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HIV Symptoms – Early Symptoms of HIV

VirusFor all of you searching the internet out there looking for early symptoms of HIV and getting extremely worried please stop!

Take a deep breath and calm down. By now you would have read multiple sites providing a laundry list of ‘HIV Symptoms’ and I’m sure you are suffering from some if not most of them.

Take another deep beath and let it our slowly slowly slowly. Feel better? Good.
Now let’s analyze the situation logically.

Just like most of my patients, you are asking ‘what are the symptoms of HIV?’

What you really want to know is ‘do I have HIV or not?’
And you are looking for symptoms to help you answer this question.

What you really want to know is ‘do I have HIV or not?’

Please understand that this is an unhelpful question to ask simply because it is absolutely impossible to tell if someone has HIV or not based on sero-conversion symptoms or lack thereof.

Let’s look at 2 very well established facts:

1. Not all patients who are infected with HIV will develop sero-conversion symptoms
2. Sero-conversion symptoms are non-specific. In other words, the same symptoms can be caused by multiple other illnesses and diseases.

So what’s the conclusion? The conclusion is it does not matter if a person has symptoms or not. A complete absence of symptoms does not mean a person is not infected with HIV. Similarly, having every symptom on the laundry list does not mean a person has HIV.

Fever, Rash, Sore throat – Click here for details on HIV ARS

Looking for HIV symptoms serves one purpose and one purpose only. And that is to get yourself worried and anxious.
Furthermore, anxiety can actually cause some of the so-called ‘HIV Symptoms’. You can obviously see how this leads to a downward spiral.

So please do yourself a favor. Stop looking for symptoms. You are just going to scare yourself silly and have a nervous breakdown.

Focus on what you have to do. Talk to your doctor about getting PEP if your exposure was less than 72 hours ago. Or talk to your doctor about HIV testing. There is lots of information in this site with regards to different HIV tests available for different exposure times.

Click here for HIV Testing FAQ
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Remember, you are not doing yourself any good by hunting for symptoms. Take a deep breath, calm down and focus on getting the HIV tests done.

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More on HIV symptoms.

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  1. ExtremelyWorried

    Hi Doctor,

    I had two exposures with a woman (hiv status unknown but has had multiple sex partners) earlier this month. I had unprotected insertive fellatio, and deep french kissing on both the occasions. I did not perform oral sex on her nor did we have intercourse. The fellatio lasted for approx 2-3 minutes and the kissing for approx 1/2 hr. About 16 days after the first exposure I had body ache and mild fever for 6-7 days. The temperature ranged from 98.8 to 99.4 degrees Fahrenheit, mostly below or close to 99. No Rash, No sore throat, or other symptoms.

    please help. I am very worried about acute hiv infection. I read on your article stating that HIV ARS fever is more than 100 degrees.

  2. Hi doctor, I wonder how does HIV rash feel or look like? I know on your site you say it looks like measles. My friend developed rash on his chest and back. Doctor say might be shingles but lab test for shingles was negative. He said it feels sore and painful. Do you think it can be HIV rash? Does HIV rash usually feel itchy? Could it be that the shingles lesions has healed and therefore the shingles test results became negative? Not sure about any recent risky activity.

  3. Hi Doctor, i had protected sex with a girl who performed oral sex on me including licking my scrotum in a massage parlour. my scrotum was itchy before the sex and there may be slight broken skin due to scratching. There was a swollen node near my groin after 3 days, is there any chance of HIV infection?

    • The risk of HIV from oral sex is negligible – you would have a higher probability of contracting the virus through the penetrative sex, as condoms are not 100% protective. The swollen lymph node is unlikely to be due to HIV as it would be too early – however, it can be caused by other infections including chlamydia, gonorrhea, syphilis and herpes. If you are concerned, it is best to visit us for a proper consult and evaluation.

  4. Hi I visited a gay spa, the messeuer use his ass and penis mildly rubbed on my penis (for less than 15 seconds). I’m sure my penis doesnt have wound. But I cannot tell if he ass/penis has wound or not.
    Am I at risk? Any chance if the hiv will infect me through my glan?

  5. Dr i had protected sex for 3 months ago. During 3 week from exposure i got chapped lips until now (3 months). I had 7 test include pcr rna test.
    1. Combo test at 4 weeks, 5 weeks, 9 weeks, 11 weeks and 12 weeks from expoaure and all test negative.
    2. Pcr rna hiv at 10days exposure.
    3. I had hcv rna pcr qualitative and quantitative at 5 weeks exposure. Hcv antibody test at 11 weeks and 12 weeks.
    A. Dr does my lips problem related to std?
    B. Dr does all my test prove my status free and cn i move on?
    C. Dr all my test conclusive?

  6. Worried27

    I have question, I am male, heterosexual and committed to only one partner (my partner was in relationship before me). My recent exposure was unprotected oral sex (licked vagina), during the act, I swallowed some part of ejaculation fluid. As far as I remember, I didn’t have any sores or cuts in my mouth. After this act, I did following tests,

    Day 25- CMIA Combo Test, Result: Non reactive 0.06.. (Lab didn’t mention anything about Antigens which is why I am worrying)

    Day 35- Rapid antibody Test, Result: Negative.

    My partner also did rapid antibody test which came back negative (on 12 weeks mark after her exposure to previous partner) and on Day 35 after our exposure, which was negative too.

    I don’t have any significant symptoms except one swollen gland behind ear which is painless. After reading your articles I am aware that a symptom can not lead to HIV prediction but its a reason to worry. But, I would like to know about the odds, chances of being positive with this oral sex exposure. My constant overthinking and worrying is destroying my potential and possibly our relationship. Should I go for another testing? Your expert opinion will help me to relax and move on.

  7. Asal1995k

    Hi doctor..about 8weeks ago i had inprotected oral sex and he ejaculated in my mouth.19days after the exposure i got flu like symptoms including fever,body pain and pharyngitis.the sore throat went away right after penicillin injection and the sickness lasted about 5days.i have to add that three days before the sickness i walked under the rain for an hour and it was cold so maybe my disease had something to do with that.please doctor im so scared of testing??could my symptoms indicative of ars ??

  8. WorriedBB

    Hi Dr, what does HIV look like? How much does it develop and where? Also, how long does it usually last? Does it develop on face on cheeks and across nose, like there are patches of slightly swollen rash. I got this a few days after running a fever.

    • HIV does not ‘look like’ anything. It is a viral infection, and symptoms are varied and non-specific. If you are concerned, please visit us for proper consult and testing if needed.

      • WorriedBB

        How does the HIV rash look like? Does the face rash I mention sound like acute symptoms?

        • There is no characteristic rash, it can be non-specific. If you are concerned and had a potential exposure, the best advice would be to see a doctor and get a test if appropriate.

          • WorriedBB

            Hi, you mentioned There is no characteristic rash for HIV. However, Dr Tan also mentioned in a blog how it looks like as below. Can you advise?

            The HIV rash usually comes on 2 to 3 days after the onset of the fever and lasts for at least 2 weeks. It is a Morbiliform (looks like measles) Exanthem rash consisting of macules and papules up to 1cm in diameter which are pink to red in colour. Each lesion remains discrete and do not become confluent. It is widespread and always (100%) involves the upper thorax and collar region also commonly (60% to 40%) affects the face, arms, scalp, thighs and palms in descending order of frequency.

  9. Ricardo

    I recently had anal sex with 5 different partners without any condoms,they all cummed inside of me,they also said they was hiv negative,I normally never get sick but im going on 43yrs old n stsrting to have couple symptoms such as sore throat,n well a little hot,I’m scared so I’m panicking…it doesn’t necessarily mean I have hiv but I should get checked out…so my question is even tho my partners where negative n I had unprotected sex with 5 n they ejaculated inside my anal is it possible I get infect with hiv…n I can’t really tell but I had sex with my wife as well…does that make her valnuerable to get the virus as well…

    • If those men did not have HIV, then there is no way they can transmit HIV to you. If they did have HIV but did not know it, then yes you are at risk of contracting the virus, and in turn infecting your other partners.

  10. noreen sax

    Dr. Jonathan,

    Hello doctor,
    I had a non-sexual exposure question. Can someone get hiv from a surface material? A man came to repair something in my house and he handed me a plastic nob and it slightly pierced my skin on the finger. He, of course, had touched it a seconds before. I did not see any blood. Next day I got flu-like symptoms. 6 days later I have a horribly itchy rash and stomach problems. Diarrhea and bloating. Can this from HIV infection? Thanks for any help. I also a did a 4th generation rapid test, two weeks later, and it negative, and now real 4th generation blood test on the 26th day day. Awaiting results. Am I in danger?

  11. Veryworriedboy

    Dear Doctor,

    I had protected sex with a commercial sex worker yesterday. However, after much research on the internet, I am pretty worried right now. I will write all that I’ve done in detail. 1) She started off with a handjob (with massage lotion) and then soon proceeded to condom-ed blowjob. However, she went ahead to lick my testicles for about 20-30seconds. There were no cut/wounds on my testicles. 2) I touched her vagina for about 30-40 seconds, there were a little fluid. I did not touch my mouth or penis at all after that. 3) We went ahead to have sex, I penetrated her with a condom on from start to finish. I also lick her nipples BUT my wisdom teeth has an open wound, a dried up one, there were no blood whatsoever. Is there any risk to contract anything from licking nipples? Her nipple has no cut, pus, blood or any form of liquid. I ejaculated in her vagina (with my condom on). The next day, I had a diarhhoea, only went to the toilet 1 time. Throughout the whole day, my penis would have a subtle itch (might be due to overthinking and stressed out) I have no pain while urinating.
    My question is, will I get any risk of HIV from the above foreplay I mention? Will HIV be transmitted by licking nipples with wisdom teeth open wound? Will HIV be transmitted from her licking my testicles?
    I am very worried, and hasn’t been eating well. Doctor, your reply will be greatly appreciated..
    Please and thank you.

    • Your risk is very low, but there was penetrative intercourse so we cannot say there is no risk at all. If you are worried, please speak to a doctor for evaluation and if you are considering post-exposure prophylaxis (PEP).

      • Veryworriedboy

        Noted and thank you Dr Jonathan. I have read a bit on PEP but it is too costly, is it safe if I wait for a 2-3months then head down to your clinic for a test? Or is a checkup essential within first few days after potential exposure? I am also very sure that the condom did not break as my semen are all well contained in the condom.

        Thank you again, Dr Jonathan

        • You may wish to come down at 1 month post-exposure for comprehensive testing.

          • Veryworriedboy

            Ok noted, I will head down in a month’s time. Thank you so much for your time Doctor.


  12. Anxiety

    I had an acupuncture therapy for my back pain about 5-6 years ago. What are the chances of getting HIV from the therapy? As I am unsure if the needles used are disposable.

    • I would consider the overall risk to be low. If you are concerned, the only way to rule it out is by testing.

  13. Guilty

    I am a genital herpes carrier and I am a Chinese male in my thirties. I had sex with condom with a female sex worker. She performed oral sex without condom on me. 2-3 days later, I had sore throat, become lethargic and on day 4, I had fever as high as 39.6 degree Celsius and dry cough. After taking painkillers, temperature will go down but will rise up again after several hours. Today is day 5 and fever has subsided. But, I see a red dots on my waist, stomach, and more back, some as small as a pen dot, others the size of pimple. There are also pinkish dots on my forearms, back and neck. My face is also reddish from cheek to cheek across nose. Do I seem to have contracted HIV?

    • ARS symptoms will not develop after 4 days, so that can be reassurance enough. Sounds like you have picked up a regular viral flu. However, if you are still concerned, you can come down to our clinics for a proper evaluation and testing.

      • Guilty

        Thank you Dr Jonathan for replying. It has been 3.5 weeks since last exposure and I saw 2 big rash of diameter 1cm at the side of my waist. They are pink and raised. Can you tell me how HIV rash look like and how much will be developed? Also, where will the develop and how much? There are so much differing answers in the internet.

  14. Steven Muller

    Hi Doctors

    3 Weeks/21 Days ago I had an incident of a condom slippage with a CSW in Asia. I went on PEP at 55 Hours after the incident.

    I began feeling symptoms of seroconversion illness (jaw pain with what I thought were my nodes becoming painful and sore throat)and had a HIV PCR RNA test done. It was done on Day 19 which was resulted as Negative. I am aware that doing these tests while on PEP is not recommended however my question is a simple one:

    If seronconversion had in fact began and my symptoms were due to HIV infection – would the RNA PCR test have picked this up and would be positive as the viral load would be high due to the infection? Could I be serconverting and the RNA test not pick it up?

    Would you deem the negative result as a good sign so far?

    Is it a common symptom for jaw pain (under the area where the tongue is) and a slight sore throat being the only symptoms?

    Please advice.
    Thank you.

    Keep up the great work.

    • Dr. Julian Ng


      There is no specific symptom that is typical of HIV seroconversion. Jaw pain may simply be also due to the fact that you may be anxious and thus have been unknowingly tensing your jaw. As for the HIV PCR test, it is not recommended by CDC/ WHO as a screening for HIV. My suggestion would be to do a 4th generation HIV test 28 days after exposure.

  15. Graham


    Would you consider a 36 day negative on 4Th generation (ag/ab) test by Cobas machine by Roche be conclusive?

    Many Thanks

  16. Hello, thank you for all of your work/answers/etc.

    What is your opinion on appendicitis as an hiv ars symptom 1 week (7 days)after possible exposure? Fever was present as well.

    Most info online says it is unlikely, but then I saw this recent study


    This suggests Dr’s often miss this sign because appendicitis is so common. I believe the person in question was at risk (and the appendicitis is a bad sign), but do not want to alarm them if I am just jumping to conclusions.

    Thank you so much for your time. Best wishes.

    • Dr. Julian Ng


      I’m not able to advise you on your risk of HIV as you did not say what was your exposure. It is also not possible to say if one has HIV just based on whether a symptom or sign is present. If you have concerns about HIV, please visit a doctor for further evaluation.

  17. Mandeep

    I have sex a prostitute by using condom for just 40 second.condom dose not break.can I affect with hiv.

    • It is very low risk but condoms are not 100% effective. If you are concerned, please get tested at the appropriate time.

  18. Hi doctor
    I started a new relationship with a guy but I don’t know his HIV status we had oral sex 4 months ago the relationship is over and doesn’t want to do the HIV test so I took 10 panel test
    Chlamydia negative
    Gonorrhea negative
    Hepatitis A negative
    Hepatitis B negative
    Hepatitis C negative
    Genital Herpes negative
    Oral Herpes positive
    Syphilis negative
    HIV 1/2 negative ab+ag 4th generation at 6 weeks after we had oral sex, came back negative so at 9 weeks I took another test RNA Early Detection Test negative as well but I’m still super worried, freaking out so at 12 weeks I took a third test ab+ag 4th generation negative
    But doctor I feel my throat super dry (not my mouth) I’m losing weight my underarms are super hot and also my vulva I feel a burning sensation, and in the back of my ears and neck hurts no bumps all my test came back negative no STD at all so please help me should I take another test at 6 months just to be sure, online information says that everything is conclusive at 6 months I’m super desperate going crazy thanks for you time and help

    • I would consider your tests conclusive. Especially given the fact that the risk of HIV from oral sex is close to zero. If you still have concerns, please visit us for a proper assessment.

  19. I had an unprotected frottage with a girl for 15 minutes , I am scared that my precum may have come in contact with her vagina secretions,a week later I am having sore throat,an ulcer on my anus with no other related symptoms. is there any risk of HIV transmission?

  20. afraidshelby

    Condom broke with escort 24 days ago. tested for everything on day 16 and came out negative. But currently have headaches, dizziness for a week and 3 straight weeks of diarrhea. What could it be? Could Diarrhea start 3 days after exposure be caused by a std? Is HIV or Hepatitis probable?

    • afraidshelby

      might i add that i took a hiv duo test at day 16.

    • Dr. Julian Ng


      There is no specific symptom that would indicate if you have HIV infection or not. Assuming the HIV Duo test you took at day 16 post-exposure was a 4th Generation HIV test, it is still within the window period of 28 days. The suggestion is to retest with a 4th generation HIV test after 28 days. For the symptom of ongoing diarrhea, please visit a doctor for further evaluation. If you like, you can visit us at: http://www.drtanandpartners.com/where-to-find-us/

  21. I sex with 2 girls friend in one day without protection after next day I feel full body pain little bit fever and headache contionous 7 days .can u please tell sex with 2 can increase HIV aur can u think I these is HIV symptoms.

    • Dr. Julian Ng


      Having multiple sexual partners increases risk of HIV in addition to engaging in unprotecetd sex. There is no specific symptoms that would indicate if you have been infected with HIV. Please see a doctor for further evaluation. If you like, you can visit us at: http://www.drtanandpartners.com/where-to-find-us/

  22. gettingparanoid

    Hello doctor,
    about a month ago I had unprotected sex with a girl I know who currently lives in Sub-Saharan Africa (Ghana). Four days ago I suddenly developed a high fever which gave me chills and lasted for one horrific night. On the same day I got a very sore throat, which later I recognized as tonsilitis (there is a white mark on one of my tonsils and the pain is awful), as well as a mouth sore on the inside of my cheek, very close to the teeth. I used over-the-counter pills to fight off the fever (paracetamol and aspirin). Now I have a mild headache, but no runny nose or sneezing, so far no rash. I began to feel better on day 2, but the sore throat is still pretty awful and my apetite is low.

    Does this sound like ARS? Thanks for your help! The webiste calmed me down already, but the comments section offers even more comfort…

    • Dr. Julian Ng


      There is no one specific symptom that indicates a person has been infected with HIV. Also, many of the symptoms like fever, sore throat are not specific to HIV (as in it could simply be due to usual cough and colds). If you are concern, you should consult a doctor for further evaluation. If you prefer, you can visit us at: http://www.drtanandpartners.com/where-to-find-us/

      • gettingparanoid

        Thanks for the reply. Can I ask you to take down my comment? It shows my picture and I would prefer it to be 100% anonymous.

  23. Scaredshell

    Condom broke with escort 9 days ago. Had unprotected sex with GF soon after (regrettably). Got tested for everything on day 3 and it came out negative but it’s too early for that to mean anything. Day 9 and we both have headaches and she has a fever and is tired. What are the chances these symptoms point to hiv

    • Dr. Julian Ng


      There is no single specific symptom that shows that a person is infected with HIV. As you mentioned, the HIV test you did 3 days after exposure is too early and is non-conclusive. My suggestion is to repeat the test after 28 days with a 4th Generation HIV combo test. Also you may want to consider testing for other STDs given your exposure. Please consult a doctor for further evaluation. If you prefer, you may visit us at: http://www.drtanandpartners.com/where-to-find-us/

  24. Hello doctor
    I started a new relationship with a guy,I had oral sex with him but I don’t know his HIV status now I’m worried about my HIV status so I took the test 6 weeks after standard HIV test is a 4th Generation HIV 1 & 2 Antibody/Antigen test came out negative and also I took a second test at week 9 HIV RNA Early Detection Test negative. Is that conclusive?
    what would you recommend.? Should I take another test or not thank you so much for your help

    • I would consider your tests conclusive. Risk from oral sex is negligible.

      • Thank you very much Dr for answering me back I really appreciate it. Also I want to thank you for the way you started talking to us on this page

        For all of you searching the internet out there looking for early symptoms of HIV and getting extremely worried please stop!

        Take a deep breath and calm down. By now you would have read multiple sites providing a laundry list of ‘HIV Symptoms’ and I’m sure you are suffering from some if not most of them.

        Take another deep beath and let it our slowly slowly slowly. Feel better? Good.
        Now let’s analyze the situation logically.

        It really worked on me because I was so worried, stressed out,anxious I was freaking out so badly. But that night when I was reading this article I felt relief

  25. Had unprotected sex two weeks ago. Now am having mild headache, abdominal,groin,and neck lymph painful, back neck muscle painful, feeling like I have flu and mild sore throat.
    Do I have HIV or what are the chances that i contracted hiv. Please help.

    • We cannot diagnose or exclude HIV diagnosis from symptoms or lack thereof. If you are concerned, please see a doctor for a proper assessment.

  26. Dear Dr Jonathan,

    I went for a HIV test in Jan 18 after exposure to a potentially contaminated pipette during an earlier test in 2016. The tester this time conducted the test (3rd Gen) and it was negative. But, am not sure if he re-used his gloves. My memory has drawn a blank. Any risk here you’re aware of from contaminated gloves? Any evidence from medical literature? Thanks

  27. Dear Doctor

    I had unprotected oral sex with three men on three occasions in a gay sauna 6 weeks ago. Each occasion lasted for only to two minutes. None of them ejaculated in my mouth. I have got gum infection and a couple of loose tooths.

    There is no primary symptoms yet, though I can feel a small limp node in groin area which I noticed only in the sixth week. No other symptoms at all. Do I need to worry about HIV infection.

    When we talk about hiv infections, can just limp node be a worry without fever, rashes or any other symptoms. The limp node seems to be disappearing now.

    Please advise and looking forward to your reply.

    Thanks a lot.

  28. Hello Doctor

    I recieved unprotected oral sex from a csw with some rimming. I did a CMIA based HIV duo test at 31 days and it came back non reactive (0.38).

    Is this test conclusive or do i need more testing. I have deep anxiety causing malaise and feeling of swollen lymph nodes in neck and chest. Please help

  29. Hello Doctor,

    Does giving/taking oral sex (bj’s) and deep kissing between same sex (Male) high risk for HIV?

  30. Hello Dr
    i took PEP for one month i had a n exposure with the lady i found out that was positive later. i begun PEP at the 25th hour. i did a test after PEP and i was negative, did another after one month post PEP and it was negative, today marks my 12th week since i finished PEP and have done a test and it has come out negative. Doctor but i have pain in the neck, i have fever doctor put me on quinine finished the dose but it seems my fever is persistent. what do you have to say doctor

    • I would say your HIV tests are conclusive and if you have other symptoms they are due to other conditions.

  31. Superworried

    I ate a kinder joy I found on the bus stop at night. it was unopened. can you get any stds or hiv from it?

  32. worried guy

    your Hiv Tests are conclusive’. does it mean no Hiv?? do i need further testing??

    will the std such as chlamydia,gonorrhea,herpes may lead to hiv in future?? is it a risk??

    • Conclusive means no HIV, no further testing required. Other STDs do not ‘lead to HIV’ but they can increase the risk of transmission.

      • worriedguy

        thanks for your reply. i am relieved now. what do you mean by “Other STDs do not ‘lead to HIV’ but they can increase the risk of transmission. “.
        If i avoid any risky unproted sex in future..still there is chances of hiv?? or if any std’s will result in longterm hiv…please do explain in detail

  33. Hello doctor..I received oral sex from man without condom..am I at risk for hiv..there are no bleeding gums.. Im 24 years old male

    • There is close to zero risk for HIV, but certainly there are risks for other STDs such as chlamydia, gonorrhea, and herpes. Please visit us for a proper consult and evaluation.

  34. worriedguy

    i had unprotected oral sex with csw.she sucked my cock for 10 minutes without condom.i ejaculated outside in my bed.this is the only exposure i had. after that at 60 days i had CMIA test.it was negative.I also had western blot test at 60 days.It was negative.
    I also did HIV PCR RNA test at 65 days.It was not detected.
    Do i need further testing? if i test at 90 days will i get negative results or results at 60 days changes?? is these tests conclusive?? am i at danger of HIV?? is there possibility of STD’s?? off late i am feeling some uncomfortableness under chin and neck. i dont know if it is swallon lymph nodes..is it symptom of HIV??

    • Your HIV tests are conclusive. Your initial risk from oral sex is already close to zero anyway. There are possibilities of other STDs such as chlamydia, gonorrhea, and herpes – please visit us for a proper consult and evaluation.