VO2 Max and Lactate Threshold Pre-test Checklist

Participants for the VO2 Max and Lactate Threshold test should run through the following checklist before test day

Pre-test checklist

• Avoid heavy meals, caffeine & alcohol 2 hours before the test
• You should be adequately hydrated an hour before the test
• Do not exercise at least 2 hours before the test
• Do not perform vigorous resistance training the day before the test
• Do not consume any nicotine (smoking / chewing gum) 4 hours before the test
• Come dressed in comfortable sports attire and proper running shoes
• If you don’t feel well on test day or have recently recovered from illness, please avoid undergoing the test.

*We apologize for not providing any shower facilities. However, we do provide clean towels and wipes for all participants. Do bring along a clean set of attire to change into after the test.

Darren Foo
Fitness & Lifestyle Consultant

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