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HIV Symptoms – Early Symptoms of HIV

VirusFor all of you searching the internet out there looking for early symptoms of HIV and getting extremely worried please stop!

Take a deep breath and calm down. By now you would have read multiple sites providing a laundry list of ‘HIV Symptoms’ and I’m sure you are suffering from some if not most of them.

Take another deep beath and let it our slowly slowly slowly. Feel better? Good.
Now let’s analyze the situation logically.

Just like most of my patients, you are asking ‘what are the symptoms of HIV?’

What you really want to know is ‘do I have HIV or not?’
And you are looking for symptoms to help you answer this question.

What you really want to know is ‘do I have HIV or not?’

Please understand that this is an unhelpful question to ask simply because it is absolutely impossible to tell if someone has HIV or not based on sero-conversion symptoms or lack thereof.

Let’s look at 2 very well established facts:

1. Not all patients who are infected with HIV will develop sero-conversion symptoms
2. Sero-conversion symptoms are non-specific. In other words, the same symptoms can be caused by multiple other illnesses and diseases.

So what’s the conclusion? The conclusion is it does not matter if a person has symptoms or not. A complete absence of symptoms does not mean a person is not infected with HIV. Similarly, having every symptom on the laundry list does not mean a person has HIV.

Fever, Rash, Sore throat – Click here for details on HIV ARS

Looking for HIV symptoms serves one purpose and one purpose only. And that is to get yourself worried and anxious.
Furthermore, anxiety can actually cause some of the so-called ‘HIV Symptoms’. You can obviously see how this leads to a downward spiral.

So please do yourself a favor. Stop looking for symptoms. You are just going to scare yourself silly and have a nervous breakdown.

Focus on what you have to do. Talk to your doctor about getting PEP if your exposure was less than 72 hours ago. Or talk to your doctor about HIV testing. There is lots of information in this site with regards to different HIV tests available for different exposure times.

Click here for HIV Testing FAQ
Click here for info on PEP Treatment at Our Clinic

Remember, you are not doing yourself any good by hunting for symptoms. Take a deep breath, calm down and focus on getting the HIV tests done.

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More on HIV symptoms.

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  1. Kalvin Choong

    Dear all doctor

    I had protected anal sex in ONS on last 5 months. No intercourse until now. Tested at 90days sharp after the exposure with AB & AG at Malaysia lab which cames back negative. Also gone for HEP A, B & C at 4 months exposure, cames back negative too.

    Few questions where i hope you can enlighten me to ease my worries.

    1. Does this mean conclusive? As many online sources required said need at least 6 months or a year. Is it due to different country using different gen testing?

    2. I had HSV1 orally before the exposure but no antiviral taking. Can this antibody affect the HIV antibody to be detected? Or slowing it for detection?

    Hope to hear from you soon.

  2. thank you so much Doctor. Dr I finished PEP on 8th October and the next day immediately after PEP I took anti body test which came out negative! today again I took another test and it’s 15 days since I finished PEP and tbe test came back negative. doctor what do you have to say? should I have some hope I will fine testing at 12 weeks after PEP?

  3. Hey doctor, I had protected intercourse and blow job without condom. The next day got some slight dry cough then flu and sore throat. Can advise what is it?

    • Dr Elaine Loh

      Symptoms are unreliable as it varies between individuals. In fact, many people infected with HIV have zero symptoms. If your concern is HIV, you should get tested.

  4. Dear Doctor after finishing the dose of PEP and immediately you test negative which other dose are you given?

    • i had unprotected oral sex two months back. she did suck my cock for about 10 minutes. i ejaculated outside on my towel. After this i got tested for antibody 1 and 2 at 26th day. it came negative.
      after that everything is fine.lately at 55th day i am getting slight headache. should i go for retest.am i at exposure to hiv..pls doctor let me know

      • There is no risk from your exposure so I do not believe you require further testing.

        • Here unprotected means without condom.i dont know about the status of girl.i just picked her from a bar.dont know if she is hiv or not.even i dont know whether she has bleeding gums or not etc.But i saw her mouth, it was good.She did sucked my cock without condom for 10 minutes.Do i need testing. i did got dry cough/cold due to dust allergy for 1 week and nothing now.do i need testing??apart from unprotected oral sex i did not do anything.

        • please see below comment.please do reply..really tensed. offlate slight fever..please advice

  5. Hello sir, I have had sex last year after 4 months I got genital warts we had protected sex for anal but not for oral?. And I have genital warts and kind of hives, do I have hiv?

  6. Hello doc
    thanks for answering our qns. now doctor I am on PEP and I want to know which foods and drinks I should avoid that don’t work with PEP?

    • There are no particular foods/drinks to avoid while on PEP.

      • thank you so much for answering our qns I know it’s a big sacrifice you offer to us. doctor recently I feel some small inching in my body and am on Pep can you plse explain that?

  7. Hello doctor I had unprotected sex with a lady and I ejaculated inside her and then after sex I had fear and took her for the test and it came out that she was positive. immediately I rushed her to the hospital and I begun PEP;(TENOFOVIR DISOPROXIL FUMARETE AND ATAZOR-R. Doctor. doctor I am taking PEP ON TIME EVERYDAY do you think it is gonna help me? I am worried

  8. Hi Doc, i have been having sex with my korean boyfriend. (we are in different country). Almost every other month we have intercourse, but the last time was August, 2nd week. and i noticed after almost 2 weeks, i had a fever and cough, which the cough is more than a week now but the fever only last for 2 days. Im worried if i might acquired Hiv?

    • If you are worried, then you should get tested. Symptoms are non-specific and you could easily have a common flu, but I can’t tell you that unless you have a test.

  9. Loh Kok Yee

    Dear Dr,

    I had unprotected sex 3 days ago with a sex worker working in a KTV in Singapore.

    She used a sterlised tissue to wipe my penis first before giving me a blowjob. I ejaculated into her mouth.we frenched kiss along the way and after the blowjob.

    I just went for a PEP at your clinic and i am the medication now ( 2 types of pills )

    I am worried. Dr, can you let me know what are the chances of me picking up STDs such as Gonnorhea or HIV?

    Thank you.

    • The risk of HIV is extremely low. Risk of other STDs such as chlamydia or gonorrhea is higher. Please come back for follow up in 2 weeks if you wish to get further testing.

      • Loh Kok Yee

        Dear Dr Jonathan,

        I am able to come back after 14 days to test for Gonorrhea and Chlamydia while on PEP tablets?

        Hope you can clairfy.

        thank you.

        • Yes, there is no issue with testing for these as they are different bacterial infections – they are not affected by PEP which only target HIV.

  10. Hi Doctor. I did a 4th Gen HIV test at your clinic 23 days post exposure and the result came back negative. I also had a 3rd Gen test done at 28 days and it came back negative.

    May I just ask if the results are conclusive? Do I still require re-testing? Thank you.

    • The tests are a very good indication, but would only be conclusive with a 4th gen at 28 days or more post-exposure, or a 3rd gen 3 months or more post exposure.

      • Thank you for your reply! But i read in your website that you are confident with the accuracy of result for a 4th Gen test even after 20 days of exposure. Mine was 4th Gen test, negative at 23 days. And as mentioned, negative for 3rd Gen test at 28 days. I am currently at 38 days. Is it worth doing another test just to re-confirm?

        • We are confident with the results but that is still not officially 100% conclusive unless you repeat a 4th gen test at 28 days or later. If something is >90% sensitive then I can be confident of the result – this does not mean conclusive. It is your judgment call if you wish to repeat.

          • Understood. Shall have one more 4th Gen test taken to conclude! Thank you again, doc.

  11. Ram mohan

    I had protected sex with a sex worker, she sucked and inserted in her viagna.. I sucked her breast but no fluid came out

    After remove my penis outside, waited for few mins, later second person came and sucked my penis with condom and rubbed my penis with condom in her breast.

    After 2 mins I started to suck her boobs, later she gave a hand job to me with the condom

    Does I be in risk? After a week I have sore throat and infection in anal

  12. Doctor, I had sex with a hooker on Thursday night. I had a bit of a weird tingling around my lip line next morning. So I went to see a doctor on Saturday night. On Sunday morning I have blood for STD test. All the results came out negative. The tingling feeling was there only on Friday. No symptoms are shown. NOT THAT I NOTICED. SHould I be worried and get another test done? Was it worth I got blood tested just after two days?

    • I had protected sex btw

    • No STDs would cause symptoms like that < 24 hours. Also, no STDs would be detectable in the blood at that point. So if you are concerned, please see us for a proper consult and evaluation.

  13. Hi Dr
    Recently I had an encounter of unprotected insertive msm sex. I was insertive partner. Uncircumcised. I went on PEP 12 hours later. It’s been 2 weeks, my baseline hiv was negative and said 0.227 today at day 14 I tested again and it was negative 0.66 why increased? Is this worry? I am scared. Many symtomns hiv my dr said no concern but he is not hiv dr. He also say test 28 days after exposure even on PeP ok.

  14. Hi doctor, I have sex with a hooker and now I’m.feeling bit of a funny feeling in my mouth. Slightly. Not inching. And bit of a burnt tongue feeling. Do I have to get screened for stds? I’m a bit of a over thinker. Also I did have a burning hot coffee before I had sex.I think that explains the burnt tongue but I’m.Not sure.

    • And slightly weird feeling around my lips. And had sex last night.

    • We cannot evaluate symptoms over the internet. If you have concerns, please get assessed by a doctor. It is possible to get STDs from your exposure, symptoms or otherwise.

  15. Hi doc
    I had in protected sex with HIV prostitited woman but I ejaculated outside after 3 months now my penis is extremely sore at all time do I have HIV?

    • This is not a typical symptom of HIV infection. You should get yourself checked by a doctor for other problems.

  16. Dear doctor i hed unprotected sex with prostitute 5 days before today i have fevour and headache is this hiv symptoms what should i do worried

    • ARS symptoms do not usually start so soon. However, please consult your doctor and consider getting tested after the appropriate window period.

  17. jeffrey

    hi doc,

    I have unprotected sex twice with the same person few months back. No symptoms of HIV ie. fever, sore throat, rashes, aches/pain etc. Just feeling fatique at times.

    Did a rapid test 1-2 months ago and non-reactive but found out later that these test kits were recalled.

    From your opinion, am I at high risk?

    • Hi, if you performed your HIV screening 3 months or more post-exposure, you do not need to repeat your test. If the test was performed < 3 months post-exposure, we would recommend coming down for a repeat test.

  18. Hello doctor, I had protected sex with a prostitute, it was my first time and I didn’t release any fluid but I have rashes on my genitals as well itching and today is first day even I have rashes on my body and I have had a feeling of vomiting whole day is it symptom of STD ?
    Note: Today is my first day after sex.

  19. Jackson

    Hi doctor,

    I had protected sex with an escort for about one month ago. But now I’m getting itchy skin rashes on my arms and torso, but I just did vaginal intercourse and sucking her nipples only and didn’t have oral sex or anal sex..

    • We are not able to comment on symptoms or rely on these to diagnose HIV or other STDs. Please visit our clinics to for a consult and evaluation with our doctors.

  20. Chetan

    Sir i had sex with a prostitute and was wearing a condom…! But after a few minutea of sex my penis started bleeding as it was the 2nd time i was having sex in my life but the condom was still intact ! After that i stopped the sex and kept it like that and after 20 minutes i went to a bathroom and masturbated and washed off my penis ! What are the chance of hiv infection

    • Your risk is low but there is always a possibility of transmission with vaginal intercourse, especially with a high risk population like commercial sex workers.






    • Hi, I would not consider these tests conclusive. Most centers will recommend either a Combo p24 antigen + antibody test at 28 days or more post-exposure, or an antibody test 3 months or more post-exposure for conclusive results.

      • Thanks for reply doctor.

        My query-

        I read that P24 ANTIGEN test can be done after 2 weeks. So why it is not conclusive?

        CMIA also detected for P24 ANTIGEN and ANTIBODY.



  22. I been feeling funny for about 9 years throwing up some times open sores first they were bruised bumps they take months to heal fugues in my toe paint inside my but dots on my feet in if I have sex in but in her they always end up sick or with a bruis why

    • Unfortunately, we are unable to provide medical diagnoses over the internet. Please visit a doctor for your concerns.

  23. I had protected sex but I have doubt of condom break. From 7th day my stomach is upset, I lost my appetite, fatigue, mild sore throat, headache.
    Is this symptoms of HIV.
    NOW it is 12 day.
    I am so stressed, please help

    • It is unlikely to be HIV, as the symptoms will usually not arise so early after exposure.

  24. Omarian

    Hi Doc, I had protected oral sex, and protected sex with an escort. I had sex for about 5-10 minutes then i noticed the condom slipped off. I dont know how long the condom was off it could have just come off right at the end. But now 18 days later I have a very mild sore throat and im sneezing a little bit too. But those are the only symptoms. What do you think?

    • We cannot rely on symptoms to determine the likelihood of HIV transmission. If you are concerned, you should speak to a doctor to get tested.

      • Omarian

        Thanks for your reply Dr. Its been 18 days since my encounter with CSW. when should I get tested. I am getting really bad anxiety and depression and cant sleep. For my peace of mind based on the scenario above, do you think i would be low risk or high. Thanks

  25. willy

    hi doc, can hiv be contracted through hair clippers?

    • Theoretically if you stab someone who is HIV positive with the hair clippers and then stab yourself, I suppose it is possible. But there have been no cases of this ever reported so I wouldn’t worry too much.

  26. Jordan

    I had unprotected sex intercourse with a girl approximately 2 days ago and I woke up today with a sore throat and a little fatigued could this be early signs of HIV?

  27. Hey, i have had a deep french kissing with someone i like, and i asked him after if he has had safe sex all the while he said yes. But all i did was only kissing with him and nipple biting and licking his genitals and he licked mine. With no body fluid (does urine count as body fluid?) involved. Not even blood involved. Ive felt sick only after 2-3 days after it. Having sore throat (throat not pain just non stop coughing), difficulties in breathing and feel weak. Does this means ive been exposed to HIV? Or is it just coincidentally just sick due to the weather? I’m a guy though. Please help me out, i’ve been really doen and stress now. Thanks in advance :).

    • It is too early for HIV symptoms to appear 2-3 days after exposure. You probably have a viral flu.

      • Thanks Doc! But are the risk high after all that stated that has happened? I’m just very afraid. Thanks 🙂

  28. Hello Dr.
    I’ve been feeling weird I had sex on the 29th of April with a guy I met a month ago after taking off the condom I felt aches and pains upper abdomen pain all the way to my back my mind feel confused I’m extra cold and my vagina feels irritated. I’ve been tested for gonorrhea and trichomonas and yeast came back negative. I’m sooooo scared I don’t know what to do. Is a way where I can get a test to let me know right away instead of waiting 3 months?

  29. Hello Doc
    I had an unprotected sex with a strange girl,but I never thought about nothing,after one week I suddenly got rashes in my feet ankles and little part of my buttocks and small under my breast that lasted for about one week(but the one under my breast still itch me sometimes, in thinking of it as I have never ever tried unprotected sex before,and I thought about this for more than 2 months that caused me a lot of depression that I hardly sleep at night and my arms become weak that affects my basic acctivities daily and feels like I was dying inside.
    After 2 months I started taking some anti biotics capsules and had each day 1000 grams for four days.
    Then on the 2nd night of taking the anti biotics I had a lot of sperm while I was urinating and I continued the medications but I only experienced the sperm just once,but immediately I stopped taking the antibiotics I started feeling some itch all over my body and feelings like urinating always until now,but I am not a clinical type and I always feel I have nothing to do with test,please advice me doc

    • Hi, it is difficult to comment on all of your symptoms – but essentially if you are concerned, please drop by our Robertson Walk clinic for a consult and testing.

  30. Hello Dr.,
    unfortunately last month I had an unprotected sex and 2 weeks after that I got headache and stomach ache together for only one night, the day after that I got a light Diarrhea (only once) and get an uncomfortable sore throat until now…..no fever, no rash, no swollen glands, but I feel week for around 10 days. My mouth is dry and has a bad taste ,I just notice that my tongue is a bit white and I have 2 ulcers at the end of my tongue… I also had an oral sex…
    I need to wait 2 weeks more to get tested (6 weeks after exposure)..stress just makes me crazy.
    Are these sign of HIV?

    • Hi,
      Please come down to our Robertson Walk clinic for anonymous HIV testing if you are concerned. Our 4th generation rapid combo test will be able to pick up HIV conclusively 28 days post-exposure.

  31. Just so you know,i usually have some intense tooth cleaning that would leave my gum bruised. also I returned back to my ulcer meds (omeprazole 20mg) which I abruptly stopped because of some its side effects I experienced, but things have gotten any better. what are the chances I could’ve pick up HIV from the romp or could something else in the fray

    • And does symptoms come on gradually or all at once for the symptoms that would appear

  32. hi doc
    I had protected sex and unprotected oral sex with a hooker. 4 days later I started losing weight rapidly. it’s the 6th day after the romp and I am still losing weight but that’s about the only symptom so far. have been worried sick and been almost all over the web to ascertain the chances of symptoms coming on as early as days. Have there been rare/isolated cases of the primary symptoms appearing days after exposure? Just so you know, I have been battling ulcer sometime now

    • There are many diseases that can cause weight loss. Some of which in my opinion are worse than HIV (eg cancer). I suggest you stop trying to analyze yourself and see a doctor for a proper medical opinion as to what may be wrong with you.

  33. Had protected sex with a lady whose status i dont know and the condom broke on the way but didn’t have bruises..Can I get infected if she’s HIV positive? Please advise

  34. Hi Dr, I had unprotected oral sex with a street working girl, I had a test around 3 weeks and it can back negative. However after few days I started to feel unwell. It started with an upset stomach. Such as nausea and body pain and 2 days later a flu like illness but no fever, no night sweats and rashes. It is the first time I cheat on my wife and I’m so worried

    • Your risk of HIV is extremely low. If you are worried then just go for a repeat check 28 days post exposure.

      • Dear johathan, i went and did the test again after almost 6 weeks and came back all negative alnog with std and sti tests, and the doc told I don’t have to do any further tests. However I start to feel my left groin a little larger than normal but no symptoms what so ever. I did start playing football lately which could be the reason, just a little concerned. Thank you so much

  35. I had sex with a girl during the sex I discovered the condom busted few minute later I didn’t release I removed it immidiately I was scared she asked me not to be scared that she is not infected the folowing day i got tested for HIV and STD test I was diagnos Staph a month later I start having some bump on my sheft having head ache fever fatiq tiredness please am I infection

    • HIV and STD tests the day after exposure are obviously not accurate. Since you are having symptoms, I suggest you go back to see your doctor and ask him about doing some retests.

  36. Hello Doctor,
    My symptoms consists of sore throat, rash on my arm were the elbow bends the inside. It’s lasted about a week and went away. Along the head of my penis in a certain section it’s red when I have an erection.
    Warm body at times. Rash by my hip that went away after 4-10 days. A rash wanted to develop on my forehead but never did. My head or scalp is itchy. My bulbospongiosous is sore as feels swollen. I had protected sex with a female I didn’t know. It was for about 5-10 minutes and I stop because I didn’t want to have sex because I wasn’t into it. That was mid February. I’ve had two STD’s test done already and they came back negative. What’s wrong with me? Scary stuff.

    • I do not know. We cannot diagnose you over the internet. Please see a doctor. You are welcome to visit us at any of our clinic. CLICK HERE for location info.

  37. Aaaaaaa

    Hi doctor, I just had unprotected oral sex and protected sex 7 days ago. On the 3rd day I felt chills, sore throats and running nose. But now my sore throats and running nose are gone. But my I am still feeling abit chill. I also discovered a small ulcer on the side of my inner cheeks. What are the chances of I getting HIV or STD?

    • Hi,
      Your changes of HIV transmission are low, but there would still be some risk of other more common STI’s including herpes, chlamydia, gonorrhea, etc. That being said, your current symptoms are very unlikely to be related to an STI.

  38. Hello,I noticed that the last two times I had unprotected sex with my boyfriend between one or two days later I either have a lump beside my ear or in my armpit. Could that be a symptom of HIV?Am Curious

    • Hi,
      These do not sound like symptoms you would get from HIV. However, it is impossible to tell without more information and if you are concerned, visit our clinic for a consult and screening.

  39. Hi Doc,

    Currently on day 2 of PEP prescribed by your clinic, truvada and isentress.

    I took the first dose of truvada and isentress at 6pm. Called back and your nurse said truvada should be in the morning, so next morning at 6am, I took a dose of truvada and isentress again.

    However, Due to the side effects I am experiencing, light headedness/dizziness, lack of concentration and slight fatigue, it there any way to shift the dose timings to a later time?

    Is it also alright if I missed the intake by 1 or a few hours?

    Thank you

    • Hi, yes you can shift the timings 1-2 hours later, e.g. 8am and 8pm if it suits you better. Try to keep your dose timing within 2-3 hours each day.

  40. Hi Doc

    7 months ago, I had protected condom sex and cum once. It didn’t broke. I’ve circumised penis. I had unprotected oral sex where I cum in her mouth. We washed after each orgams. I didn’t think of testing after it happened as I wore condom and I asked her HIV-status which she replied negative. I wasn’t sure still. I don’t experience long-term symptoms but it scares me to death. Should I feel worried and get tested?

    • Hi, the risk of HIV transmission from what you have described sounds low – however, if you are concerned you may come down to our Robertson Walk clinic for Anonymous HIV testing.

  41. Hello doc,

    A few things:

    1 I had unprotected sex with a man and it wasn’t planned. He did say he was negative but I feel he is lying. He didn’t orgasm inside me but he did reinsert a few seconds after. What would my risk of hiv be?

    2) since that insident i got tested 10 days after and it was negative. I did get sick after testing but just a headache, nasal congestion and feeling cold. I took cold and flu meds along with 4 ibuprofen and it went away immediately. Could this still be a sign of hiv?

    3) i got tested after feeling sick and it still came back negative that made the 2 week mark since possible exposure. I discovered 4 tiny red spots on my body. Three on the chest region and one on my shoulder. Very tiny, red but neither are anywhere close to each other. Is this hiv rash?

    4) I think I discovered thrush on my uvula. I saw a white spot but looking at it with more detail I’m not sure. It doesn’t hurt nothing feels strange and nothing else has a white spot in my mouth. I also had a negative hiv test reading with this at the 2week mark of possible exposure.

    I’m really scared and really feel I’ve contracted HIV. Please can you give me some insight?

    • Dear Michael

      1) It is too early to test for HIV on the 10th day and 14th day post exposure .

      2) 3) 4) Not all patients who are infected with HIV will develop sero-conversion symptoms.
      Your symptoms maybe because of other medical conditions.

      In this case, since there was risk of exposure- I would advise that you speak to your doctor again on testing for HIV 28 days post exposure and for an STD testing ( oral Chlamydia, oral gonorrhoea, scabies ) .

  42. Hi Dr. Tan…i am a male and I had unprotected sex with a female in June 2016. A couple of weeks later I noticed a mild rash on both my left and right inner elbows (where the crease is). Only on those spots, not anywhere else. The rash was itchy, but I felt sometimes I had to force myself not to try and itch it, and it wouldn’t bother as much. It never went above into my arms or anywhere in the trunk area. It went away by itself around without me putting any kind of ointment a month or so later, though I did notice my left inner elbow happen to start up again but once again mildly. That was also the only symptom I noticed Other than a chronic mild post nasal drip for about 6 months now. I’ve been stressing about it for a long time now, and I was wondering if you could help me understand if this something worth stressing out aboutt? Is this in any kind of way a sign I might have contracted HIV? I have also tested negative for chlaymida and gonnerrhea. Thank you

    • Dear Shawn

      In my opinion the itchy rash over your elbow flexors could be due to a various skin infection / condition .You would require a formal assessment by a doctor also, in view of your chronic post nasal drip symptoms.

      It is good that you have tested yourself for chlamydia and gonorrhea.
      However , I recommend you getting tested for other STDs and HIV as you had unprotected sex.

      • Thank you doctor. The only reason I was asking is because I know during ARS, rash is a common symptom. But from doing research it mostly always involves the trunk. And I’ve been told that rash as itself is not indicative of hiv infection, as there would be other symptoms as well?

  43. Hi Dr..i experience chills on my hand and feet, recurring headache (manageable, not need take paracetamol) and sudden weight loss (5kg) in a month. Im so worry now..for the past months i increase my fluid intakes to 5liter plain water a day, and keep urinating. Please advise

    • Not all patients who are infected with HIV will develop sero-conversion symptoms.
      Your symptoms maybe because of other medical conditions.
      However if there was risk of exposure, I suggest that you talk to your doctor about HIV testing.

  44. Please doctor I had unprotected sex with a girl since 4 days now but I started feeling chills over my body the following day and the second day i started feeling bit throat pain please could it be hiv

    • HIV ARS symptoms do not come on so quickly. That does NOT mean you are free of HIV. You still need to be screened.


    • PEP is prophylaxis against HIV and not other STDs. Your symptoms may be caused by other STDs.

      • Doctor i had sex with my new bf in october and in Jan, i started having a flu that inch and not stoping and vomited once and i join hurt for some time then stoped then rash on my body alittle , then i had fever that lasted for two days with lots of sweat i do feel tired almost all the time . Does this mean i am infected ? I went for a test in April but no hiv was found but i still got the flu and it been now 10months i am worried and scared

  46. Hi doctor,

    I had sex with my girlfriend, currently ex 3 weeks 6 days back. I finger her, followed by her giving a blowjob. After that i went to insert her, but it was only around the tip and a little inside. I pulled out coz i wasnt wearing a condom, and she was afraid i would cum. This is my first time having sex.

    Towards the end of last week, i had a little rash that was itchy. I scratched it and it became worse, i decided to let it rest and it recovered. It was first on my left elbow followed by my calves. Have to take note that the rash it extremely little, like 1-2 spots. After i changed my bedsheets, i realised my rash itch became much much better and recovered, except for those that i used force to scratch, the red marks are still there.

    I remembered having sex with my ex weeks ago and was afraid i contracted hiv. Researching it online, i came to realised i only have 1 symptom that recovered which is body rash. I did have a little fatigue, but it might be the shortage of sleep since im a runner and will wake up early for runs during weekends.

    My friend who had std infection told me i was overthinking, and if i had hiv, my symptoms will be worst than this. I had another friend who is more sexually active told me, my chances are really low too. Both told me im over thinking  and nothing had happened to me

    • There are a few points to make here:
      1. You had protected sex. That means you risk of HIV and STDs is reduced but not zero.
      2. You have symptoms. Whether they are significant or not should be determined only after a consultation with a doctor.
      3. We cannot use the presence or absence of symptoms to determine if you have been infected with HIV/STD or not. Only tests can confirm this.

  47. Halo doctor, I had sex with a lady but her fluids entered my open wound, I went for test after six weeks because I was feeling sick then, the first rapid test came out positive and I was told to wait for confirmation, I did the confirmation 20 minutes later and it can out negative, after another 30 mins I did another one ir came out negative also. And I was refered to a bigger government hospital for general test and all the test including hiv came out negative I was only told to be doing more exercise and reduce my intake of red meat, because I have high acidic something like that. After another six weeks I went to do another test and it came out negative. I don’t really have symptoms of hiv, no fever, no rashes, no enlarge lymph nodes and so on, just having itchy and dry troath that has lasted for more than three months now..I’m still scared and I don’t know what to do again.

    • It is very common to get false positive HIV tests. It seems that your doctors have done a very good job in conducting the right confirmatory tests all of which were fortunately negative. I really do not see what you have to be worried about. If you really need more peace of mind you may want to discuss with your doctors to do the HIV RNA PCR test.

  48. Hi doc . Its been 6 weeks since i had sex with an escort. I did had condom on the whole time. But im still worry . Could i still get any disease? I do feel itching in on my penis sometimes. Please let me know thank you doc

    • Of course you can. This may come as a surprise to you but it is a fact that condoms are NOT 100% effective. In other words, condoms REDUCE the risk of HIV and STDs. Condoms DO NOT ELIMINATE the risk of HIV and STDs.

  49. hie doc

    I had protected sex and unprotected oral sex with my girlfriend whom i realised after a week that she is sleeping around with other two guys. Its been 25 days since we had sex. I felt burning two to three days but it has disappeared, now i have joint pains, headaches, sore throat and my eyes every morning feels like they are dry. But i have no fever. Am worried doc are these signs of hiv

    • i felt burning when am urinating doc

    • There is really only 1 way to find out if you have HIV or not and that way is to get tested. There is really no use in analyzing your symptoms.


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