Bleeding After Sex – When To Worry

Bleeding after sex is no small matter.

This can easily affect you psychologically, having you worried after, or even during lovemaking.

Unless your periods are irregular or if you are 45 and above, infection is most likely the cause.

Infection often gives additional symptoms such as itchiness, bad odor and abnormal discharges, all of which may be noticed before one realizes any bleeding or pain (which may accompany) during sex.

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Irregular Menses

If you are experiencing irregular menstruation, this might answer the question. You might not realize that your menses have coincided with your sexual intercourse and might seem like the bleeding is because of intercourse. Get your calendar and pay attention to the characteristics of the blood. Other than lower abdominal pain in the first few days of menses, no additional pain should be felt when this happens.


Being in your late 40s is a criteria for regular gynecological check-ups. Bleeding at this age, with or without intercourse, calls for a doctor’s visit to determine the source of bleeding. Cervical cancer is the number one suspect which should be ruled out during your visit. Endometrial Cancer is rarer but also a possible cause.

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Abrasions and Injuries

Rough sex may also cause tears and lacerations of the vaginal walls. Should this happen, wash and apply antiseptic with alcohol or povidone immediately to prevent any infection. Strict hygiene should be practiced.

Friction may be experienced during intercourse when the vaginal walls are dry. This may cause bleeding and pain during sex. A decreased level of oestrogen in your body is a more common cause compared to severe dehydration; thus, women who are approaching menopause or after menopause might wish to apply lubricants prior to intercourse.

Sagging of the cervical/vaginal wall, also popularly known as a polyp, may bleed when slightly touched. Bleeding may be slightly profuse and may be accompanied by yellowish discharge at times. If bleeding doesn’t stop, vaginal packing (applying pressure on the vagina with a gauze) and immediate visit to a doctor is necessary.

Possible causes: – Infection – STDs – Cancers – Polyps – Abrasions – Others

What to do

When you are experiencing any kind of vaginal bleeding, it is best to abstain from sex for the time being until you see a doctor. This will get your bleeding controlled and allow you to monitor its characteristics – whether or not it happens after intercourse, its frequency, amount and its constancy. Besides, it will help prevent spreading of unknown underlying infection. If bleeding is profuse, as mentioned above, vaginal packing with mild pressure should be applied and immediately see a doctor.  Pain can be temporarily relieved by aspirin or diclofenac found at any pharmacy.

Be sure to practice a strict hygiene as any injury or abnormality of the vagina or cervix is a welcoming sign to infection. Washing after your visit to the toilet assures safety from gonorrheal or other bacterial infection. Be sure to consult Our Doctors before taking any over-the-counter antibiotics, as they may aggravate fungal infection if the fungus is the culprit. Watch out for other abnormalities and changes, such as pain, increased or continuous bleeding and any kind of discharge.

If the bleeding is continuous or stops then occurs again or is painful or you have a discharge, please see Our Doctors immediately.

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  1. Hi doc, I’ve felt stinging pain at my vulva area after intercourse like 2days back. There’s even slight bleeding but no pain in unrination. It just hurts when sitting down. What can be the cause and is it anything serious? Pls advise. Thks!

  2. Hi Doctor, I am a 25 year old female. From past few months m bleeding after intercourse. Bleeding last for 4-5 days. In the start few days, blood colour is black and brownish. Then in later days, blood is of pinkish colour. I had Pap smear few months back, which was normal. We don’t take any precautions as he ejaculates outside. We are in relationship from past one 1 year, this problem never came before. But it started from past 3-4 months. Bleeding starts after couple of day of intercourse, sometimes after 3-4 days.

    • Bleeding after sex can be a sign of sinister diseases. You really should see a doctor to get checked out. It could be something as benign as a cervical polyp or could be something more sinister like womb cancer. Since you had a normal PAP smear just a few months back, it is unlikely to be cervical cancer or pre-cancer.

  3. Hi Dr, I had intercourse last night. It was hurting a little when he penetrated me deep. Also, I had very light orange discharge when I wiped. It stopped today with just a couple of minimal drops. Is that a sign of infection or just minor lesions from sex? Thank you

    • It could be a sign of infection, cervical cancer or trauma. It is best to see a doctor to get a proper assessment. You are welcomed to visit our clinics for a consultation.

  4. Shimona

    Hey Doctor,
    Today, I had sex with my partner, rough sex.
    And i am sure that sperm is not entered in my body.. I’ve experienced bright red bleeding after sex. It’s been a few hours and I’m still bleeding, what should i do now?

    • Dr Justin Sim

      Bleeding after sex is very common. If the bleeding is reducing then you are okay. If you really are not stopping then you need to go to your doctor to examine you.

  5. My boyfriend and I had rough sex and a couple of hours later I started bleedin a little bit and had cramping. The next day the bleeding got heavier and still had mild cramps. Could I have gotten my period or did something tear? Should I get it checked out if the bleeding does not stop to be safe?

    • Hi Tina,

      Abrasions after sex can cause some bleeding, but cramping is less common. It would be advisable to come in to have this evaluated, especially if the bleeding persists. If you’d prefer a female doctor, there are 3 of us in the practice that can help you with your problem.

  6. Hi doc,
    My period came on June 24th and lasted until July 1st. My boyfriend fingered me on the 4th and the 5th a little rough (his hands were washed). I have very little blood coming from my vagina. It is a darker brown the same way the end of your period looks. I was wondering if it was just left over period blood coming out from him moving around inside me. I don’t have any discharge or foul odor. Can you tell me what’s going on?

    • Spotting is common right after period. It could also be due to trauma from fingering. It is best to consult a doctor to get a full assessment. You are welcomed to visit us at any of our clinics for a consultation.

  7. Melissa

    Hello, I have been having bleeding during and after sex for a bit now, but has gotten worse over time. Sometimes there is cramping pain, others not so much. I had an irregular pap about 4-5 years ago where I tested positive for the HPV virus. I had to get a double biopsy to check for cell changes, but came back negative. I had been to the ER 9 months ago due to pelvic pain a couple times, and was told then that I had a small uterine fibroid. They did a pap as well, so I assumed if there was anything to really worry about they’d get in contact with me. Could this all be from fibroids?

    • Fibroids doesn’t usually cause bleeding after sex. If you have been having bleeding during and after sex for a while now, it is best to see a doctor or feel free to visit us to get further evaluation of your symptoms as there could be other causes such as polyps, infections or even sinister causes like cancer contributing to your symptoms.

  8. I had unprotected sex and the next day I had a brown discharge and it burned when I pee. Now I am bleed red with blood clots and some are big and some are small. Is it a misscarage or is it a infection? What can I take?

    • Hi Maria,
      Your symptoms sound suspicious for a urinary tract infection. But we do need to check you out for that discharge, as that may be unrelated. Please come into clinic, we can do a full assessment, and prescribe the necessary anti-biotics.

  9. lawrence

    Sir I have sex with my bf .rough sex.. Next two days i has bleeding blood .. Some light bleeding in red colour..i was afraid.. Please help me.. it will be affect .. The bleeding is like my periods time bleeding….

  10. Hi Doctor, today was the first time I’ve experienced bright red bleeding after sex. It’s been a few hours and I’m still bleeding, but it’s a lot lesser now. I’m on Yasmin birth control and I eat my pills regularly at the same time everyday. Penetration was a little sore and painful for me as I felt quite dry.
    I know it isn’t breakthrough bleeding because the colour of the blood is a lot brighter and very thin and less clot-like. I have no abdominal cramps or discomfort either, it’s just a little sore when I wash that area. I was just wondering, could this just be from abrasion?

    • I do not think an abrasion from sex could cause bright red bleeding for a few hours. I suggest you consult a doctor.

  11. This is the second time that as happened. I’m in the implant (birth control) so my periods are not as they were before, max of three days. This months it was only one day begging of the month so I don’t think this has to do anything with my period. The first time it was just spotting but yesterday during intercourse I believe I was bleeding, because when I went to restroom to clean myself I had blood, and so did him, we were both surprise, but than it stopped, what can cause this, can it be an infection or something more serious.??

    • Mestruation and bleeding can be unpredictable when you are on birth control implant. However, I would suggest you consult a doctor to get a proper evaluation. You are welcomed to visit any of our clinics for a consultation.

  12. Hi doc,

    My boyfriend n i had unprotected sex yesterday morning n rest of the day i was fine. But when i woke up today, i found myself bleeding profusely. I m worried. I have slight muscle pain around the abdominal area. What shud i do? My period is due next week.

    • I suggest you consult a doctor. It may be that your menses come earlier that expected. But if you feel that it is abnormal, see a doctor.

  13. Racheltan

    Hi doc. I’m a 25 years old student. My menses came on 3rd of May and my boyfriend and I has sex on the 16 of may after we had unprotected sex I realise I start to bleed and the next 2 days I have spotting. Am I pregnant???? On the second day I have spotting I had a terrible headache and vomited twice but now I’m fine.

    • Racheltan

      And my spotting was in a dark brown Colour and it lasted for 2 days only.

    • Hi, it’s possible to get pregnant if you have had unprotected sex. The best way to tell if you are pregnant is to do a urine pregnancy test if your period is late.

  14. My ex bf fingered me a week after my period and 3 days later i had this brown and red discharge from my vagina but its kinda light bit am not having any pains and the discharge as lasted for 4 days now and it hasnt stopped…..pls help me out am so scared

    • I think you should see a doctor. Based on your description, it may be a trauma to your vaginal wall. However, abnormal vaginal discharge should be taken seriously.
      You are welcomed to visit us in our clinics to get a proper assessment.

  15. Elizabeth

    Hi , ok so i had unprotected intercorse and everything was fine but i went to the bathroom to pee everything was fine intill i wiped and i saw the paper had like a really light red mark on it but i didnt start bleeding or nothing i was fine, now im just getting cramps realy. What does this mean ?

    • drtan

      It’s probably just some abrasion from the intercourse. Don’t worry about it unless it happens again or the bleeding is more.

  16. Emelda

    Im 26 and I had sex with my husband yesterday. After our rounds, we discovered bleeding till now. & my abdominal is soo painful. How to be certain that its my period and not internal bleeding? As i did not keep track of my period dates and i believe i might not be due fr period yet. Usually i have symptoms b4 period like numb breast etc bt now i dont. Please advise.

    • drtan

      The bleeding may be due to a benign cause but the abdominal pain certainly is not. You need to see a doctor asap.

  17. Hi doctor ive been spotting for 7days now after having sex my cycle is due around this time ,but im spotting brown and light red color what’s going on? im scared

    • drtan

      Bleeding after sex can be due to many possible causes from infections to cancer. You should see your doctor about it. To see our educational video on the causes of vaginal bleeding after sex, please click HERE.

  18. I’m 26 me and my husband have a sex on 4th day of periods. My periods ends on 2nd day. After intercourse I get red spots. Back ache and lower abdominal pain and itching the left side of abdominal. Pain in left leg and left leg vein stretch and sometimes light dizzeness

    • drtan

      There are many possible causes of bleeding after sex from infections to cancer. You should see your doctor to find out what the cause is.

  19. Ashley

    Hi I have a a 23 year old female and I’m on the depo for birth control and I normally don’t get a period in between shots. I have bled on occasions after intercourse a brown/red color(assuming caused from not having periods) but I had sex with my bf last night not rough either, then after I started to bleed bright red blood. Not alot, but enough to wipe out with a tissue. I’m sorry for the details, but I was extremely wet down there while we had sex. the texture wasn’t like regular self lubrication it felt thin kinda like water. Very weird for me. But I’ve Been with my partner for 11 months now and get paps done regularly and std tests as well. I had slight pain on my walls. I’m kinda worried. And want to get some advice. I’m also at the end of my shot. Please help me on figuring out what’s wrong.

    • drtan

      The fact that you get tested regularly and only have 1 partner means it is extremely unlikely that this is due to an infection or cancer. It does not sound like it could be abrasions or lacerations either. It is most likely due to the Depo messing with your hormones. These are not uncommon side effects of the depo. You might want to consider other forms of long term contraception. Click HERE for more info.

  20. period stoped on the 28th of April.i had sex with my husband lastnight.we had verry easy slow light sex and after when we got done he seen blood on his hand.lots of blood.really heavy and light red to mid isnt the 1st time this has happend.also around the month of was much not understand. Why bcuz he wasnt ruff or in anyway cut me with his fingers.light cramps.have to wear small pad.

    • It is difficult to tell why you have the bleeding. You should see a doctor and get yourself checked. I would suggest getting a pap smear done.

  21. Hi doc , my period came on 11th and ended 5 days as usual . Then on 17th , had intercourse with my boyfriend, but he did not ejaculate inside me. The next day or two , I had light pink discharge . And then for the whole week , I had discharge with blood streaks and now it came down to brown and then light pink again . What’s wrong ? I don’t have any irritation , swelling or itchiness . The first day I had bloody discharge I had minor abdominal pain and nothing else .

    • I would suggest you consult a doctor, get yourself checked for infection, and get a pap smear done if not done recently. You are welcome to see us to get a proper consult.

  22. Hi doc , my period came on 11th and ended 5 days as usual . Then on 17th , had intercourse with my boyfriend, but he did not e

  23. Stephanie

    Hey. I am a 20 year old girl. And on the 9th of this month (April) I had a regular period. It lasted 4 days like normal. But then on the 15th me and my partner had sex. It hurt a lot and I threw up after wards cause the pain was so bad. Then I woke up the next morning spotting. I spotted till the 18th. But it was light pink blood. Then It stopped. And came back on the 20th but it was dark brown and I have been having pains since then. Then on the 23 I woke up in a lot of blood. And it has just been getting worse. I have been using about 12 super tampons a day. But they are hurting me now and I am seeing discoloration on my arms and hands I have had a fever for 2 days I am having abdominal pain along with weakness. And nonstop shaking. What is all this ? And what should I do.

    • Go to a hospital IMMEDIATELY. You are possible hurt quite badly internally and have already lost a considerable amount of blood. Please go to a hospital NOW.

  24. I finish my period on 16 and I ave sex on 17 and on 20 and I clean my body and I saw a drop of blood, what wat this looks like? pls I need your answer

  25. Hello doctor i had sex 2 weeks ago 5 days before ovulation, But i took the morning after pill the next day. Just last night me and my boyfriend had sex again unprotected “stupid i know” but i woke up spotting period not due for 4 more days.?

    • The spotting could be due to the morning after pill. It is very unlikely (although still possible) for you to get pregnant when you are 4 days shy of your period.

  26. I had sex with my ex girlfriend about 4 days ago . The day after she said she had spots of blood when she wiped. It happened the day after too she’s fine now but the last two days she said she’s been feeling drained and tired. Idk but she’s freaking herself out cause she thinks she might be pregnant but I don’t really think that is the case

    • Its too early to get pregnancy symptoms after 4 days of sex. The best way to tell if she is pregnant is to get tested if her next menses is late.

  27. Hello I got on birth control ( the depo shot) on February 19, 2015 I was supposed to have my period on March 15 but it never came untill 16 days later.. Then I started spotting it didn’t even look like blood it was dark brown so I talked to my friend about she said to go get a pregnancy test.. It was negative like a week ago it stopped and I had sex with my boyfriend & i started bleeding lightly then it stopped a few hours later so then we had sex last night and it started bleeding after we was don’t I ignored it I thought maybe it’s because he went too deep so we just had sex and now I’m bleeding bright red.. Should I be worried ?

    • Dr Elaine Loh

      bleeding after sex most of the time is due to benign causes but of course, we do not want to miss anything dangerous or sinister. Since you are already sexually active, you should get a pap smear and HPV test done to be absolutely sure. Depo Provera does cause problems with irregular bleeding especially in the first 6 months. Eventually some patients may get very light periods to no periods ( amenorrhea) at all.

      • Okay now the bottom of my stomach hurts like cramps but it never goes away and I feel like I’m going to get sick ?

  28. tiffany

    I have been bleeding for 4days discharge brown to pink my last period was march 30th we had incourse.
    Can you explain to me what causing it yes he has injected inside. Could be pregnant or something else???

    • There are many causes of mid-cycle bleeding. It has only been 2 weeks since your intercourse so it is a little too early to know if you are pregnant or not. If you miss your next period, which should be coming soon, you should do a pregnancy test. Regardless of the outcome of the test, you should also see your ObGyn to find out what caused your bleeding.

  29. Alicia

    Hello. I finished my period on the 25th. Had unprotected sex with my boyfriend on the 27th. And two more time after between then and the 2nd of the next month. I started spotting on the 4th… and its been off and on since then (it is the 7th of the month as i post(p.s., i also had sex today. And it started back.) The spotting is sometimes accompanied by semi sharp pains in my lower abdomen. What does this seem like? IM a heavy smoker. Social drinker. Could i be trying to conceive?. Something more serious. ? Please help

    • Yes you could be pregnant. And yes it could be something more serious like cancer or an infection. It could also be something benign like a tear in your vagina. I think this has been going on long enough that it deserves a trip down to your doctor’s to find out what exactly is going on.

  30. Hi my partner fingered me with two fingers on Sunday (i’m pretty tight) and after that i have constant brown discharge for the next 4 days. Wondering if there is any problem and will i get better soon?

    • The brown discharge is probably due to a local source of bleeding. Your partner could have traumatized your vagina or hymen which bled. The other concerns will be cervical polyps or pre-cancer. If you have been getting your regular PAP smears, you should be fine.

  31. Hello doctor my period ended two days ago the past two nights ny fiance and I had sex and afterwards I was bleeding. Last night the blood had an orange tint to it and is worrying me.

    • After your period ends, there is usually still some endometrium left in the womb that has not fully shed. The act of sex pumps out this left over endometrium. So having sex soon after your period ends can easily results in a small amount of bleeding. If this happens more often or if the amount of blood increases, you really should see a doctor. More sinister possible causes include womb cancer, ovarian cancer and cervical cancer. You can read more about these cancers HERE.

  32. Hi, i had unprotected sex, and am bleeding bright red blood. I think its from not enough lubrication. Since when i have protected sex i dont bleed. I am on the pill and do practice safe sex often. But this isnt the first time ive bleed after unprotected sex. I was on my last day fertile when we had sex. Could you help?

    • Bleeding after sex can have both benign as well as sinister causes. Since you only get the bleeding after unprotected sex, it makes sense to assume the bleeding is due to abrasions. However, you should always get this checked by your doctor. You need to rule out things like cervical cancer and uterine cancer. Rarely Ovarian cancer.

  33. Hello drtan.

    I just had an intercourse two days ago, and i had a slight blood on my underwear for these past two days. is this normal? usually how long does it take for this to stop? i’m so worried.. please help, an answer will be greatly appreciated. thank you

    • From your nick I am assuming you are male. In which case, no it is absolutely not normal. See a doctor.

  34. Hi Doctor, after intercourse i had this pain in my lower abdomen followed by a little blood and since them i have the pain and constant need to urinate without large amount of urine coming out and also have thos constant need to urinate.. what could be the cause?

    • Hi, sounds like it could be a urinary tract infection. If your symptoms persist, you should see a doctor for further management of your symptoms.

  35. after intercourse i had this pain in my lower abdomen followed by a little blood and since them i have the pain and constant need to urinate without large amount of urine coming out and also have thos constant need to urinate.. what could be the cause?

  36. Hi. I had sex on the 4th day of my period. My menstrual cycle normally last between 4-5 days. There were no bleeding occurred on that day until we had sex. After washing up, i peed and there were blood. (Dark red) Then I started constantly having the urge to pee. Thinking it was UTI I drank lots of water and peed a few times. the first was accompanied by blood and the rest doesn’t. The next morning I don’t have the urge of peeing anymore but when I wiped there dark red blood on the tissue after i peed. Any idea if the blood was due to my menstrual cycle or it was something else?

    • Yes I think the intercourse pumped out remnant blood in the uterus. As long as you don’t have the urge to pee anymore, you need not be worried.

  37. Hi Doc i had rough sex around 24 hrs i started spotting the same day snd now is getting a little more heavier is this normal due of me having a tilted uterus. Is the first time this ever happen to me and i am really consern 🙁

    • I don’t see what having a tilted uterus has to do with it. Bleeding after sex could be due to benign causes such as abrasions or more sinister causes such as cancer. If this keeps happening, you should see your doctor.

  38. Hi i had unprotected sex 3 days ago and it was only real quick wasnt that long and afterwards i went to the bathroom and as i was peeing some small chunks of brown were coming out of my vagina…this has never happened before this is the first time it has, then next day i had protected sex and i asked for it harder (sorry so detailed) so he did and when he did we stopped cause my stomach started hurting i then went to the bathroom and i was bleeding like when i lost my virginity after a few hours it stopped then again that night we had sex again but not so rough…the next morning it look like maybe my wetness was coming out and there was very light bleeding with it…is something bad going on…what should i do??

    • Bleeding after sex could be completely benign like from a tear or abrasion or something more sinister like cancer or pre-cancer. In such situations we would always tell you to see your doctor. You really need to know exactly what is causing the bleeding.

  39. Hi Doc
    I have a new partner and we have sex on the last day of my period on the other day we have sex again and I got bleed and feels like teared down in my vagina. From heavy bleeding to light for the whole 24 days. No other pain just bleeding.

    • The bleeding is most likely from the tear. GO see your doctor if it does not clear up in a few days.

  40. Hello

    • I had a yeast infection earlier last year and tried a 3-day over the counter suppository (capsule) which didn’t help, so I tried a different one which also didn’t help. Then I tried a cream and that helped! However, the last 4 times that I had sex, I always bleed and it feels a little tender inside. My partner also stuck his finger in my rectum (sorry for the details) and when I used the bathroom I had bright red blood in my stool, and the tissue looked like I was menstruating.. From the wrong end… I know anal can sometimes cause bleeding but this seemed to be a lot.. Should I go to the ER? I also feel a little bloated almost asthough I have my period.

      • Bleeding after sex is always a little worrying. Although most of the time it is only due to benign causes such as polyps or abrasions, doctors will not feel totally comfortable until we have ruled out the big C – Cancers. Fresh bleeding from the rectum is less worrying. That is more likely just due to piles. You definitely should see your doctor to get checked.

  41. Hi doctor, I had my menstruation a week ago. Two days ago I had sexual intercourse with my partner and eventually I started experiencing dark bleeding. I took morning after pill before my last period. What is the cause? Will it be any chances of pregnancy ? I really need help. I am very grateful if you can give me a reply. Thank you so much.

    • So 5 days into your period you had sex then saw dark blood. Most likely it is remnant blood in the uterus that was pumped out during the intercourse.

  42. A 27 year old femaile patients would like to schedule an appointment due to some bright red bleeding after sexual intercourseWhat conditions or disease might be of concern for this woman? Discuss your reasoning behind choosing the conditions you did.

    What type of exam might the physician wish to perform?

    What type of equipment would be needed and what clinical test might be ordered/performed

    • I’m sorry. This sounds like a medical school exam question. I suggest you see your doctor to get this problem sorted out.

  43. A 27 year old femaile patients would like to schedule an appointment due to some bright red bleeding after sexual intercourse

  44. Hi doctor.
    I was on implants for 6 months in 2014, got off in August, had regular periods until now I am 2 weeks late. Last month I had very rough unprotected sex (as always) and I ended up bleeding badly. I still had regular periods. I’m feeling pains here and there but not bad. I go by a calendar and have sex on my fertle days. My pregnancy test are coming negative?!? What’s wrong!!

    • Maybe the rough sex caused shedding of the endometrial lining so you will not see any bleeding during this period.

  45. Hi Doctor, I am a 24 Year old female and have had bright red blood after sex this morning. I had unprotected sex Monday 1-12-15 and my partner was drunk and fully came inside of me around 1am. That very next morning around 11am I took a Plan B pill, and everything seemed OK. He then came back over Tuesday Note and we had unprotected sex again this time he didn’t come inside of me so I didn’t get the pill. Then Friday nite 1-16-15 we had sex with a condom and it was pretty rough but it did not hurt. After when I used the bathroom everything was normal but about 11Am I started having a bright red discharge with some dark red (I’m guessing uiterius lininglike when girls have their periods). Its bright red and its enough to cover a whole tissue. I’m going to see if it contunines thru Sunday because it might just be the plan b pill giving me a early period, but I had just got off my period last Sunday (the day before I had unprotected sex). I’ve had two pap smears this year because I had a weird vaginal odor and was diagnosed with bacterial vagenois last summer, I was given metrogel and a pill and stopped having unprotected sex and my smell came back to normal, but it still came back the other day recently. so I think I might be allergic to semen or something. I don’t have any pain in my ovaries, or pain when peeing but I have had chalmydia 3 years ago. I asked the doctor if she could test for hpv or something because I have had an ex come inside me before and never have been pregnant.

    • There are many things going on here. First of all, you really should not rely on the withdrawal method for contraception. That means even if you BF does not ejaculate inside you, you still can get pregnant. As for your bleeding, it could be due to abrasions, the plan B pill or the fact that your period ended not long ago. You also seem to be concerned about potential infections. I definitely agree that this is possible especially since you do not use condoms all the time.

  46. hi good evening i just wan to ask like me and my husband having a sex 11 days before and then now i’ve encountered some light pinkish vaginal discharges just every morning for 3 consecutive days. please helpme if is it normal or not. thaankyou for your response

    • It really could be due to so many things like ovulation, implantation, abrasions, cervical lesions. I really cannot say if it is normal or not. You should see your doctor.

  47. Hey,
    So Im 22, lost my virginity on December 27th.. he wore a condom and didn’t last that long as it was quite painful for me.. 3 days later i bled for 3 days extremely heavily, and also had sharp cramps in my abdomen. I have a 48 day cycle and normally heavy on day 1 then light.. i slso always get really bad period pain, ever since my period started.. if you could help. I went to the doctors and they told me IBS that was after a week of this pain.. thanks

    • IBS? Irritable bowel syndrome? Causing vaginal bleeding? Uhh…. ok. The long cycles and bad period pains could be due to hormonal problems like PCOS or you could have endometriosis. The prostaglandins and other chemicals released during intercourse can bring on a “period”. That was probably what happened to you. Perhaps you should consider going on the contraceptive pill. This will regulate your periods and reduce the period pains. Also, it can manage endometriosis (if that is truly what you have).

  48. Nadia hussain

    hi I’m 25 me and my husband had sex after when I cleand my self up I noticed light red blood what dose this mean? we r trying 4 baby can This be the sign of pregnancy?

    • Bleeding after intercourse can be caused by many things. It could be due to abrasions or tears in the vagina, it could be due to cervical polyps, it could be due to cervical cancer or womb cancer etc.

  49. So just recently my boyfriend and I have decided to try out rough sex as our normal sex is not so rough, afterwards there was a little bit of red spotting when I went to the bathroom. Yesterday when I stayed at his house he had fingered me also pretty rough and I had light red spotting again when I went to the bathroom. Though it doesn’t hurt, and it doesn’t last very long, I don’t know if I should be worried about this problem or what I should do. It only seems to occur after we have some time of rough sex.

    • It is probably due to tears and abrasions in the vagina.


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