Dr. Tan and Partners is one of the few approved Anonymous HIV Testing Centres in Singapore. A detailed write up on our service is available here.

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World AIDS Day 1st Dec 2014 – Ending the stigma of HIV

Once again we arrive at yet another World AIDS Day. World AIDS Day was first conceived in 1987 by 2 officers of the WHO James W. Bunn and Thomas Netter. It has been held on 1st December every year since 1988. This year, the theme for World AIDS Day 2014 is “Getting to zero”. This theme has remained unchanged since 2011. Slowly but surely, we are realizing that we can be the first AIDS free generation. For the first time in history, the number of people diagnosed with HIV is fewer than the number of people getting access to...

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HIV Test Kit  

There are many HIV test kits available. Some are approved for home use while others are for use in Hospitals or by Doctors only. At our Clinics, we use the Determine HIV 1/2 Rapid Test, the OraQuick Advance HIV 1/2 Rapid Test and the SD Bioline HIV Ag/Ab Combo Test. The other HIV test kits approved for use by the US FDA are: Anti-HIV Specimen Collection Devices, Testing Services, and Home Test Kits Tradename Infectious Agent Format Specimen Use Manufacturer Approval Date STN Home Access HIV-1 Test System HIV-1 Dried Blood Spot...

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HIV Post Exposure Prophylaxis

HIV Post Exposure Prophylaxis (PEP) is a medicine given to people who are at high risk of getting HIV. They are up to 99% effective in preventing a HIV infection. You are a potential candidate for PEP if: You have been exposed to potentially HIV infected body fluids Your exposure was less than 72 hours ago Factors that can increase the risk of HIV infection include: Condom Break Presence of Blood (e.g. Menses) Presence of cuts Presence of Ulcers You are not circumcised These medicines have to be started within 72 hours after possible...

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HIV 4th Generation Test Singapore

The HIV 4th Generation Test is one of the most accurate and fastest way to determine is a person has been infected with HIV or not. The HIV 4th Generation Test is also called the Combo test or the Duo test. It tests for both the HIV antibodies as well as the antigens in the blood. It can be done as a rapid test i.e. you can get the results in 20 minutes. Antibodies are produced by the body when it is infected with the HIV virus. There are many different types of antibodies. The one that is produced the earliest is called the IgM antibody....

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False Negative HIV ELISA test

There are such things as False Negative HIV ELISA tests but they are very rare. I have been pondering whether or not to write this article for a long time. I finally decided to do it in the name of scientific truth and complete transparency. What I do not want to happen is for this article to feed the unreasonable fear and paranoia that is already out there. I want to state categorically that I still believe the HIV Combo test is 100% conclusive at 28 days post exposure and the HIV 3rd Gen ELISA Antibody test is 100% conclusive at 3 months...

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HIV Window Period

Are your HIV tests accurate? HIV testing may seem very complex. This is greatly due to the testing ‘HIV Window Period‘. That irksome time from when a person is infected to when tests can actually detect a HIV infection. Click here to read about the Biology behind the Window Period HIV Signs and Symptoms The HIV Window Period and Test Accuracy HIV PEP Post Exposure Prophylaxis This has caused a lot of doubt and worry with regards to the accuracy of tests done. You might even be wondering right now how accurate your tests...

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