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A quick breakdown on how HIV can be transmitted.

This topic aims to show ways in which HIV can and cannot be transmitted. It ties in with a recently published topic found here http://www.drtanandpartners.com/how-does-hiv-enter-the-body/.

This topic will be split into 3 parts; Definite ways of HIV transmission, theoretical ways of transmission, and no way of transmission.

Bear in mind that in order for HIV to be transmitted fluid from a positive person has to come into contact with the negative person. Semen and blood hold high loads of the virus but saliva and vaginal fluid hold very little.


According to Singapore Ministry of Health UPDATE ON THE HIV/AIDS SITUATION IN SINGAPORE 2014.

Definite ways of HIV transmission (risk will be listed as risk per 10000 – so 1/10000 means that for every 10000 people who engage in that activity, 1 person will become infected.

  • Blood transfusion – 9250/10000 (this is only with HIV infected blood which is very rare nowadays as every donor blood sample is screened before use).
  • Needle sharing in intravenous drug use – 63/10000.
  • Needlestick injury – 23/10000.
  • Receptive anal sexual intercourse – 138/10000.
  • Insertive anal sexual intercourse – 11/10000
  • Receptive penile-vaginal sexual intercourse – 8/10000
  • Insertive penile-vaginal sexual intercourse – 4/10000
  • Receptive and insertive oral sexual intercourse – low (too low for accurate numbers).

Estimated risk per exposure to HIV transmission: assume that the ‘source partner’ is always HIV-positive. For a partner of unknown status, the risk is affected by the prevalence of HIV in the relevant community – i.e., the chance that the partner does in fact have HIV. Unless otherwise stated, the sexual acts are always without a condom.

Theoretical ways of HIV transmission:

  • Blood contact onto an open wound – possible but an unlikely scenario as open wounds should be tended immediately in order to reduce the risk of other infections. The risk of a bacterial infection would be higher than an HIV infection.
  • Blood contact onto mouth or eyes – again possible but extremely unlikely unless you happen to be in a horror movie.
  • Dried blood – although HIV can survive in dried blood for several days, the environment has to be favourable and transfer this way is very very unlikely.

No risk of HIV transmission:

  • Breathing the same air as someone.
  • Touching a toilet seat or door knob.
  • Drinking from a water fountain.
  • Hugging, kissing or shaking hands (although kissing may transfer fluids the level of virus in saliva is so low as to make the risk negligible).
  • Sharing utensils.
  • Sharing gym equipment.
  • Skin to skin contact with an HIV positive person even if they happen to have fluid of unknown origin on them (particularly applies to commercial sex workers).
  • Biting or scratching that does not break the skin or draw blood.
  • Essentially, as mentioned above, fluid-fluid contact is necessary for transmission – if this hasn’t happened then there is no risk for HIV.

I hope this helps answer most questions that concern people over possible ways of HIV transmission – if new questions pop up I will try and add to this topic to help allay people’s fears.

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  1. Just to make it clarify, accidental cuts such as scratching your arm on the sharp edge of a table where the edge of the table is contaminated with HIV blood where there is a break in your skin or accidentally cutting yourself while chopping vegetables etc.

    • Dr. Julian Ng


      Unless there is fresh blood on the edge of the table when you cut yourself there is no risk of transmission.

  2. Im a guy and had encounter with another guy who has unknown hiv status. We cuddle, kiss, nipple sucking. I lick his scrotum and shaft only. I am not sure if he has precum dripping while i was licking his shaft. I didnt suck his penis’ head and we didnt perform any type of intercourse. Am i at risk of hiv transmission? Thank you in advance.

  3. Murugan

    When some one has a bleeding cut in the finger.
    With the same bleeding finger if they are fingering the Anus of others.
    For eg: X is having bleeding cut in the finger and with the same finger X is Fingering the Anus of Y.

    If X is a Hiv infected person is there a risk for Y to get HIV in the above case ?

  4. Hello Dr,
    Yesterday I went to massage parlor. After massage I was fingering the girl for some time.
    Their is no cut in my finger.

    Any risk for hiv ?

  5. Vetrivelavan

    I fingered the sensual massage girl vagina for 1 minute. 1 cm of my finger went inside of her vagina. When I was fingering her she is wearing her inners. So I am not sure how long my finger went inside her Vagina. She told me it went little bit only.

    There is NO cut or abrasion in my finger.

    1. Is there any risk for HIV
    2. DO i need to test
    3. Do i need pep for this exposure.

    Will your opinion differ if there is a cut in my finger.

    • Dr. Julian Ng


      There is virtually no risk of HIV exposure based on your scenario.

  6. Support

    Hi Doc,
    Had a full body oil massage 30+ days ago.
    Was at a proper massage place in SG (ie no improper services, spouse also getting massage in same room).
    Was unclothed during massage; masseur applied oil on my body while doing the massage.
    Had a large pimple on the hip which was also massaged/pressed.
    After the massage, I noticed the pimple surface looked more yellowish and when I lightly squeezed its surrounding area, a bit of pus (but no blood) came out.
    However, later that night, the pimple finally burst and when I squeezed it, both pus and blood came out.
    If the masseur happened to be hiv infected and had a open cut/sore on her hands during the masaage, what’s the risk of transmission?

    • Dr. Julian Ng


      The risk of HIV transmission based on your scenario would be virtually negligible.

      • Support

        Thanks Doc.
        Given the additional info below, would it make sense to do a 4th Gen test?

        Currently at day 40 from date of massage incident.
        Did health screening earlier this week;
        WBC slightly low (3.8 ths/uL),
        Anti-hiv 1/O/2 non reactive.


        • Dr. Julian Ng


          As with my previous reply, given the scenario you described previously, the risk of HIV transmission is virtually negligible. If you are still concerned, you can do the 4th Generation HIV test.

  7. Worried

    Hi Dr Jonathan,
    I am guy, receptive unprotected oral sex from sex worker (female). Any risk tramsmit HIV via unprotected oral sex? Can 4th generation test kit defect HIV less than 14 days exposure?

    • The risk of HIV transmission from oral sex is negligible. Our 4th gen rapid HIV test can detect as early as 14 days but to be conclusive we would recommend one at 28 days or more. There are other STDs which are much more common that you can get from oral sex such as chlamydia, gonorrhea, herpes and syphilis. It would be best to visit us for a proper consult and evaluation if you are concerned.

  8. worried

    Hi Dr’s

    I had protected sex last night however as he was about to ejaculate he pulled out- pulled off the condom as he wanted to come on my tits however some drops of his semen fell on my clitorious and inner thighs am I at risk for HIV?

    Thank you

  9. Concerned

    I had carried out mutual masturbation with another gay male with unknown status, I had a cut from dry skin on my foreskin at the time and I am afraid that his precum on his hands got onto my cut on my foreskin. No active bleeding and it about 1cm long.

    Am I at risk? Should I start taking PEP? Thank you!

  10. Anxietyboy

    Hi doctors what does neglible risk means? My case is that a masseur gives me a handjob and then lick my body and sucked my nipples. No mouth to mouth kissing, oral sex and anal sex. Do i need to be tested?

  11. I was drunk so was she, i couldn’t get aroused enough for a full erection i had to grab the lower shaft to get the top hard, i tried penetrating first by rubbing the head between her lips then i tried to insert but as a pushed in maybe an inch i had to release my hand holding me semi hard and i would fall out, she was wet from my cunninlingus. what is my risk for anything?

  12. Recently I got tested for HIV with a blood sample taken by getting my finger pricked by a lancet, the bleeding stopped after applying 30 seconds of pressure with a cotton swab provided to me by the nurse administering the test. The results came back negative, so approximately 11 hours after the test I had sex with a female with whom I used some of my saliva applied to my finger that got pricked earlier that day and touched her vagina with it not realizing my finger may still be exposed to infection. Did I expose myself to HIV if the female has it? I don’t know how long it takes a pricked finger to heal but there were no signs of bleeding after 30 seconds of applying pressure, and as I said, I didn’t engage in any sexual activity till 11 hours after my finger was pricked. Should I be worried???

    • The risk from the finger is negligible to zero. However you had sex with her yes? Why are you more worried about your finger than the actual sex? If this female has HIV then you are much more likely to get it from having sex with her than using your finger.

  13. Hi, i had sex without condom for less than 15 sex vaginal … i was wearing a condom first but because i had a prostate inflammation which affects the erection i couldnt erect well, so we removed the condom and i penetrated her with semi erection and after 15 secs i stopped because i didnt erect well … and she is a sex worked, and she gave me some oral sex bried one to make me erect but for nothing … what is my risk ? No condoms … i have no stds … it was my first sex experience

    • There are certainly risks of HIV and other STDs with unprotected vaginal sex. It is best to visit a doctor for a proper evaluation and testing.

      • Are my risks high ? Since it was for a brief and semi penetration ? It was not more than 10 to 15 seconds as well as it was my first time having sex

        • i mean are my risks high for hiv ? … thank you

  14. Shanki Vasudev

    Hi Doctor,
    2 months ago i met a girl in dance bar and i spent some time with her after that she kissed me 3 -4 times in my lips. I was drunk and i didn’t exactly remember there was any blood present in the saliva. We kissed only in the lips and not that much of deep. But again i worrying about HIV because she was a bar girl and i have lot of abrasions in lips and some times bleeding inside by mouth because sensitive gum. Now i am really worried because I am family man and i have lot of commitments to my family. I searched in internet about this i got lot positive and negative stories related to HIV contracted during kissing. I totally down and i cannot concentrate on my job and everyone asking what happened to me. Please give me a reply doctor, otherwise i will become mad because of anxiety.


  15. Hello. I have received a package today. When I was taking it from the delivery man, my findernail accidently scratched him a little and a piece of his scab got under my finger nail. As I was washing my hand, a little black flake of it got quite deep under my nail (on the nail bed), but i got it out with a manicure spatula. Was I at risk of HIV from this incident? Assuming he is positive (which I know unlikely, but lets please assume he is) I am worried because I am looking after my sick mother (melanoma) and i am afraid to get sick so there is no one to help her. Please advice, I am anxious. Thank you

  16. Sir i met one sex worker with protection there is no condom broken but while after sex i remove the condom and but touch the outside vaginal fluid on condom and immediately touch and rub the my pennis and mascus memberane unknowingly is any risk is associated with this activity plz sir i am scared

  17. Pancracio

    Dear dr, 6 weeks ago I had sex with a csw. Oral sex unprotected and vaginal / anal sex protected. She was in her period and some blood touched the base of my penis (skin intact). Since then i have been feeling some symptoms: muscle weakness especially in my legs, burning sensation skin especially when I think about the risks, pack pain and dry mouth. And since week 5 I had sore throat for about 4 days and neck pain (like the feeling of having a lump inside the neck). Is this a real risk or can this generated by huge stress and anxiety about the topic? No fever no rash no other symptoms. Thanks

  18. Good afternoon sir,
    Urethra opening or penile head got contact with HIV infected ladies vaginal fluids from outside body will cause HIV infection ?

  19. Hi,

    I visited a healthcare provider last week and went to have 2 laboratory tests done on 2 different timings on the same day.

    For the first blood taking, as I had earlier missed my queue number, I went to the first nurse who was just done with attending the earlier patient (the earlier patient walked past me). She checked me in and proceed to put all the equipment (e.g. test tubes, plaster) and cotton ball into the kidney dish without cleaning the dish. I was present throughout and did not observe she cleaned the dish.
    She then proceed to draw my blood. Following that, she put the cotton ball over the injection site before putting the plaster over it.

    For the second blood taking, I was called. When I walked over to the counter, she was cleaning the small hard pillow (where the patient’s arm will rest on) with a wet wipe. This is something I didn’t observe the first nurse doing. She then proceed to check me in.
    Before she put the equipment into the dish, I noticed there was a drop of blood inside the dish and quickly alerted her. She then proceed to clean the dish with the wet wipe she took out from a container on the desk. After cleaning, she put all the equipment and cotton ball inside the dish. She then proceed to draw my blood.
    Following that, she used the cotton ball to wipe my injection site before placing the plaster over (without the cotton ball).

    Can I check whether there is any risk of HIV from either exposure?

    Thanks and regards.

  20. Good evening doctor recently I done a thigh sex with a lady her hiv status I don’t know I just ejaculate on her thighs I just done only on her thighs now am really worried about her vaginal fluids because during the thigh sex the vaginal fluid got contact with my urethra and penile head any risk of hiv please doctor I didn’t wear condom that time and I didn’t touch her vagina with my penis please help me doctor by giving a reply do I need a pcr test .Am worried about the vaginal fluid .

  21. good morning doctor,
    yesterday i visited a massage parlour during the massage we both are nacked and i kept my penis in between her thighs and do the activity similar to intercourse and i got ejaculation i didnot touch her vagina or anus with my penis but i kept my bare penis in between the thighs and do shacking now am really worried about hiv
    because her vaginal fluid got contact with my urethra or penile head from her thighs is this is a risky situation do i need to take PEP ? please doctor give reply

    • I do not believe there is any significant risk here. If you are concerned please visit us for a proper assessment.

      • Thank you for your reply sir,we both are in standing position when I keep my pens in between her thighs if the penile head got contact with her vaginal secretion any risk of HIV ? Please help me sir by giving a reply ..

  22. Ive had sex with a csw, lets say she does have hiv, I had a condom on but I feel like the condom wasn’t pulled all the way back enough and I’m worried if I had dry skin or a cut or a pimple at the base of my penis. Can hiv get transmitted through that? And I kept the condom and filled it up with water to check if any holes and weren’t any, I’m very concerned doctor, can you help put my anxiety to rest.

  23. Hello Dr, (Its bit lengthy. I have told every thing in my mind. Help me doctor pls read fully. Thanks Doctor)

    I went to massage service.
    Myself and the girl (sex worker) were cuddling each other at this point we were semi naked.

    And then we were fully naked.

    She was lying down on her stomach and I was slowly massaging her Buttocks and also I did a minute of fingering in her vagina while doing a massage to her buttocks.

    After some time I was on top of her Buttocks and stroking my penis inbetween her Buttocks. In the heat of a moment I was trying to insert my penis either in the anus or Vagina but the Girl avoided it Twice. But still I was sitting and rubbing my penis inbetween her buttocks.
    There was lot of pre-cum in her buttocks I dont know either its mine or her or both. Still I had lot of pre-cum.
    At last the girl thought it was risky so she wored her pants and she gave me a hand job.

    (I am really thankful to the massage girl its because she somehow avoided me to penetrate her otherwise I would have inserted my penis in her Vagina.)

    Usually I will be going to sensual massage but I will be in a complete care that there should not be any Intercourse.

    But today in the moment of Heat I forgot about all sexual diseases and tryed myself to put my Penis in the massage girl Anus or Vagina. Even I took condom with me for safety purpose but in the Heat I forgot everything.

    At the end I asked the Girl did I inserted she replied I did not inserted. But still I am worried. (The Girl was in her early 30s and having one kid and she is living apart from her husband.)
    Even the girl avoided to give a dry Kiss and a oral sex.

    My questions:

    1. I was stroking my penis in between HER buttocks. In the moment of heat I was trying to Insert either in anus or in Vagina. As it was dark I dont know where it is exactly. Also the girl avoided it when I was trying to insert twice. Is there any risk for Hiv in this ?

    2. As because I touching the massage girl Anus with my bare penis in the above scenario is there any risk for Hiv ?

    3. There was a lot of pre-cum while stroking my penis in between her buttocks and probably she might also had pre-cum from her anus or Vagina. So there must be a mix of my fluids and her fluids. So in this case my penis would have directly touched her Anal or Vaginal fluid. Any risk for HIV in this scenario ?

    4. Does grinding the penis in Anus causes Hiv ?

    5. Any risk for HepB and other STDs and can you name it ?

    6. With same hand I fingered her I touched my Penis is there risk for Hiv ?

    7. I know fluids flow from Vagina does fluids flow from Anus? I know anal sex is risky. Is there any precum from anus possible like vaginal precum ?

    (The whole episode is of stroking inbetween her buttocks was maximum of 3 to 5 mins. It was twice I tryed to insert but she avoided it Also the room is bit dark I was not able to find where to insert or I am simply trying insert some where and the girl avoided it.)

    • There is no risk of HIV from this exposure. Possible STDs but very low risk would include herpes, syphilis, and genital warts – very unlikely still.

      • Final question doctor :
        (Doctor pls answer independently I wont ask any more question. Didnt slept yesterday night so much confused)

        1.Even there is Direct Fluid to Fluid contact between My Penis PERCUM to Her PRECUM where i think my bare penis Tip would made contact with her anus or vagina Still it posses No Risk for hiv Doctor.

        2. Like vaginal Fluid flow freely in the same manner for Girls Fluid flow from Anus frerly out of Anus ? Because most of the time I would have touched Anus more than vagina. If the Fluid wont flow from anus then the Precum is me only not hers ?
        This will put end to my Anxiety.

      • Doctor Pls can you reply.
        I am waiting for it.
        Pls doctor.

        Thank you doctor !

      • Adding to this scenario. In my situation there was no cum but small wound on the inner skin of my penis

  24. Hi Doc. I had protected anal sex with a male sex worker around 36 hours ago. The condom didn’t break but the sex worker pulled the condom off mid-way through and finished me with his mouth and hand. There was some lube and feces on the condom and a small amount of this was transferred to my bare penis during the blowjob/handjob. Should I get PEP treatment? Thanks

    • There is potential risk from this exposure. It is best to visit us and assess your situation in more detail. If you do require PEP, you will need to start within 72 hours for it to be effective.

      • I am quite worried as I thought it would be very low risk or negligible. Just to say, I withdrew my penis from his anus before he removed the condom.

        It was dark so I couldn’t see much, but I think a small amount of feces/lube etc may have been transferred from the outside of the condom to my bare penis during the blowjob/handjob.

        I am in Ho Chi Minh city. Can you recommend a place I can go?

  25. Plz.answer

    Hello doctor i had vaginal fluid on my finger with same finger i touched my penis shaft outer skin and outer foreskin any risk!

  26. Hi Dr,

    My expose was during the intercourse with a sex worker, suddenly the condom break as initially i felt was rough and suddenly smooth in, but its just approx 1-2 stroke, when i pull it out totally, i realise the condom was broken, do i have to wait for the 72Hr or can I come down for a check up immediately?

    • If you are keen for PEP (post-exposure prophylaxis), you need to come before 72 hrs for it to be effective. Please come down to our Robertson Walk clinic today before 2pm if you can.

  27. Dear dr.tan

    I have 2 small wounds(had thme before 3 days) on my leg and its almost dry, i stepped by nistake on a ottle of water bit it wasnt water it was something nasty or dust mixed with wafer and its dark, im not sure if its mixed with blood or no, and a little of this mix came into (splashed) my wounds when i stepped on it. There is any risk?
    Thank you dr.

  28. I had a guy came on my chest. His cum was all over my chest but the problem is my chest have a couple of unbroken pimples. Some even have blackheads that are still not popped. Is this considered to be a broken skin? or this is a no risk?

  29. Johnie Chan

    Dear doctor,

    While I as having sex with a sex worker, she suddenly sucked my penis without condom for around 1 to 2 seconds.
    However; 3 weeks after exposure, I had fever for around 3 days and I also had swollen glands behind ears at 2 days after I started having fever. And 2 days later, I started having rash but it lasted for 1 day only.
    Is it possible that I got hiv infection from that case?
    Actually, I also had wisdom tooth growth during the time I started having fever. If I had only fever, I wouldn’t have worried. But I also have swollen lymph node behind ears.
    Thank you.

    • The risk is low (mainly from vaginal sex, as condoms are not 100% protective), not from the oral. If you are concerned, just get tested.

  30. Hi Doctor,

    i went to a massage and was given a oiled handjob without protection. I am having the following worries regarding the possibility of getting STIs, HPVs, HIV.

    1) i can’t really see if there are any open wound, sore, cuts, warts on the hands/fingers of the masseuse. What is my risk of getting the above (STIs, HIV, HPVs) from the handjob I received?

    2) I have rubbed her clitoris and outer area with my fingers for 15-20 seconds with no insertion.

    After maybe 3-5mins she moved her fingers around my anus opening area after massaging my hands/fingers.

    After these I may unknowingly touched my penis while cleaning up with a wet wipe.

    Again, what is my risk of transferring any of the above (STIs, HIV, HPVs) from my fingers to penis? And also, from her fingers to my anus opening?

    Your assistance/advice is deeply appreciated and I am really very worried. Thank you.

  31. Dear Doctor,

    When a person who doesn’t have any sexual intercourse relationship for years, end up having only one time of sexual intercourse with a commercial sex worker, but doing it with a condom without any break of the condom or slip away… Is it advisable for the person to do a blood test with only this time of protected sexual intercourse?
    Thank you.

  32. Dear Doctor,
    is it true that when an opening cut or wound come in contact with the HIV virus… the HIV virus will not transmit through minor small wound or cut, but will only be able to transmit through deep or big opening wound where the virus can enter through the blood vessels… Am I right in saying that?
    Thank you.

  33. HIV route

    I accidentally poked under my nail with plastic and now my nail slightly lifted from the nail bed. There isn’t any bleeding visible. Just part of my nail is lifted from the bed. Does the nail bed provide protection like the skin does or is it possible for HIV to transmit through the nail bed?? Worried. Also is it possible to get HIV from touching things & eating without washing hands?

    • You will not get HIV in this manner.

      • Hello Doctor,

        I’m a guy who had anal sex with another guy. While in the act, I saw that there was a lot of excess fluid (lube and anal fluid) on the condom. When removing the condom, a large amount of fluid fell on my penis head. The next day I woke up with a horrible sore throat and cold. Although, I used a condom during the act, am I at risk for hiv due to my penis head coming into contact with the excess fluid?

        Worried John

  34. Hello doctor,
    M very much worried after my exposure with csw.i had protected sex with csw. She was very wet. She used lube . After i ejaculated and i pulled out my penis there was lot of white fluid near my genitals. She removed my condom by tissue. The she took a new tissue and wiped all the way to penis tip and some white fluid got contact with my penis tip. Then i wiped again it with a tissue. M worried about this incidebt . Can i get infected by hiv?. Do i need pep?

    • The risk from protected sex is very low. However, it would be best to visit us for a proper assessment if you wish to consider PEP within 72 hours.

  35. Hello. I visited an ENT a couple days ago. I noticed a metal speculum was used for the inside of my nose, if it was reused and not cleaned before used on me and the person before me had HIV am I at any risk since the nose is a mucous membrane??

    Putting in the theory if there was any blood on it, it was sitting around for about 10 mins and if I had a cut in my nose? Or alone it being a mucous membrane?? It was just in the room when I walked in and it makes me anxious. Please answer with given reason

  36. Any risk

    Is it possible to get HIV from mucus/ nasal secretions coming in contact with acne? Are there any risks?

    • Big mistake

      Had oral sex on a sex worker. I have hpv. I had a pretty open sore on my tongue, and brushed my teeth and tongue vigorously before performing oral sex on the sex worker. I was very drunk. I didn’t know I had the pretty open sore. Now I’m very worried that I contracted or spread any number of STDs. HIV, herpes, etc… risks? What should I do?

      • Your risk for HIV is essentially zero, but there are other potential STDs you can contract or transmit through oral sex. It is best to visit us for a proper consult and evaluation.

        • Big mistake

          Thanks Doc. I will come in for a consultation. I can schedule the necessary testing with you, I assume. Need some psychiatric help w depression and self destructive behaviors as well, obviously. Gotta get my life on track.

  37. Dear Doctor,

    I visited Petain Road recently and had a sexual intercourse with a sex worker. We didn’t have any oral sex or kissing but mainly only sexual intercourse. I used a Dulex condom during the intercourse.

    Since it is understood for us that using a condom during intercourse can’t reach a 100% safe from HIV, but after the intercourse, I checked for any fault or damage on the condom by putting water into it to check, and everything was fine with the condom.

    So in my situation now, am I at risk from the HIV? Do I need to go for a blood test?

    Thank you

    • Your risk is very low with protected sex, but not zero risk. If you are concerned, please visit us for a proper consult and testing.

      • Dear Doctor, thank you for your reply.

        So since my present situation isn’t a zero risk, then where will be the risk from? Since there was an undamaged condom serving as a “wall” in blockage to any virus like the HIV.

  38. to DR,

    I had unprotected sex with bar girl 20 months ago and i still no sympthons till now but i know some people no sympthons at all..I know my risk is high with unprotected sex..May i know what is my risk? Am i still got hope? Please tell me,i really worried a lot,thanks…

  39. To Dr,

    1.5-2 years ago i had unprotected sex with a bar girl..Now i think back i very scared…I really very scared and cant accept if i really infected with Hiv…

  40. I’m in the carribean in Dominican republic my cousin step on a nail it had a pointy object from the street it got stuck on his feet from day to night he took the nail of his feet then threw it at me it hit my arm not knowing if that nail was infected or had blood on it so when he trew it at me it stink my arm n pitch it like the pointy part hit my arm can I get hiv that way this has me very worry ?

  41. I got a massage 3 weeks ago where she ended up getting on top of me and rubbed her wet vagina on my penis. I believe the my urethral orifice touched her wet vagina for a minute or so and I have been stressing ever since. If she has done this with me then she has probably done the same with hundreds of others. It’s been 3 weeks now and I’m so anxious. I’ve had a sore throat for the last few days and feeling nauseous. I had a tetanus vaccination 7 days ago and have had some side effects from that so I don’t know if that’s related. I don’t know what to do, some sites say no risk then I just read a post from a guy saying he tested positive after only genital rubbing. I’m going crazy, how can I wait 12 weeks to get tested when I’m so nervous and miserable every day since? Some advice would be greatly appreciated

    • Your risk sounds pretty low. You can get a 4th generation combo test at 28 days or more for conclusive results.

  42. Dear Dr.

    Thanks in advance for tge great help.

    A sex worker touched my lips briefly (for a second or two) with her finger after playing with her nipples and vagina. I didn’t feel any fluid and I didn’t open my mouth. No intercourse and no oral.

    Is there any risk for HIV/STDs?

    Few days after that I got small sore inside my mouth (I usually get them from time to time, not sure if it’s related).

    Really thanks for the support.

  43. Dear Doctor, physiologically I am in great fear of contacting HIV virus. This abstain me from having sex with strangers and not even with protected sex. Eventually it caused me to be frustrating and unbalance. So I ended up visited a sex worker. The fear of HIV virus made me not having sexual intercourse with her but I only fingering into her vagina. And I wore a rubber grove plus putting on a Dulex condom onto my fingers while fingering into her vagina.
    After that I checked for any damages on the grove and condom by putting water into them to test, and everything were fine.
    In this case, am I safe from HIV virus? Should I go for a test? Or am I over worry and fear? Thank you.

  44. i bought a new toilet seat i have a cut on my penis everyone use that toilet seat let say there was blood on the toilet seat if i was to sit down & my cut on my penis touch the toilet seat blood can i get hiv and if there was no blood on the toilet seat but i have a cut on my penis can i get hiv that way or in both ways i just explain im really scared about this ?

  45. i had a cut on my face and i wash my face with a bar of soap people use to wash there hands let say the person wash there hand and they have a cut on there hand and i go use it and wash my face with the bar of soap people use if they have a cut and i have it on my face can u get hiv or are u at risk ?

  46. Any risk difference if the person went for a handjob only once, and went to handjob 4 times? No sex and all but just touchin boob and hairy vagina. What im referring to is std/sti infection doctor. I know hiv is no risk for this.

  47. dr, i had expose from csw last 2 weeks, there are not involved any penetration sex, oral sex). i was received protected handjob by her for an minute. the concern parts was, she was take out her clothes and pants (i am not sure she got take out underwear or not) but if her hand got vaginal fluids then touch some object such as clothes and pants then open the condom for me and perform handjob for me. am i at the risk ?

  48. I have a cut on my penis from mastubation and i clean the cut woth soap and water is that good to clean a wound ? I dont put no hydrogen peroxide pr alchohol just water and soap but the bar of soap my father grab the soap box from the garbage to put the soap back in the box it came from can u get hiv that way or from any exposure having it out

  49. Is penis outer shaft skin of uncircumcised penis considered mucous membrane or permeable to hiv
    What if i hold my penis shaft skin with vaginal fluid on finger with no cuts

  50. dr, my expose was handjob with condom. the gal was handjob for me around 2 to 3 minute then i masturbate myself. i recall she and check her hand without any scratch and open wound and blood. i checked the time when she masturbate me, she was wear pants. but i was concern the below:
    1. if she have body fluid on her hand and touch other object such as clothes, pants and phone. then touch my penis with condom (during handjob for 2 minute), is this will be the risk?