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17 HIV cases detected in Greek Brothels


Greek police recently conducted a crackdown on brothels in Greece in response to a sharp rise in HIV cases last year.

Of the 130 women tested so far, 17 were found to be HIV positive.

Hundreds more women are expected to be screened over the next few weeks.

This is another reminder of the dangers of commercial and casual sex.

Abstinence and being in a mutually monogamous relationship where both partners are HIV free are the only 2 sure ways of protecting yourself from HIV. In all other situations please use a condom. It does not eliminate the risk but at least reduces it significantly.

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  1. Extremely unlucky

    I personally do not believe too much the statistics rate of HIV female-male transmission, especially in the case of the prostitutes it seems to be rather something like 50% for unprotected vaginal sex not those low numbers.
    For example there was a case of an HIV+ prostitute and 12 of her previous got testet and 11 of them turned positive.

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