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SD Bioline HIV COmbo Test

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              • Accurate – Conclusive at 28 days post exposure

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We are using the SD BioLine HIV Ag/Ab Combo rapid test.

Multicentre clinical trials have shown 100% sensitivity and more than 99% specificity.

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This kit has been registered with Singapore’s Health Science Authority (HSA).

Public Enquiry – Singapore Medical Device Register (SMDR)_SDHIV Ag_AbCombo

Results take 20 minutes.

It only requires a finger-prick.

Cost $150 (Excludes consult and GST)

Just walk in to our clinic anytime during our opening hours. You do not require an appointment.

At the counter tell our staff you would like a Rapid Combo test.

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You will be given a number and asked to wait to see the doctor.

The doctor will conduct the test for you and let you know the results at about 20 minutes (more or less depending on the situation).

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Click on the picture for the latest information on the HIV testing Window Period








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  1. Darwin

    Hi doc, I’m currently at 12 weeks post exposure & I’m having a body temperature ranging from 37.0-37.4, making me feel feverish. It has been going on for 5 days. I’ve already tested using the 3rd gen test at 6 weeks & it’s negative. May I know if I need a re-test & is the feverish feeling a symptom of hiv? Thank you.

  2. Fear is not real

    Hi Dr.Tan
    I han a condom breakage incidence with an african Tanzanian prostitute and I went for check up on 6 & 9 weeks by hiv 1/2 & p24 combo test and now iam concerned about the subtypes and strains because she was from Africa please help me

  3. I have repeated small pimple on my labia minora it treated by flucloxaciilin once and again it came I have tested VDRL which isn’t reactive, sugar test normal ,i had sex 11 year ago is it symptom of sti (HIV)but have no flu like symptom

    • It is not a typical symptom of HIV. But we do not diagnose or exclude HIV with symptoms or lack thereof. If you are concerned, please see us for assessment.

  4. Worried Well

    I had an alere combo ag/ab test at 32 days post exposure is that conclusive ? It was negative .

    • Yes, we would consider this pretty conclusive.

    • Peter

      p24 antigen component of Alere Determine rapid test not reliable. Should be considered a standalone antibody test and thus at 28 days is not conclusive.

      • We are using the new “Alere HIV Combo” test, not the “Alere Determine HIV-1/2 Ag/Ab” test. This is shown to be conclusive at 28 days. Please do not spread misinformation.

  5. Help me out

    Hello doctor,

    I had unproducted sex with a girl. After 15-20 days of sex I had nausea and felt tired and I took the test in nearest health clinic through blood was negative and again I did test on 7th weeks it was negative and again I went to another hospital to make sure and in 7.5 th week it was negative.they took my blood for test.But I’m feeling sore thorat but it’s going slowly my tounge is yellowish. I have loss appetite. I did use to have headache and musucle ache but it has gone. I surfed the YouTube and I saw various sign symptoms that is related to HIV. I’m worried what’s going on?

    It must be combo test because they checked for
    Hiv I,II
    Vdrl hbsag and hcv.

    Is my test conclusive doctor.

    I’m very much scared.

    • Your tests sound conclusive, you do not have HIV.

      • Hi Doctors I hope you can help me… I tested twice for HIV, 3 weeks after exposure (22 days) and last time was 5 weeks and two days (38 days) after exposure. First one was HIV 1/2 combo 4 and second time HIV 4 Generation both No Reactive…. what are the chances for testing at 8 weeks with the same result. I don’t use drugs and it was only one time exposure I am very scared because I got streptococcus and flu at week 3 that’s why I went to do those test because I was very nervous

  6. Am I safe

    Hi Doc,

    I have done Alere combo test in your clinic on my 25th, 28th & 30th day from my exposure. Is my test are conclusive? Based on ur experience, have u seen any negative on 30th day turn to positive after 90 days?
    Read a lot bout Alere combo inaccurancy during acute infection. Pls advice.
    Thanks Doc

  7. Hi Dr.

    Can constant use of topical corticosteroid cream for psorosis for more than six years affect the hiv antibody test result?

    Does its costant use affect the HIV antibody formation in the body?

    I have been using topical corticosteroid cream for more than six years constantly and I have carried out HIV test after one year of exposure and it was negative. Is it conclusive given that i been using the topical corticosteroid cream over this time also?

    Thanks in advance.

  8. Sir,

    Can the fourth generation HIV Combo test pick up Hiv infection which was transmitted 5 years before?

    • Yes, but it will only detect the antibody component, so you may as well do the 3rd generation test. You do not need a combo antigen + antibody test at this point.

      • If i did fourth generation combo test at this point of time do i need to go again for 3rd gen test or 4th gen combo test result is itself conclusive.

        My fourth gen combo test result after five years of possible exposure was negative.

  9. I just read of the Recall of SD BIOLINE HIV Ag/Ab Combo Assay.I took the same test back in April 4th 2017. At that time I tested negative after 51 days of possible exposure.”

    I’m really concerned that the test was a “false negative.”

  10. Jose Julian

    Hi how how aré you the HIV test 1 And 2 And p24 is 100% definitive after 9 monts?

  11. Worried


    I did a rapid test in your clinic in January 2017.
    At time of testing it was about 7 weeks from the potential exposure.
    Do I need to retest in view of the recall lots?

    • Based on our current information from HSA, while we still feel the results are very accurate especially at 7 weeks post-exposure, we are unable to verify conclusively the results of the SD Bioline HIV combo from the affected lots. As such, we would recommend any person who has concerns to repeat their test.

  12. Desmond

    I had a high risk exposure on 6 march 17 at about 5 a.m. And i took the 4th gen test on 26 march 17 at yr outlet. 26 march 17 would be on the 28th day counting on the day 6 march 17 as well. My test was negative. Is this conclusive? Please advice. Thanks

    • Hi, while we feel the test is still very accurate, as of present information from the HSA, we would recommend a repeat test just to be certain.

  13. Shawn

    Hi Dr Tan, did a rapid test for HIV at your clinic last Dec. Heard about the HIV test kit and inaccuracy and you clinic happens to be one of the 26 clinics.

    Do i need a retest?

    • As of present information from the HSA, we would recommend a repeat test just to be certain.

      • Salim

        Doc ,

        I can not understand some comments i have seen posted as an answer from you , what you mean as per the new information of HSA That the HIV P24 Ag/Abs Combo test i did in two cases ( after 9 weeks non reactive ) & ( after 21 weeks non reactive ) not accurate and should be restested , my tests were in the GCC .


  14. Worried

    I received unprotected oral sex from someone I did not know the status of (have reason to believe she is/was a sex worker) and tested negative for hiv on a 4th Gen test 27 days later. Is this result conclusive or would there be a need for repeat testing.

  15. Brittany

    I had a test at 25 day exposure.
    I thought i had symptoms that matched. Muscle ache..sore thoart but i was also around a child with flu an strep:(
    But 3 days later i got call result (negative)with duo test. doc seemed to rule out hiv very much!!like she seemed annoyed at my concern to test an said i have too much anxiety. My experience was with a man that finished in condom an minutes later started to reenter without one for like 3 seconds an i told him stop an he did.good indicator of test results?

    • If you did a antigen/antibody combo test at 25 days then your results are very indicative. However, for 100% conclusive results, you will need either the combo test after 28 days or if your test was just for HIV antibody then you need to wait 3 months.

  16. hi doc.
    Hiv menstrual blood outside the body, can still transmit infection hiv ?
    thanksyou doc

  17. Hye dr , yesterday i do rapid test hiv & results non reactive. But im so worry coz he dont use glove to take my blood from my finger . He use lancet prick finger . Then after results non reactive we handshake together for say thank u . After a few second i see that my finger still bleeding effect from lancet prick that use to take my blood . Im so worry . If at that time we handshake together & my finger still bleeding effect from lancet finger prick and if he also have a bleeding cut from he finger . Can i get hiv if my cut bleeding finger contact with he finger that also have cut & bleeding when we handshake & if he have hiv , iam a high risk to get hiv ? Tq

  18. After a year of unprotected sex, comb aids result was non reactive. Again after three months retestedin comb aids test but even this time result was non reactive. But I’ve got hiv like symptoms and very much worried. Doctor told me that Iam okay. But still worried. Can I be 100% hiv negative?

  19. Dr i do hiv 1&2 ag/ab elisa at 33 day after exposure , my results came back non reactive
    1) my results conclusive or not ?
    2) should i repeat test or not ?

  20. Hye dr i do hiv 1&2 ag/ab elisa at 33 day after exposure .
    1) my result neg at 33 day by 4th gen conclusive ?
    2) should i need repeat test ?

  21. Worries

    Hi dr,
    My last exposure was 23rd of April protected sex but in protected 0ral sex. Will it be conclusive if I were to conduct the rapid hiv combo test today as well as other full std test ?

    • Hi, I would recommend waiting for at least 28 days post-exposure for conclusive HIV testing.

      • Worries

        Hi dr Jonathan,
        Thank you for the quick reply
        it’s been 23 days , I m getting paranoid , tks why I will like to check if I can do a test as I read from dr tan that it is conclusive at Day 21.

        • Hi, it is near conclusive for HIV testing at 23 days – but still by strict guidelines we would not say it is conclusive until 28 days post-exposure. If you are concerned, you are welcome to drop by our Robertson Walk clinic to speak to a doctor and get the rapid combo test.

  22. Hisyam

    Hye dr i from malay , i do hiv 1&2 ag/ab ( elisa ) at 32 day after exposure at pathlab
    1) did my results conclusive & definitive ?
    2) should i repeat test ?
    3) did u see anyone neg combo at 32 day positive later ?
    4) should i trust my results ?

  23. Hi did I did this rapid combo test with a negative result at your clinic. However I can’t remember the exact days post exposure was correct at 28th day for the testing or 27th day. However i was on hiv pep and completed my 28th dose just before the test. Was the test consider conclusive or should I redo it?

    • Your test would be quite conclusive – however, based on post-PEP guidelines, we still recommend one more re-test at 3 months post exposure.

  24. Hi Doc,
    I went to your Robertson clinic for an anonymous 4th gen test on day 38 after exposure, result was negative (1 line showing). Is this conclusive? Thanks!

  25. Hi Dr Dan,

    I want to take 4th gen duo at your clinic 5weeks post exposure. Can i get conclusive result.


  26. Hello Dr.Tan I had done an alere antigen/antibody determine test 90 days after my risk it was negative my ? Is do you know anything about alere the band and test that I took and the sensitivity it has and is it conclusive?
    Thanks Dr.Tan

  27. neofu

    Hi dr,

    I have tested negative with Anti HIV combo test (CMIA) in a laboratory, 5 weeks and 2 days after exposure. Is it already conclusive? Thank you.

    • Hi, it is our opinion that the 4th generation combo test is generally conclusive by 28 days. Please speak to your doctor if you have further concerns.

    • I want to know if you re test again. I have the same situation as you. I tested non reactive at 5 weeks two days and I am very scared to re test at 8 weeks… the test was HIV 4th Generation

      • And I have the same answer. The 4th gen combo test is practically conclusive from 28 days post-exposure onwards.

  28. Clara

    Hello .

    How much is the blood test for hormone profile and pelvic ultrasound ? 🙂

  29. Mathias

    Dear Dr,

    I have done the following tests:

    HIV Ag/Ab lab test at 17 days post exposure and Alere Combo rapid test at 32 days.

    both tests were negative.

    How conclusive are those test? please advice!

    Thank you very much


    • drtan

      There has been some reports questioning the accuracy of the Alere Combo at 1 month. I personally would not take your tests as conclusive. However, you should verify this with the doctor who did the tests for you.

      • Winston

        How accurate is Alere combo at 1 month? How long to re-test?

      • Am I safe

        I took Alere combo test in your clinic on my 30th day from my exposure. The result was negative. Is it conclusive? In other comments, you and your doctors said it’s conclusive. You are making me paranoid again. Pls advice doc. Thanks doc

  30. Sir,I had protected sex with prostitute 48 days ago,my 4th generation Abbott architect test at 12 days,17days,28days,48 days all are negative,is it conclusive,for both Hiv 1&2

  31. Hai Doctor Recently i have sex with my boyfriend,I drank his semen..m i at risk for any STI /HIV??

    • Hi,
      Oral sex has an extremely low risk of HIV transmission, but theoretically with contact of bodily fluids, there is a risk nonetheless. There are definitely other STI’s which can be transmitted via oral sex, including HSV, HPV, chlamydia and gonorrhea. And of course, normal vaginal sex will confer a risk of STIs/HIV although this is reduced with proper condom usage. If you have any worrying symptoms or are concerned, please come down to the clinic and consult a doctor.

  32. Is a 34 days post exposure conclusive with a 4th generation test

    • Ans
      Yes it is. officially the testing window period for the 4th generation test is 28 days.
      please note that we are unable to verify the accuracy for your test. for that, please ask the doctor who has done the test for you.

  33. Hi Doctor, kindly request for your advice.
    Despite the number of days after exposure, if suspicious “ars symptoms” such as fever and swollen lymph nodes had happened for a week long. Does it make sense that antigen or a little bit of antibody should start to appear or even been detected by combo test?

    Thank you doctor.

  34. negative results when i took hiv 3rd gen test
    5 weeks
    9 weeks
    what is the chances to change at 12 weeks?
    i am paranoid. no anal pnetration only oral sex

  35. Hi Doc,

    I went to a masseur recently, and I took off my underwear and left it on the floor.

    If the floor had semen or fluid stained with HIV virus and I wear my underwear back, am I at risk of contacting HIV?

    Please advise.


  36. hi dear dr tan
    i get something to person who is hiv status is unknown after that i bite my nail and it bleeds should i be worry for hiv or hep c?
    tnx alot

    • Biting or scratching that does not break the skin has no risk of HIV transmission .
      However, if you bite your skin causing it to have an wound, it should be tended immediate in order to reduce risk of other infections .
      The risk of a bacterial infection would be higher than an HIV infection or Hep C infection .

      You can click here to read more on HIV and how it can be transmitted.
      Also you can click here to know more on Hepatitis C

      please visit us for a formal consultation . click here for the location.

  37. hi doc.
    i am paranoid.
    i took a hiv test using 3rd generation test at
    5 weeks
    9 weeks
    both non reactive.
    no anal penetration only oral sex but im afraid because two weeks after i got dry cough en sore throat its been more than a month i still have sore throat. can i rely on my hiv test results? what is the posibility to change? thank you dr tan&partners!

    • negative results when i took hiv 3rd gen test
      5 weeks
      9 weeks
      what is the chances to change at 12 weeks?
      i am paranoid. no anal pnetration only oral sex.

    • Paranoid

      In my opinion your tests are very indicative that you are free from hiv.
      officially the testing window period for the 3rd generation test is 28 days.

      please note that we are unable to verify the accuracy for your test. for that, please ask the doctor who has done the test for you.

      However , I recommend you getting tested for STD as you had unprotected oral sex .Your symptoms of persistent throat pain should be checked to rule out throat gonorrhoea or throat Chlamydia.


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