.
    I will really appreciate your reply and time.

  7. Hello ,

    On date of 3rd Nov 2016 I had a low risk case as far as i knew, it was only a handjob and soft kissing without any oral Saliva exchange with csw in Dubai 2 times and my ejaculation one time on her boobs and second on her ass , i was fingering her with my finger as well but i am not sure if i was having a cut maybe but without bleeding that was all the case , i did only one test on date of 17th April 2017 here in Dubai HIV P24 AG/ABS (HIV Combo test ) and result came out after 2 hours Non-Reactive ,

    I have 2 lympho in my neack since November 2016 without disappear abd not increasing it is stable ,

    Please advis ,

    • Your exposure is zero-risk. Your test is conclusive and you do not have HIV.

    • Doctor,
      How conclusive is the 4th gen HIV test results taken 21 days from exposure?

      Also, I would like to check what is the minimum period I need to wait for other STI tests to be accurate.

      Thank you.

      • About 95% accurate. Urinary organisms such as chlamydia/gonorrhea can be reliably detected 2 weeks after exposure. For syphilis, hepatitis, herpes etc. you should wait at least 1 month post-exposure and sometimes up to 3 months.

  8. HI DOCTOR, I have a few sex with a girl during Jun/3/2017 through Jun/24/2017, with Penni’s and finger penetration to her virginal, she told me on Jun/24 night she was HIV positive, I was then very worried since Jun/24 and no longer contact with her, I perform 4th generation Ag/ab on Jul/18(Day 24), Jul/25(Day 31) and Aug/13(Day 50), and perform a hiv-1 high accuracy viral road test on Jul/26(Day 32) , the result for the 4th generation Ag/Ab with CMIA method are 0.24, 0.25,0.27, and meantime HIV-1 RNA viral load is negative/under detectable limit( 20 copies) ; I am very scared of this, hope your answer help me get rid of worry.

  9. Hello dr tan
    I had unprotected sex with a married woman who is living with her husband from 6 years.This is my first sex on 24/6/2014 and don’t taken any such type of risks again.I tested my self every 3 months until now but all HIV antibody SD bioline HIV 1/2 3.0 tests are all came back negative.I was very sick with fever and body pains after 1.5 months from exposed date.I took HIV pcr RNA qualitative test in private labs in Hyderabad is not detected at 7 months after sex.I test again with HIV 1/2 ab including p24 ag CMIA method test on Feb 2016 is negative 0.06/1.00.My partner also tested in 2015 and 2016 august with her husband also negative.am I rule out HIV infection in future.please tell me sir I don’t understand my status because several people says HIV detects after 3,4,5,6and even after 10 years from their negative tests.In future am I married without any doubt.
    Tank u doctor.

  10. Ponteer

    Dear Doc ,

    I had two low risky cases handjob only as per the below ,

    -on the date of 11th jan 2016 morning i had small scratch on my finger and was bleeding and then stopped and at 11 pm i met a csw girl and we went to my room and the girl wanted to have sex but only with a condom but i refused then she gave me 2 times handjob but i also touched her vaginal from outside that was all , No intercourse at all , since that date i have a lympho like .5 cm under my lower jaw in my neck and thin grey line on one of my nails and am so terrified here , i did an HIV P24 AG/ABS COMBO TEST on date 13 march 2016 it means after 62 days from that expousre and result came out after 40 minutes as of Non-Reactive then the doc told me i am fine and asked that might be from a sprocket or a tooth , never felt fever or rash,

    -second case on date of 3rd of Nov 2016 stupid me i met a girl i have known online since almost two years and she is not csw and she lives in a country which requires hiv tests every year and 6 months also and other tests to give the valid working permission and we never had any intercourse at all it was only a handjob and we cuddled and ejaculation on her butt that was the case and i did an HIV P24 AG/ABS COMBO TEST On date of 17th April 2017 after 5 and half months and result after two hours as of Non Reactive and i did test beta2 microglobulin test and it was in range and doc said its fine .

    What makes me worried that i asked to do the Combo test and doc said we call it here in a well known lab as A P24 , then i said no i need the combo he said it is the combo ag)abs and i received the result mentioned as of Hiv p24:ag/abs ( hiv combo ) ,

    Do you think it is conclusive ,

    Can i really move on with my lifeb,

    Do i need to retest again its now almost 10 moths from last expousre ,

    Have you ever got to know or hear about relation between delay of the abs and the Ankylosing Spondylitis case while i never took treatment for it still ,

    Sorry that i am bothering you I know , sorry

    • Your cases are both zero risk. Your tests are both conclusive. You do not have any reason to do further testing. There is no antibody delay with anylosing spondylitis. Please see a psychiatrist if you cannot get past your irrational anxiety.

  11. Hello doctor i had a CMIA test at 38 days with negative result. was negative are my tests conclusive or i need re test at 3 month?

    • If it is a 4th generation combo test then yes it is conclusive. If it is CMIA for just HIV antibody then you would require a repeat test.

  12. Hello doctor i had a 4th generation hiv combo CMIA test at 41 days and 79 days and they wherr negative and then i had a 3rd generation test at 116 days and was negative are my tests conclusive or i need re test at 6 months

  13. Hi,

    I am so afraid of two cases of only handjob on the below dates ,

    -10th January 2016 i met csw and she gave me handjob two times while i was fingering her vagina with my finger which i dont know if i had scratches or no and i did my Hiv p24 ag/abs Combo test on date of 13th March 2016 and result was Non Reactive ,

    – second casr on 3rd Nov 2016 again i met girl and she is not csw and we cuddled and kissed softly and she gave me handjob two times without intercourse and ejaculation was one time on her breasts and second time on her back , i did my Hiv p24 ag/abs combo test on 18th April 2017 and non Reactive was the result ,

    I am afraid , are the tests conclusive?

    I faced lympho since 9 month under my lower jaw without increasing like .5 cm and never got flu or rash but i yave thin grey one line on one nail finger , what you think ??

  14. hi Dr, i have done 2 test at my 21 days post exposure at laboratory in Malaysia which are “4th generation HIV ag/ab combo test” and also “p24 antigen only test”. Both result turn out negative. Based on your practise experience, how accurate and reliable this result at 21 days post exposure? How unlikely the result will change at 28 days? I quote from your website “when the combo test is done at 20 days post exposure,it is already as good as 100% accurate”. So its mean i should stop worry?

    • You have written in multiple times asking the same thing. Yes, stop worrying. Officially conclusive results are at 28 days, but 21 days is a very good indication. I can’t spell it out much clearer than that.

  15. michael

    Hi Dr,
    Private laboratory in Malaysia offer for example “hiv ag/ab screening assay” at gribbles lab, or “elisa hiv ab/ag test” at bp lab. They take our blood, send to the lab and we need to wait the next day for the result. Are this tests 4th generation combo test as well? And if i use this test, is the result 100% conclusive at 28 days like u told us in your website about 4th generation test.

    • Yes these are 4th gen tests and sensitivity should be 100% after 28 days post-exposure. However, only the manufacturers of each testing kit will be able to tell you the accuracy for their specific test.

  16. gabriel

    Dr, is it true there is problem with sd bioline combo test kit used by your clinic? See this article. Your clinic at number 20. Can u explain to me


  17. Hello, I had a high risk with an Hiv positive person and I took pep for 30 days. I started pep at day 9 since I had no choice coz I found later that my boyfriend was infected. I did Hiv ag/ab rapid test 4 weeks after pep, 6 weeks, 12weeks,16 weeks. Now my worry is the last one am supposed to take after six months, have you ever seen some one test negative 16 weeks after exposure and test positive at 24 weeks which is 6months

  18. Hye doc , i do two test , my first test is hiv 1&2 ag/ab ( elisa ) at pathlab at 33 day after my last sex , results comeback hiv 1&2 ag/ab ( elisa ) non reactive and my second test i do hiv 1&2 rapid test at 4 month and the result negative , but i have herpes type 1 and i take herpes medication ( acyclovir) before i do hiv test 1&2 ag/ab ( elisa ) at 32 days from last sex & before antibody test at 4month after last sex coz outbreak come again . So my question is :

    1)do you think my negative results hiv 1&2 ag/ab ( elisa ) at 32 day after my last sex conclusive ?
    2) do you think my negative results hiv 1&2 antibody rapid test at 4 month after my last sex also conclusive ?
    3) do you think my herpes type 1 will delay my window period hiv & and also will delay my hiv test & will delay my hiv test results ?
    4) do you think when i take herpes type 1medication ( acyclovir)before i do that two test will delay my window period hiv & also will delay my hiv test & will delay my hiv test results ?
    5) do you think my first outbreak herpes that i have before i do my hiv 1&2 ag/ab ( elisa ) at 33 day after my last sex and my second outbreak herpes that i have before i do my hiv antibody rapid test at 4month after my last exposure will delay my window period hiv & also will delay my hiv test & will delay my hiv test results ?
    6) i must repeat test at 6 month or not coz i have herpes , type 1 , coz i take medication herpes ( acyclovir ) & i have outbreak herpes before i do test ?

  19. Dear Doc ,

    On date 3rd November 2016 I had received a handjob in a massage center in UAE and i was fingering the lady`s vagina with my finger which i am not sure if i had any un-seen small cuts or not and i ejaculated on her butt nothing more , i have lympho under my lower jaw since that day and a thin grey line on one nail also i have head that this thin line is a sign of the HIV , I DID one test only which is HIV P24 AG/ABS COMBO TEST on date 17th April 2017 and the doc in the private known lab told me that it is called P24 Ag test combo and the result came out after 3 hours as Non-Reactive , i was confused about the test name and again i asked if it is a combination test of ag & abs and doc confirmed it is , i even recieved the result written HIV P24 AG/ABS COMBO TEST—– Non-Reactive ,

    I dont know what to do as my thin grey line and the 1cm lympho since that date drives me crazy

    I am using condoms with my wife as she was breastfeeding my child and now i am afraid i did something to her and as well to my child ,

    Please help here

  20. jackson

    Hi doctor. I had protected sexual intercourse with a csw 2 weeks back. Im at my 14 days now after the exposure. Is there any tests available for me to do now to find out if im infected? or should i wait for a few more weeks? thanks alot

    • Doing a 4th generation combo test now would be a decent indication, but for conclusive results you would need one more test at 28 days or more post-exposure.

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